Scientology and Nation of Islam in a partnership?!

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All Hail Xenu
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Scientology and Nation of Islam in a partnership?!

Post by All Hail Xenu » Wed Apr 06, 2016 2:49 pm


This morning I was reading around on Wikipedia, and was on the article for the Nation of Islam, and saw that it said that since 2010 they had adopted dianetics and were training auditors and integrating auditing and dianetics into the Nation of Islam. . .so I checked the source they cited on the wiki: ... 9651.shtml

So the Nation of Islam is now integrating dianetics into its practices and boasting about how many auditors its trained, how many hours of auditing they have performed, how many members are taking part?

Is this partnership an act of desperation by the NOI, or by Scientology, or both?

The NOI is often seen as cult-like, rather amusing that they seem to be adopting the practice of another cult or in some kind of partnership with them. Given this article is from 3 years ago, is the NOI still doing this? Was this just a temporary thing, or has the Nation of Islam gone from being a cult offshoot of Islam (widely seen as heretical by mainstream Islam) to being a hybrid of Islam and Scientology?
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Re: Scientology and Nation of Islam in a partnership?!

Post by Demented Founder » Wed Apr 06, 2016 6:21 pm

I heard that the Nation of Islam no longer uses Dianetics auditing, although I'm not sure that this information is correct.

The partnership was good for CoS because the Islamists were paying license fees to them. Perhaps, the auditing was not profitable to the Farrakhan cult, so they dissolved the partnership.
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