The Layers of the Onion

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The Layers of the Onion

Post by Wieber » Sat Jul 16, 2016 8:34 pm

Way back in the 1960s the Incredible String Band released a music album titled, The 5000 Spirits of the Layers of the Onion. At the time the members of that band, despite the apparent psychedelia, were heavily involved in Scientology. They were one of the hooks that led me into the cult. Finding out they were involved in Scientology lowered some of my barriers to it.

Scientology is not unique in seeking out celebrities. You can pretty much call attaching celebrities to the organization a cult attribute. I won't give any examples of this but I think if you go looking you will find this to be true.

Another attribute that has been applied to cults is that they are organized like layers of an onion. From outside, people who do not know about the cult and who are not involved in it see in the organization what the cult wants them to see. The cult does not want the image they work to portray altered or tarnished.

Then as one enters into the outer layer of the onion a little more of what the cult is about becomes visible. There are still many layers to go into that will reveal more as one makes progress into the cult. Additionally as one progresses into the layers it becomes more difficult to leave.

I thought it would be interesting to use the analogy of layers of an onion with regard to cults, of which Scientology is one. I will attempt to delineate a cult's layers generically. With regard to Scientology, this will reveal an organizational structure that may be different from Scientology's 'org board'.

Since this will be my take on this matter I expect to be in error on a number of things and I am sure that I will lack detail. If you are a member of this board and see errors or omissions, I hope you will point them out.

That was a long winded introduction to something very short. I will do this from the inside out.

inner circle
elite executive
elite mid management
elite workers
lower executive
lower mid management
lower workers
high value public
indoctrinated public
recently indoctrinated public

If we number the layers from outside in I was in layer 7, lower workers.

I hope this has some usefulness.
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Re: The Layers of the Onion

Post by Don Carlo » Sat Jul 16, 2016 9:42 pm

I refuse to listen to Chick Corea because he was one of the celebrities, back in the 1970's, that impressed my relative that Scientology was cool.

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