The old Cannibal right to Eat your body & Vote in your name - Pscycho-Cannibalistic Mother toungue

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The old Cannibal right to Eat your body & Vote in your name - Pscycho-Cannibalistic Mother toungue

Post by Scientology » Sat Oct 14, 2017 9:25 pm

The Right to Eat you & Vote in your name - Pscycho-Cannibalistic Mother toungue
The Bridge in the day, with all the littering gibberish on the mother tongue, red carpet riddle. Many have been eaten and many have chosen to not been eaten but rather die. That is a hard fact to counteract.
But i simply think that Scientology should be defined by those who know it from many sides like ex Scientologists and other who know it by other means. Probably there are more ex Scientologists than active in Scientology and more written from the ex Scientologist and that this should show up in the search result, but it does not. The living outnumber the dead in history less projecting. The Bridge fading.
The Bridge
The Bridge
from the other side
In Starmark of the chocholato covered punch praline sugarcoated inside. Bite in the tin foul tasting the undercurrent, alloh min Ohm.

And from Buttonwood 300 came several unwanted supporting act - Giza Mac Pear & son - The aftermath from the slaughter house - as the fractal the state of spectra - counting the name - how tasty - reshaping the meatball in consistency to fit in the hamburger & the pyramidal triangulation, iconistics down into the meat grinder.


Anonymous Made Scientology when L Ron Hubbard removed proper credits
By dissociating the contents from the creators of the content L Ron Hubbard Glued together an umbrella by Anonymous contributors. did not create Scientology before they where disassociated by L Ron Hubbard - in order to remain in order the tunnel sight needs diss-order, always.
Scientology is a military organization with paramilitary forces that loves everything that can work as a Trojan horses in the galloping battlefield, the red cross, the human rights, the priesthood, and misinformation in forces paired with censorship. Polished fronts in the s-sense and then it fades away. No Drugs are aloud to compete with the cult addiction, but former addicts more easy going in a salvation. The Military Marketing as non-military religion of secret collecting networks holding the contents is the major benefits

The Cargo Culture
Was breaking up the telescopic antenna, isolating the transistor receiver. Everything in order to bring their tunnel-sight further. Since no one ever have seemed any proof of what happened to all those who walked up the bridge. I hereby publicly declare - That's a Tunnel, a tunnel sight in the connecting with wired in extra-powered beliefs of having defined the art of the meaning in words and meaning.

Now you feel that you know things very few other new & that's the implant, how could anyone missed it. this is the implant and just the ordinarily way of L Ron Hubbard the man who loves human as any psycho-cannibalistic twister.
in the amphitheater of disconnection

And the tunnel sight of the textile does connect and continues to eat and vote with fresh powers straight out of the dead. When the tunnel getting really deep, man does not get less mankind, but smaller smaller into the very tunnel sight deep. That's the fundament and that's the fund a mentor. Your now mental. Deep end in G. As in all assembler fundament in the electrostatics with gravity.

From the third side of the Coin
point came tunneling
Point to move in a point & what makes the tunnel - the tubular spiral in the s-sense, earth turns and the universology reveals itself and net work reveal it's self - knitting knots - says not much of anything but making a net working time as the maps sing: Geo Locate in G

Yo-Yo said to Yourself - as in every times of me - Here i am - the mag go gi yo-yo

Kim Sung il invented the hamburger. Yes already in 2009!

The Psycho Cannibalistic right to eat you and vote in your name
-that you will obey when not spelling the teller of the actions abouve when being in the fields of defined source to the action.
-Name the cannibalistic psyche in category of the tagged image, as the title of the text -

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