Scientology TV May Begin Braodcasting Soon

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Scientology TV May Begin Braodcasting Soon

Post by Wieber » Wed Apr 05, 2017 7:29 pm

Tone Ortega's Underground Bunker reports that Scientology TV has secured a channel with Spectrum, the second largest cable network in the United States, and that Scientology has promised to begin broadcasting programs on that channel starting on or before June 31, 2017. Follow the links for more detail. ... miscavige/ ... -religion/

As a deprogrammed former participant in Scientology, I rolled my eyes at the news and asked myself, 'Who is going to subscribe to that channel?' Of course, it will probably be packaged with other channels. Most likely it will be in the package that contains televangelist channels and other religious programming. This will help Scientology's PR but it may not garner them many, if any, viewers.

So the question comes up, 'Who will actually tune in to watch Scientology's television channel?' I think I have the answer to that. There will be mainly two kinds of people who tune in. One will be Scientology true believers who manage to have the time to tune in. People actively involved in Scientology have most of their time taken up with Scientology courses, services, events, volunteer activities and so on. This is true whether they are on staff with Scientology or involved as Scientology public ("parissioners"). The other type of person watching will be Scietnology's critics.

I have many more questions. One is, 'Will Scientology true believers watching this channel, stand up and participate in Scientology's many standing ovations?' Oh, one more. 'Will Scientology add security check questions to make sure its participants are watching the channel and participating in the standing ovations?'
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