"Critics" who do not like me and this site

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Post by Tigger » Mon Apr 09, 2001 4:29 am

Yes, some want to distract, but some want to destroy. The difficulty is in knowing which agenda is being pursued by OSA and when it is wiser to ignore than to confront.


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Post by harald » Mon Apr 09, 2001 9:57 am

I recently was on alt.security.pgp and observed the ongoing smear campaign there against one of the regulars. I'm afraid it can be pretty effective, but I actually doubt that CoS will be able to pull it off effectively. I mean take a look at this site. It's OSA. Yeah, right.
For all their cynicism, most OSAs don't even want to write the word Xenu much less post an entire critical site.

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Post by don_carlo » Mon Apr 09, 2001 3:14 pm

Dorian seems dazzled by his "genius" in putting critics into category "1," "2," "3" or "4."
To me, his analysis was (1) original (2) technical but (3) simplistic and (4) unconvincing. He is obviously intelligent but needs to lighten up and not see OSA behind every tree.

Maybe Dorian envisions his accusations throwing all the critics into a paranoid panic, so they stop visiting www.xenu.net and the other major sites. Forget it. Dorian's argument is unproven.

Dorian is welcome to start his own website where he says whatever he wants and censors any speech he disagrees with. It would be interesting to see HIM run a site with a message board. Probably anybody who disagrees with him will become a "bad guy" and be blackballed. Eventually Dorian's site would attract no outside comments and would just be Dorian talking to himself.

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Post by pam » Thu Apr 12, 2001 10:08 am

i read alot of b.s. about andreas on ars too. it's stupid,boring and a complete waste of time and energy. ars'ers can really come up with problems that don't exist.many of them are bored and have to find things to fight about.i'm behind anreas 100%.

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Post by zaphod » Thu Apr 12, 2001 9:39 pm

Dear Cheryl, (Clamato)

Who do you think chased "chuckles" away from Modemac's page. ;)

Love, Zaphod.

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