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Re: Discussion of Abuses at Int Base, Riverside

Post by Sponge » Wed Nov 02, 2011 1:11 pm

Lana Mitchell's story appeared on Australian TV today:
Media links here: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=41419
but I'll copypaste the interview transcript (not all of it was broadcast) because it has quite a lot about mental and physical abuse at Int. Base which is very relavent to this thread:

Excuse the formatting. In the copypaste process, some punctuation characters didn't seem to come out right.
Interview with Lana Mitchell, for Today Tonight by Bryan Seymour wrote: Transcript of Bryan Seymour’s interview with Lana Mitchell for Today Tonight.

On her work:

"I grow the Australian native Flannel flower."

"It's a small, almost like a daisy-looking flower. It's white and it has green tips on
each of the petals and you find it around NSW particularly around the Sydney basin
area, down as south as Bega and south east Queensland."

On being named New South Wales Rural Woman of the Year 2010:

"Well I was extremely flattered and honoured. It was for innovative use of essentially
growing and promoting, cultivating this flower and exporting it. I've exported it to
Japan, the USA, to various parts of Europe, Germany, Switzerland and so forth and
I've been very active in trying to promote, within Australia an education campaign to
tell consumers what wildflowers exist and when they're available, that sort of thing."

"I'll definitely be here in ten years. time. I've become really involved in another
organisation called New Rural Industries Australia; which is more an alliance, an
organisation that.s around networking, people involved in the new, innovative
industries and sharing information so you don.t have to blaze the trail yourself,
reinvent the wheels. So between that and the flowers I've got a lot to keep myself

On Scientology:

"Oh it's wonderful because it gives you some basic stable principals that you can use
and operate with, whether it's in your personal life or your business life, yeah I found
it really practical."

"I got involved in scientology as a teenager. I must have been 13 or 14 and I did a
communications course originally. My mother originally had some involvement at
that time and she had introduced me to it and asked me if I wanted to do a
communications course. She.s not involved with the scientology church and hasn.t
been for about 25 years at this point.

"She still believes that the technology itself is valid and that L Ron Hubbard came up
with some interesting technology that is workable, but she does not want to be
involved in the church management or the organisations at this time.”

“In 1988 I had made the decision that I wanted to dedicate my life to this, so I moved
to Sydney and a short while later I joined the seal organisation so that was the
beginning of 1989.”

On Conditions at Scientology Sydney:

“They were shocking, they were just horrid! At that time this is the late 80s, the place
that we were to sleep was cockroach ridden, you know the mouldy, mildew smell, it
was an old terrace place in Sydney, it was awful.”

“I remember when I first arrived in the Sea Organisation I was shocked, I was really
startled at the living standards that the staff were especially under, not through any

choice of their own but that was all that was provided, there was no extra money for
them to be able to do something else.”

On conditions at Scientology Los Angeles:

“At the Hollywood Inn, which is right on Hollywood boulevard, I lived there for
about a year or so and that was a very old building that's since been renovated but at
that time it hadn't been renovated, the elevators didn't work, it was a very tall
building so in that in itself was a fire risk.”

“The place was leaking, the pipes were leaking, the electricity, the wiring was old and
malfunctioning and we had a little tiny room with a small little en suite with a bath
and a toilet and a basin and I remember there was a leaking pipe upstairs and it leaked
into the ceiling of the bathroom to a point where… the whole dry wall was bulbous,
hanging down and then finally it all collapsed.

“It took us months you know we just had the whole bathroom ceiling was exposed for
months, we had trouble getting it repaired, but that was an example of the way we
lived back then and that was in 1991/1992.”

On conditions at Scientology International Base, Hemet, California:

“The living spaces there were generally rented apartments that were rented by the
church in mass and in large hall apartment blocks. But they.d cram the staff into them
so where there was a two bedroom apartment, there'd be six people, three couples and
they would have one couple in one bedroom, another couple in one bedroom and then
they would make the living room into a third bedroom so they became little closet

“I mean it was still certainly not just regular living like anybody else would be used

On first meeting David Miscavige:

“I do, I remember it vividly, because he was taunting me. I had never met him, never
had a conversation with him before he came up the stairs.”

“I was standing at the photocopier and I turned around as one does, you know, the
holy man has arrived! I turned around and I said „Hello sir. and he said „What.s your
name?. And I said „My name is Lana. and he said „No its not, its Leena.. And I
looked at him confused and stunned and wasn.t quite sure what that meant and then
he laughed and walked off and I stood there going „What was that all about?.”

“Anyway there was a series of meetings after that, encounters where every time I
would meet him he would tell me that my name wasn't Lana, it was Lena and he got
some sort of enjoyment out of seeing me perplexed and unsure about how to respond,
anyway so I vividly remember my first meeting with him.”

On David Miscavige:

“There.s a whole reputation or a general air that is created about him by the other staff
so you know essentially staff at the International Headquarters would call around and
say the Chairman of the Board is coming down, you know, be ready and everybody
was sort of walking on eggshells.”

“It really started to kick in about 94/ 95 is when it really started to get quite psycho.”

“I used to stand at staff musters and staff meetings and you know he would say I am
the Pope of Scientology, I've heard him say it directly to me.”

“There are many things about David Miscavige that strike me as odd. Many, many
things. When I was working in his organisation which is called the Religious
Technology Center, I worked there for six years and there were too many instances to
recall really of how many times he would be spouting off or giving dissertations at the
staff that literally made no sense, just rambles.”

“It would have been in 1994 in a meeting in the International Building and he struck
his brother Ronnie Miscavige. He hit him with the back of his hand, right in the
stomach and Ronnie wasn't expecting it and it winded him, that was the first time.”

“I've seen him do a similar thing to Norman Starkey many times who is the trustee of

“I've seen him hit Ray Mithoff. I know I've heard many accounts of other instances of
violence which I know would be true because I have witnessed enough myself to be
able to say well you know there.s substance to that because I've seen and witnessed it

“I've never seen him strike a woman or hit a woman. But he is intimidating and that.s
what he uses to try and coerce and control people. He uses emotional blackmail
essentially to control people.”

“He does character assassination continually on anybody that he considers to be a
threat; anybody who he considers is speaking out or has the potential to be a threat, he
will go out of his way to assassinate or to destroy the character of that person in the
eyes of others.”

“This is how he „de-powered. all of the other executives within international
Scientology; this is how he's become virtually the head of Scientology. There is
nobody else left, everybody else if you go back and have a look at videos of events
back in the nineties you see... There all gone, Guillaume Leserve, Mark Yager, Mark

“When I left, the entire place was in a state of fear. You could not look sideways
without being worried about whether David Miscavige saw you or somebody saw you
that would report to him. I mean it is complete control of the people and what they're
doing in their lives.”

On David Miscavige’s Lifestyle:

“David Miscavige lives a lifestyle that very few people actually know about; he lives
a life of royalty”

“I'll give you an example, I worked at one point, and after I was removed from the
Religious Technology Center I was put into the kitchens to work and for several

years, some three years. I worked in the unit that serviced, that cooked for David
Misgavige, his wife and his entourage as well as his guests.”

“We used to cook meals for him every two and a half hours. there was to be a meal
prepared and served and ready every two and half hours, fitting to a specific calorie
intake, certain amount of fat, certain amount of carbohydrate, certain amount of
protein, all very highly regulated but it had to be the best of the best.”

“We're talking organic chicken breast, we.re talking Atlantic Salmon flown in fresh,
we're talking the best materials that are available. The only lamb we ever got was the
corn fed lamb from New Zealand.”

“We used to spend over a thousand dollars, this is in early two thousand, we spend
over $1000 a week just on the food order to service this handful of individuals.”

“(at the same time staff were getting paid) $50 a week, but often not that because
often we'd already be on reduced pay or some of our pay would be taken to for gifts
for Executives or for Christmas or whatever.”

“Well he has a personal chef and at the time I was the assistant to the chef and did my
training and my work in the kitchen underneath that chef. So there was two chefs that
worked full time, there were four stewards, there was somebody to handle laundry,
there is a personal steward that handles all the food, one steward that handles all the
tailoring making sure that all clothes and uniforms fit perfectly.”

“He has his own personal hair dresser that gets flown around with him where ever he
may go, a chiropractor who gets flown around the world whenever he goes off,
whether it be to Clearwater or to the UK or where ever it might be. There.s a whole
entourage and then his living quarters, I mean, there's no expense barred to make sure
that he has the best of the best. And that.s not just at that location; it's also at any
location he's going to go to.”

“We're talking Audio Visual equipment, lavish furnishings, essentially anything that
he wishes or wants; he has a six car garage filled with many luxury cars.”

“This is the point that has really rubbed me and this is I guess what has brought me to
speak out now is the fact that… people don't actually know, particularly parishioners
within Scientology, they don.t know the way this individual is operating the lifestyle
he runs and what he's doing behind the scenes.”

“Is he a psychopath? In my view, absolutely. Because he is, in a cold and calculating
way, working to destroy my religion; he is using the position that he has within the
Church of Scientology for personal benefit, for personal control, to be able to
manipulate others, to be able to live a lifestyle that is simply not worthy of what he
does or even legal frankly in my view with parishioners funds.”

“It's supposed to go towards helping people. It's supposed to go towards assisting
others to have a better life, to providing people with solutions to problems, to assisting
them. It's supposed to be for the community, it's supposed to be for the greater
mankind, It.s not supposed to be for lining his pocket.”

On Tom Cruise and David Miscavige:

"I do know in terms of Tom Cruise the two of them have created this bond and this
friendship that seems to be ummm... well, it's been said before... unnaturally close."

“The amount of time that they spend together and the amount of advice backwards
and forwards between a celebrity film star and the person running the Church of
Scientology, it's very strange, it's a very strange relationship, that's all I can say. (How
is it strange? What do you mean?) Ummm, lots of back rubbing, and lots of favours
both ways it's just a very strange relationship."

“He uses him to pull strings, to get him places and get things done that he wants to get

On Tom Cruise getting food poisoning:

“Anyway, Tom Cruise got food poisoning. He apparently ate a prawn that was off,
shrimp as they call it in the US, he ate a prawn that was off and he had food

“There was an investigation that ensued and they decided that I was responsible
because I had taken it out of the freezer and defrosted it under cold, running water. So
I was removed, I was not allowed to see my husband, I was removed from the
property and told that I was offloaded.”

“I was given no opportunity to defend myself… they needed a head on a pike, as they
call it, they needed someone to shoot, Tom Cruise got food poisoning, somebody's
needs to go so I was, that was the end of me at the International Headquarters of

“I found out it was David Miscavige who ordered me off, he was the one who said off
with her head.”

“I was sent to hard labour.”

“In the 13 years I was at the international base I think I might have had two or three
days off total.”

“Every phone call is listened to, every letter is read, in and out, it gets to a point that
people really have nobody left to go to in many cases. In my view it's a violation of
human rights.”

“People there have no access to the internet, they're very cut off from the outside
world. So if you can imagine living on a desert island for ten or 15 years, the step of
reconnecting with society - I mean it's a big step!”

On Speaking Out:

“I need to do something to assist those people because I don.t know, in one year in
two years, in five years I don.t know where this is going to go but it's not good.”

“Wherever it is going to go it.s walking down a path at the moment that is just scary
and it hasn.t improved. I watched it steadily decline from the early 90.s all the way
through to 2003 I just saw it go down and down and down and from what I.ve heard
its continuing to get worse.”

“A Church of Scientology is supposed to be a comfortable, a very comfortable and
homey place where anybody can come for assistance or help with problems, it's not
supposed to be anything else so I'm not at all convinced that this new Ideal
Organisation of Melbourne is going to solve any problems. The actual problem is that
David Miscavige is driving everything south.”

On her faith in Scientology and L Ron Hubbard:

“Look, it's a silly question in my view because if you had a man and he invented…
let's say he invented a tractor and the tractor worked and the tractor could plough the
fields and could do what you wanted to do with it, you wouldn.t sit back and evaluate
the tractor and say well did the guy who invented the tractor did he really do this, did
he really do that?”

“To me, I look at the body of work, I look at what he produced in his lifetime, I look
at the technology, the philosophy itself and I say does it work for me? Yes it does.”
Previous articles on and by Lana Mitchell on Scientology-cult.com .......

Lana Mitchell, ex-RTC
16 June 2010
Welcome Solace
http://www.scientology-cult.com/declara ... x-rtc.html

Calling in the dogs...
20 June 2011
Blowing the whistle on blackmail and coercion
By Lana Mitchell
http://www.scientology-cult.com/calling ... -dogs.html

Hot and Cold Running Servants
27 June 2011 By Lana Mitchell
http://www.scientology-cult.com/lana-mi ... vants.html
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Re: Discussion of Abuses at Int Base, Riverside

Post by Demented LRH » Wed Nov 02, 2011 1:42 pm

Was Miscavige diagnosed with a mental disorder? That would explain a lot
“This OT shit is driving me insane. On a positive side, I laugh a lot these days because I’m at a funny farm.”
L. Ron Hubbard

L. Ron Hubbard era un maestro de masturbacion fisica y mental.

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Re: Discussion of Abuses at Int Base, Riverside

Post by Sponge » Wed Nov 02, 2011 2:11 pm

Demented LRH wrote:Was Miscavige diagnosed with a mental disorder? That would explain a lot
I think he sees his sea org workers as neccessary but repulsive little arachnida of which he enjoys slowly pulling their legs off one by one ..... or just outright stomping on them, depending on the swing of his psychopathic mood.

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Re: Discussion of Abuses at Int Base, Riverside

Post by SeeYaBye » Wed Nov 02, 2011 3:35 pm

“People there have no access to the internet, they're very cut off from the outside
world. So if you can imagine living on a desert island for ten or 15 years, the step of
reconnecting with society - I mean it's a big step!”
Reading these sentences, it made me think of the Tom Hanks movie Cast Away. That's the one where he is isolated on a small tropical island for many years by himself. The last part of the movie where he must re-integrate into society is probably not dissimilar to what someone goes through psychologically when leaving the Sea Org after many years in.
"The truth is the kindest thing we can give folks in the end." - Harriet Beecher Stowe

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Re: Discussion of Abuses at Int Base, Riverside

Post by Karen#1 » Wed Nov 02, 2011 9:37 pm

Thanks Sponge for posting Lana's interview.

Today I am posting another person's repeated assault and battery from David Miscavige. Jeff Hawkins, a close personal friend of mine.


Above image ~~ is how Jeff looked when we were on the Flagship Apollo in the 1970s.
Jeff served in the Sea Org for 35 years. We shared huge amounts of parallel time track.
He wrote the book "Counterfeit Dreams" http://www.amazon.com/Counterfeit-Dream ... roduct_top

Jeff today Image
Jeff has actually been an OCMB member posting on this board from time to time.
in "Counterfeit Dreams" David Miscavige punchings and beatings are very articulately portrayed in his book.
For those that don't know him he was the marketing manager who created the DMSMH marketing campaign which put DMSMH back on the NY Times Best Seller list in the 1980s) made these comments in 2009 and 2010:
“I never saw [Rinder] abusing others, despite the abuse he received from Miscavige. Mike was, without question, THE most abused person at the Int Base. He was rarely allowed to sleep. He was physically beaten by Miscavige on many occasions. How he managed to carry on with his work and deal with media I do not know. He has great reserves of strength, which I hope are serving him well now that he is out.”
” CNN: ‘You’ve worked with Marty Rathbun. You’ve worked with Mike Rinder. The Church told us, that they were the ones leading this reign of terror, that Marty was the one responsible for these beatings.’
“Jeff: ‘Absolutely not true. Absolutely not true. David Miscavige was the one leading this whole physical violence kick. And it was him who was beating people up. … [Miscavige once] jumped on the conference room table, with his feet right on the conference table, launched himself across the table at me — I was standing — battered my face and then shoved me down on the floor.’
“Jeff: ‘Miscavige was always threats, bullying, haranguing people, verbal abuse, physical abuse. That was his game. He is a bully.’”

http://markrathbun.wordpress.com/ , http://www.cnn.com/2010/US/03/30/scient ... index.html

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Re: Discussion of Abuses at Int Base, Riverside

Post by mr_bad » Wed Nov 02, 2011 10:29 pm

This interview is astounding. This whole thread is nuclear powered with devastating truth.

There is a palpable rage building against Miscavige.

I watched CONAN the other night. They did a skit and one of the characters was a guy wearing a costume of a little Scientology book store. The crowd roared BOOOOOOO!!!!

People are pissed. People know what's going on.

The day of reckoning for this asshole is getting close.
Here's Jabba the Hub as he writes crappy sci-fi while his wife sits prison...OT Priorities personified!!!

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Re: Discussion of Abuses at Int Base, Riverside

Post by Karen#1 » Wed Nov 02, 2011 11:12 pm

Addendum to my post about Jeff Hawkins above,
here is a dynamite 2 min blurb of Jeff talking to Mark Bunker in "Knowledge Report"

Note how the culture within consider themselves the SUPERIOR race
while the mad house is actually within the Sea org.
Sadism, Punishment, Beatings, increased penalties and HEAVY HEAVY penalties to never reveal to the WOG world what goes on inside.

When my son was 12 years old, he was working for the Sea Org in Clearwater, Florida He was having sex when 12 years old by a 40 year old molester.
He was HEAVILY indoctrinated to never speak of it or reveal to anyone.
Heber and I were never briefed.

Must watch short video

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl ... AfXxAxu-0c

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Re: Discussion of Abuses at Int Base, Riverside

Post by Karen#1 » Wed Nov 02, 2011 11:39 pm

How Jeff Hawkins disconnected from the Sea Org.

He threw his GOLD RING into the Pacific Ocean.
Excerpt from his book "Counterfeit Dreams"

QUOTE (JEFF's words)
I took a long walk down State Street in Santa Barbara, all the way to the beach. At the end of State Street, Stearn’s Wharf juts out into the Pacific Ocean. It is a long pier, filled with shops and restaurants. I walked all the way to the end, past all the souvenir shops, past the fishermen with their lines dangling into the water. I walked to the very end and looked out over the broad Pacific. It was a bright and sunny day, white clouds on the horizon, and distant sailboats tacking in the wind. I felt the salt breeze in my face, the warm sun.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out a heavy gold ring. It was blocky and ugly, a huge square with the number 25 embossed on it, and over that, the Sea Org symbol. It had been presented to me in 1996, for 25 years service in the Sea Org. I felt its weight in my hand.

Then I spun and with all the force I could muster, hurled it in a long curving arc out over the waves. It disappeared without a trace.

I turned and walked back towards town.

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Re: Discussion of Abuses at Int Base, Riverside

Post by opter » Thu Nov 03, 2011 12:45 am

Good on you Lana Mitchell. :D :D :D

And it was shown just before Thursday. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


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Re: Discussion of Abuses at Int Base, Riverside

Post by Karen#1 » Thu Nov 03, 2011 2:38 am

Sponge posted the link of Lana's interview with Australian TV that she just did in the last 24 hours.
Damned good interview !
High Fives Lana !


This is Lana Mitchell. Many years in RTC the highest echelon of Church Management. Miscavige's inner circle.


and here is an essay she wrote with notes on Violence and Physical Abuse at INT Base:::
Another ex-RTC staff member speaks out

Scientology-cult is proud to host yet another new whistle blower coming forward for the first time despite personal risk. ALIVE AND WELL joins many other ex-RTC staff who are now speaking out including Janela Webster, Back to Life, Marty Rathbun and others.

I was at the Int base for 15 years and was an RTC staff member for 6 of those. I worked with BACK TO LIFE and I also worked with/under Marty for several of those years. I wish to state that everything both of them are stating in terms of the severity of the Int base scene is absolutely true. Possible Jonestown? I certainly think so. In my view it is only a matter of time before things explode. At the moment there are one hundred or more people who have been mentally and emotionally tortured to a point of apathy. They don’t think they can do anything but try and toe the line to DM. They cannot disagree with his orders without violent recrimination. I know what that is like. I tried to toe the line for several years and it is like walking across a mine-field.

The descriptions BACK TO LIFE gives of the way DM treats his staff are accurate and if anything, understated. I myself learned of the absolute devotion that was required of an RTC staff member when I was ordered to take an executive of RTC and veteran Sea Org member and photocopy his face (literally) on a photocopier and send a compliance report to DM. Another time, he ordered me to go to the Fitness Instructor and find out how much weight I could bench press so that I could physically force RTC staff to read his orders to the base (hundreds and hundreds of pages of DM’s transcribed meetings with base staff had to be read by all RTC staff weekly and they would not get paid unless they had signed that they had studied all).

I certainly experienced DM mocking me and taunting me in front of the RTC staff. He ridiculed me. He removed me from post 3 times for matters that were obscure or just plain bizarre. I watched him verbally abuse RTC staff till they were in tears. I saw him hit staff – both in RTC and also execs and staff from lower organizations. I also watched him egg on his executives to harass and abuse others, just as he does. The personae of an RTC staff member, as issued in RTC policy, was for us to be “almost cold” to all non-RTC staff. We were to be hard, harsh, severe and impinging in our dealings with the rest of the base. For me, I could never do it. For me, I felt completely out of valence. I felt I was being forced into an entheta band that was both uncomfortable for me, and introverting for those I was dealing with. It was contrary to all the LRH training I had done on how to get things done and how to get compliance.

I saw him work for years to belittle and introvert staff and executives. I stood in staff meetings where all RTC staff were fearful to actually talk and brief other staff if DM was there -- anything could happen, from verbal abuse, to demotion or even removal from the org – often for seemingly irrelevant matters. Worse though was watching as the group was egged on by DM to handle individuals and get confessions of crimes. I was a victim of such group verbal bashings several times, and watched many occur with others. They are ugly scenes – completely reverse-Scientology and Black Dianetics – with only one result – the victim mentally and emotionally flogged.

I am speaking out here as I wanted to express the factuality of BACK TO LIFE’s recent article, and also Marty’s blog. I must stay anonymous at this time, due to family connections, however I will be able to come out in time.

(Lana came out subsequently)

SOURCE :http://www.scientology-cult.com/declara ... x-rtc.html

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Re: Discussion of Abuses at Int Base, Riverside

Post by Karen#1 » Thu Nov 03, 2011 10:01 pm

There is another kind of punishment I am all too familiar with in my near 20 years in the Sea Organization.


This is meted out mostly from Corporate Greed to get production done over the top of little sleep.
I reported above on Eric Knutson's essay:::::::
Construction lasted for months. There were many separate occasions where we were ordered to do “all nighters” working 2 to 3 days at a time without sleep to keep production on schedule. It was not uncommon during these “blitzes” to find construction staff sleeping in hidden corners on cold concrete slabs with only their clothes to keep warm in an effort to recover from the fatigue, even if only for an hour. Anything helped. I’ve seen staff sleep standing up due to sheer exhaustion.

Yet all our actions have consequences. Thanks to Miscavige keeping everyone up around the clock, on one horrific occasion at 4 AM after already being up for approximately 68 hours, I witnessed one incoherent staff member run his hand through a table saw equipped with a dado blade (a wide blade used for making large grooves or channels in wood.) He lost 3-4 fingers just like that. He was taken to the hospital, but afterward his hand was useless. David Miscavige couldn't have cared less.

EVEN More cruel is the torture perpetrated on Jenny (Linsen) de Vocht

Here is Jenny is her younger days in the Sea Org.

She is most famous for attacking Anderson Cooper on the CNN all week series "Scientology, a History of Violence"

But Jenny de Vocht has been incarcerated in the infamous dungeon "SP HOLE" and here is an incident at occurred to her:::

Jenny De Vocht the "Commanding Officer CMO Int" was forced to stay up for non-stop seven days... until her eyes were dark and hollow sockets. Even the CIA classifies shorter bouts of sleep deprivation as "torture." When Jenny finally crawled into a bed, Miscavige had her hauled back to the CMOI conference room ("the Hole" a.k.a. "SP Hall"). Meanwhile, Miscavige also had a bed brought in and placed in the middle of the room. After humiliating and degrading Jenny as a "weakling who couldn’t go without sleep," he ordered her to go to sleep in the bed while all CMO staff watched. After a week of no sleep, Jenny dozed for the next two days in a conference room full of people who were themselves not allowed to leave until she got out of bed.

SOURCE: http://www.scientology-cult.com/skeleto ... loset.html

This is Jenny de Vocht on CNN 20 years later.


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Re: Discussion of Abuses at Int Base, Riverside

Post by Karen#1 » Fri Nov 04, 2011 11:55 pm


Amy Scobee (20 year Scientology International Base veteran, helped build Celebrity Centre network) made these statements in 2009 and 2010:
“David Miscavige is an extremely abusive, tyranical leader.”
“[David Miscavige] grabs Mike [Rinder] around the neck, swings around and is choking him, and he’s holding [Mike's] neck. And Mike starts grabbing the side of his chair and struggling and not knowing what is going on. And his face is turning red, and his veins are popping out his neck, and I’m going ‘What in the hell is going on?’”
“Miscavige jumps up on the conference table and jumped at Jeff Hawkins, tackling him to the ground.”
“Miscavige jumps up on the table and lunges at Wendell Reynolds, knocking chair and Wendell back.”
“Miscavige went straight after [Mark] Yager, grabbed his shirt and threw his whole body onto the ground.”
(Sources: http://www.tampabay.com/specials/2009/reports/project/ , http://www.cnn.com/2010/US/03/30/scient ... index.html , Australian News Interview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOv0LtzXlx4 , http://www.tampabay.com/specials/2009/reports/project/ , http://www.tampabay.com/specials/2009/reports/project/)

AMY has been the recipient of malicious retaliation for writing the book

"ABUSE at the Top"
http://www.amazon.com/Scientology-Abuse ... 260&sr=8-1

Copying an Anonymous technique, Anonymous that OSA describes as "terrorists" OSA shooped images of AMY to make her look 150 lbs overweight and posted hate and malicious tabloid stuff on her, repeatedly using information from her pc confessionals and pinning her with the label an "ADULTERER."

20 years of Sea Org brutality and a continuity of malicious pay-back after exiting.

Sounds very Religious, doesn't it ?

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Re: Discussion of Abuses at Int Base, Riverside

Post by Karen#1 » Sat Nov 05, 2011 8:14 am

There are times when I reflect how I could have been so duped.
How could I have contributed to a criminal entity for that long ?
How could I have been deluded enough to actually give the C of $ large sums of money, time and energy
and let my own son join "the Sea Organization"

I am going to now print some info on Tom De Vocht who was pushed into the Sea Org at 10 years old, who rose up the ranks to be the Commanding Officer of CMO in Clearwater.

Tom was beaten, punched, assaulted multiple times by Miscavige.
Tom was the husband of Jenny de Vocht featured on this thread, the one who had the SLEEP DEPRIVATION for 7 days straight.

Here is Tom

And here are a couple of blips of the many many incidents that occurred...at INT BASE, Riverside County. Southern California.

Group confessions that came to be known as "seances."

The executives would confess sins they had committed against Miscavige, reveal their bad thoughts about Scientology and make personal disclosures, including sexual fantasies. If someone couldn't come up with a transgression, the others bullied him into admitting something. Anything.

"And Dave would sit there and listen to it and enjoy the hell out of it," said De Vocht, who recalled one seance when he said Miscavige struck executive Marc Yager and threw him to the floor, then singled out Faith Schermerhorn, a midlevel administrator who is black.

"He goes, 'By the way, (Yager) thinks black people are n------, and he doesn't want Scientology to help blacks. Go kick him.' So (Yager) is down on the ground and she's kicking him,'' De Vocht said


One beating too many

One night, Miscavige ordered his executives to jog from the Hole to a building where staffers made CDs of long-ago lectures by Hubbard.

With the group still huffing from their 400-yard run, Miscavige grilled De Vocht, who had overseen renovations to the building. He slapped De Vocht, threw him to the floor and began to choke him.

De Vocht can't recall why he was attacked. Maybe he hesitated with an answer. Maybe he gave a look the leader didn't like. Whatever the reason, he accepted his drubbing in silent, degrading submission.

Miscavige grew angrier if you expressed pain or resisted, the defectors said.

"You're literally sitting there thinking, I'm not going to hit this guy," De Vocht said. "It happens so suddenly, what do you do? And then if you want to go after him, how many other people are going to pummel you? You've got to realize this place is so cultish it's scary."

http://www.tampabay.com/news/scientolog ... 012575.ece

Here is the FAIR GAME, the OBSCENE RETALIATION and Vindictiveness of the Lunatic Anti-Christ of Hemet

Miscagive PAYS GOOGLE for GOOGLE ADS to slime Tom DeVocht so that when you GOOGLE this 20 year veteran of the Sea Org, this Ad comes up as a Google ad !
Ad - Why this ad?
Tom Devocht
Consummate Con Man - A Freedom Special Report

TAX FREE $$$$$ 501C3 Tax Exempt dollars to pay for GOOGLE ADS to slime departed Sea Org Members who speaks out ! Above is an example.

A Mean and Vengeful CULT who's motto is ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK.
The current game is to maliciously attack former Sea Org veterans that
speak out on current atrocities and abuses.

Here is what the "Church" is really saying about its high level technology to make advanced spiritual beings.

20 Years in the Sea Org .....you become a con man
35 Years in the Sea Org....you become a cross dressing pervert who likes kiddy porn
37 years in the Sea Org you become a violent batterer of your wife
28 years in the Sea Org you become murderer of your brother
22 years in the Sea Org you become a psychotic

The Church is admitting how utterly worthless their claims are while they embellish criminal TAGS to
us whistleblowers.

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Having a baby

Post by AngryGayPope » Sat Nov 05, 2011 6:27 pm

Heber and I wrote a petition to have a child.

You wrote a petition? A PETITION? What, did everybody have to sign off on it??

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Re: Discussion of Abuses at Int Base, Riverside

Post by Karen#1 » Sat Nov 05, 2011 11:37 pm

This story leaves INT BASE in Riverside County to Clearwater Florida's Pinellas County to report Clearwater inside cruelty

Other people's horrific RPF stories always impact me.
It might be that I have never quite gotten over the CRUELTY and DOMINATION of forcing me to run around a pole for 12 hours a day for MONTHS in my RPF assignment. (Obviously no one can run that length of time but after a short break with knees buckling and ankles swelling the supervisors order you back on the track and force the continuity even if it a walking/trotting pace.) It was like Mark Headley so eloquently expressed "Another Day in Hell." So I resonate and duplicate other's RPF stories.

I was very happy to meet Kirsi Ojamo last July. A Finnish girl recruited in Denmark and sent to Flag another 20 year Sea Org member who spent some 8 years in OSA Flag, Office of Special Affairs, Flag from where she was sent to a sadistic RPF for 2 years.


Kirsi posted on Marty's blog recently
During my final stages of routing out of The Sea Org in Clearwater four years ago, I was scraping off the O block exterior walls (home for us RPFers) day in, day out, thinking…. what happened to that dedication. Here I am, routing out after 20 years and on a ‘scrape those walls’- assignment. It was a very odd combination of mixed feelings and confused questions and had no one to talk totalking to anyone is forbidden in the RPF and when you’re in the RPFs RPF you just have you. Now even the fellow RPFers condemn you – save 2 or 3 who did try to talk to me. But their talk was about changing my mind and staying. Staying wasn’t an option, I needed to understand what is the real reason for sayonara my friends, my group and the once burning purpose. I had seen spiritual rape of fellow staff; humiliation in front of the group by a senior executive, spouses sent to work in different continents, disconnection in full use, veteran staff who had worked with LRH had been routed off or RPFed, and the reasons for my questionning and disagreements went on like this. I had done my share of actions I regret.

Kirsi told me she was dropped off at Tampa Airport penniless.
After serving 20 years, and knowing she was a Finnish national with NO $$$ (RPF for 2 years is virtually penniless for 60 hour weeks of slave labor ~~ human trafficking) Kirsi was dropped off at Tampa airport without a cent to purchase a meal or drink, leave alone air fare. This was 4 years ago. Imagine the cruel and inhumane treatment of dumping a human being that has just served 20 years and 2 years in the RPF and draconian RPF'S RPF ~~ dumping them at Tampa Airport with no money. Imagine the GREED of an entitiy sitting with $1 billion in reserves in the IAS account, spitting a staff member out with NOTHING as punishment for asking to leave the group. The Church gives no pension, no 401K, nothing absolutely nothing to veteran staff and gets away with slave labor for cents an hour under the guise of "MINISTERIAL EXEMPTION".

She did a collect call to a friend who paid her ticket back to Europe and she now lives in the South of France. She made it through.
Here's a recent image of Kirsi.

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