What does the word 'SCIENTOLOGY' mean?

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What does the word 'SCIENTOLOGY' mean?

Post by pippi » Fri May 18, 2001 10:46 am

What does the word 'SCIENTOLOGY' mean?

In the Documentary, the 'Incredible Shrinking World of L Ron Hubbard', Ron himself says that:
'Scientology means 'skill .... knowing how to know .... -logy .... which is study of ... so it is actually study of knowingness ....that is what the word itself means.' (at approximately 3:35 minutes in the recording)
With the caveat that I am not a linguist, nor particularly cunning, I suggest that Ron may not be entirely accurate.

Like so much in Scientology, this appears sensible at first:
Science is derived from the Latin Scientia a knowing or being skilled in any thing. (Perseus Latin dictionary)

-logy on the other hand is derived from the Greek word logos which means word and the suffix -logy denotes a an oral or written expression (Websters dictionary)

Sum ergo cogito: Scientology means Talking about being skilled.

(Dear OSA dweebs, if David Miscavige lets you look at this board, surely you must have progressed as fars as the 'E's' in your dictionary word clearings? What went on in your minds (such as they are) when you got to the word epistemology ???)

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Post by agentx9 » Fri May 18, 2001 2:47 pm

Or flip it backwards:

Scientology - Being skilled about talking. . .

. . .which is what all con artists do well.


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Post by catarina » Fri May 18, 2001 3:18 pm

"The best trained people in the world on the subject of the humanities" - what kind of education would they need? Let's ask Mankind's best friend Elron Hubbub (all quotes taken from Associate Newsletter No. 3, 1953, ca. mid-May, by L. Ron Hubbard):
"You're going to see a change of curriculum shortly with some additional material (...) It is mainly in the field of what an auditor does to become a Doctor of Scientology (...)
The additional training, aside from a brush-up for the individual in the doctorate school, will include, according to my present plans here, a fast review of Freudian psychoanalysis to the end of obtaining a fast and certain command of diagnosis and definition as outlined by Sigmund Freud. Next a command of philosophy as represented in the books of Will Durant which give a fast and accurate review. Next, a fast glance through general semantics, although it looks this time as though I will have to write a short enough book as none of the books now existing are sufficiently comprehensive to be susceptible to easy teaching. Further, we have made certain changes in the subject. Next, a history of psychotherapy. Next, an outline of psychology, experimental psychology and psychiatry as predicted. Next, a short look at a study of giant brains of the electronic type."

Hubbard then goes on to explain that since noone could possibly get all this in a short period of time, the person working on his doctorate would be given a quick introduction, then extended training in Scientology, and then assigned to study the other stuff at home during one year, while also practising Scientology.
"In this way, we will get a trained expert in the field of the humanities. (...) And we'll be able to claim that with their professional formal training and their field work, we are the best trained people in the world on the subject of the humanities."

I believe a few of our Clambake regulars wasted several years of their lives on getting a formal academic education. Haha, when you could have become a top scholar in one year with Hubbard! How does it feel, suckers? ;)

PS. Why would anyone want a silly useless word like epistemology when there are a whole lot of good words in the Scientology Technical Dictionary?

PPS. I forgot another important quote from the same Hubbard associate newsletter:
"Now there happens to be something like a shortage of cash around here..."

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Post by clamato » Sat May 19, 2001 4:52 pm

There is a legal word called "scienter" which means "guilty knowledge." Does it not seem to flow that "scientology" came from scient(er) + ology, meaning knowing how to defraud and sell it as "knowledge"?

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