War Hero? No, Traitor.

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War Hero? No, Traitor.

Post by duhast1 » Tue Feb 13, 2018 2:11 am

June 1983

Penthouse: Your father was selling information to the Soviets?

Hubbard: Yes. That's where my father got the money to buy St. Hill Manor in East Grinstead, Sussex, which is the English headquarters of Scientology today.

Penthouse: What information did your father have to sell the Soviet government?

Hubbard: He didn't do any spying himself. What he normally did was allow these strange little people to go into the offices and into his home at odd hours of the night. He told me that he was allowing the KGB to go through our files, and that he was charging £40,000 for it. This was the money he used for the purchase of St. Hill Manor.

Penthouse: Do you know any specific information that the KGB got from your father that might have been harmful to security?

Hubbard: The plans for an infrared heat-seeking missile in the early fifties. They obtained the information by extensive auditing of the guy who was one of the head engineers. There were great infiltrations clear to this day. There has always been an inordinate interest on the part of Scientology in military and government personnel. There's no way for me to prove it sitting here, but I believe that the KGB trained East German agents who came via Denmark to London to the United States who were, supposedly, Scientologists. They made very good Scientologists. They were very well trained.
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Re: War Hero? No, Traitor.

Post by Demented Lron » Tue Feb 13, 2018 3:49 pm

Hubbard also complained to the Attorney General that his ex and the KGB agents electrocuted him and run a metallic needle through his heart. Somehow he survived to tell the story. Looks like his KGB friends turned against him!

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