Does scientology say?

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Does scientology say?

Post by Suder » Tue Mar 13, 2001 6:28 pm

I am a former member of a fundamentalist
church & since leaving have been finding out about the particulars & beliefs of other organizations.
No need to look far on the net to find out about scientology. I like the fact this site is well documented & I find it very interesting.
I have also been interested in the books by the author Whitely Strieber, Communion,transformation,
Majestic & so on. If true Strieber presents astounding revelations about another dimension to our lives literally. One of the things that makes his story so vivid is his integrity as a writer & person & he isn't trying to start his own religion.
In a website that comes up under the title of one of his books on the search engine excite, ... sindex.htm
it mentions Hubbard briefly & Alastair Crowley.
It was admitedly an odd site.
I am interested though does Scientology make any associations with this phenomena? Even though Striebers books on the subject were written after Hubbards time does he mention or scientology today claim any thing that alludes to this subject? It occurred to me perhaps through Hubbard & Crowley's books however flawed & corrupted(unlike Strieber)they may claim some understanding on the subject? & though the books are based on fundamental misrepresentations & falsehoods they are quite complex with some depth & affect some people profoundly.
Did they glean some understanding involving this
phenomena & basically get it wrong & screw up? Also screwing up lots of others in the process & become corrupted & in Hubbards case nearly go mad.
Sounds farfetched I know but I am interested.
I appreciate any replies.
Thank you.


Post by Suder » Tue Mar 13, 2001 7:37 pm

The link to fortunecity I put in the original
post I can't seem to make work
but if you use excite search engine with world
wide search and type "strieber forum majestic"
like that it should be on the 3rd page of results
for that search titled demons,alastair crowley,lam alien,grey,whitleystrieber,communion baba.... ect
Sorry I did'nt make the original link work.


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Post by treelooney » Tue Mar 13, 2001 8:55 pm


Hi there. I found your posts interesting, as I was in Scientology for quite a while, and also have an interest in UFOs, the 'alien abduction' phenomenon, and such like. I have read the books you mention, by Whitley Strieber.
From my experience I don't think there's any direct link between Scn and what Whitley describes so vividly (and scarily!) in his books. Whitley has always been really open-minded about what happened to him, and gives quite a few theories in his own books (incidentally he has passed numerous lie-detector tests). Scientology, on the other hand, is totally rigid and strict and inflexible - you simply have to do it exactly the way Mr Hell-Wrong Flabbard wrote it down, with no room for interpretation.
Scientology has its fair share of aliens, of course, but seems to have more in common with black magic than serious ufology.
In my time as a dianetic auditor, I heard quite a few things I'd not heard of before, but no-one ever came out with an alien abduction!! :) :) :) :) At least, not in this lifetime...

Big Bill Robinson


Post by Suder » Wed Mar 14, 2001 3:04 pm

Thanks for your interest Big Bill.
I don't mean to discredit Whitley Striebers books
by associating them with scientology.
They grab me like no other.
My original post was a bit to generalised I guess.
An idea what inspires people that took my fancy.
But I am surprised what with xenu & BT's ect Scientology hasen't made some assertion or other.
But I guess there is like you say not much room
for theological debate in scientology.
Scientologists should read Stiebers books though, they leave Hubbard for dead.

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