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Post by pippi » Fri Apr 20, 2001 4:09 pm

You will probably think I'm kidding, but,

(1) The prefix Narc is from the Greek word 'narkoun' which means 'to numb'

(2) Onon is Greek for 'ass'

So, as you knew all along ... NARCONON means NUMB ASS

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(p.s., to all you OSA people reading this: You are the best liars in the world and can instantly spot lies from others, so, am I lying?)

5th Element

Post by 5th Element » Fri Apr 20, 2001 5:57 pm

Go Pippi go!

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Post by treelooney » Fri Apr 20, 2001 8:36 pm

I always know when I've been sitting on this very uncomfortable stool for too long reading Operation Clambake, because I end up with a Narconon.

Big Bill Robinson
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Post by pippi » Sat Apr 21, 2001 2:23 pm

Now I know what Scientology means when they say that they "are not a turn the other cheek religion"


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Post by hans » Wed May 02, 2001 8:24 am

I have this mailer from Narconon that urges me to "Save a Person's Life!!!!" It goes on to assure me that "caring staff" are available, in Newport Beach, CA, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to "answer questions and offer solutions" to "drug and alcohol problems", which are also described within as "probably the most common situation" of "normal everyday life".

Inside this low quality mailer are three glowing "Narconon successes". "J.B." gushes about her Cadillac, her convertible, her tripled income which used to be only 100,000 USD, her husband's tripled income, and the cool job she has on staff at Narconon where she personally "saved over 200 lives" in only "16 months" as the person who takes "all the incoming calls from addicts".

"B.D." crows about his "blessings", his "belief in himself", and his newly acquired "technology that will keep (him) sober and happy".

"D.O.", or "Duke" as he claims, got his "body back to its original state". He also makes the incomprehensible statement "Simply yet hard-Hard yet worthwhile". And he leaves us with "the world is (his) oyster!"

I say these are just boilerplate "stories" turned out by poor deluded clams trying to keep their flagging stats out of the danger zone. There is no "J.B.", "B.D", or "D.O.", and what is written in the mailer is a pack of lies. Poor, numb ass little clams, presided over by twisted, soulless little OSA rats.

In big bold letters is the phrase "Insurance Billing Provided". Oh yeah, they'd like to bill yer insurance, suckers.

These Narconon people in Newport Beach are using false advertising (manufactured "success stories") and making claims for a medically worthless "program" of vaguely identified "vitamins, minerals, exercise, nutrition & life skills courses", which they offer to finance by scamming the victim's "insurance".

They are at 1810 W Oceanfront Walk in Newport Beach, CA 92663. And they have a toll free number 800 876 6378.

Maybe "J.B." will answer if I call right now. D'ya think she has "program" to help my homeys from the 'hood "arrive"? How far from Compton is Newport Beach?

Oh, yeh, copyrighted trademarked ronspeak used in this posting is attributed to the Church of the Narconon, Scientology. That too.
-Hans Hansen lives-

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