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Post by caroline » Thu Jun 24, 2010 11:35 pm

Wieber, you're nattering. Ron had to be tight-lipped [:lol:] due to the political climate in this sector, and he didn't want to unstablize the Venusians. Consequently, we didn't get the full gen until the Mission Earth series. Even so, Ron's 1952 research was fairly specific:
L. Ron Hubbard wrote:Actually, this isn’t very incredible.

So 8,200 years ago, they came down in the Himalayas, the upper headlands, up about, oh, I’d say about seventy-two miles northwest of Khyber Pass, and put a base in there, and still not believing that there was anything like an invader force operating in this system, failed to take any vaguest precautions with regard to their installations. They put up no defenses; after all, what was here! Nothing but Homo sapiens.

That was just nothing, no danger, no menace, and so on. And they were in this installation just a very short time when all of a sudden, with a terrific crash, the Fourth Invader Force, which was a little more active then than it has become since, knocked out this whole battalion (a battalion of that size is in the neighborhood of about three thousand beings) and picked up all of its staff, all of its staff officers and so forth, and took them through to Mars and then knocked them back into this human race here.

They’re still here. There are saucer crews here; there’s all sorts of things on Earth here from the Fifth Invader Force. Very interesting.

This is directly and violently in opposition to the Fourth Invader Force. And the Fifth Invader Force, out of its own protection, took over Venus - oh, relatively in modern times - took over Venus and tried to stabilize the Venusian.

If you called a Fifth Invader, though, a Venusian, he would probably shoot you out of hand, because it would be a horrible insult. They merely monitor the government of Venus, and they leave Mars strictly alone.

Now, this is really, roughly, a rundown of the quote “political” situation in the solar system.

Now, that’s very interesting, because it gives you, as preclears, bodies in pawn of the Fourth Invader Force. It gives you tremendous volume of personnel that have been poured down here for various nefarious purposes, all of them under some kind of a covert direction.

Typical game: every goal they’ve gotten, they have a reason why they can’t reach the goal, see! I mean, typical game sort of an implant these people are operating on. They’re relatively inefficient. But boy, can they hold on to things.

Do they accumulate MEST and that sort of thing.

You’ve got your big holding operations. And you’ve got running through this a Fifth Invader Force operation which is strictly, really, disinterested in Earth - not really interested in Earth at all, as such, because Earth is a heavy gravity planet, and who the hell wants a heavy gravity planet!

Earth would be much better off lying in chunks in an orbit around the sun. But naturally, that’s a pretty rough assignment, blowing up something this size and putting it around, so nobody would do that.

But completely aside from that fact, Earth has been used consistently as a prison; and it is a prison, and it is heavily screened. There are installations in Mongolia, there are installations in the Pyrenees here on Earth, and there are installations down in the Mountains of the Moon in Africa which pick up, very often, people on death. And the thetan just doesn’t know what’s going on. He’s in a state of deep hypnosis, really, and the moment he finds himself in association with a dead body, the thing keys and he reports to where he’s supposed to go.

And he’s changed and moved around here and there and comes back down.

Really, from death back to assumption of a new body and so on, is ordinarily a time period of about fifteen minutes, and he has three engrams in those fifteen minutes: 1) The death, 2) The wipe-out and implant between lives, and 3) The assumption - knocking out the GE and taking over a body at birth.

Very interesting. All right.

Hubbard, L. R. (1952, 30 October). The Role of Earth. Standard Operating Procedures for Theta Clearing Lectures, (5210C30). Lecture conducted from London.
"Earth would be much better off lying in chunks in an orbit around the sun." That'd sure "take care of the planet," wouldn't it?

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Post by Wieber » Fri Jun 25, 2010 5:22 am

As usual, Scientology does not reveal the truth of what is going
on with their various activities.

A closer look at the supposed sun on the cover of their little
booklets reveals the black hole waiting there that will suck the
life and soul out of anyone who follows that path to Scientology.
“Think wrongly if you please, but in all cases think for yourself.”
Doris Lessing


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Post by Simonymous » Fri Jun 25, 2010 10:18 am

That lad Sting once sang of a little black spot on the sun. Right after, he proclaimed himself the King of Pain.

Coincidence??? Yeah, probably. But I call 'em like I see 'em!
“...the injuries that {Hubbard} handled by the use of Dianetics procedures were never handled, because they were injuries that never existed; therefore, Dianetics is based on a lie; therefore, Scientology is based on a lie.” --Tommy Davis

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Post by caroline » Sat Jun 26, 2010 3:46 am

Alien clams will clean up the Gulf oil spill in a few weeks...
On 25 June 2010, New York Times wrote: Companies Peddling Microbial Cures to Oil Spill Come Calling on Gulf Coast

Evidence from Exxon Valdez and an experimental spill conducted by U.S. EPA along the Delaware coast have shown that bioaugmentation is highly unlikely to be of any help in treating the Gulf spill, Ron Atlas, a biologist at the University of Louisville and one of the country's most prominent oil spill experts, wrote on the blog of the American Society for Microbiology.

Yet this failure, he wrote, "does not stop companies from trying to sell an immediate solution that will instantly clean up the spilled oil, or from ignoring or denigrating the scientific literature about the lack of demonstrated value of seeding cultures as opposed to just adding fertilizers to speed up rates of oil biodegradation."

Gulf residents and government panicked by the oil could find themselves investing in superfluous bacteria, Atlas warned. "Let's hope that BP insists on scientifically proven methods and resists the urge to buy instant snake oil cures," he wrote.

(Emphasis added.)
Voosen, P. (2010, 25 June). Companies Peddling Microbial Cures to Oil Spill Come Calling on Gulf Coast. Retrieved 25 June 2010 from ... gewanted=1
The Earth Organization is working to bring microorganism technology into those areas affected by the Gulf Coast oil spill. (Ref.

The Earth Organization is making some stunningly Hubbardian claims:
Micro Organism Technology - The Only Real Solution wrote:Micro organisms are the primary converters on this planet. They change things. To relate this article specifically to the Gulf Coast oil spill, there are certain micro organism products which address the problem of an overwhelming amount of oil. The micro organisms actually eat and digest the oil, breaking it down into non-toxic substances and, when there is no more oil to eat, those micro organisms then die off themselves.

There has never been found a single bad side effect from this process and, in fact, there are many good side effects from it. Not only will the oil be cleaned up, but there will be a rejuvenation of the health of the wildlife in the area, with a relatively quick resurgence of flora, fauna, and marine life, including shrimp, fish and oysters. With a proper application of the micro organisms to an area, we’re talking a few weeks to a few months, not decades, to clean it up.

The same type of partnering relationship exists in any environment, be it a farm, an animal, marshlands, a river, or the ocean. Micro organism products utilize specific combinations of these beneficial micro organisms that assist and aid life in its efforts to survive.

The application and use of micro organism technology is completely safe, extremely effective, and relatively inexpensive compared to other proposed solutions. In looking over all of the information, there is no question that the micro organism technology is the only true solution to the Gulf Coast oil spill, when taking all elements of the problem into consideration.

Wiseman, B., & Lenting, M. (n.d.). Micro Organism Technology - The Only Real Solution. Retrieved 25 June 2010 from ... 8&CatID=11
From an e-mail posted to a.r.s in 2005:
Barbara Wiseman wrote:Subject: SCI INFO New Scn Environmental Group

TO: All Scientologists interested in safeguarding and improving our

FROM: Barbara Wiseman - International President Earth Org

Dear Friends,

To quote LRH:

"Recent discoveries...have shown that our own world could be deteriorated to a point where it would no longer support life. And it possibly could happen in one's own lifetime.

"Cut down too many forests, foul too many rivers and seas, mess up the atmosphere and we have had it. The surface temperature can go roasting hot, the rain can turn to sulfuric acid. All living things could die." LRH The Way to Happiness

I am very pleased to be able to announce the launch of our first international organization dedicated to the 5th and 6th dynamics - THE EARTH ORGANIZATION.

The Earth Organization is LRH's environmental org. Following a year of study and preparation, formal approval has been obtained to launch The Earth Org internationally as part of the HCO PL "Division 6 - Special Zone Plan".

The Earth Org was founded by internationally-renowned conservationist and IAS Freedom Medal winner, Lawrence Anthony. Through his historical commitment to the optimum survival of the Plant and Animal Kingdoms and the environment, (the 5th and 6th Dynamics) Lawrence recognized that the ongoing degradation of the planet and its life systems by man had become such that if it continued, Earth would be lost and, with it, Mankind's home from which to rise to greater heights.

LRH has written many policy letters about the 5th and 6th Dynamics. In fact, the last book LRH wrote, Mission Earth, is about this subject.


(Emphasis added.)
Wiseman, B. (ca. 2005). Subject: SCI INFO New Scn Environmental Group. Retrieved 25 June 2010 from ... ode=source
The following excerpt from Mission Earth: The Invader's Plan is an Invader Force briefing.
L. Ron Hubbard wrote:"Lords of the Realm," said the Crown in a sonorous voice, "we have before us now a very grave matter.

It could disarrange and cause us to change our entire Invasion Timetable and revise all our planning for the next century."

There was an instant hush. All the muttering and murmuring that had gone on throughout the other measures was replaced by a sort of stunned silence.

The Viceregal Chairman paused. He had small black eyes set in a sunken face. Those eyes stabbed around the great circular table. He had their attention. Oh, my yes, he did!

"I know," he said, "that this has never happened before in all the long and victorious history of Voltar."

He flicked the report with the back of his hand. "But it has happened. We must take decision on this matter today."

"The Crown, if you please!" It was the Lord of the Army. "This is very unusual. The Timetable bequeathed us by our Ancestors has heretofore been considered inviolate and has the status of Divine Command. In all respect to the Crown, does His Majesty know that the Grand Council is to take this up?"

The Viceregal Chairman of the Crown glared at him. "Not only is His Majesty aware of it but His Majesty—Long Live Cling the Lofty—personally ordered that we do so."

I saw Lombar Hisst shudder. That was about the worst news he had had yet. He lurched forward and whispered in Endow's ear.

"The Crown, if you please," quavered Endow. "Surely there is misinformation here. It is a grave step to alter the Invasion Timetable. It would disrupt every division."

"I am afraid," said the Crown, "that the information appears to be accurate. Captain Roke, if you please."

The King's Own Astrographer, Captain Tars Roke, came from the curtains behind the dais and stood beside the Crown. He was a very tall, imposing figure, darkly uniformed, scientifically dispassionate. The Crown handed him not only the report but a thick pack of papers and charts with it.

Captain Roke looked over the assemblage. "Your Lordships, under the instructions of His Majesty, I am to brief you concerning this situation. With your permission?"

The Lords shifted about, appearing very concerned. Cries of "Yes" and "Please do" echoed in the hall. I could see Lombar Hisst's hands, clenching and unclenching in barely restrained fury.

"About four months ago," said Captain Roke, "the Lord of the Exchequer was working with his Bureau of Resources, Allocations and Plannings. They were correcting forward financial estimates for the coming century —which I must call to your attention will begin for us in another sixteen days—and he found he had inadequate information concerning one of our numerous future targets.

"His Lordship called on the Lord of the Fleet, requesting an update. This particular target is known as Blito-P3—the local inhabitants call it "Earth." It is a humanoid planet, not too unlike our own Planet Manco and Planet Flisten, though a bit smaller. It lies on our invasion route into this galaxy and will be needed as a supply base. I should add that it isn't even our next target but I assure you it will be vital to shorten supply lines and would be a key point in a future defense perimeter.

"The Lord of the Fleet found, to everyone's astonishment, that the Fleet Astrographic Branch did not possess an official update.

"About forty years ago, a report had been filed that Blito-P3 had been exploding thermonuclear devices. These were quite primitive and not very alarming at that time. But there was no assurance that the people there would not develop more powerful devices. I need not tell you that if they engaged in an internal thermonuclear war, employing advanced devices, they could devour their oxygen or cause other mischief which would make the planet useless to us.

"There was, of course, an immediate investigation."

I shivered. I saw Lombar's knuckles turn white.

Captain Roke went on. "It was found that a custom had arisen of sending cadets to Blito-P3 to do surveys and that sort of thing. That system is a fairly easy flight from here and good practice. In fact, there is nothing wrong with that. But cadets are cadets. They seemed to have been deterred by Space Code Article a-36-544 M Section B—which prohibits landing and alerting the population as you know—and their surveys were diffident. They showed no reliable, expected picture of the scene. Their reports were fragmentary and unconvincing."

I was really shaking then. Those reports for the last two years had been coming through my hands and had been deleted and altered! I felt like that whole vast hall was going to cave in on me! I had visions of all those Lords rising up and rushing at me, screaming accusations.

But I will be truthful: when Lombar Hisst had first ordered it, I had not been aware that an expert could tell the reports did not make a consistent story, that the graphs would look jumpy and unconvincing. I hadn't even thought it was important to anyone.

But Captain Roke was going on. "So the Lord of the Fleet simply came to me and we ordered a routine survey by a competent combat engineer."

Ah! No wonder we had not been able to find the original! It had been ordered by the Crown and would have come straight to Palace City—and even Lombar Hisst couldn't get into that!

The King's Own Astrographer tapped the top sheet of the report. "The survey was accordingly made.

And I greatly fear our worst fears were realized." He paused for emphasis, looking gravely around the vast board."The present inhabitants are wrecking the planet! Even if they don't blow it up first, they will have rendered it useless and uninhabitable long before the invasion called for on our Timetable!"

A startled shock had gone around the whole vast table.

Lombar Hisst was gouging Endow's back urgently, giving him his cue.

"Captain ... er ... Captain," quavered Endow, trying his best to sound bold, "can we ... ah ... be sure that these conclusions are not that of some subordinate?

Such an alarmist conclusion ..."

"Lord Endow," said Captain Roke, "the combat engineer made no recommendations at all. He simply took measurements, samples and photographs." With a flick of his wrist, for all the world like a street magician, he snapped a chart that rolled out from the dais, across it and onto the floor, fifteen feet of tabulated observations.

And then his voice bounced around the hall. "It was I who did the summary: it was I who made the conclusion! And every Fleet astrographer and geophysicist consulted concurred with it absolutely!"

Endow got another jab in the back and tried again. "And ... er ... oof. . . Could we inquire what there is in those observations that led experts to that opinion?"

"You may," said Captain Roke. He snapped the roll back to him like another magician's trick but there was only hard scientific certainty in his voice tones. As he looked at the top lines, he said, "Compared to the last reliable observations taken a third of a century ago, the oxygen in the oceans there has depleted 14 percent. This means a destruction of the hydrographic biosphere."

"I beg pardon?" said some Lord at the huge table.

Captain Roke abruptly realized he was not talking to a totally informed audience. "Hydrographic biosphere is that part of the planet's life band that lives in the oceans. Samples show pollution, possibly oil spills from these figures of increased petroleum molecules in ocean . . ."

"Petroleum?" called someone.

"The oil that forms when cataclysms bury living matter: under pressure, the remains become a source of carbon fuel. They pump it to the surface and burn it."

Lords and aides were looking at one another in consternation. Someone called, "You mean it's a fire culture? I thought you said it was thermonuclear."

"Please let me get on," said Captain Roke. He rattled the chart. "The industrial waste in the atmosphere measures now in excess of a trillion tons, well beyond the capacity of dead and living things now extant
there to reabsorb."

"A thermonuclear fire culture," puzzled someone at the back of the hall.

Captain Roke plowed on. "The upper atmosphere hydrocarbon imbalance is critical and worsening. The sulfur content has grown excessive. The heat from their star is becoming progressively more trapped by the contaminated atmosphere. Their magnetic poles are wandering." He sensed his audience was impatient for him to get on with it. He laid aside the chart.

"What it means," said Captain Roke, putting his hands on the dais table and leaning toward them, "is a double threat to that planet. One: they are burning up their atmosphere oxygen at a rate that will cease to support life long before the planned date of our Invasion Timetable. Two: the planet has glacial polar caps and the increase of surface temperature, combined with wandering polar caps, could melt these and cover the bulk of their continental areas with water, making the planet almost useless."
I felt even sicker. This was going to recoil on Section 451—me—like a firebomb.

I knew this meant the end, not only of myself but Endow, Lombar and the whole Apparatus.

I, too, felt like cursing Jettero Heller! This was the absolute end of everything we had planned—I mean that Lombar had planned. I could see no way out. None!

Hubbard, L. (1985) Mission Earth: The Invader's Plan (Vol.1, pb ed., pp. 38-44). Los Angeles: Bridge Publications, Inc.
Btw, here's a clue as to who Jettero Heller was "IRL":
L. Ron Hubbard wrote:Does any of Heller's behavior make sense? He came to Blito-P3 to handle planetary pollution, not diplomats, whores, Mafia, FBI and the IRS!

The only person who saw through Heller was Miss Simmons. Dear, wonderful Miss Simmons. When Heller enrolled at Empire University and said he wanted to major in nuclear science, she locked her anti-nuclear-war sights on him. Her determination to flunk Heller out of school gave me boundless joy.

She scheduled Heller's classes at the same day and hour so he couldn't possibly attend them all.

Hubbard, L. (1985) Mission Earth: The Enemy Within (Vol. 3, pb ed., p. 15). Los Angeles: Bridge Publications, Inc.
And here's the tech in L. Ron Heller's plan:
L. Ron Hubbard wrote:She sat there for a while, staring at nothing. Then she primped her hair, smoothed out her eyebrows, straightened up the expensive lounge suit she was wearing and went out into the office. She sat down in the chair across from Heller.

He became aware of her, looked up and smiled.

"Dear," said the Countess Krak, "exactly what are your plans for getting us home?"

I flinched. I knew what she had her mind on. Those "Royal" forgeries. Until they were presented and hers was signed, she thought she could not get married. The last thing I wanted was a push toward concluding Mission Earth! They could get me shot! I wished she realized that any effort to present those forgeries would also get her shot, but I dared not tell her.

"Oh, I'm sorry, darling," said Heller. "I guess I haven't been very exact in telling you about my planning. You see, I'm supposed to put this planet in a condition that will continue to support life.

"The first thing they need is a fuel that doesn't pollute. The oil companies are insisting that everyone burn chemical-fire fuels that smoke and get soot and poison gases into the atmosphere. Until they have and are using a better energy source, it's useless to do anything else to salvage the planet.

"Also, to do any real building or feed the populations, they need more fuel than is being made available. The inflation you run into is also because of the high cost of fuel, which monthly becomes more expensive.

"So (a) they are getting dirty and making fresh air scarce by using dirty fuel; (b) they are short on real fuel and can't build cheap sewage plants; and (c) they are unable to control their economy because they have such expensive fuel.

"So, whatever else needs fixing, they are going up in smoke unless they have and use proper technology."

"Very good," said the Countess Krak, "then what are your plans for getting us home?"

"Oh, you mean my immediate program? Well, it goes like this: (1) They won't listen to anybody who doesn't have a diploma. And in a very few months now, I should have that. (2) I am working on carburetors and fuels within this culture's own scientific-use-capability framework and should be able to produce these. (3) I need spores to clean up the particles and poison gases in the planet's atmosphere. I asked Gris for a cellologist and you say Crobe is learning English and will be here soon, so that's in train. (4) I have some other things to do to prevent continent immersion by floods. And (5) to set up anything as massive as planetary fuel conversion requires billions of dollars."

"Yes, dear," said the Countess Krak. "I find that all very interesting. But could you tell me what you are doing, right now, to get us home?"

Heller looked at her a bit defensively. "Just now, I was listing the contemporary content of atmospheric pollutants: carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and particles from various burning and industrial sources. You see, aside from making it increasingly difficult to breathe, these block the sun out. They also hold reradiated solar reflection in. One gets a heating and a cooling factor at the same time. But the planet has been warming up gradually over the last century and this is connected to increased industrialization. The main danger, however, is that these particles do not permit adequately large water drops to form and so there is an increasing scarcity of rain.

Aridity is a factor in reducing life-support capability. ..."

"That is very fascinating, Jettero. And I am very glad to know it.

However, looking at this head on, so to speak, what could you DO, RIGHT NOW, to speed up your program? Some VITAL point you could PUSH on."

"Well, I suppose I ought to be working on how to make some money. If Izzy doesn't come through, we'll even lose these offices."

"Oh, Jettero. I could buy what we need with my credit card."

"Oh, I'm afraid the finance required is way out of the range of a credit card. We need billions. We have to set up a spore-release plant. We have to get Chryster Motor Corporation out of the hands of IRS and get it producing carburetors. Such things really require billions and billions."

(Emphasis added.)

Hubbard, L. (1985) Mission Earth: Fortune of Fear (Vol. 5, pb ed., p. 199-201). Los Angeles: Bridge Publications, Inc.
Look out Florida!
"They'll meet you at Ochokeechokee. It's the remains of a town and there may even be a hotel there. They're all hot onto it. They got their logistics worked out and all their estimates are firmed. But, Mr. Jet, don't you think a billion dollars is an awful lot to spend on just clean air? And why for a bunch of Florida crackers?"

"It's necessary, Izzy. The pollution in the atmosphere will heat this planet up in time. I'm putting in the spores production plant in the Florida area because it's hot and will save fuel. The spores will rise into the trade winds, hit the stratosphere and circulate to both hemispheres. The spores will convert noxious gases into oxygen and it will take an awful lot of them. I'm sorry if you think it is unprofitable."

Hubbard, L. (1985) Mission Earth: Death Quest (Vol. 6, hb ed., p. 55-56). Los Angeles: Bridge Publications, Inc.
More spore tech:
L. Ron Hubbard wrote:Heller was in his office at the Empire State Building. He and Izzy were going over Florida ground plans. "I don't see why you need such big alligator tanks," Izzy was saying.

"Those aren't alligator tanks. Those are spore tanks," said Heller. "The spores grow very fast but there have to be an awful lot of them and it takes tanks that big."

"Well, alligators will get into them," said Izzy. "I don't see any alligator strainers."

"These posts," said Heller. "They're a laser screen. They put an invisible curtain around the tanks. Nothing can get into them. The belts here take the spores up this ramp where they are dried and then they go into this hamper. At timed intervals they are blown up the stacks, reach the stratosphere and get carried by the upper winds. They clean up pollution, convert it to oxygen, and when they run out of food they perish."

Hubbard, L. (1985) Mission Earth: Voyage of Vengeance (Vol. 7, hb ed., p. 175-176). Los Angeles: Bridge Publications, Inc.
Who is Hubbard's "who?" Rockefeller. LFBD F/N Oops, sorry, I meant Rockecenter.
L. Ron Hubbard wrote:Somehow, Heller knew, he had to get those patents back. What Rockecenter would do with them was just put them in a drawer, for he had done that with numerous Earth inventions which would have economized on or substituted for oil. He would order the microwave power units dismantled. He would close off the production of the carburetor and gasless cars. And he would continue the profitable pollution of the planet.

If Rockecenter succeeded in getting war declared, control of all the oil companies, which he had already, would come right back into his hands. And so would the other things he already controlled, such as banking. He still owned all the governments by way of international finance. The only thing Heller would have effected would have been the removal of the threat of nuclear war, by destroying Russia. And maybe Rockecenter would build that up again somehow so he could sell arms once more.

Heller did not care what happened to Rockecenter himself now. The man had committed the cardinal sin of breaking his word and, to a Fleet officer, that ended off any mercy that Rockecenter might expect if it came to a final showdown. They had given him what was really a fair out: he had taken advantage of it like a thief, even to the point of stealing their wallets.

Hubbard, L. (1985) Mission Earth: Villainy Victorious (Vol. 9, hb ed., pp. 20-21). Los Angeles: Bridge Publications, Inc.
Also see WWP thread: Scientology WILL solve the Gulf Oil Spill!!

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Post by spacecootie » Sat Jun 26, 2010 11:38 pm

I've recently noticed a number of TWTH ads on MSNBC, apparently replacing some of the ubiquitous commercials.

They make no mention of Scilontology.

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Post by Wieber » Sun Jun 27, 2010 2:17 am

There was a time in the very late seventies and early to mid eighties where many of the orgs reverted to being "Dianetic Research Foundations" because "Scientology" was a bad word because of the arrests and convictions from Operation Snow White.

Camouflage is not hiding is it?
“Think wrongly if you please, but in all cases think for yourself.”
Doris Lessing


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Post by caroline » Sun Jun 27, 2010 9:12 pm

Hubbard answers some technical questions in 1952 about stations on earth's moon. Ron the Lunatic says there are stations on the "other side of the moon," also a "colony," an "asylum," and MEST bodies of earth girls. He then seems to clarify that it's a single station on the moon, which he identifies as "Space Station 33." It's quite amazing really that the aliens who named Space Station 33 use the same Hindu-Arabic numeral system commonly used on earth.

Because Ron the Oracle was sure that space craft leaving earth at any time would be shot down with great speed, presumably by the creatures manning Space Station 33, it can only be concluded that all the space craft Russia, the US and other earth nations have sent into space since 1952 have been instantly replaced by perfect duplicates, along with their crews, animal experiments or payloads, the moment they were shot down.

Although Ron the Mineralogist says there’s nothing easier than to throw a bubble of silica up and have an atmosphere-contained bubble, it's clear he knows that getting Scientologists to lap up buckets of his BS is a lot easier.

The contempt for earth that Ron the Supermanitarian ascribes to the aliens -- "they don’t care what happens to Earth;" they"use Earth just as a gravity bounce;" how about blowing up Earth?"—is his own super contempt. Hubbard's putdown of earthlings confirms this. "That’s what people can’t get through their heads on Earth. The people on Earth are so egocentric. They think they’re important. They think this is an important planet. They think this amounts to something..."

It should be noted that although this misanthropy is scriptural, Scientology and Scientologists insist that The Way to Happiness, where Hubbard says things like "Help take care of the planet," "Care of the planet begins in one's own front yard," and "There are many things people can do to help take care of the planet," is not in scripture.

Hubbard, of course, was a pathological liar, and in this lecture is using his confusion tech, but this is what Scientologists, including the Earth Organizationalists, must accept literally, as exact science. (Ref. KSW: "One: Having the correct technology; Two: Knowing the technology; and Three: Knowing it is correct.")
L. Ron Hubbard wrote:Well, this afternoon—this afternoon I’m going to let you fire at me, see if you’ve got any questions, anything I can answer that might aid and assist your confusion. (audience laughter) [:roll:]


Hubbard: Yes?

Male voice: Stations on the moon that my preclear mentions occasionally.

Hubbard: Oh, your preclears mention that occasionally? Well, there’s stations on the moon, all right— but on the other side of the moon. There’s also a colony back there on the other side of the moon.

You’ll occasionally find a between-lives track. There’s an asylum up there. You’ll occasionally find a girl who has a MEST body up there on the other side of the moon. That moon—other side of the moon is Space Station 33.


Male voice: Is there supposed to be atmosphere up there, Ron?

Hubbard: On the moon? Well, there’s two things. You take beings who are not too far down the Tone Scale that—so that they need a carbon-oxygen MEST body and they don’t need air. The other thing is that there’s nothing easier than to throw a bubble of silica up and have an atmosphere-contained bubble. And you’ve actually got each; these two conditions obtain on the moon.

Furthermore, there’s a gypsum up there, and you can always make water if you’ve got gypsum. So it’s a very simple problem. [:?::!:]


Male voice: Well, if these beings that seem to want to control or who—I mean, the ones that are in control—are so close to us, it looks like they wouldn’t appreciate our coming up the Tone Scale now.

Second male voice: When are they going to catch on?

Hubbard: When they going to catch on . . . When? Don’t you think things have been kind of rough around here lately? Haven’t you noticed?

No, they don’t mind anybody going up the Tone Scale, just as long as people go up the Tone Scale. They don’t care what happens to Earth anyhow. Their complete lack of physical overtness about Earth is one of the things that tells you that that force screen is pretty effective.

If you sent a space can up through and so forth, and you started to cruise around the system, you’d probably go a short distance. You might even get somewhere in the vicinity of Mars.

You might even be able to go around the moon a couple of times. But then there would be a small flash in the sky, and you’d never hear from them.

I’m sure that a space vessel moving out of Earth at any time would be shot down with great speed.

The saucers which are coming in here and so forth, are—they mostly just come in here. And they just say, “Well, let’s come in here.” They skim along, and so forth. They almost never land. And they shoot down through the atmosphere and they’re not even curious. They have no mission here.

That’s what people can’t get through their heads on Earth. The people on Earth are so egocentric. They think they’re important. They think this is an important planet. They think this amounts to something, that people would want to come and see them and so forth. And they can’t understand the fact that somebody would use Earth just as a gravity bounce.

He’s on his way to Venus or something of the sort, and he’s from some other area someplace. And so he comes down on—toward a sphere here to deflect his course. Nothing to it. He’s coming in toward Earth and he just does a bounce off of the thing. Carom shot.

I suppose if you were to take—to sit down with a big council and you were to ask the boys on the space station, if you—anybody ever did any consulting with them, and you were to ask them, “Say, fellows, what do we do about Earth?” And we got somebody over from Mars and somebody from Venus and— “How about blowing up Earth? Shall we blow up Earth or shall we save Earth?”

And they’d say, “Huh?”

And you’d say, “Yes. What’ll we do about Earth?”

“Well, suit yourself.”

That would be about the reaction. It’s just not important.

The only thing they can use Earth for and the only reason they mess around with Earth at all is—you see, you can get into Venus, actually, from Mars, by transportation of theta beings via Earth.

You can also influence other activities elsewhere by using Earth as a way station. Now, if you were to have a planet that had a population—you’d like to make up an intelligence pool, let’s say. What’s going on someplace else? Well, you could—might be able to tell what’s going on someplace else by monitoring the people on it.

Now, if somebody else was influencing the political life of this area—if it existed and somebody else was influencing the political life in the area, you would always, just for safety’s sake, keep a hand in the pot. You’d say, We’ll throw somebody down there, too.

Nothing much to do, but in case anything starts up, why, we’ll be able to raise the devil about the whole thing.”

Oh, it’s very fascinating. It’s hard to conceive of how people would play a game that is actually as passionless as the game that goes on. It’s fascinating. Your preclears keep running these things and they keep bouncing around from this place to that and they’re very befuddled, mostly because most of them, when you run into that sort of thing, are being used as a pawn or have been used as a pawn at some time in the past.

Hubbard, L. R. (1952, 28 June). Technique 88: Questions and Answers. Summer Session Technique 88 Lectures, (5206C28). Lecture conducted from Phoenix, Arizona.

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