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Post by non-member » Mon Jul 09, 2001 9:17 am

I "evaluate(!)" that hypnosis is a huge part of the NLP practice and NLP is by and large about making YOU feel good (about your self and what your do). And NLP is about YOU making others understand and react to YOUr opinions and feelings.

The latter can be done in a lot of ways, one way is to make your "opponent" (wrong word?) think that his thinking is totally wrong (that he is confused)! This puts you in a position where your solution - no matter how poor - is the best solution visible. NLP (Neuro linguistic programming) builds upon the work of Korzybski!

The link is that, LRH apparently knew a lot about 'General Semantics' (Korzybski(sp?)), and the effect of 'non-identity'. Non-id happens when you start questioning the semantics of a given word then the words of that explanations; after a few minutes you will end up in a state of confusion - since no words are in fact identical to the object you are taking about you will end up in an endless search for meaning! (At that stage you feel discomfort and stress.)

'General Semantic' was described by Korzybski, who himself confuse people; by putting forwards so much evidence that newcomers are bound to be confused by the amount of information.

I think it would be possible to confuse a person - to a stage where he can be "hypnotized" - simply by repeating the same question over and over again, as it is apparently done in auditing. When your have "blurred boundaries between self and object" you are likely to accept anything new as the truth.


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Post by haarek » Mon Jul 09, 2001 11:06 am

Blurred boundaries, can that be made by making
the person walk around and touch objects?
If you do it for several hours, could your
system be overloaded and even brake down?

Just like on 'objective auditing'.


You wrote:
"One is where you reach out to take a persons
hand and then brake out, just before..."

Lets see if I got this right.
You grab the persons hand very abrupt?

If so, then this resembles the first
process I was run on, on the 'Objective RD'.

The process where the auditor and the pc
sits in each their chair, and where the
commands are:
"Give me your hand. Thank you."
And the auditor just grabs the persons hand
all the time, and then says thank you.
Using his tone 40 voice.

5th Element

Post by 5th Element » Tue Jul 10, 2001 12:52 am

non-member: You have brought an interesting technique out. Possibly without knowing it, you have described $cientology's obsession with looking up words: first as part of study, then as an entire course, then as an act of every day life. Where can I find out more about this?


Post by non-member » Tue Jul 10, 2001 8:26 am

>Lets see if I got this right.
>You grab the persons hand very abrupt?

No as I understnad it you reach out to shake hands and then you do not grab the hand of the other person, but start talking abut some thing else. Apparently this 'physical confusion' allows you to shift-track without the person knowing it.
The handshake trance induction:
The handshake trance induction is probably the best-known example of a "pattern interruption." We have any number of moderately complex behaviors for which the bulk of the processing drops into unconsciousness as a single unit of behavior. In the case of the handshake, if someone offers their hand, your own hand comes up "automatically" (unconsciously), and you gauge the distance to the other person's hand, meet their hand, gauge the correct amount of pressure, duration, etc., then let go and drop your hand back to your side, all as one unified motion that requires little or no conscious thought. The handshake induction interrupts that pattern... In short, you hold out your hand to someone to elicit the behavior from them, but when their hand comes up, you don't meet it, but gently take hold of it with your other hand. At that point, the behavior pattern is interrupted and you can begin to lead into an induction. Arm levitation is easily accomplished at that stage, or you can suggest to the person to look at
their hand, note the changing focus of their eyes, or go in any number of directions.

I did however finde an other type of NLP handshake tech. that is used for self hypnose:

To 5th element, Korsybski brought on this obsession it is called "semantics" - the knowlege of words. Korsybski inveded the use of " " and ' ' - where " " marks us a word that we do not know enoug about. Say, "hypnosis" can mean different things to different people. I do not claim that Korzybski did some thing wrong, but it probably lead to some "obsessions" that are not good for you, :)
and <- Co$ rellated site take care that you are not tracked!


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Post by haarek » Tue Jul 10, 2001 9:56 am

Thank you for that clarification non-member. :)
It was 'brake out' I had problems with.

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Re: More proof hypnosis works - Scientific American.

Post by Don Carlo » Wed Jan 20, 2016 3:38 am

Mockingbird commented on The Underground Bunker today*, when people wondered where Hubbard learned hypnosis:
He read many books from the twenties and thirties. I have read Hypnotism Comes Of Age which Hubbard recommended. He also recommended several other books very, very early in Dianetics. I have examined hypnotic techniques from many sources and sometimes Hubbard didn't even change them at all. He stole Guided Image Therapy from Volney Mathison, who wrote books of his own and warned against hypnotism disguised as genuine memories.

The methods used in Dianetics were stolen from abreactive therapy and those were around long before Dianetics and found to produce dependence on the therapist without benefit and abandoned by ethical therapists. The TRs and study tech also are hypnotic.
* ... 2467187255

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