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Re: Xemnu of the Magic Planet

Post by Don Carlo » Mon Nov 03, 2014 3:51 pm

Eivol Ekdal pointed to a book Hubbard may have plagiarized to create Scientology:
The World of Null-A also written as
The World of Ā, by AE. vanVogt, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_World_of_Null-A
"Plot summary:
Gilbert Gosseyn, a man living in an apparent utopia where those with superior understanding and mental control rule the rest of humanity, wants to be tested by the giant Machine that determines such superiority. However, he finds that his memories are false. In his search for his real identity, he discovers that he has extra bodies that are activated when he dies (so that, in a sense, he cannot be killed), that a galactic society of humans exists outside the Solar system, a large interstellar empire wishes to conquer both the Earth and Venus (inhabited by masters of non-Aristotelian logic), and he has extra brain matter that, when properly trained, can allow him to move matter with his mind."
Eivol wrote this as a reader comment on today's Underground Bunker, Scientology and space opera: A new scholarly approach by Susan Raine, http://tonyortega.org/2014/11/03/scient ... san-raine/

Don Carlo
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Re: Xemnu of the Magic Planet

Post by Don Carlo » Mon Mar 30, 2015 12:46 am

mockingbird wrote on exsmb:
OT III and beyond sources plagiarized from Oahspe Book of Knowledge by John Ballou Newbrough (1828–1891)
Oahspe: A New Bible is a book published in 1882, purporting to contain "new revelations" from "...the Embassadors of the angel hosts of heaven prepared and revealed unto man in the name of Jehovih..." It was produced by an American dentist, John Ballou Newbrough (1828–1891), who reported it to have been written by automatic writing, making it one of a number of 19th-century spiritualist works attributed to that practice. Oahspe defines adherents of the disciplines expounded in Oahspe as "Faithists".

Oahspe comprises a series of related interior books chronicling earth and its heavenly administrations, as well as setting forth teachings for modern times. Included are over 100 drawings.The title page of Oahspe describes its contents with these words:
A New Bible in the Words of Jehovih and His Angel Ambassadors. A Sacred History of the Dominions of the Higher and Lower Heavens on the Earth for the Past Twenty-Four Thousand Years together with a Synopsis of the Cosmogony of the Universe; the Creation of Planets; the Creation of Man; the Unseen Worlds; the Labor and Glory of Gods and Goddesses in the Etherean Heavens; with the New Commandments of Jehovih to Man of the Present Day.
"Jehovih", "The Great Spirit", "Ormazd", "Egoquim", "Agoquim", "Eloih", "The I Am", "Jehovah" and other names are used throughout Oahspe as the name of the Creator.
According to Oahspe: the Creator is both masculine and feminine. Om is one of the names used to refer to the feminine (mother) aspect. Other references include, "The All Person", "The unseen" and "The Everpresent", "The All Light", "The Highest Light". God and Lord are titles of office for a person in the spirit realm who began life as mortal/in corporeal form (spirit within a body). The Creator is all and was all and forever will be all; He/She was never born and is beyond all Gods. The Creator is our father and mother, and all that are and were born are our brothers and sisters.
The Oahspe has been stated as being the first known reference to the term "starship".

Basic teachings Oahspe emphasized service to others; each person is graded according to service to others. Each individual, group and nation is either in ascension or descension; sooner or later, all ascend, rising in grade. The higher one's grade, the better are the conditions within one's own soul, and the better the place awaiting one in heaven.
According to Oahspe, when mortals die their spirits continue to live, regardless of who they worshiped, or even whether they disbelieved in an afterlife.The spirit realm becomes their new home, which is called heaven, and the individual spirit is called an angel. There are unorganized heavens close to or on the earth. Also starting there - and linking to the highest heavens - are the organized heavens. Both types of heavens are accessible to mortals. If a portion of heaven lives in a state of chaos and delights in evil, that portion is called hell.
An angel must subsist for a season after death somewhere along a continuum of delightful to abysmally wretched conditions. The heavenly place where angels initially live is determined by what their habits were as mortals; as well as by their aspirations and diet. Selfish behavior, low thoughts, or eating animal derived food will place a newborn angel in the lowest level, being on the earth. Evil oriented persons enter heaven into hellish conditions. Nevertheless, all in descension eventually turn around and ascend upward to more delightful places within an organized heaven, whose chief is called God. God is an advanced angel ordained into office for a season.
The morphologically plural name Elohim, often translated as god-singular in the Old Testament, is not used to mean the Creator throughout the main body of Oahspe; the singular Hebrew terms "Jehovih" (SHD 3069) and "Eloih" are used instead.
Arrangement of Oahspe According to Oahspe, the history of humankind is marked by a series of progressions. These lessons come in cycles: advancement followed by recession, being in turn succeeded by other cycles of improvement and regression. Cycles exist within cycles, but one important cycle, used in improving the grade of humanity, is a 3000 year cycle (average), and it is this cycle around which the books in Oahspe are organized.
The first few books of Oahspe lay the groundwork for understanding the nature of the work. This merges into a concise history taking the reader up to the present time, the new era. Separate from the history books are a series of books intended to illume for the reader the requirements of humanity for this day and age.
An interesting graphological characteristic of Oahspe is that a number of its sub-books are printed on pages divided in two, top to bottom. In these, the top half of the page contains a narrative of celestial events, while the bottom half describes the corresponding events on Earth.

Cycles The text describes cyclical events that occur within a range of greater and smaller cycles. For instance, according to Oahspe, the earth is traveling with the sun and its planets through regions of space in a large circuit of 4,700,000 years, which is divided into sections of 3,000 years average, which also occur within larger cycles of 24,000 years and 72,000 years, and so on. Each of these regions has variations in density and other qualities, and so, engender varying conditions that the Earth encounters. Also, explanation is given as to the rise and fall of civilizations.
above quotes From Wikipedia

The Real Wall of Fire
I doubt even that Hubbard's purportedly death-defying 'discovery' of the secret OT Level III, "The Wall of Fire" was even an original idea, much less discovered as part of any research of any kind. You will find in the 1882 edition of OAHSPE "A Sacred History of the Dominions of the Higher and Lower Heavens on Earth" there is a reference to "druijas" the term used for spirit entities, being gathered up from all over the galaxy, packaged in 'vessels' and transported in 'winged space ships' to earth by the billions. This is called, in this book, "The Wall of Fire". The identical name, for an almost identical story line, that Hubbard sells you as Operating Thetan Section Three. It is also amusing to note that Dianetics, Hubbard refers to "automatic writing", and it just so happens that this same book OAHSPE, is claimed to have been written by "automatic writing".
From Lermanet.com

Now to quotes from Oahspe itself .

And the star of Fiatisi's etherean ship was stationed near the earth, that she might the better behold the deliverance of the spirits that were to be freed by the submersion of the land of Wagga; and of these spirits there were upward of twenty-four billion four hundred millions, of whom more than three billion were fetals and familiars and spirits in chaos. ( this is the basis for the millions and billions of Bts aka Drujas and has spaceships in it as well like OT III )

Now will I carry away their heaven and earth, and they shall be seen no more forever. But the drujas and fetals shall be carried to Hautuon and cast into walls of fire. And they shall be divided up into groups; kin shall be torn away from kin, and friend from friend, and mother from daughter, and father from son; for they are become as absorbents, sucking one another continually. (this establishes the term wall of fire famous throughout Scientology and that the BTs are abhorrent or very messed up spirits )

And the walls of fire shall go up around them without ceasing, and they shall not escape. And they that guard them shall keep them from one another, that they shall do no evil. Neither shall they sleep nor rest, but be stirred up and made to know that they are alive, and can exist independent of fetal (sucking). ( this shows the wall of fire as eternal unceasing imprisonment without relief )

What more is the earth (Pan) to these spirits of evil and darkness? What more is their first heaven than a place of perpetual devouring? Have they not made it a place of everlasting destruction? They visit their evils upon mortals; the young child cannot escape them, nor the middle-aged, nor the old man nor old woman. ( this shows we are all supposed to be subject to them regardless of if we are young or old , good or bad )

And the star of Fiatisi's etherean ship was stationed near the earth, that she might the better behold the deliverance of the spirits that were to be freed by the submersion of the land of Wagga; and of these spirits there were upward of twenty-four billion four hundred millions, of whom more than three billion were fetals and familiars and spirits in chaos. ( this has a spaceship near earth from somewhere else earlier and many Bts - just like in OT III )

On Drujas

JEHOVIH had said: All angels below the first resurrection, save infants, shall be known in heaven and on earth as drujas, for they are such as have not capacity in knowledge or strength of individuality.
2. As there are on earth paupers and vagrants and beggars and criminals who are druks, so are there, in hada, spirits that are a great trial to both mortals and angels.
3. And they inhabit mortals and the houses that mortals dwell in. Some mortals have one or two of them; some a score; and some have hundreds of them. Some of them continue to inhabit mortal dwellings long after mortals have abandoned them, even till they fall in ruins. And whoso cometh into such house, the drujas come upon him to live on him and with him. ( this is identical to the idea of many BTs being in and on one needing removal )
4. And if a mortal have greater wisdom and strength of soul than the drujas, he ruleth over them, to a good purpose, reforming them and raising them up out of darkness and helplessness. ( this relates to Hubbard's ideas on"higher tone" people not being subject to "demon circuits" as much as others in Dianetics and the raising up out of darkness is the auditing in the OT levels )
5. But if the drujas have greater power than the mortal, then they pull him down in darkness, making of him a man to lust after the affairs of earth. Sometimes they help man to riches and great power; and if he have sons and daughters who are brought up in idleness and ease and luxury, then the drujas fasten upon them, leading them in their own way, of lust and debauchery, or hard-heartedness.(this is the" dwindling spiral "idea and "contagion of abberation" too and back to the tone scale again )

On some occasion the drujas rule over their mortal, and his neighbors call him mad, and they send him to a mad-house, which is to them a city of delight. When mortals engage in war, slaying one another, the drujas have great merriment, taking part, by inspiring the mortals into the conflict.( this goes to the idea that Bts are the cause of war and strife etc. all through human history )

Drujas rule over mortals more than mortals rule over them. It was because of their abundance and their power to do evil, that Jehovih commanded His chosen to marry amongst themselves; and to withdraw from other peoples, and make themselves a separate and exclusive people, that they might not be inhabited with drujas.( this is an important part of Hubbard's con - he teaches starting with the "wog" doctrine and it escalates the further one goes in Scientology that Scientologists are more aware , sane and less evil than all others and by the time one joins the Sea Org they are taught they are the ONLY sane beings left on Earth ! Yep , a separate sane group of people to redeem the world via any means necessary )

When a mortal dieth, and he had dominion over his drujas, not only his spirit will rise to the first resurrection, but his drujas also, whereupon they are all delivered into light.
21. When a mortal dieth, and his drujas had dominion over him, then his spirit becometh a druj also, and he becometh one with them, fastening on whoso cometh in the way; but if it be in a house and no mortal cometh, upon whom they can fasten, then they remain in that house. And here they may remain a year or ten years or a hundred years, in darkness, knowing nothing, doing nothing, until other angels come and deliver them, which is often no easy matter, requiring bodily force to carry them away.( this is another key concept fundamental to all of Scientology - that spirits will degrade and become BTs without the OT levels and thus hold down other spirits in a group death spiral into blindness , amnesia , pain and eternal damnation and oblivion that is inescapable if Scientology does not clear earth NOW )

Jehovih gave certain signs unto both angels and mortals, whereby it shall be known both on earth and in heaven which is master over the other, a mortal or his drujas, and, consequently, such matter determineth to what place the spirit of a man will most readily fall after death

If the mortal, on the other hand, shall have risen to control himself over these habits and desires, then will he be indeed, at the time of death, already entered into the first resurrection; and the drujas, if he have any, will be delivered also.( this is key to the idea that on OT II one may free BTs and redeem them to a state of higher freedom and sanity )

And whilst it is burning, and the drujas distracted with the show, the angels of power come upon them and carry them off, hundreds of millions of them. And the mortals are thus cleared of them that would have bound them in darkness and death.( here we have the term clearing which is used in both Dianetics and Scientology - I am certain Hubbard actually repackaged this and spread the occult ideas he got here and from Aleister Crowley ALL throughout Dianetics and Scientology covertly )

To accomplish the resurrection of the drujas dwelling with mortals on the earth, had Lika, Son of Jehovih, appointed At'yesonitus, with his twelve generals, very Gods in wisdom and power, each one to a certain division of the earth.

Gessica had the vessels constructed with walls of fire around the margins, to prevent the drujas escaping. And there were built in all four hundred vessels, each capable of carrying one hundred million drujas.( here these alien spirits are captured and placed in space ships with the walls of fire to imprison them and they get transported to Earth and bound invisibly to all the people of earth )

The manner of driving the drujas into them was by leaving part of the fire-wall open, and by fire-brands in the ethereans' hands cutting off sections of drujas from the hells. In this way the ethereans drove the drujas into the vessels, whereupon the doorway in the wall of the ship was closed. And then the workers of the ship put it under way and carried them up to Hao-yusta, where the Gods and Goddesses received them, placing the drujas in pens, walled with fire, where they could be treated and restored to reason, after which they were to be liberated in installments, according to their safety.
4. In the first year Gessica delivered from the hells of hada five thousand million drujas; but in the second year he delivered thirty-five thousand millions; and in the third year, sixteen thousand millions. After this the work went slowly on, for the balance of the hells were mostly in knots, some of them hundreds of millions. And these had to be delivered individually, requiring great labor, and power, and wisdom, and dexterity.
( here we have knots or clusters of BTs and the tremendous amounts of them stated to be on Earth described )
above quotes from Oahspe parenthetical remarks by myself

Next is some of Hubbard's repackaging of some of these ideas for his fraud ( still false ideas but being sold as another brand by another man )
Now all of a sudden we take apart the composite theta body which is you, into its component theta bodies, and we take these apart as regard to the experience, and we find the potentiality of which a central theta line is capable.
…So you just make sure that you differentiate from entity to entity and try to get them unstuck off the track very neatly and nicely and get the theta being back in power.
…If you have a psychotic entity on your hands… you have to audit this entity…
Now, here you have, then, a simple problem of finding out where he is stuck in the track, and in what kind of an incident he’s stuck.
First, what entity is stuck, when is he stuck, and run it out…
And one after another, you spot and straighten up these entities.
- HCL-21 ANATOMY OF THE THETA BODY 16 April 1952 Hubbard quotes
Hubbard — Saint Hill Special Briefing Course lecture The Free Being 9 July 1963 –
Just a few trillion years ago the whole confounded place was all blown up, the suns were disorganized, planets all thrown to hell and everything else. Well, the little guys with the airplanes showed up again, and they still could put up the theta traps for this boy .
Hubbard quotes- they recast key elements in sci fi framework to fit the rest of Scientology

Next a quoted section about Qahspe from the publisher to help briefly describe it

demon spirits, engrafting spirits who live on mortals, teaching re-incarnation; spirit powers over mortals; chaotic spirits on battle-fields; lost spirits in haunted houses; obsessions, entrancement, spirit manifestations, how to get them; how to determine what realm a spirit belongs to, and who he is; how spirits deceive mortals; how selfish spirits in the lower heavens make slaves of their dupes after death and entrance into heaven; how to acquire prophecy and seer-ship; the delusion of the magnetic sleep; of spirit control; how to know the nature of spiritual communications; how mortals are graded by the Gods, and their status known in heaven; how nations fall; why cities are burnt down; how spirits can cast pestilence and contagious diseases; how the offspring of mortals are controlled; how any one may determine into what realm of heaven he will enter after death; how to determine the time of his bondage and of his emancipation; how to determine the place in heaven where a king or queen will go; where a rich man will go; the length of the time of bondage of any of them in the lower heavens; how any one may discover his own grade, as to where he will go; how they work themselves out of bondage in the lowest heavens; the necessity of purifying ourselves in flesh and in thoughts before we are companionable to pure angels; rites and ceremonies; discipline and communities in heaven; ships in the higher heavens that carry thousands of millions of angels in the etherean seas, and on excursions of thousands of years; the great firmament, etherea, filled with thousands of millions of etherean worlds, habitable within and without; the labors of Gods and Goddesses; the insignificance of our earth and its heavens, atmospherea; what is meant by higher and lower heavens; how mortals can attain to receive communications from the first resurrection, from the second resurrection and from the third, and even from Gods and Goddesses; what is purification; how to purity one's self, in flesh, and in spirit; how to know when a spirit communication is from the second resurrection or from the first; how to raise children;
( notably this has key ideas for Scientology often in differing original forms - BTs , being bonded to them , grades , BTs causing illness and misfortune , purification , working one's way up grades and differing levels of awareness, a heaven[ outer space ] full of populated worlds and many spaceships flying through there in the distant past , the insignificance of Earth and the OTs out in the universe making and controlling worlds, how to raise children , how to attain a higher spiritual state and escape a lower one - is this the basis for a lot of Scientology or am I off somehow ? )

quote from
The Publisher's Synopsis of Oahspe, The New Bible Book of Es, Daughter of Jehovih Now a couple more quotes from Hubbard on his repackaged version of this to compare :

But listen, you’re living in a universe which is crawling with this type of stuff. And planet Earth was a dumping ground to end all dumping grounds. Actually, the end of OT III is when those BTs and clusters that are easily put into communication are gone. It’s not when all BTs in the whole universe that ever will be, are gone.
You’ve never had any pcs like that unless you’ve worked in an institution and have seen some inmate living in a totally lifeless state, unaware of anything. NED for OTs handles this condition on BTs and clusters which existed without being suspected except for the occasional clue of a strange picture or a wild somatic.
[h=- Ron Hubbard, HCO BULLETIN OF 15 SEPTEMBER 1978, ISSUE I, NED for OTs Series 1, NED FOR OTs RD THEORY OF, p2 section MENTAL TRANSMISSION]5[/h]
Ron Hubbard

Now this is the real story of Ot III and Scientology - plagiarized cult ideas that were used in an earlier mind control cult to delude and abuse followers . That is where Hubbard's "science" and "religion " come from - they are fakes no science no religion ever . It is a CULT made from earlier cult doctrine with some pseudoscience mixed in to fool modern audiences and mind control from hypnotism , the occult , psychology and other sources like Hitler and plagiarized rhetorical methods and sublime writing to entice and enthrall victims . The idea to get is not that OT III and other ideas in Scientology are silly or weird - they are stolen and calculated to function as they have in earlier practices - to confuse then control people into becoming slaves covertly . Some ideas were less insidious in their original form but all become pernicious in Hubbard's twisted combination to enslave and abuse . And I have yet to find one that produces any of the miracles or enlightenment Scientology claims . And I was in for 25 years and have known hundreds of Scientologists and met probably thousands . So please help get out the word Scientology is not weird ideas Hubbard pulled out of his ass that suckers fell for . It is entirely ideas that persuaded people in the past that have been taken and combined intentionally to persuade them now . It is not true and Hubbard never sought or found truth with it - he always sought a way to covertly confuse then control THAT is what Scientology is . Furthermore , If you look at Crowley and Hitler's doctrine and practices and know Scientology well you can see he used their ideas from the beginning to the very end consistently . Not exactly the role models I want to base my life around - that is why he had to hide them . I invite end encourage all exes and indies and Scientologists to consider these ideas and look more at these two for further proof - or lack thereof .

Mockingbird's Nest : http://mbnest.blogspot.com/search?up...08:00&max-resu
at http://www.forum.exscn.net/showthread.p ... rized-from

Don Carlo
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Re: Xemnu of the Magic Planet

Post by Don Carlo » Wed Jan 10, 2018 4:30 pm

Tony Ortega wrote about the Xenu versus Xemu spelling, Xenu or Xemu? Here’s our take on one of Scientology’s galactic-wide mysteries, Jan. 10, 2018, https://tonyortega.org/2018/01/10/xenu- ... more-45202

In the comments, RMycroft brought up the Xemnu story, which may explain why Hubbard sometimes used an "n" and sometimes an "m" in the spelling. The whole OT III story is an unoriginal rehash of the news around the year 1966, as this thread shows.

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