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Scientology Tech that isn't Tech

Post by Wieber » Sun Aug 07, 2016 1:20 am

There are some things in Scientology that people involved with Scientology go all gaga over but on closer inspection there's nothing really there.

There are two examples of this that come to mind: "Make it go right" and "Flourish and Prosper".

The claim made is that Scientology will help the individual make it go right and to flourish and prosper. One of the selling points of the Shatter Suppression/SP-PTS course is that it will lead to a Scientologist who can flourish and prosper.

Then when it comes to it, Hubbard tells the Scientologist to do it but he doesn't tell them how to do it.

He says, "the ability of a thetan is to make it go right. Make it go right." This has become a Scientology mantra, or as I call it, a ronitude. Make it go right. I think this fantastic phrase exists in Hubbard's Scientology administrative materials as an excuse for punishing people when they don't deliver to Scientology what Scientology demands.

Then there's "Flourish and Prosper". It is used as one of the selling points of the SP-PTS course. When the student taking the SP-PTS course gets to the end of the course, L. Ron Hubbard writes, "Flourish and Prosper". That's it. There is some other text about how flourishing and prospering is the best means of defeating the suppressive person but nothing about how to go about doing it. "Flourish and prosper." Well, good luck with that.
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Re: Scientology Tech that isn't Tech

Post by Demented Founder » Mon Aug 08, 2016 1:12 pm

I didn't take the SP course. But I heard the phrase "flourish and prosper" as a description of an OT power. This is the most coveted OT ability, I guess. But no one gets it.
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