Question for Mark Rathbun re: his 'anti-cult cult' assessment

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Question for Mark Rathbun re: his 'anti-cult cult' assessment

Post by Wieber » Sat Jun 10, 2017 10:23 pm

I think Mark Rathbun did not coin the term but he has lumped together those of us who were formerly involved in Scientology and those who were not involved but are actively critical of Scientology as an 'anti-cult cult.' One of the major and essential attributes of a cult is that it has a cult leader. All the literature I have read on the subject points to that and as yet I have seen no contradicting evidence with regard to it.

My question is this: If those of us critical of Scientology comprise an anti-cult cult then who is the cult leader of this supposed cult?

Since Mark Rathbun might be involved in getting back into good standing with the Scientology organization it could be unlikely that he may read or respond to this.
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