The Critics Have Reached Critical Mass

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The Critics Have Reached Critical Mass

Post by J. Swift » Fri Oct 21, 2005 9:37 pm

The critics of Scientology have achieved critical mass. There is currently a critical mass of global public outrage and ridicule being directed at Scientology. This critical mass runs along the strong central axis of all major and minor media outlets as well as both the old and new anti-Scientology websites such as, scienTOMogy, Lermanet,, etc.

That there has been such a heavy backlash against Scientology in popular culture is not some sudden phenomenon. It is rather a long-overdue indictment of Scientology by a planet outraged by decades of Scientology's inexcusable lies, intimidation, and brutality. Scientology has pulled this in on itself because it first created and then perpetuated a culture of brutality, hostility, inhumanity, and intrigue against society which was expressed in Operation Snow White and continues to manifest itself in the covert operations of OSA, the utter inhumanity of RPF, and the terrrorism of Fair Game. Scientology created the preconditions necessary for the wide public contempt and scorn it is now justly receiving at the hands of the planetary citizenry and its media.

In 1967 L. Ron Hubbard declared war against humanity and freedom by asserting his policy of Fair Game against the world. LRH basically said that Scientology was a law unto itself and that it would viciously destroy its critics by any means possible. LRH was on the high seas in the period when he declared Fair Game. That LRH was in the high seas imbued him with a piratical spirit in which he said he and his followers would attack and destroy anyone who opposed them. Ron suddenly became a global religious pirate who served noticed that Scientology was at war with the world and would remain in a condition of war until the world capitulated to Scientology and turned over its governments to Scientology rule.

The primary purpose of Fair Game was to savagely destroy Scientology's critics by use of great violence. The secondary purpose of Fair Game was to instill a fear of Scientology in the public at large in order to chill freedom of speech and to prevent people from taking actions adverse to Scientology.

LRH knew that if he loudly and brutally destroyed his enemies he could accomplish two key objectives: 1) He could easily afford to pay settlements to the people he had ruined, but only after they had been utterly ruined and had surrendered to CoS by signing non-disclosure agreements. Scientology could destroy people and then settle with them quietly. The victims would take the money they needed to rebuild their shattered lives and they could never legally talk about how Scientology ruined them. In this way, Scientology could use the same brutal, and sometimes illegal, tactics over and over to destroy people and the public would never realize it because the victims were silenced. Fortunately, some victims fought back and exposed the tactics of Scientology. The website "Scientology Lies" is an excellent resource that documents the crimes and lies of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology.

2) By destroying its critics in a very public manner, Scientology would make the public afraid of angering it. This is what all tyrants do when they, "put a few heads on pikes." Tyrants make a brutal example of a few people to terrorize everyone else into obedience and silence. This is what Scientology has done and continues to do: It uses terrorism to instill fear in society. Scientology is no better than any other terrorist organization in this regard.

LRH didn't care what the public thought about him or Scientology as long as the world's population stayed quiet and allowed Scientology to destroy its critics and to harvest victims from the world's population by use of its systematic program of mind-control that masqueraded as a religion.

The Pirate Fortress of Scientology began to crumble when Tom Cruise attacked Matt Lauer and then bizzarely displayed his love for Katie Holmes. Tom's angry and irrational behavior suddenly triggered a critical mass of anger that had been simmering in Western Culture for several decades.

Factually, the huge amount of ridicule and anger recently directed at Scientology did not appear overnight. It did not come from out of nowhere. It rather came from deep wellsprings of resentment against Scientology that had been building pressure for decades. Moreover, all of the mechanisms were already in place to allow critical mass to be reached almost instanteously. The major critics such as Gerry Armstrong, Jon Atack, Jesse Price, Arnie Lerma, and Karen Spaink had been doing the heavy lifting and fighting the good fight for decades. Websites such as this one, Andreas' celebrated aka Operation Clambake, had been in operation widely dissemenating the truth about Scientology. The upper level materials had been exposed and widely ridiculed. Step by step, all of the elements were building to a climatic confrontation between Western Culture and Scientology.

The huge planetary backlash against Scientology that has been seen in recent months was the consequence of LRH's Declaration of War, of Fair Game, against all people who opposed Scientology. Tom Cruise himself reasserted LRH's Declaration of War against humanity:
"Some people, well, if they don't like Scientology, well, then, fuck you." He rises from the table. "Really." He points an angry finger at the imaginary enemy. "Fuck you." His face reddens. "Period."
ref: ... .0.12.1059

Tom exposed his militant religious fantacism when he uttered these words. These words would prove to boomerang, for once Tom uttered this curse the world took wide notice of his abusive Scientological curse and would return it to him in spades.


In retrospect, Tom Cruise's appearance on Oprah marked the zenith of Tom Cruise's career. He walked on stage as the most famous and powerul movie actor in the world. He was considered invincible. No one in the press would dare attack him or say anything less than flattering about Tom Cruise if they ever hoped to get an interview with this living screen legend.

Yet Tom Cruise's Oprah appearance would prove to be his personal Little Big Horn, for he allowed his ego to lead his power and prestige into a media massacre he never saw coming. Tom thought the Oprah interview would be a romp where he could charm women the world over and convince them that his love for Katie was pure and true and that Scientology was the most tres chic thing in the world.

In what has to be the single most bizarre interview in television history, what was supposed to be Tom's boyish charm was seen as full adult lunacy and perhaps even the erratic hints of an approaching insanity.


The cracks in Tom Cruise's armor widened to become chasms. The world looked into these chasms and finally saw the real Tom Cruise and it was disturbing. The Top Gun badly overcorrected and flamed-out on Oprah. Tom lost altitude in the vast skies of the world media and plummeted like a rock.

There proved to be a huge difference between Pat Kingsley guiding Tom Cruise's career and Lee Anne trying to fly him through something as major as an Oprah interview. Oprah is not a cable channel in Brazil where Tom can flub it. Oprah is the world and Tom flamed-out in the most important venue in the world. It was a stunning loss of face for the biggest actor on the planet.

Tom Cruise followed up his fiasco on Oprah in what has to be one of the most ill-advised TV interviews ever. During his interview with Matt Lauer, the Top Gun again badly overcorrected. Tom lurched from being a romantic lunatic on Oprah to being a Scientology bully and a complete ass during his interview with Matt Lauer. Worse, Tom went on the attack using his $360,000 religion which is based upon a little green man named Xenu, an E-Meter, and Body Thetans.

The Matt Lauer/Tom Cruise interview was Scientology's Pearl Harbor. This was the defining moment when the forces of the Western media and people worldwide saw a major weakness in Scientology and launched a broad attack where Scientology least expected it, and that would be Tom Cruise. Scientology wrongly thought that Tom Cruise was invicible and that the media would never dare attack him. But by this time Pat Kingsley was gone as Tom's PR guru. She had been replaced by Tom's sister and fellow Scientologist, Lee Anne DeVette. Stripped of the guidance and protection of Pat Kingsley, the stage was set for disaster in Tom's career.

Tom Cruise and Scientology were caught sleeping. They never suspected that the planet was so angry at them. People all across the globe were watching and waiting for an opportunity to repay Scientology for inflicting decades of intimidation and outrageous and uncivilized barbarism upon the planet.


Tom Cruise's interviews with Matt Lauer and Oprah interviews were defining moments in culture, for the world witnessed in them a major actor fall from his pedestal by his own bizarre actions. The world also decided that payday had come for Scientology: The world was no longer willing to accept the outrageous conduct or actions of Scientology and its adherents.

Scientology and Tom Cruise had sewn the wind and they would reap the whirlwind.

The outrage would be initially expressed as comedy and satire directed at Scientology. However, the comedy deepened into a sobering global realization of how dangerous and unbalanced Scientology really is. People read the websites and articles and were shocked to discover that Scientology really was a dangerous and fanatical cult as the critics had been saying all along.

Tom Cruise's popularity plunged in the months that followed. The Matt Lauer and Oprah interviews were absolute disasters for Tom Cruise and marked a turning point in his career as well as the fortunes of Scientology. Tom had gambled his prestiege and popularity to fight for Scientology and its belief in the evil galatic overlord Xenu and its fight against psychiatry.

Tom had gambled almost everything and had lost.


Tom Cruise only made it worse for himself and Scientology by going on the attack. People were absolutely outraged when Tom Cruise attacked the very likable Matt Lauer and Brooke Shields. Tom was being an imperious Scientology bully and people finally had had enough of Scientology's bullying and intimidation.

Matt Lauer simply said that psychiatric drugs had helped some people he had known. Tom talked over Matt and talked down to Matt: "Matt. Matt, Matt, you don't even-- you're glib. You don't even know what Ritalin is. If you start talking about chemical imbalance, you have to evaluate and read the research papers on how they came up with these theories, Matt, okay? That's what I've done. Then you go and you say where's-- where's the medical test? Where's the blood test that says how much Ritalin you're supposed to get?"

To compound matters, Tom attacked Brooke Shields for making medical decisions appropriate to her life that were not in agreement with Tom's religion, a religion that costs $360,000 to go to the top. Tom Cruise essentially said that he and Scientology were better equipped to make medical decisions for Brooke Shields -- and for all other women suffering postpartum depression -- than Brooke or any other woman was.

Tom Cruise, a high school dropout, declared himself and his religion -- which is run by another high school drop-out named David Miscavige -- to be smarter and better than science and medicine.

People do not like uneducated religious fundamentalists of any stripe dictating healthcare or another life decisions to them, and Tom Cruise was doing exactly that: He was being an uneducated religious fundamentalist dictating terms to the world.

The world laughed in Tom's face and has not stopped since.


This whole thing is not about psychiatry versus Scientology. It has very little to do with psychiatry and rather everything to do with the planet being completely fed up with Scientology's intimidation tactics. The planet is no longer willing to accept Scientology's intimidation tactics.

Tom Cruise just happened to be the person who crystallized the planetary resentment against Scientology's intimidation tactics.


The internet and the rest of the media immediately ran with the stories of Tom Cruise's belligerent and irrational Scientology behavior. The deep wellsprings of resentment against Scientology burst forth: The dam broke. The anger and contempt against Scientology that had been stored for decades engulfed Scientology in the floodwaters of popular outrage.

There is now so much negative media against Scientology that its private covert operations bureau named "OSA" is overwhelmed. Scientology calls negative media "entheta" and OSA is drowning in a flood of entheta that even its magical OT powers cannot stop.

A poster here at named entheta_nyc wrote a public letter to Scientology's covert operatives:
Dearest OSA gals and goons:

getting much sleep lately? I can't imagine that you have been. Must really suck having so many new situations to handle. Imagine how much enturbulation is not getting monitored, let alone getting handled, these days. And, it must be a real bummer that to the extent OSA had tech to handle the critics on the web up until this point (not very successfully, mind you), none of those strategies are even applicable to the new critics. Face it: there is no tech for handling “scienTOMogy� or anything else that totally ridicules Scientology and doesn’t even bother to take it seriously. As long as your job was to handle people trying to disseminate OT materials or former members speaking out you could delude yourself into thinking that this was a fight you could win or a situation that could be handled. Not. Any. More. You would have to handle every single person on this planet who has a sense of humor... I couldn’t come up with a bigger joke than Scientology if I tried.
ref: viewtopic.php?t=14994


It is true: Scientology will never again be the same following Tom Cruise's disastrous PR flaps. The best Scientology could do following the debacle was to try to swindle the victims of Hurricane Katrina and attack scienTOMogy. Imagine the immorality of trying to sell expensive Scientology courses to people whose homes and lives were ruined by Hurricane Katrina! Yet it is true: Like vultures swooping down on the victims of a terrible natural disaster, over 1,000 Scientologists went down to Louisiana and other states in a concerted attempt to get traumatized victims to join Scientology and sign away their FEMA monies and insurance settlements to Scientology.

Can you say depraved?


OSA's attack on the brilliantly comical website scienTOMogy has to be the lamest, weakest, and most boomeranging legal attack Scientology has ever launched. For Scientology to attack a comedy website made it seem pathetic and clueless, especially when it decided to sue the sites creator for $100,000 for a so-called trademark infrigement:


This is the exact sort of bullying litigation and moral criminality that causes people globally to ridicule Scientology and to hold it in contempt.

Payday has come for Scientology.

By being completely unable to handle the onslaught of humor except by tepid legal threats that everyone laughed at, Scientology has shown that it has feet of clay. Scientology was able to defeat the IRS, but it has shown that it can't take a joke.

Humor is one of the best weapons to use against Scientology. As the Christians say, "The Devil hates to be laughed at." So does Scientology. You make the connection.


One prediction is that DM will order some heads of critics to be put on pikes in order to show that Scientology is as big and bad as ever. However, Scientology will have to think very carefully about what it does because all of the radars of Western culture are up worldwide. The media and the planet are just waiting for Scientology to make its next mistake.

Has Scientology gotten the message from the planet that we want it to change and become peaceful and law-abiding or does it want more bad roads, more bad weather, and more bad press?

Did Scientology get the message?


Scientology is now at a major crossroads in its life. It has to either radically reform itself now or Western Culture will continue to use the media to relentlessly take apart Scientology in the courts of world opinion.

Scientology has to declare that it is no longer in a state of war against its critics or the world at large. Scientology has to announce the cessation of hostilities against its critics and the world ar large and publicly announce sweeping internal and external humanitarian reforms.

The alternative for Scientology is to continue to face the critical mass of negative global opinion and diminishing stats. It is hard to be a Scientologist these days. All internal reports indicate a siege mentality and downstats. The best course of action for Scientologists is to go offlines for awhile and see what RTC does next:

Will there be an amnesty?

Will there be sweeping internal and external humanitarian reforms?

Will there be price reductions?


In its present form, Scientology cannot repair the damage that it has done to itself let alone clear the planet.

What will Scientology do to repair itself?

Perhaps the larger question is if Scientology can repair itself?

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Post by entheta_nyc » Fri Oct 21, 2005 10:52 pm

J. Swift - as usual, you have totally nailed this one.

An example of what is happening is this: I am sitting in my office talking shop this afternoon and someone mentions the situation and laughs about it (and I take 15 seconds to mention that you have to remember you are dealing with a UFO cult, after all). Mind you, people at my workplace don't spend that much time following pop culture or cults or what have you (too busy making money...ah, the charm of wall street) but this has resonated with everyone.

While you are absolutely right that the critics have reached a critical mass, and now is the time for people to push back at CO$ (and demand reform, refunds, etc.), I want to reiterate something that I have been pushing lately. People also need to keep laughing: laughing at Tom and David; laughing that we were ever afraid of such an inept organization; laughing at how scienos treat picketers on those Mark Bunker vids; laughing at anything about CO$ that you personally find ridiculous. I don't want to take away from the people on this board who have legitimate beefs with scientology and ultimately don't find how they've been treated as a matter to laugh about and are (justifiably) looking for a day of reckoning with CO$. I do know, however, that the thing I personally can do which will help those critics and those on the RPF, in the long run, is to laugh at scientology because it is something for which C0$ and OSA and Tom and David have no coherent response to. They remind me of a 12 year old bully on the playground who just tore his pants to reveal that he still wears diapers underneath. What more can you do than laugh.
Remember, if the CO$ really thought that having more OTs would make the world a better place (or would even strengthen the CO$ and make more Scientologists) the OT levels would be free.

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Post by Ladybird » Fri Oct 21, 2005 11:06 pm

J.Swift asks:

"Perhaps the larger question is if Scientology can repair itself?"

Ladybird answers: I think not. What is there to repair? An anagram of plagiarisms from psychology, hypnotism, satanism, military brainwashing, etc; courtesy of the drug, alcohol and psychosis induced ravings of a student of Satanism, pathological liar, diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic, wife beater, ...etc, nutcase named Lafayette Ronald Hubbard?

There is no baby to throw out with the bathwater of scientology. Any good in it was placed at the beginning of his bridge to total dissociation and slavery as part of the bait he stole from others to set his psychotic trap.

LRH "MOCKED IT ALL UP and he told us that a thousand times, and that was the EP (end phenomenon) of each of the levels to insanity he led us through.

Any good in scientology is inextricably mixed with LRHs twisted perversions.

Take what works for you, and research the true source of what is good about it. Don't pick raisens out of the cow pie when all you have to do is go down to your local public library or "7-11" to get a brand new, sun ripened, un shat upon and un-predigested box of raisens.


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Post by I'mglib » Sat Oct 22, 2005 4:23 am

J. Swift,
Your writing is Is that what you do for a living? If not, you could. Well said, well said.

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Post by J. Swift » Sat Oct 22, 2005 6:33 am

Thanks, I'mglib. I do write professionally from time to time. Writing is not my main work but someday it perhaps will be.

I saw in the events of late an important story emerge. That story is about decades of cultural resentment against Scientology exploding. Scientology really has succeeded in intimidating society for too long. A few brave people fought at first and were brutalized by Scientology for doing so. Then more joined the fight and Scientology amped up its retalliation.

There is a growing anger directed at Scientology. The general attitude was, "Just who in the hell does Scientology think it is that it can threaten and harm people with impunity?" There is far more global anger over Scientology than Scientology ever realized. The events of the past few months have shown just how much anger there is against Scientology's heavy-handed and brutal ways.

This anger finally caught up with Scientology when Tom Cruise opened a crack in the dam of the vast reservoir of global anger that had built up over the decades since L. Ron Hubbard's first fights with the FDA. People suddenly began to openly express pent-up hostility and anger towards Scientology. There is safety in numbers and so tens of millions of people -- maybe even hundreds of millions of people -- and countless media outlets all jumped on the bandwagon to give Scientology its comuppance.

In doing so, people realized that Scientology is not as mean or as big as it pretends to be. People realized that Scientology lacks the resources to take down one comedic website let alone everyone who was laughing and mocking Scientology, which was seemingly every TV channel, website, magazine, newspaper, and non-Scientologist in the world.

It is now safe to come out and publicly express one's digust and contempt for Scientology. It is a small and angry cult whose once invincible PR bastion, Tom Cruise, has melted down.


Not one of the other Scientology celebs has come to Tom Cruise's aid and defense in public because they do not want to get caught in this vast outpouring of anger directed at Scientology. They know that Scientology has pulled too much crap for too long and now it is payday. They want to keep their careers and fans and income more than they want to defend Scientology and suffer in the ways that Tom Cruise did. So they all bailed on Tom. In doing so, they showed themselves to be cowards and violated one of the tenets of the Scientology Code of Honor:
Never desert a comrade in need, in danger or in trouble.
The Scientology celebs all deserted Tom when he was in need, danger, and trouble. There was no public outpouring of support for Tom Cruise from his fellow Scientologist celebrities when he placed himself in harm's way. The Celebrity Center is thus revealed to be a refuge of vain, neurotic, and self-absorbed celebrities who only see Scientology as a means to a bigger paycheck or a better career. They are all only skin-deep Scientologists.

Tom Cruise is the only true Scientology celebrity, for he alone went out and stood up for what he believed in. He got pounded for it, but at least he is a true believer -- this unlike all of the other celebs who fled for high ground when the dam broke.

I hope Tom leaves Scientology and has a nice life. He will never have a good life in Scientology the ways things are going for him lately.

Tom suffered more slings and arrows than he deserved for the main reason that he triggered forces in the global psyche that were incalculably larger than he ever realized when he sat down and attacked Matt Lauer.

Tom Cruise may be able to weather this storm, but he will be forever diminished in stature as a result of tilting at windmills for Scientology. This episode would have ruined lesser Scientology celebs and they know it. That is also why they are all in hiding now: None of them has the stomach for what is happening as Scientology free falls into the abyss.


I hope that individual Scientologists see that this story is not about them. I hope that they understand that this story is about the management of Scientology and how it behaves brutality towards the world and towards the members of Scientology. The pervasive anger towards Scientology is all about the guys at the top who pull all of the crap and then expect Scientologist to empty out their wallets and bank accounts to fix the very bad blunders of management, which blunders the members are never told about or, if they are told, they are told lies.

I encourage people everywhere to refuse to accept the immoral and brutal behavior of Scientology any longer. Call the police, call the FBI, call your local papers, call the networks, and post it all on the internet. Fight this contemptible cult until it makes massive internal and external reforms. Use humor, satire, logic, and the law: Use whatever it takes and don't let up until Scientology stops its insane war against the entire human race and its own members. The terror has to stop. Scientology has to stop terrorizing people.

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Post by magoo1 » Sat Oct 22, 2005 6:53 am

Ditto......................VERY well said, and SO true.

As I've said before to DM and OSA for some years:
Karma IS coming.
I didn't know how, who could? But I knew their Karma was coming:
One just cannot keep hurting people, or trying to, and not "Pull in something" ...even per their own "Tech".

However, who would have thought their very own Mr. Spokesman/Celeb:
Little Tommy Cruise would have busted the damn wide open?

I literally cannot believe how many media have called me, and how truly interested they are in all areas of Scientology...and their abuses.

It's true what you say: For years Scientology has run their mafia like actions on others, with many too fearful to do or say much, except for a few strong people who have persisted despite ALL odds.

Yet when one is around such actions, those spill over into our lives, and people have VERY strong feelings about it. Now? Getting the lid back on the can of disgusting worms is over. Hubbard didn't plan on 2 things:

1) The Internet.

2) His own tech ticking off people so much that it literally has helped create a mass movement of critics, willing to not only speak out, but stand watch.........making it safe for many others to do so, too.

My hats off to each and every critic who has taken the time to post and expose the many abuses of Scietology, dispite their endless antics to try to stop free speech. I know, I was part of it.

Happily, I saw what they were doing, got on the Internet myself, and from that, met Andreas....and he helped put the nails in my own Scio/Truman show. Many others write me now that they, too, have done so! This is an amazing time. May we all celelebrate! :woohoo!:

:alien: RULES!

Tory/Magoo~~Dancing in the Moonlight~

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Post by magoo1 » Sat Oct 22, 2005 6:58 am

PS: I agree with J. Swift re everyone taking more actions now.

It's a perfect time to write, post, call, send letters, etc.

The media is dying to talk with more people. If any of you can,

especially X-Scientologists, please let me know and I'll turn them onto


My best :)

(818) 841-3632

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Post by J. Swift » Sat Oct 22, 2005 7:16 am

Tory, you have always been an inspiration to me. I thank you for what you did when you left Scientology and began to tell the world the truth. Your humanity is a gift and I adore you.

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Post by magoo1 » Sat Oct 22, 2005 7:42 am

WOW! I'm honored, truly.

Thank you so very much!


Keep writing, I'm very happy you're here!

Best...and sleep tight, :zzz:


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Post by Ladybird » Sat Oct 22, 2005 8:06 am

Yes :yes!: Tory, you have been out there on the front lines of this war, and you have been an inspiration to me and many, many others.

I say we all come out at once, now while the topic of scientology is in the national and international news.

I have inside information that many top executuives and INT executives have recently been RPFed, blown, declared or offloaded, and so all we have to worry about is a couple hundred teenage second generation scientologists, and their 8th grade drop-out fearless asthmatic dwarf leader, David Miscavige. His own family has left the cult recently!

I am sure scientology has made many enemies amongst government agencies and National Media such as the IRS, LAPD, LAFD, NYFD, INS, FDA, CWPD, Wall Street Journal, Readers Digest, NY Post, St Pete Times, Rolling Stone, Red Cross, Washington Post, NBC, CBS, 60 Minutes, and especially FREE SPEECH ADVOCATES on the Internet and everywhere, etc, etc; I am sure there are so many people and agencies who are pissed off and just waiting for a chance to exact retribution and expose the truth about the SCAM of scientology to a public audience.

The only real protection scientology has is to keep us all in the dark, and threaten us 1950s gangster style that we will be "sorry" if we expose the truth about the cult of scientology.

Let's lift the tail of the skunk, all together now. It must be just about out of stink juice anyway.

LRH did not plan for the Internet. No wonder scientology hates the Internet.


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J. Swift
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Post by J. Swift » Sat Oct 22, 2005 5:57 pm

The message we have to get out now is this: The dam has broken!

Following the Tom Cruise twin debacles and the badly managed Katrina VM action, the dam broke. Culture is pouring forth its long pent-up resentment towards Scientology and Scientology appears to be experiencing internal convulsions not seen since the 1982 Mission Holders Conference. It appears that the very experienced middle-aged insiders are being RPF'd because DM somehow got keyed in on his overts from 1982 and he is replaying this tape of his big 1982 purge. All DM apparently knows how to do is to purge people when he runs out of ideas and feels threatened. He doesn't care how many lives he ruins as long as he survives. DM appears to be operating from survival and scarcity and not from any OT level.

It is as if DM is still hounded by the ghost of L. Ron Hubbard and his overts on Ron.

RTC is on an almost total news blackout except for the usual feel-good propaganda.

It is apparent from intelligence lines that internal convulsions at the highest levels of RTC, OSA, and Flag are sending shockwaves through Scientology.

All we need are a few key people, the victims of what appears to be a brutal purge, to come forward and verify to the world that Scientology is experiencing massive internal dissaray and chaos.

Come forward anonymously if necessary, but let the outside world know what is happening. Your actions will save people from being sucked into the cult even deeper.

The dam has broken. Time to tell people to get to high ground and away from the Orgs.


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Post by serenitynow » Sat Oct 22, 2005 6:07 pm

J.Swift, your message is incredible. I too, would like to come out and tell my story to help others understand what life is like for a young person raised in the cult. I saw many crimes committed by church members which were hushed up because the church feared a PR flap. I knew someone who died while in the care of Scientologists. I fear fair-gaming very much. Any ideas on how I can tell my story anonymously?

Tory, you are a brave woman. I have much admiration for the fact that you got knocked down by the church and got back up swinging. Keep dancing in the moonlight girl, you deserve it!

Ladybird, I think you and I have a lot in common, both having been in the SO and all of that. I consider you one of my friends.

All my non-Scientology friends have been calling me lately, asking me about silent birth, psychiatry vs. Scientology, etc... None of them were ever that interested before Tom Cruise started acting like a madman. A few even read the OT levels and called up yelling "Hey it's Xenu! WASSAP?!!! It's been incredible, and the church is a laughingstock.

I will do what I can to support speaking out and the critics, the church needs to be either reformed or brought down.

Anonymously with you,
Serenity Now

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Post by magoo1 » Sat Oct 22, 2005 8:02 pm

Thank each of are VERY kind, and I cannot say how much each of you means to me, and I'm sure many others. Especially when one loses ALL of your "Friends", having a place to just come chat and share things means a TON.

Most people cannot imagine what it's like to lose ALL of your support network, as well as your husband or wife, but things you are used to hearing daily, like 'I love you", you just don't hear as much.
So when J. Swift said "I adore you"..........I sat and cried. Laugh if you will, but loving words mean a lot to all of us, I truly believe. (and no, I"m not asking people to flood this message board with that, it's just a point I wanted to make). Ahhh shit, now I'm crying. This was how it used to be when I first started writing Andreas, 5 years ago. He'd "get" me, and I'd burst out crying. Stacy would come running upstairs to my room, asking, "What's wrong???"

I'd say: "Nothing....Andreas just totally got what I was talking about. These are good tears". She'd smile and breath some relief into the air.
One more day down. Man, those were wild times. Anyways, sorry about that, but I figure there are new people lurking here who no doubt are going through similar times, so I like to share those kind of personal things, so people know they are not will get through it, and ya just have to let the emotions roll.

Many people, infact cult experts, have told me, "Tory, you have healed faster than anyone we've ever watched leave a cult". I always remind them of this: I never left alone...I left ON the Internet, and due to that, it was my choice to share who I was with people. Since most of the critics at the time were sure I was an OSA plant, I realized I ~had~ to tell them who I was~that ended up being very personal (because I'm a people person, and I knew I'd never make it without friends, and without filling in the holes, no one knew who I really was. Bless Andreas' heart for his kindness, throughout all of that!). That began some true soul searching, writing about it, and hitting the "Send" button, and with that, tremendous healing. Scientology is in the business of getting you to shut up. I have proved doing the opposite is what has helped me heal.

I'd like to share one of my successes with both the media,
and when speaking with audiences, and just people in general.

I never just tell the bad side of Scientology....I try to point out what
it was I liked, and what it was I didn't, and how my leaving was an accumulation of many, many abusive events occurring, until my own
dam broke. As the late, great Robert Vaughn Young told me,
"Tory..being in a cult is a lot like what abused women go through, and recovery takes as much work, if not more".

Many people, especially media, have pointed out that this has been rare, and they ~very~ much appreciate it. I think since many of us know most of the outside world just doesn't have a clue about the secrets and abuses of C of S, and we know Scientology endlessly promotes their supposed "greatnesses",
it's easy to get into just talking about what people don't know. I have found it's important to remember that the media, press, audiences in general also do not get how ~any~ of Scientology is good, and they want to know that, too. Say what you will, I'm just trying to share what they've told me they appreciate.

Please, if you're reading this and you have your story to tell, even if you don't want to say who you are, at least send it to me, or someone you feel good about sending it to, and they can relate it.

Just as J.Swift, Ladybird, and others have said, the time is now.
We know it's only going to get better, as Scientology CANNOT learn from their own mistakes. They're "Cause over life"/so they believe, and as long as they believe
that, get your popcorn, soda's and keep on sharing the stories! :popcorn:

Thanks for listening.....and Happy Saturday!

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Post by delavigne » Sat Oct 22, 2005 8:31 pm

Speaking of critics reaching critical mass: A friend of mine who lives in Clearwater, Florida told me that he found an anonymous letter next to his paper this morning. I don't have the complete details, but I do know the letter included a transcript of Arnie Lerma's interview with Tom Gorman. I wonder how many others received this letter...

People are getting outraged, and I agree that we have Tom and Katie (not to mention you brave souls spreading the word) to thank for that.


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Post by xenusuncle » Sun Oct 23, 2005 12:06 am

Dear J.

I found your essay to be Excellent. Which is no small thing given I am an Excellent judge of Excellent essays myself (lol).

Do you have any objection to me cross-posting it to the ARS?

It seems to me the Beauty of an Excellent Essay is that it Awakens a certain Truth and Reality that we intuitively knew within ourselves but were unable (of ourselves) to articulate, prior to it's appearance.

Which Awakening is not without Consequence.

Witness History.


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