LAPD helps "Cop Block" protesters taken down illegal spy cam

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LAPD helps "Cop Block" protesters taken down illegal spy cam

Post by AngryGayPope » Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:15 am



Nasty Nathanial and Johnny Five-O, two "cop block" protesters, take down an illegal license plate camera the Church of Scientology uses to spy on its neighbors. These cams are not illegal, but putting one in the crook of a public tree IS. Taxpayers have literally been supporting the Church's efforts to snoop on whoever drives past their massive Los Angeles compound.

Why does a church need a license plate reader? To identify protesters who may drive by in a car. They also act in co-ordination with local law enforcement. Say someone in a stolen car drives by their camera. The security system flags the stolen vehicle by its license plate. Then the Church can call the cops and snitch on a bad guy, making themselves look good in the process. It helps them force the police to overlook their constant human rights abuses.

This process is known as "safepointing," ingratiating themselves to the local powers that be in order to safeguard Scientology's reputation in the community.

When the protesters returned a few days later the camera was still gone. For now.

Nasty Nathanial Channel: ... 7xdVPO-h6Q

Johnny Five-O Channel: ... 7yitWWeJNQ


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Re: LAPD helps "Cop Block" protesters taken down illegal spy cam

Post by Don Carlo » Tue Dec 12, 2017 1:19 am

I like having allies in the police force.

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