Commodore's Messenger Not In WorldCat Yet, But . . .

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Commodore's Messenger Not In WorldCat Yet, But . . .

Post by Wieber » Fri Aug 04, 2017 6:52 pm

I have been searching Commodore's Messenger, from time to time at with the intent of adding it to my list of books on Scientology. The book needs to be in a library that participates in WorldCat and that has catalogued the book for it to show up in a search on WorldCat. It hasn't arrived there yet but I think it's interesting that without mentioning anything else but the book title in the search, two of the five results have to do with Scientology.

One is an article in Marquis Who's Who about David Miscavige. A search on Google for Marquis Who's Who reveals that there is a series of books with mini biographies in them, and somewhere in one of those books, most likely Who's Who in America, there is a mini biography of David Miscavige. (You're Welcome, OSA.)

The other is a downloadable article from Credo Reference on Scientology. An on line search brought up the page, but to read the entire article one needs to be logged in at a library that has a connection to Credo Reference.

This is what was available without logging in: "A controversial 20th-century religion that aims at improving individuals and humanity as a whole. Of all the new religions of the 20th century, Scientology is perhaps the most controversial. Its founder, its history, its beliefs and its practices have all come under intense scrutiny both from…" (Once again, you're welcome, OSA.)

My list on Scientology is much easier to find and access. Just click here.

When Commodore's Messenger arrives at, I will add it to the list.
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Re: Commodore's Messenger Not In WorldCat Yet, But . . .

Post by Don Carlo » Mon Aug 14, 2017 3:50 am

A book has to be in a public library before WorldCat picks it up, so let the author know, so it can be donated to a local library.
Then maybe the library can notify WorldCat.

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