Shadow of the CULT Lindstein Mariette on WordCat

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Shadow of the CULT Lindstein Mariette on WordCat

Post by Scientology » Fri Sep 22, 2017 8:43 am

Scratch Now is the Book Shadow of the Cult by Mariette Lindstein on WorlCat.
Fake cover by Me "Scientology" since the book is so fresh 2018
Cult of the fog Island also coming in 2018, already on Wordcat

Scientology Scientologist & Sea Org Member Lindstein Mariette in this image a long time ago.
Scientology Scientologist expert Mariette Lindstein more books in other languages

Mariette Lindstein was born and raised in Halmstad. At the age of twenty, she joined the controversial Church of Scientology and worked for twenty-five years at all levels of the Church including at the top of the hierarchy at its Scientology headquarters Int Gold base in Hemit outside Los Angeles.
Mariette escaped from the Church of Scientology in 2004 and has since been working as a pre-school teacher, photographer and translator. For the last two years, however, she has a great deal of life writing and engaging in full-time sectarian affairs.

The fence on the Dune is her debut novel, but the beginning of a trilogy, which is a series of thrill novels in the sectarian environment.
Mariette is married to Dan Koon, a writer and artist, also a scorer from the Church of Scientology. They live by the sea in Görvik, outside Halmstad, with their two dogs. Mariette has a son born in the Church of Scientology, but also has escaped from the sect. He lives in Los Angeles with his family.

Writings about Mariette Lindstein
Mariette Lindstein’s Prize Winning Crime Novel Based on Scientology David Miscavige by Mike Rinder
The Cult on Fog Island is the story of a young university graduate who joins a New Age movement. The group’s charismatic leader offers her a job and being adventurous she accepts. At first things are wonderful. But when a reporter writes an article that ridicules the group, Cult boss erupts and begins taking it out on the staff. A completely wrong target, but something became used to in her Sea Org career. Finally, she decides she has had enough and escapes and—this is futuristic fiction, remember—Boss is arrested and jailed.
Swedish Cult fiction by Mike Rinder and expert in Scientology Scientologists and David Miscavige according to me "Scientology"

Scientology David Miscavige IAS
Scientology Dan Koons on soundcloud by Scientology IRS Petition writer Augustine

Mariette grew up on Sweden’s southwest coast in Halmstad. She became involved in Scientology after graduating the Swedish equivalent of high school around 1978. Soon, she was working at the Malmö Org where she and a couple other Div 6 people put copies of DMSMH into the hands of commuters coming out of the busy train station and 10Xed the central files. Within a year or so she was the ED. She and her former husband Billy Lindstein were recruited into the SO around 1983 and both were soon at Int and part of WDC. In 1989 David Miscavige made Mariette the CO of the entire HGB (the Int Liaison Office or upper middle management located in the Hollywood Guaranty building in Los Angeles) but brought her back to the base in 1991 and made her the AVC Int Authorization In Charge (meaning she approved all issues, evaluations, programs and anything else that required clearance before publication). For the next several years Miscavige was her direct senior and she worked closely with him. As with literally anyone forced into that orbit for long, she was squirted out like a watermelon seed between the thumb of DM’s sociopathy and the forefinger of his management “style,” and found herself twinned with Ray Mithoff on the RPF. After graduating she wound up on Marketing and worked with Jeff Hawkins and me to assemble the books and lectures marketing that became known as the Golden Age of Knowledge, or GAK, which is the redheaded stepchild of YECCH. After I blew in late 2003, Mariette became one of the charter inductees into The Hole. From there she devised a brilliant plan to be sent off the base down to the PAC RPF, and from there she escaped in 2004. She and I moved to Sweden in 2011 and instead of flipping burgers at McDonalds is now making her mark in the literary world.

Cult of the fog island Mariette Lindstein
Shadow of the cult
Sekten på Dimön (Swedish) Mariette Lindstein
De sekte (german)

Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me
av Ron Miscavige, Dan Koon

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