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Passover and Liberty

Post by don_carlo » Mon Apr 09, 2001 11:49 pm

In many Passover Seders around the world last Saturday, there were pillows at the table to rest on. There is a question about why the pillows are used at the seder but not on other nights. The answer is that resting on the pillows proves that one is a free man, not a slave.

How many Sea Org members of Jewish ancestry got to rest on pillows last Saturday night? Or were they working feverishly, like the other Org workers, on yet another Scientology lawsuit/panicky project/scam?

5th Element

Post by 5th Element » Tue Apr 10, 2001 5:54 pm

As you know, Don Carlo, resting or working on ANYTHING besides the latest co$ bullshit is forbidden to $ea org members, simply by the # of hours they are forced to participate in slave labor.

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