Bewildered Black Scientologists

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Bewildered Black Scientologists

Post by AngryGayPope » Sun Jan 28, 2018 12:29 am

If this board does not change its weak software ways and allow videos to be posted directly I will stop sending news here.

Every other board in the world allows youtube videos to be posted as clickable, viewable videos you can watch here, not as abstract blue text links. Facebook is gobbling up everything and is hard for Sci to control. I don't need Clambake. I could just continue to post in the many FB groups.

Andreas Heldal-Lund, the board owner, denied me access for YEARS despite strong anti-Sci efforts by me, his horniness, until the board started to die. Only THEN was I allowed on (probably thanks to members I'm Glib and Resistance is Futile). Oh thank you SO MUCH for you arrogance Andreas. Now, viewings here are negligible. And I have to go through multiple steps just to promote my videos, in this case a trip to the Inglewood Ideal Org by Nasty Nathanial.

You "dust-binned" my important video about Shelly Miscavige that did not sit well with Journalist Tony Ortega. That post is still online here: ... -gay-pope/

I really don't need you Andreas. You need me. And you need programmers like I'M GLIB who are really running this board and tolerating you. So fix this place or forget it and be an archive.

Just to post a video I have to put up the link (with no preview), remind myself how to artificially link to the video icon, post the rest of the data. And yet I am still not at cause over my own content "providing." Because you could "dustbin it" even though few people are providing such content.





Protester Nasty Nathanial meets a lot of Black Scientologists and none of them know what to do about him in Inglewood CA.

Nasty Nathanial Channel: ... 7xdVPO-h6Q

Special thanks to my patrons for making this video possible:
Stoned Scouser
B. Butler
Michael Sanders
Ian de Renzi Duncan
Jack Anderson
Nancy Timyan
Vince Scola
Ruth Urbigkeit
Idi Amin


More about Scientology at

Your patronage helps me defeat Scientology so you don't have to!




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Don Carlo
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Re: Bewildered Black Scientologists

Post by Don Carlo » Mon Jan 29, 2018 6:10 am

I'm sorry this is a problem - it's something I can't fix with my limited moderator powers.

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