Scientology's Knowledge Reports Need More Reporting

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Scientology's Knowledge Reports Need More Reporting

Post by Wieber » Sun Jan 22, 2017 8:21 pm

My family member who got me out of Scientology has been avidly watching Leah Remini's show. Now they know a lot more of what goes on inside the outer layers of the Scientology onion. When we were discussing the show and my involvement with Scientology they were confused about knowledge reports and didn't understand who reports what. I have run into this with others who haven't been involved in Scientology. So I think there is this point about the organization that needs to be dealt with so that those outside of Scientology get it.

The business of knowledge reports does get reported on and talked about. Leah Remini talks about it on her show. Mike Rinder has discussed it in his blog. Tony Ortega has discussed it. It's in Going Clear. It's not like it isn't made known. This little piece of 1984 and the Third Reich, for some reason I can't explain, just seems not to register with people who have not been involved in Scientology.

I think the major point to push is this:


Due to the nature of the policy on knowledge reports people involved in Scientology tend to err on the side of reporting rather than not reporting, so they tend to report trivialities that later may be reinterpreted as not trivial. The point that everybody files reports also needs to be pushed. Those outside may think, 'Oh well it's only in the sea org,' or 'It's only staff members that do it.' The point is that everybody who is involved in Scientology is required to do it and everybody reports everybody else. Examples need to be stressed. Children report on parents. Parents report on children. Married couples report on each other. Except for David Miscavige no one is exempt.
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