Hidden Scientology in "Mission Impossible"?

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Hidden Scientology in "Mission Impossible"?

Post by OSAOPS » Sat Sep 01, 2018 6:11 pm

"Mission Impossible Fallout" is the 6th film in the MI series, and is by far the most successful.

MI-F had the widest release, saw the greatest box office receipts, and holds a rotten tomatoes
rating over 95%. These are all significant measures for any film, and collectively they represent
another high point for its producer and star Tom Cruise, who has also been credited as being
the most visible public "face" of the Church of Scientology.

One aspect that has not yet been explored by any reviewer is, could there be "hidden"
Scientology-influenced messages within its production? This isn't an inducement or endorsement
for buying a ticket, as it's quite likely, that a portion of the film's profits may be re-directed by
Mr. Cruise back into the coffers of his endorsed religion. We're looking into its plot here,
and although this has already been explored on the film's wikipedia page, take this as a
"spoiler alert" (for readers who have not seen this film).

The central theme is best espoused by the MI's protagonist, a terrorist whose central motivation
is to induce states of fear and shock. His typed, double-spaced "manifesto" is boiled down to
a phrase, justifying his goal of creating "greater suffering" for a result of a "greater peace,"
and to achieve those states he has stolen some plutonium to arm his own nuclear devices.

To those in the know, the Scientology equivalent is quite clear, as this is straight out of
L Ron Hubbard. His writings include the book "Fear" from 1940, and within his "Science of Survival"
of 1950-1951 is an endorsement of the use of nuclear weapons on Japan in 1945, claiming the
shock from their use helped quickly end that war. L Ron Hubbard also reportedly wanted to acquire
a nuclear bomb for unspecified uses, according to his son (in a 1983 interview).

One MI segment explores the detonation of three of these devices on the central religious
sites of the Vatican, the Kabaa at Mecca, and the temple at Jerusalem. Does this film
simulation represent a claimed superiority of Scientology, where LRH wrote that only
his religion could help its followers survive a nuclear attack?

To those who look deeper for clues, there are a number of "tricks" employed as plot twists,
which could be better speculated upon. Masks are employed, then ripped off, which is an
identical representation to images from the "suppressive persons" courses. The numbering
of the "3" attacks is also familiar to expressions heard from the highest-level of Scientology
followers (who often repeat their statements 3 times as an indication of their significance).
Ethan Hunt's also frequently experiences nightmares as "dream states" throughout the film
(perhaps readers here can share possible explanations for those presentations).

Where these "tricks" can be seen as more than just film devices, they may be viewed as
dramatizations of a mantra heard most simply in "Wild Hogs," an earlier title which featured
fellow Scientologist John Travolta. When the situation in "Wild Hogs" got out of hand in Madrid,
New Mexico at the hand of the motorcycle gang the"Del Fuegos," Travolta's character stated
that he had to "make it go right" to explain his motivation to confront the gang in the street.

Film analysis can often be a speculative and subjective process (reference: Pauline Kael),
but when dealing with productions by L Ron Hubbard or his Scientology followers, its messages
seem to be as overt as possible. Consider LRH's own efforts to market his "Revolt in the Stars"
script (based upon the Scientology OT3 story of Xenu) in the late 1970's, or "Battlefield Earth."
With these acknowledged, can it be asked: Could this "make it go right" advocacy not only be the
central drive behind "Mission Impossible: Fallout" but also be a premise dramatized by the entire MI series?

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