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CoS Organization Charts

Post by Don Carlo » Wed Nov 04, 2009 9:08 pm



CST's "Hubbard scriptures" copyrights ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 'CST's trademark for WTH name & logo F7 ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' other C S T assets
---|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CST PropertiesA2 --Mile HighA3--ASIA4 which runs WOTFA5
---|--- R E L I G I O U S--T E C H N O L O G Y--C E N T E R (RTC)B1
---|-------RTC's Scientology, Dianetics & Hubbard trademarks ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' RTC owns
---|-------|----RTC's Advance Tech copyright--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
---|-------|---|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Inspector General Network(IGN)B2
---|-------|---|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------AVCIB3-----Mexican "secular" orgs & CLO in MexicoB4
-(controlled by RTC & CST both):
-----|| --------------------IASC3(consisting of MSALC4 & IMSANV d.b.a IASAC5) -----------USIASMTC6---------DASC7-------EASC8-------HASIC9
-----||---------------------------Field DisseminatorsC10 & Membership Tour IC'sC11 are on commission for IAS, USIASMT, DAS & EAS
----C H U R C H-------O F---- S C I E N T O L O G Y-------I N T E R N A T I O N A L--- ( C S I )C1
------------------------H U B B A R D---D I A N E T I C S---F O U N D A T I O N SC2 Secular Twin of CSI
--|-----| -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |
--|-----| --------------------------------CSI ORGANIZATIONS LISTED BY CoS IN RESPONSES TO IRS QUESTIONS Sea Org fiefdoms of Int'l & US aren't shown.
--|-----|-----------|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------ |--------------|-------------|-----------------|
--|-----|--------ESD1 ------------------------------------Commodore's Messenger Organization InternationalD4---------OSAD12----IMPROD13---INCOMMD14---GoldD15
--|-----|------ IMECD2--------------------------------W a t c h d o g ' ' ' 'C o m m i t t e e D5--CMO EIUD10 --RPF'sD11------------------------------------------------PDOD16
--|-----|---Flag Command Bureaux (FCB)D3---------IFOD6---ILOD7---SCSID8 ---LRHPPOD9
--|-----|-----| ---------------------|---------------|---------------|------------|----------|--------------|--------------------|
--|-----| ---Flag BurE1-----Sci Miss IntE3 -W I S E E7-- IHELPE9----- NEPE11--BPIE13 -FNCCE14---Association for Better Living and Education ( A. B. L. E. )F1
--|-----|-----|----|----------||----|-----------|---|------------|---------------|----------------------------------| | -------------| |--------------| |-------------------|----------|
--|-----|-----|_-DFIE2----- ||---DCIE5-----|-WAHEE8-F. AuditorsE10 -NEP subsE12 -----------Narc IntF2---Crim IntF4---Appl Schol IntF5---WTHFIF7--ABLE bldgsF8
--|-----|-----|----|----------||----||---------|---|----------------------------------------------------Narconon LAF3---------------------LEAPF6
--|-----|-----|----|----------||----||---------|---|----------------------------------------ABLE Franchises F21 Narconon, Criminon, Applied Schol, & WTHF centers
--|-----|-----|----|----------||----||---------|---| --ABLE-linked: FONF9, IADSF10, HELPF11, RADF12, WLCF13, SAGEF14, CCFF15, FCSRF16, CCVF17,ABLE FundrF18
--|-----|-----|----|----------||----||---------|---| --ABLE-linked Schools: Delphi schoolsF19, Other schoolsF20
--|-----|-----|----|----------||----||---------|-WAHE (WISE, really) Businesses in secular countries
--|-----|-----|----|----------||----||-------WISE Businesses in religious countries
--|-----|-----|----|----------||----Missions & Mission Holders in Secular Countries E5 (can employ Field Staff Members - FSM's)E6
--|-----|-----|----|---------Missions & Mission Holders in Religious Countries E4 (can employ Field Staff Members)
--|-----|-----|--new Class V Orgs in secular countries, if anyE2
--|-----|---Central OrgsQ1 can employ Field Staff Members. Staff auditorsQ2 are employed by orgs.
--|-----|-----CSFSOG1 -CSCCIH1-CSWUSI1--CSNYJ1 --CSAOSHEAK1--Cos IncL1--CSRECIM1--CanadaN1--Latin AmO1
--|-----|-------|-----------|-----|----|-------------|-------------|---------------|--------------|---------------|------Mex, Arg, Venez, Colomb orgsO2
--|-----|-------|-----------|-----|----|-------------|-------------|---------------|--------------|---------------|-----(controlled by CLO Mexico - licensed by IGN)
--|-----|-------|-----------|-----|----|-------------|-------------|---------------|--------------|--------------CLO CanadaN2 - controls Canada orgsN3
--|-----|-------|-----------|-----|----|-------------|-------------|---------------|--------------(CSRECI & its UK orgs are an Australian charity)M1
--|-----|-------|-----------|-----|----|-------------|-------------|---------------|----------AOSHUKM2, SORS(UK) LtdM3. CLO UKM4 - controls UK orgsM5
--|-----|-------|-----------|-----|----|-------------|-------------|-----------CLO ANZOL3 - controls Oz, NZ, E Asian orgsL4 including CoSAIL2
--|-----|-------|-----------|-----|----|-------------|------------AOSHEAK2, NHK3, CLO EK4 - controls 3 OTL'sK5 & W Eur orgsK6, CLO AK7- controls S. Afr orgsK8
--|-----|-------|-----------|-----|----|-------------NYCVOJ2, NY bldgsJ3, CLOEUSJ4 - controls Eastern US orgs.J5
--|-----|-------|-----------|-----|--AOLAI2,ASHOI3, CEOI4, PBCI5, SIPROPI6, CSSD I7, CMO PACI8 CLO WUSI9 - controls Western US orgs.I10
--|-----|-------|-----------|-----Other Celebrity CentresH7
--|-----|-------|-----------CCI Class V OrgH2, Manor H3,SPIROH4, 1825 & 1830 N. Bronson Ave, LAH5.AFBWIH6 is not owned but uses Celebrity Centre.
--|-----|------FSO OICG2,Flag CrewG3, FSOG4, SIPRO FSOG5,CSFSO bldgs G6. AAIG7 is not owned but uses Fort Harrison.
--| -----_________________________________________________________________________________________________________
--|---HGBEOR1--Drug Free Mars'sR2--Freedom Mag'sR3--CCHRR4----PAOR5 Hub ColR6 --FRFR8 --Vol. Min. Progr.R10 -Lux bank acctsR12- Hum Rights Offc S1
--|--------------------------|------------------------------------------|----|-------------------|--------------|----------------|--------------------------------c o n t r o l-t h r u-s u b s i d i e s
--|------------------DFM chapters ----------------CCHR chapters-CCHR BldgR4 -Hub Col'sR7-CANR9--Volunt MinistersR11--------------------YFHRIS2---UHRS3--AHRS4
--|------------------|-----------------------------| ------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------- |-----------------------|
BMST1-----------SPBIT3---------------CS Religious Trust(CSRT)T5----------F l a g ' ' ' ' S h i p ' ' ' ' T r u s t (FST) U1-----------SIRTV1----------Inactive TrustsW1
BMS bldgsT2--SPBI bldgs T4----CSRT DPT6, CSRT bldgsT7 -----------CSFSSOU2-----TransCorp SvcsU3------MCLU6-------SORS LtdV2
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------San Donato Properties U4
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MV Freewinds ship U5

Not on chart: Magazines - Impact, Advance, Auditor, Celebrity, Freewinds, Prosperity and Source.W2
Not on chart: Inactive nonprofits CSC, FASE, IFHRT, FRT, CATS, NCLE, CADA, CSR, CSRPAC, RFC and APRL W3.
(This chart was edited October 2012)
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Don Carlo
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Note: CoS here means the entire above pyramid, including and beyond Church of Scientology International.

Black lines = legal ownership/ corporate hierarchy.
Blue lines = copyright control, mostly by CST and, for advanced levels, by RTC.
Green lines = trademark control, mostly by RTC. ABLE owns some trademarks including its own name, so it has green lines down to Narconon, Criminon, & App. Schol.
Orange lines = not owned but licensed & controlled by CSI or lower groups. The copyrights and trademarks aren't owned by CSI or lower groups, so the color is not the blue and green "ultimate control" of CST and RTC. Includes Field Auditors who are dependent on copyrights and trademarks.
Red lines = control of Missions and Mission Holders by one-sided contracts which lets upper management seize the property and assets if the Mission Holder quits, disappoints, becomes too powerful; or if upper management is greedy for the assets.
Magenta lines = control of seemingly secular twin. Each twin has no staff or budget and exists as a front when its religious twin wants to appear secular.
Turquoise lines = Interaction with non-staff Scientologist promoters, Volunteer Ministers, WISE businesses, and CoS-linked charities.
Underlined = in 1993 IRS Closing Agreement (called "'93 IRS deal" in footnotes). This tightly binds each to CSI, RTC and CST. Analysis & text of '93 IRS deal at
Blue text = Staffed by Sea Org, X1 and X2
Bold-faced Blue text = Cont. Liaison Offices, ruling offices staffed by Sea Org
Orange text = Not part of Sea Org or management, but controlled by copyrights and trademarks.
Red text = Missions and Mission Holders who depend on copyrights and trademarks AND face property confiscation if they displease upper management.
Magenta text = Seemingly secular twin
Turquoise text = Non-staff Scientologists who earn commissions, own WISE businesses, are Volunteer Ministers, and-or run charities linked to CoS. Often one public member has several of these roles.

A1. Church of Spiritual Technology. Shadow rulers, who can yank the trademarks away at will. "RTC...gains its legal authority ...through the trademarks of Dianetics and Scientology. CST owns the copyrights of the religious Scriptures" quote from Miscavige Declaration, ... 09-24.html . To make itself a church, CST employs four full time clergy who must spend 12.5 hrs a week in religious services.
Page 12-3, ... ions-4.pdf
"RTC received...trademarks... subject to an additional "Option Agreement" between Hubbard, RTC and CST. In two so-called "Option Agreements" from May 1982, Hubbard granted CST the right to purchase at any time from RTC the "Marks", the "Advanced Technology" and all the rights to them for the sum of $ 100" from (1)"Option Agreement (Marks)", Notarized Agreement between L. Ron Hubbard and the Church of Spiritual Technology, County of Los Angeles, California, May 10th, 1982/July 9th, 1982 and (2) Option Agreement (Advanced Technology-U.S.) - Notarized Agreement between L. Ron Hubbard and the Church of Spiritual Technology, California, May 10th & July 9th, 1982.
In the CST Form 1023, there is no mention of the proposed CST owners, but it does say of Author Services, Inc, a predecessor and now part of CST: " shares have been owned by a few members of its staff." Part II, Question 3 of CST Form 1023, at ... pdf#page=6 .

Also see ... html#pt2_2

A2. CST Properties include Trementina Base. "Currently, CST owns archive sites in Northern California and New Mexico" ... 90692.html . This may be the "LRH Archives" listed as a CST organization headquartered at Twin Peaks, at 1-51, ... ions-2.pdf
CST mentions New Mexico (which would be Trementina), & Mile High & Sunset View vault sites in Calif page 3-23, ... ions-3.pdf .
CST purchased 49875 Avenida Obregon, La Quinta, an old Hubbard residence, Desert Sun article Jan 6, 2009,

A3. Mile High Inc. built mountain-cave storage for Hubbard texts. Another subsidiary, Media Storage, Inc. is dormant. ... pdf#page=8

A4. Author Services Inc collects royalties for Hubbard fiction. CoS promised in 1993, "ASI will be changed to a wholly-owned subsidiary of CST," Page 1-7 ... ions-3.pdf . Does business as Galaxy Press,

A5. Writers of the Future & Illustrators of the Future. "winners of the 2009-10...Contest...were announced today by Joni Labaqui, Author Services' contest director." ... 76812.html

B1. Religious Technology Center - headed by Miscavige, COB (Chairman of the Board). Own Scientology, Dianetics, L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology Cross, and S-and-double-triangle trademarks. Page 3-13, ... ions-2.pdf RTC owns OT level copyrights.

B2. Inspector General Network; formerly called Hubbard Dianetics Foundation, IGN is "an integrated auxiliary of RTC," An extinct subsidiary, WISE, Inc. (not the present WISE) was dissolved by the IRS CLosing Agreement ,section IV.E.7.,

B3. Authorization, Verification and Correction International is an RTC division, described at ... ions-2.pdf , pages 3-17 to 3-18.

B4. Continental Liaison Office Mexico. In pre-CST days, IGN made licensing agreements in Mexico, which doesn't allow contracts with religious groups. ... df#page=09 IGN was the old, seemingly secular twin of the old Church of Scientology of California. It must be kept in place so the Mexican license agreements do not have to be re-negotiated.

C1. Church of Scientology International ("Mother Church"). Martin Ottman explains major control links at CSI and Flag, at ... ttmann.txt

C2. Hubbard Dianetics Foundations. Seemingly secular twin of CSI for situations where a secular appearance is needed or preferred. A month after renaming the old HDF to IGN, the HDF name was re-used to create this integrated auxiliary of CSI It has no staff or budget, it is funded by CSI, and its "secular name" is its reason for existence.

C3. International Association of Scientologists does not legally exist but its shares, held by CoS leaders, own 2 supporting companies, MSAL & IMSANV dba IASA. orporate/irs/1993-1023-csi-questions-2.pdf , Page 9-11 "IAS is not part of the Church of Scientology hierarchy. .. it is not a legal entity and... thus must rely on other entities:..Theta Management Limited... (Dissolved; see note C5)...Membership Services Administration Ltd.,...International Membership Services Administration, N.V."
from: ... s-1991.pdf , page 6 . RTC's trademark claim on IAS website ... emark.html . IAS also uses Hubbard's writings in fund-raisers, so is under CST. CoS says IAS only "refers" to the trademarks and doesn't "use" them, ... ions-2.pdf page 242, but this generosity would vanish if IAS became unfriendly to CoS. Not paying for the trademarks may be so IAS can avoid being a Scientology entity; the '93 IRS deal says every group licensed by CST and RTC is Scientology-related. Arcane ownership of IAS at page 255, same document.

C4. Membership Services Administration Ltd or, as listed on the '93 IRS deal, "Membership Services Administration (UK) Ltd," section VIII.C.7. at Description at ... ATIONS.pdf . Also see Note C3.

C5. International Membership Services Administration, N.V. d.b.a. IAS Administrations, Inc. page 6-1, ... ions-4.pdf . See Note C3. IRS Closing Agreement forced "the dissolution of Theta... (to be) IASA." , section IV.E.7., NY Corporation search says IASA formerly was Foundation International Membership Services Administrations (FIMSA). FIMSA is listed on the '93 IRS deal. IASA is a registered corp in Fla and Calif. Description at ... ATIONS.pdf

C6. U.S. IAS Members' Trust. US Scientologists join and and donate to this. Except for being in the '93 IRS deal, I can find no connection of USIASMT to other corps except that it uses the words Scientology, so is under RTC. It uses Hubbard's writings in fund-raisers, so it's under CST. It likely doesn't pay for the licenses, but if it became unfriendly, its freebie privileges would be yanked. Description at ... ATIONS.pdf

C7. Danish Association of Scientologists. In '93 IRS deal . Description at ... ATIONS.pdf

C8. European Association of Scientologists In '93 IRS deal. Description at ... ATIONS.pdf

C9. Hubbard Association of Scientologists International. HASI is no longer taking new memberships, but exists for those lifetime HASI members who have not converted to an IAS or other lifetime membership. Page 9-10, ... ions-2.pdf

C10. Field Disseminators are Scientologist non-staff fund raisers for IAS, USIASMT, and other membership groups, operating on commission, not salary. Page 3-35, ... ions-3.pdf

C11. Membership Tour Independent Contractors. Scientologist non-staff fund-raisers for specific money-raising "tours" of IAS groups, working for commission. Page 3-35, ... ions-3.pdf

D1. Executive Strata International. one of CSI's principal organizations, page 6-7, ... ions-2.pdf See Ottman description of hierarchy at

D2. International Management Executive Committee. Page 3-22, ... ions-2.pdf

D3. Flag Command Bureaux and its subordinate groups listed at ... ions-2.pdf , page 3-26; in list of CSI principal organizations, page 6-7.

D4. Commodore’s Message Organization International in list of principal organizations and divisions, Page 6-7 , ... ions-2.pdf
Q: Do you know what corporation the Watchdog Committee was assigned in Scientology?
A: They were members of Commodore's Messenger Organization International...within the Church of Scientology International.
from page 62 of ... r-1989.pdf
Ottman says CMOI "comprises the office of the "Senior Case Supervisor International" (C/S Int.), a technical supervision unit, the "LRH Personal Public Relations Office International" (LRH PPRO) and the "International Finance Office," ... aint05.htm

CSI's Form 1023 application claims The Watchdog Committee is a committee within Commodore's Messenger Organization International, page 3-6, ... ions-2.pdf , and "is the highest ecclesiastical authority in the Mother Church," page 3-7, ... ions-2.pdf . This proves WDC really exists, whether "ecclesiastical" or not.
CMOI's role described at page 3-29, in ... ions-2.pdf

It is highly significant that the 1993 IRS Closing Agreement repeatedly mentions the Watchdog Committee as a central governing part of CSI, while the Commodore's Messenger Organization Int'l is not even mentioned once. This strengthens the theory that WDC and CMOI are identical; CMOI is the named division within CSI where WDC resides and tries to enable the claim that WDC does not exist as a legal entity.
D5. Watchdog Committee (WDC). Top ruling body; claims it legally does not exist; but it's an integral part of the '93 IRS deal, so without its existence the '93 deal falls apart. CoS's description of upper management, page 2-4, ... ions-2.pdf . Also see D4.

D6. International Finance Office, page 3-19, ... ions-2.pdf

D7. International Landlord Office. page 3-20, ... ions-2.pdf

D8. Senior Case Supervisor International, page 3-30, ... ions-2.pdf

D9. LRH Personal Public Relations Office Int'l. in list of principal organizations and divisions, Page 6-7 , ... ions-2.pdf and page 3-35, ... ions-2.pdf

D10. CMO International Extension Unit. in list of principal organizations and divisions, Page 6-7 , ... ions-2.pdf

D11. RPF's at Gold, Los Angeles, and Clearwater are run by CMOI. "1980 'RPF Graduation Requirements Checklist.' Flag Order 3434-RC-56 ( Approved by D/CO CMO Int and CO CMO Int)" from "RPF in LA is in the basement of the Cedars. Most RPF'ers live in Lebanon Hall," said Martin Hunt at ... y_FAQ_v3.5 .

D12. Office of Special Affairs International described at page 3-30, part of FCB, page 3-43, and in list of principal organizations and divisions, Page 6-7 , ... ions-2.pdf ;

D13. International Management Public Relations Office. in list of principal organizations and divisions, Page 6-7 , ... ions-2.pdf

D14. International Network of Computer Organized Management. function described at page 4-18, in list of principal organizations and divisions, Page 6-7 , ... ions-2.pdf . "...we put steel reinforcement inside walls so if they had a raid... they couldn't use chain saws... We put up bullet proof the computer delay people from getting inside...we put up cameras... in case anyone serve a warrant, so that our self-destruct mechanisms could go into effect." from page 137 , ... r-1989.pdf

D15. Golden Era Productions. the movie studio/Sea Org camp in Riverside County, Calif, also called Gold or Int Base. Page 1-41, Page 5-8, and Page 5-9, ... ions-2.pdf

D16. Planetary Dissemination Org. in list of principal organizations and divisions, Page 6-7 , ... ions-2.pdf Formerly called Central Marketing Unit, page 3-2, ... ions-2.pdf

E1. Flag Bureaux Flag Bureaux and its subordinate groups from 3-25, ... ions-2.pdf

E2. Dianetics Foundation International. Seemingly secular twin of CSI's Flag Bureaux, for presenting a secular-named corporation for those countries that do not allow contracts with religious corporations. At the time of DFI's Form 1023 application, IGN "has granted DFI the authority to use the marks" from ... df#page=20 so DFI now licenses new (if any) Class V orgs in secular countries.
However, "although organized as a secular corporation, DFI's purposes and activities are wholly devoted to the protection and furtherance of the Scientology religion." from ... df#page=20

E3. Scientology Missions International is an integrated auxiliary of CSI, from ... 23-smi.pdf . It licenses Missions, which are separate legal entities. SMI absorbed International Missions Trust, ... ions-1.pdf , page 6. Lists of Missions can be found at In SMI's Form 1023, "SMI has ultimate control over the assets of each Subordinate Organization...on dissolution its assets will be distributed to a section 501(c)(3) charity chosen by SMI.

E4.Religious Missions, created in countries that allow religious missions, often with names like C of S Mission Belleair. Can include secular-sounding US missions like "Life Improvement Center," or Hubbard Dianetics Foundation Boston." Run by Mission Holders who may own the building but will lose it if they displease upper management, quit their post or quit Scientology. The missions create tax benefit opportunities for the Mission Holders.

E5. Dianetics Centers International. Seemingly secular twin of SMI. "As CSI licensed SMI, DFI has licensed DCI the right to permit...organizations operating in secular countries." Page 2C,
DCI expenses are paid directly by SMI, page 1-58, ... ions-2.pdf . The name for these orgs is Secular Missions, created in countries that don't allow religious missions, e.g. Mexico, often using the name Dianetics. Usually owned by Mission Holders, page 3-36, ... ions-3.pdf

E6. Field Staff Members "Scientology members who sell Scientology courses and publications to...the general public... for a cut of 15% of the proceeds." ... /fsm.htmlb Field Staff Members only work for central orgs (those who dominate a region), and for missions.

E7. World Institute of Scientology Enterprises uses the trademark "Scientology," so is under RTC. Uses Hubbard writings, so is under CST. WISE owns Mastertech Computer Products, but Calif Corporations lists Mastertech as "suspended," so it is not on the chart.

E8. World Association of Hubbard Enterprises functions as nominee for WISE in countries that do not enforce the contracts of religious corporations. Page 1-58, ... ions-2.pdf . It is thus a secular twin of WISE.

E9. International Hubbard Ecclesiastical League of Pastors is an integrated auxiliary of CSI, from: ... /ihelp.php. IHELP manages, thru dotted lines, the field auditors.

E10. Field Auditors are Scientology ministers/e-meter practitioners not employed by an org. Note "Field Auditor" is a non-religious label so they can switch between secular/religious roles as needed. CoS calls them the "first contact" with the Scientology religion, . However, CSI called them "ministers" and not "field auditors" in its Form 1023, ... pdf#page=6 , page 68.

E11. New Era Publications International ApS (Denmark) is a foreign corporation owned by CSI. New Era in turn is shareholder to nine publishers, see ... hp?ntt=497 New Era Publications were owned by Publications International Limited (PIL) until PIL dissolved.

E12. New Era Publications (NEP) subsidiaries include NEP Australia Pty, Ltd.; NEP Deutschland, GMBH; NEP France, SARL; NEP International ApS Tokyo; NEP Israel Ltd.; NEP Italia, S.R.L.; NEP Japan, Inc.; NEP S.A. (Spain); NEP UK, Ltd.;

E13. Bridge Publications, Inc, an integrated auxiliary of CSI. ... ibit-c.pdf . The IRS Closing Agreement dissolved BPI's old owner International Publications Trust (IPT) Dec 1993 , section IV.E.9.,

E14. Flag Network Coordination Committee, page 3-25 , ... ions-2.pdf

F1. Association for Better Living and Education owns trademarks of its own name and the names of Narconon, Criminon, and Applied Scholastics. Yet all ABLE groups use Hubbard writing, so are under CST. They use L. Ron Hubbard's name, so are under RTC. CST directly owns the Way to Happiness trademark and copyright, so CST controls WTHF even more directly. ABLE trademarks described at ... ibit-o.pdf ; page 2. More at

F2. Narconon, International . The IRS deal is with "Narconon Inc, which says on its Form 990 filing, at ... php?ntt=64 , that it is a Woburn, Massachusetts corporation. However, Narconon Int'l, of Los Angeles, also filed a Form 990, at ... php?ntt=25 . It collects the money and gives the orders. See

F3. Narconon LA is the only center owned by Narconon International.

F4. Criminon International teaches Way to Happiness "in more than 2,500 prisons." Criminon mentioned in answers to IRS questions page 3-35, ... ions-2.pdf , but is not listed in the '93 IRS deal.

F5. Applied Scholastics International is "a Social Betterment Corporation of ABLE International." . "acknowledgement is made to L. Ron Hubbard Library for...copyrighted works" .
"Applied Scholastics network comprises over 800 schools..., "

F6. Literacy, Education and Ability Program “is an Applied Scholastics Program,”

F7. Way to Happiness Foundation International. “is a secular organization," from
CSI's Form 1023 lists 4 WTHF branches, Page 1-38 and 1-39, ... ions-2.pdf

F8. ABLE Buildings include Garden Grove, 7065 Hollywood Blvd, LA, & Narconon Arrowhead, ... itedstates

F9. Friends of Narconon, ... drug_abuse_/

F10. International Academy of Detoxification Specialists, IADS uses the trademark "L. Ron Hubbard," so is under RTC. IADS uses Hubbard's writings, so it is under CST.

F11. Hollywood Education and Literacy Project

F12. Riders Against Drugs ,

F13. World Literacy Crusade,

F14. Set a Good Example Foundation, formerly Concerned Businessmen's Association of America, promotes Way to Happiness to children.

F15. Cherish the Children Foundation, Inc helps, maybe recruits, foster children, at ; run by CoS member Joan Sigal in Clearwater.

F16. Florida Citizens for Social Reform. Inc. , promotes ABLE goals at run by CoS member Ben Kugler

F17. Clearwater Community Volunteers fundraise and aim to improve CoS image, at

F18. ABLE Fundraisers are individuals who raise funds for ABLE on commission. Page 3-36, ... ions-3.pdf

F19. Delphi Schools use the trademark "L. Ron Hubbard" which is owned by RTC. Uses Hubbard writings, so is under CST. Is a heavy user of Applied Scholastics materials, so they are listed as non-profits which support Applied Scholastics International.

F20. Other schools, like Community Learning Center, , use RTC and CST trademarks and copyrights, and are not listed for lack of space and frequent openings and closings.

F21. There are franchise-type contracts between ABLE-controlled entities like Narconon International, Inc., and Narconon centers like Narconon Georgia. ABLE-controlled entities in this sense also include Applied Scholastics International, Inc., Criminon International, Inc., and the Way to Happiness Foundation. For an example of such a contract, see ... racts.html

G1. Church of Scientology Flag Service Org, also called Flag, is the "spiritual mecca" in Clearwater and delivers upper levels. Structure of churches at ... aint05.htm

G2. FSO Oklahoma Investments Corporation was "established in 1983 for and real estate." Page 3B, ... s-1023.pdf It's an Oklahoma corporation.

G3. Flag Crew Page 1-43 , ... ions-2.pdf

G4. Flag Service Organization Page 1-43 , ... ions-2.pdf provides auditing and courses, especially upper levels.

G5. Scientology International Properties Renovations Organization FSO
Page 1-43 , ... ions-2.pdf

G6. CSFSO Buildings include the Ft Harrison, at "search our database" "by address" "210 S Ft Harrison" . CSFSO owns many buildings around Clearwater, ... itedstates .

G7. Artists in Action International, Inc. is Flag-linked, and is a Florida corp. Website is

H1. Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International is a separate group of management, workers and buildings aimed to attract and cater to celebrities and the wealthy. It oversees Celebrity Centre orgs.

H2. Celebrity Centre International Class V Organization, the well-known establishment in LA. Page 1-18, Page 1-44 , ... ions-2.pdf . History of CCI building at ... ntPage=all

H3. Manor Page 1-18, Page 1-44 , ... ions-2.pdf

H4. Scientology Properties International Renovations Organization Page 1-18, Page 1-44 , ... ions-2.pdf

H5. Bronson Ave properties from ... ory72.html
Presently you can't look up owners of LA properties to confirm they still own it.

H6. Artists for a Better World, International does its events at CCI. Not a Calif corporation.

H7. Celebrity Centres include Portland and New York; list is at ... s.html#eus. Other factors affect power over Celebrity Centers, including ownership of the building and influence of the nearest Continental Liaison Office.

I1. Church of Scientology Western US replaced Church of Scientology of California (CSC) after Wollersheim lawsuit. It directly owns several orgs like AOLA.

I2. Advanced Organization Los Angeles Page 1-44 , ... ions-2.pdf

I3. American Saint Hill Organization Page 1-44 , ... ions-2.pdf

I4. Children’s Estates Organization Page 1-44 , ... ions-2.pdf

I5. Pacific Base Crew. Page 1-44 , ... ions-2.pdf

I6. Scientology International Properties Renovations Organization Pacific. Page 1-44 , ... ions-2.pdf

I7. Church of Scientology San Diego, a Class V church that is also "under" CLO WUS.

I8. Commodore's Messenger Organization Pacific Area Command States

I9. Continental Liaison Office Western United States Page 1-44 , ... ions-2.pdf . Controls orgs listed at ... s.html#wus and ... ia.html#ca

J1. Church of Scientology of New York Page 1-15, ... ions-2.pdf

J2. New York Class V Organization Page 1-15, ... ions-2.pdf

J3. CoS New York-owned buildings include 28 W 74th St, NYC. ... itedstates

J4. Continental Liaison Office Eastern United States Page 1-15, ... ions-2.pdf . Controls Eastern US orgs listed at ... s.html#eus .

K1. Church of Scientology Advanced Organization Saint Hill Europe and Africa Subordinate groups listed at page 1-46, ... ions-2.pdf

K2. Advanced Organization Saint Hill Europe and Africa see K1

K3. Nordland Hotel, a Sea Org residence See K1

K4. Continental Liaison Office Europe in Denmark see K1 Controls Scandiavian orgs, at ... .html#scan . Controls French Swiss and Belgian orgs, at ... ch.html#fr . Controls Barcelona and Madrid orgs, at ... h.html#spn . Controls Amsterdam, Lisbon, Rel Aviv, and Athens orgs at ... html#other

K5. Operations & Transport Liaison Office for Italy, for Hungary, and for Russia. ... cale=en_ZA . Italian orgs at ... an.html#it . Hungarian and Russian orgs listed at ... html#other

K6. Continental Liaison Office Africa in Johannesburg controls African orgs, at ... ca.html#af .

L1. Church of Scientology Incorporated (in Australia) is a separate corp from CoSAI, when you enter "scientology" at
CoS Inc. has subordinate churches and CLOANZO page 1-44 ... ions-2.pdf . The '93 IRS deal appears to equate CoS Inc. with CLO ANZO, ,IVB.2.a. Long list of Australian orgs and fronts at .

L2. Church of Scientology Australia Inc. See L1 .

L3. Continental Liaison Office Australia, New Zealand and Oceania page 1-44m ... ions-2.pdf .
Present list of Australia NZ orgs at ... .html#anzo Japan org also under this office, at ... html#other

M1. Church of Scientology Religious Education College, Inc, an Australian charity sited in the UK,
Although there is not reciprocity for charity status between England and Australia, CSRECI is trying to use its Australian charity status to get out of paying corporate tax, at ... ain34.html

CSRECI's subordinate groups are listed on page 1-46 and 1-47, ... tions-2.pd

M2. Advanced Org Saint Hill UK site of Saint Hill Manor and Saint Hill Castle. LRH: "Saint Hill, which was mine, is being sold to C of S of Calif", Executive Letter of 1966 (cited in full in the 1971 Enquiry into the Practice and Effects of Scientology): info on present owner of Saint Hill Manor property is welcome.

M3. SORS (UK) Ltd. SORS likely means "Sea Org Reserves."
"SOR was established in the late 1970s during one of Hubbard's periodic fits of paranoia: its stated objective is to provide enough cash reserves to keep Scientology afloat for at least a year... Martin Ottman recently posted (see "The Income of Scientology -
Follow Up No. 1", 12 Jan 98) that SOR had $250,000,000 (US) in the
Kreditenbank Luxembourg, probably in gold or other long-term investments..
I looked for SOR (UK) Ltd in the records at Companies House, but could
find no trace of it. This suggests two alternative scenarios:
1) The corporate identity is bogus (though I strongly doubt this);
2) The entity is based in the Isle of Man or one of the Channel
Islands, which are not technically parts of the United Kingdom, being havens...
I'd put my money on the second scenario.
by Chris Owen at

However, SORS (UK) Ltd is listed on CSI's Form 1023 as under the jurisdiction of "East Sussex, UK" at page 1-47, ... ions-2.pdf

M4. Continental Liaison Office United Kingdom at Saint Hill Manor,
East Grinstead . Controls UK orgs

M5. UK Scientology orgs listed at or ... nd.html#uk

N1. Canada is regarded as a "Continent."

N2. Continental Liaison Office Canada controls Canada orgs, listed at ... da.html#ca and a Quebec org listed at ... ch.html#fr .

O1. Latin America is controlled through the "secular" CLO Mexico, which has religious groups above it and below it.

O2. Latin American Orgs are in Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela and Colombia, at ... h.html#spn Puerto Rico, on same source, might be Latin American or Eastern US. Comments welcome.

Q1. A Central Org is the major Scientology organization of a region

Q2. Staff Auditors are employees of various orgs that audit, teach courses, perform weddings and do other functions. While CSI only referred to them as "ministers" in the Form 1023 application for charity status, and in its replies to IRS questions, CoS uses only the secular term for them "auditors" on CoS websites and recent writings.

R1. Hollywood Guaranty Building Estates Organization Page 1-43, ... ions-2.pdf That source spells "Garanty" differently.

R2. Drug Free Marshalls. CSI created and launched the “Drug-Free Marshals”

R3. Freedom Magazine is copyrighted by CSI; see webpage

R4. Citizen's Commission on Human Rights website doesn't have to use the words "Scientology" or "Hubbard," therefore it's not under CST copyrights or RTC trademarks. CCHR is a "subordinate organization of CSI" says section III C 5 of the Closing Agreement with the IRS at . CoS created CCHR.
CoS paid CCHR operating expenses in 1998, page 12-3, ... pdf#page=6; CCHR owns 6616 Sunset Blvd, LA. ... itedstates

CCHR has common goals and perhaps shares Scientologist members with NARPA (National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy), but NARPA claims "NARPA is not affiliated in any way with the Church of Scientology or the Citizens' Commission on Human Rights."

R5. Public Affairs Office, DC Page 1-41, ... ions-2.pdf
"CSI has a small public relations office in Washington DC," ... pdf#page=6 page 4A

R6. Hubbard College of Administration ... 23-hca.pdf . Hubbard College uses the trademark "Hubbard" owned by RTC, so is under RTC. It uses Hubbard's writings, so it is under CST. Hubbard College is a "subordinate organization of CSI" says section III B 8 of the Closing Agreement with the IRS at

R7. Hubbard College New York. See R6.

R8. Foundation for Religious Freedom is dormant, CoS says, ... ions-2.pdf , page 1-63. FRF took over the Cult Awareness Network (CAN). FRF is in '93 IRS deal.

R9. Cult Awareness Network. Former critic of CoS & cults, taken over by CoS-linked FRF; now is pro-CoS. See Note R8.

R10. Volunteer Minister Program.

R11. Volunteer Ministers. "CSI provides overall direction, planning and guidance for the network of churches, missions, field auditors and volunteer ministers" from ... pg003.html

R12. Luxembourg banks accounts, listed on ... ions-2.pdf
CSFSO's account page 4-27, CSFSSO's account page 4-28, CSI's account page 4-29, SMI's account page 4-30.

S1. CSI Human Rights Office subsidizes and supports YHRI, UHR, and AHR, since they acknowledge its support on their websites.

S2. Youth for Human Rights International has a copyright:"© 2006-2009 Youth for Human Rights International. All Rights Reserved." YFHRI's Form 990 does not link to any corporations, ... 329#people but is "grateful to the Human Rights Office of the Church of Scientology International, ...helping...print... educational materials and...disseminate the materials to the public along with joining YHRI for occasional public education events.

S3. United for Human Rights's website says "UHR's sister organization, Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI)," from . But neither has a parent corporation, so UHR may be a "daughter" division or program under YFHRI. UHR's website has no copyrights or trademarks info. UHR isn't a Calif or guidestar corp.

S4. Artists for Human Rights involves Scientologists; partners with Dept of Human Rights, CSI. ... ships.html

T1. Building Management Services is an integrated auxiliary of CSI; from ... s-1023.pdf .

T2. BMS buildings included and may still include Anthony, Cedars, Celebrity Centre Int bldg, Gold Base, Hollywood Guaranty Building, and 6331 Hollywood Blvd, LA , page 6-13 and 6-14, ... ions-2.pdf and ... itedstates . LA property records don't show present ownership.

T3. Social Betterment Properties International manages buildings (for ABLE), and is an integrated auxiliary of CSI.

T4. SPBI buildings include 210 E Broadway, Glendale, CA. ... itedstates

T5. Church of Scientology Religious Trust is an integrated auxiliary of CSI, from ... s-1993.pdf . CSRT collected "incalculable sums," from and Page 1-41 from ... ions-2.pdf CSRT absorbed International Scientology Religious Trust (ISRT) and US Churches of Scientology Trust. ... ions-1.pdf , page 6.

T6. CSRT Donations Project, page 1-49, ... ions-2.pdf

T7. CSRT buildings: CSRT owns the Super Power Building, 215 S Ft Harrison. Go to "Search our database," "By parcel number" 16-29-15-94896-000-0010 . CSRT also owns buildings in DC, FL, NY and TN, ... itedstates

U1. Flag Ship Trust owns four corporations that run the Freewinds ship and its upper level courses. See and ... -ffsso.pdf . The IRS Closing Agreement required 3 companies to merge into Church of Scientology Flag Ship Service Organization (CSFSSO). The surviving four companies are (1)FST-owned TransCorp Svcs , which owns (2) San Donate Properties SA, which in turn owns the Freewinds ship. (3) FST-owned MCL Services NA and (4) FST-owned CSFSSO complete this group.

U2. Church of Scientology Flag Ship Service Organization . Management body for Freewinds.

U3. TransCorp Svcs SA. Owner of San Donato. See U1.

U4. San Donato Properties SA. Owner of Freewinds. See U1.

U5. MV Freewinds ship, home port Curaçao, "the beginning of a voyage to all eternity," and a church. . Asbestos affidavit at ... bestos.htm

U6. MCL Services NA. See U1.

V1. Scientology International Reserves Trust is a British integrated auxiliary of CSI, from ... 3-sirt.pdf . SIRT absorbed International Scientology Films Trust and International SOR Trust. ... ions-1.pdf , page 6

V2. SOR Services Ltd. is a subsidiary of SIRT, page 14, ... ATIONS.pdf
SOR is said to stand for "Sea Org Reserves."

W1. Inactive Trusts appear to be: Scientology Defense Fund Trust, Scientology Endowment Trust, Church of Scientology Expansion Trust, Buildings Trust, Dissemination Trust (might be called Scientology Dissemination Trust), Trust for Scientologists (TFS), US Parishioners Trust (USPT), and the highly important Author's Family Trust B. These trusts were not called 501(c)3 charities by the IRS closing agreement, are not mentioned as active on the Internet, and don't appear in state corporation searches. CSI promised to dissolve TFS and USPT "upon...exemption," page 9-1, ... ions-4.pdf . Church of Scientology Expansion Trust, Scientology Endowment Trust, and Author's Family Trust B are mentioned in the '93 IRS deal but only to close old lawsuits involving them,

W2. Inactive non-profits: CSC = Church of Scientology of California (former mother church but excluded from '93 IRS deal); FASE= Foundation for Advancements in Science and Education; IFHRT = International Foundation for Human Rights and Tolerance (IFHRT); FRT= Foundation for Religious Tolerance; CATS = Citizens for an Alternative Tax System; CADA = California Association of Dianetic Auditors, a splinter group whose name was taken over by CoS and is now inactive. Breakaway auditors set up an independent CADA website, but CADA control now rests with Freya Glatt, who had a CSI address on or before 1993 on , and Jeanne Reynolds, who presently works for CoS, ... 49465.aspx. NCLE =National Commission on Law Enforcement and Social Justice , specifically listed as covered by the '93 agreement, perhaps because it was active right up until that agreement, VII.C.4.,
TFF = Truth and Freedom Foundation, no website, assets down to zero in 2005, 990 filing at ... hp?ntt=312 RFC = Religious Freedom Crusade, Inc., inactive since 1982, APRL = Alliance for Preservation of Religious Liberty, suspended,

W3. Magazines & their owners: Advance-Advanced Orgs. Auditor-Saint Hill Orgs. Celebrity-CSCCI. Freewinds-Freewinds. Impact-IASA. Prosperity-WISE. Source-Flag.

X1 . "All church organizations above the level of Class V are staffed by Sea Organization members." ... page09.htm

X2. "Only Sea Org members can be employed at ABLE," Narconon Not Scientology? Then Why Is Its Leader in the Church's Concentration Camp? by Tony Ortega, By Tony OrtegaTue., Aug. 14 2012, ... inberg.php

Copyleft © 2012 Don Carlo. Intellectual non-property
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Official Comments on the Chart

J. I've been reading for months about CoS-related companies and I've added all the ones I've found that are still relevant. The most interesting factoid I've found is that CST, to be a "church" has to employ four religious types who must do 12.5 hours of religious ritual a week. I doubt I will find some cool new corporation. I just want to label legal relationships, and Sea Org and non-Sea Org companies properly. If CoS or Freezone funded any research, it doesn't necessarily create a legal relationship that injured parties can SUE.

When CoS was asked for an organizational chart, they said it was impossible. CoS, who always praises the virtue of org charts, doesn't have or want a comprehensive chart. Instead they bury investigators with tales of sailing the Mediterranean, vast lists of organizations, a few simplistic disjointed legal charts, platitudes, and tangled charts of Sea Org "ecclesiastical" hierarchy which really means Miscavige can fire any board member of any CoS corporation (This violates Calif law that only a felony or a court order can involuntarily remove a board member. A "resignation letter" kept on file and whipped out by Miscavige = involuntary.) ... le=300-318 .

CoS likely thought their answers to the IRS and their 1993 Secret Agreement would never see the light of day. Now, their relationships are unmasked. They can't change them without having to resubmit their Form 1023 requests for charity status, and without having to renegotiate the 1993 agreement.

My hope is that in some investigation my chart will be presented to CoS and Cos will be forced, point by point, to agree that it accurately portrays the legal relationships. Then CoS can't say "There is no relationship between Group X and Group Y. CoS can't say "DCI is secular" or "Applied Scholastics" is secular." Secular countries like Mexico will see IGN, DFI and DCI with no budget or staff as vaporous parasites, not real secular twins. Mexico, I hope, will rule that their Scientology orgs ARE religious corporations or are part of religious corporations, and can no longer form contracts in Mexico. Adios!

And, the Class V org staff can see all the blood-sucking bureaucracy on top of them.
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Founding a new, noble charity! A thrill for has-been celebs like Anne Archer, or rich public members. They get the title of Founder and President. CoS stops pushing old charities (list below), because (I assume) it lost its mission or the founder couldn't/wouldn't lead it anymore. Me-me-me celebs don't want a hand-me-down charity with cranky admin assistants, meddling ex-presidents, messy old filing cabinets, and money woes. The celebs want that New-Charity smell in their office.

With a crying need for "advancements" in science, education, human rights, tolerance, and justice, these charities just sit there like empty shells.

Meanwhile, Mary Shuttleworth gets her thrills as president of Youth for Human Rights International(Note 1), recruiting young people who think they're practically UN ambassadors, but are raw meat for Scientology, and Mary gets to push her son Taron Lexton's United video.

Has-been actor Anne Archer preens herself as founder and president of Artists for Human Rights (Note 2) while her son Tommy Davis looks the other way as Sea Org slaves make the Celebrity Centre pretty for wanna-be celebrities. Perhaps Anne hopes this will get her some acting work.

There appears to be no president or board or separate legal existence for United for Human Rights (Note 3). UHR might be the parent's auxiliary of Youth for Human Rights Int'l. (A parallel outside Scientology is that all-male charities often used to have women's auxiliaries). Perhaps CoS needed a "shell" for the Youth's parents to donate into, and Mary Shuttlesworth didn't want competition for most wonderful human rights leader EVER.

Maybe these ladies' sons will each grow a pair and leave CoS, or embarass CoS and be thrown out. Let's see then, how fast these become ex-charities. I doubt that CoS can even FIND a new generation of ego-starved mid-life celebs/rich people to start up the next round of charity fronts.

Barbara Cordova Oliver, founder of AFBWI, Artists for a Better World Int'l, has on her OWN webpage, front and center, a bald request:
Barbara Cordova Oliver has not received any gifts yet
Give Barbara Cordova Oliver a Gift
Note 3a

What kind of narcissist is this? A New OT VII and an IAS donor, Barbara runs awards events, concerts, and collects artistic contributions. It adds some fun and encouragement to artists, instead of just dragging them in for Celebrity Centre courses and shaking them down for donations. It's amusing that the one book in AFBWI's store, Triumph Of The Human Spirit, Note 3b, shows paper coming out of an ancient manual typewriter, a device LRH used but most youngsters have never seen. Of course, this group does recruit and further CoS's network, both for courses and staff. However, the major artist in AFBWI who is growing and getting her work out there is...Barbara Cordova Oliver. And, she and her artist buddies use slave-built and slave-cleaned Celebrity Centre rooms, while ignoring the abused artistic workers at Gold living in worse conditions than migrant farm workers.

Update: as of January 2014 Barbara Cordova Oliver is held somewhere by CoS after a mental breakdown, apparently receiving the Introspection Rundown, ... va-oliver/
Old charities that appear abandoned:
FASE= Foundation for Advancements in Science and Education;
two organizations have been set up by Scientologists to try to give scientific legitimacy to (Narconon) These were Foundation for Advancements in Science and Education and the HealthMed Clinic. The Executive Director of the Church of Scientology was involved in creating the Foundation.
Note 4
the 1995 "First International Conference on...Human Detoxification" held under the auspices of the Foundation for Advancements in Science and Education. [Archives, International Academy of Detoxification Specialists - <>] ...was sponsored, organised and run by and for supporters of Hubbard's consisted primarily of lectures on the effectiveness of the Hubbard method...[ FASE, "Proceedings of the First International Conference on Chemical Contamination and Human Detoxification" - <>].
from Note 5

FASE still sells videos from its active days, like the 1991 Math? Who Needs It. Pathetically, many items are available only in the near-obsolete VHS format. Note 6

FASE lists many projects with their year of creation, ending at 1981, Note 7. The list continues but no years are listed, as though CoS doesn't want to draw attention to the fact they aren't making any more videos.

FASE's most recent film is dated 2000 in the usually-thorough IMDB, Note 8.

Oddly, FASE is still paying salaries as recently as 2007, so officers may be leeching off sales of old videos. ... hp?ntt=162

FRT= Foundation for Religious Tolerance was founded by Mary DeMoss; she admitted she used the Foundation solely to attack the LMT (Lisa McPherson Trust). Note 9. In 2002 LMT's Bob Minton caved in and stopped fighting CoS, Note 10, so it seems FRT accomplished its mission. It has an abandoned website, Note 11.

In 2002, FRT became IFHRT = International Foundation for Human Rights and Tolerance, Note 12. But the energetic Youth for Human Rights International had already started in 2001, Note 13. So IFHRT was eclipsed, and any useful assets and connections were likely absorbed by YFHRI and UHR. IFHRT has an abandoned website, Note 14.

NCLE =National Commission on Law Enforcement and Social Justice, which appeared to fight any anti-CoS public data gathering. Note 15 (It's only existence now seems to be the Note 15 paragraphs).

FRF = Foundation for Religious Freedom, which CoS says has no staff and a budget of $2,500, Note 16. Its main function was to buy and now own CAN (Cult Awareness Network) which has turned from anti-cult activism to pro-CoS .
Steven L. Hayes won the bid for Cult Awareness Network, Note 17.
the Foundation for Religious Freedom...had already become the entity officially licensed to operate the new CAN after another Scientologist, Steven L. Hayes, of Los Angeles, bought the logo and other appurtenances. Note 18

No new items on FRF website since 2003. Even the copyright dates are stale. Note 19

TFF = Truth and Freedom Foundation, which barely existed, judging from the lack of news items on it. TFF had all its assets used up or taken away in 2004. ... hp?ntt=312

HWS = Hollywood Writers Society, headed by Rose Goss. Internet link expired.

Anyone who knows the inside scoop on these inactive front groups, please tell us.

* * *

Note 1.

Note 2. ... ement.html

Note 3.

Note 3a.

Note 3b.

Note 4:

Note 5:

Note 6:

Note 7:

Note 8:

Note 9:

Note 10:

Note 11:

Note 12: ... obrandid=0

Note 13:

Note 14:

Note 15:

Note 16: ... ATIONS.pdf page 17

Note 17: ... &no=973002

Note 18: ... la-can.htm

Note 19: (viewed by Don Carlo on Dec 31, 2009)
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The Command Chart of Scientology, an internally produced chart:
It's too big for this page, so I am merely linking to it. ... tology.png

CST AND CSI ARE NOT ON THIS CHART ! ! ! It's totally nuts to ignore CST's abolute power of copyrights, and CSI's its outright legal ownership of, say, Bridge Publications. It's as though CSI is illusory and only the "command" is real. This CoS spin, that CSI's only authority is "ecclesiastical" and not actual, is CoS's way to deflect lawsuits from CSI and CST.

CRST and SIRT, the big trusts with big money, aren't on this chart either. CoS acts as though power and money are not related.

RTC is stuck on the side in a little triangle. True, it has no legal connection except through trademark control, but you'd think they'd at least MENTION RTC's Inspector General Network.

The chart is geographically oriented. Watchdog Committee oversees the "International" groups like ABLE, and SMI. Each in turn oversees the Continental Liaison Offices; I gather this means ABLE International supervises ABLE's Continental Liaison Office in, Say, Latin America, which in turn supervises ABLE and its entities Narconon, etc in that continent. This "International Group" is redundant with the list right under "Watchdog Committee" at the very top. In my comprehensive chart, the Continental Liaison Offices s are highlighted in purple.

On the left, the box CMO Cont would be Commodore's Messenger Org Canada, CMO Latin America, and so forth for the continents. This charts does not show anything "below" the CMO Conts, but these are strong-arm groups that enforce Miscavige power; for example there is a CMO in Clearwater, at Flag.

Flag and Freewinds each have their own box, but this is inconsistent. Not only CSI, but CSWUS (C of S West US), AOLA (Adv Org Los Ang.) and ASHO (American Saint Hill Org) are MISSING.

IAS and USIASMT are also missing, which makes sense since they only fund-raise and don't manage.

The Finance Network is stuck in a little box, when it reaches everywhere with its tentacles and suckers. A box at the top, "Int Finance" doesn't even touch the "Finance Network" except with those uniformative parallel lines.
OSA Network is also in a little box, as though it never bothers anyone. The LHR Communication Network needs more research.

Celebrity Centre International is given a prominent role as though it manages all the other Celebrity Centres. However, the foreign groups like the UK's CSREC seem to have their Celebrity Centres directly under them, and the CMO UK may well manage them. CCI may concoct and share fund-raising ideas and help set up new celebrity centres to mimic the LA centre, but I really doubt Tommy Davis is managing the UK's Celebrity Centre.

The WatchDog Committee also is carefully constructed to not officially exist as part of a legally existing corporation.
WDC was staffed solely by CMO Int personnel and that the title Commanding Officer CMO Int was synonymous with that of Chairman WDC. I do not know of any Scientology document, nor of any affidavit or testimony which supports this, though former COs (Diane Voegeding and John Nelson) and two former WDC members have confirmed this privately. It was held that Hubbard's personal organization could not be seen to direct the cult, so should be disguised with another name.
Note 2

The bottom of the chart, "The Class IV Organization and its Valuable Final Product" is of interest mostly to those focussing on a single org.

My overall comment is that the maker of this chart was given incomplete information, which led to a garbled org chart that masks the pyramidal structure, with Miscavige & lawyers at the top dictating to everyone. This is why I made my own damn chart, the "Comprehensive Chart" at the top of this thread.

* * * * * * *
Note 1: ... chart.html

Note 2: ... html#pt2_5
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Central Organization Chart produced by CoS

The "Central Org" is surrounded by Narconon (the leaping stick-figure), Applied Scholastics, Way to Happiness (The road and sun), WISE (the lion logo), SMI (Scientology Missions International) the Dianetics symbol (the triangle with four horizontal lines) representing the pretending-to-be-secular Dianetics centers, and a Scientology cross representing local Scientology churches. Criminon isn't listed, oddly. Note 1

My comment: These "central orgs" seem to be continental centers. CoS wants to make the "central orgs" do all the work and, I assume, be separate entities in case of lawsuits, so that CSI pays for the lawyers but RTC, CST, and CSI assets are protected from the actual settlement or lawsuit penalties. CoS hopes that, if sued hard, the "central org" can give up all its assets and go broke, but no further damage happens to upper Scientology organizations.

I welcome comments on this, since I never worked in one of these orgs.

Note 1: Symbols explained at ... page12.htm
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Simplified Organization Chart

-------------------David Miscavige as Sea Org Captain (Note 1)
----------------------------------------- |
-----------------------Everything Else in CoS (note 2)

Note 1. Captain is highest present rank in Sea Org. LRH was a Commodore, which is a higher rank,
but nobody is allowed that rank, not even Miscavige. Miscavige claims to be only one of several captains,
but the truth is that he's the only "real captain"
in CSI's response to the IRS (page 3-5), CSI gives the
rankings of the most senior Sea Organization officers. According to CSI,
the highest ranking officers in the Sea Organization are as follows:

NAME----------------------------------RANK---------------------EARNED RANK
David Miscavige--------------------Captain---------------Captain
Marc Yager--------------------------Captain( Brevet)----Lt. Commander
Ray Mithoff--------------------------Captain (Brevet)----Lt. Commander
Mark Rathbun-----------------------Captain (Brevet)----Ensign
Mark Ingber-------------------------Captain (Brevet)----Ensign
Guillaum Leserve-------------------Captain (Brevet)----Lt. Commander
Thanks to http://free-from-scientology.blogspot.c ... Woller.htm
who named the names, and ... ions-2.pdf which in CoS's
own words said "captain" outranked "brevet captain."

Note 2. Since...1986,...Sea Organization has controlled all other Scientology entities. ... html#pt2_9

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J. Swift's Chart

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Fists of Fury Organization Chart

------------------------------ - - - - -- ---- -
Non-Scientologist Lawyer-whores running CST

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
David Miscavige, deluded puppet and abusive puppeteer
Cash cows---Ooh-la-la---Fave slaves----Human punching ---Terrified ---hidden wife---SeaOrg lawyer-whores--- celebrities-----Bulgravia
CSI, IAS-------Lou-----------H. Bendorff------bags, SP Hall -----butt-kissers---- Shelly---------Moxon,Kobrin--------Cruise, Travolta---bankers
etc------- Stuckenbrock----Art Director Gold---------------------------------------Miscavige
---------------------------(creates glitzy event sets)

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Don Carlo, that is extremely impressive work. Thank you for taking the time and effort. I look forward to printing it out and reviewing it. At present, I am working on linkages to a group to whom I have assigned a project name of Shadowman Implanting Group LLC. If my leads pan out, this is potentially huge. A small, nondescript detail caught my attention in a document and I have been following leads. I have identified author Aeolus Kephas in my series of linkages. His book is here: ... ?prod=LVEW
Stunningly, my initial work suggests that Scientology may route its way back into the shadowy cognates of Thelema and OTO from whence it came.



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Post by Don Carlo » Thu Nov 05, 2009 2:03 am

Command Channels of Scientology - Chart


I believe this is an internal CoS org chart that makes believe that these groups are co-equal and centered
on the ideal of CoS, represented by its triangle logo. The truth is ruthless rule and exploitation by Sea Org
and Miscavige.

This thread will focus on org charts. Thanks to all the readers who steered me to various charts and worthwhile facts. My chart above focusses on provable legal corporate ties.
Other charts done by others will focus on the puppet strings of Sea Org.

The charts are a bit big; just move the bottom bar slightly to the right, and let the poster's name move off screen.
The charts and comments will then fit on one screen without scrolling.

For earlier discussion see the thread CoS Flunks Better Bus. Bureau's Charity Accountability List
viewtopic.php?t=31402 .
There is ample discussion there of ABLE, which claims to be secular but is entangled deeply with Sea Org
and top Church organizations.

Comments are alwaysl welcome.
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Post by Don Carlo » Thu Nov 05, 2009 2:07 am

ABLE Org Chart according to CoS

ABLE Org Chart according to skeptical outsider at Narconon Exposed:

Narconon-Exposed comment on chart:
This is, necessarily, a heavily simplified version of a much bigger whole.
Lines of management are represented as solid black lines, with dashed yellow lines indicating the known
and probable contractual relationships. The colours of the different elements indicate distinct
corporations, with the Church of Scientology itself being the yellow component.
both charts and comments are from Narconon Exposed, at

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Post by Sea Horse » Thu Nov 05, 2009 2:28 am

Command Chart of Scientology ... cientology

Command Channels of Scientology ... cientology

Scientology cult Clear Expansion Committee documents ... _documents
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Post by fisherman » Thu Nov 05, 2009 3:33 am

Don Carlo,

Superb job! Really top-notch revision!


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Post by Don Carlo » Thu Nov 05, 2009 4:47 am

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