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 Post subject: How COB came to be the dominant person in tech
PostPosted: Thu Jun 09, 2005 9:52 pm 
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Posted to ARS by Chuck Beatty.

Comments and input wanted, especially from ex-SO.

Info from former Int Base staffer:

How COB grew to become the dominant
person in the area of tech.

1) Ray took over as Snr C/S Int in about Sept '82.
LRH was extremely complimentary to and about him
in the advices of that time. In technical matters,
no one was senior to Ray except LRH himself.

2) As RTC developed, they formed, under VA [Vicki
Aznaran], the tech unit. Kevin True, Abby Ambron,
Adrienne Ambron, Hansueli Stahli, Nina Paul, Hara
O'Hare, Nicola Corrias. Spike Bush was IG Cram Off.

3) Ray Mitoff was still the top guy in tech matters,
up through the RTC re-org that occurred in early 1987.

4) In '87, DM ousted VA, he busted Jesse Prince,
Spike Bush and most of the tech unit, and became COB
RTC. DM set up the IG, IG Ethics, IG Tech and IG Admin
system, with Greg Wilhere as IG (replacing VA), Marty
Rathbun as IG Ethics, Ray Mitoff as IG Tech and Mark
Yager as IG Admin. Ray Mitoff as IG Tech was still
the top tech person in the movement.

5) Under Ray Mitoff as IG Tech, there was Hansueli
Stahli, Hara O'Hare, Nicola Corrias, and a couple
others. When Ray Mitoff moved up to IG Tech, Jeff
Walker was promoted to Snr C/S Int.

6) Starting in this time period, as tech flaps
occurred, DM as COB RTC increasingly invalidated Ray
Mitoff's handlings (Ray as IG Tech was DM's junior
in RTC). DM began ordering directly directly on
tech matters.

7) In spring of 1990, KTL and LOC were released.
COB pushed the RTC planning calling for at least 3
people sent to ITO (Int Training Org at middle
management, in Los Angeles),. Two main changes were
introduced: all orgs had to send at least 3 people
to the ITO for training to become part of the KTL
delivery team; and
all Scientologists, staff and public, were required to
do KTL as their next action, and in many cases were
put on it in the middle of a course or auditing action
that they had already started. There was intense
effort on the part of the RTC tech staff to get
compliance to programs and orders related to this.

8) While evidently all orgs DID send three
people to the ITO, the tech and qual divisions of
many orgs were to one degree or another unmocked.
Many public complained about HAVING to do KTL. And
if you ever looked at long term delivery stats
internationally, there was a distinct peak in 1990
and a steady downtrend for some years afterwards.

9) Anyway, it became clear that by then DM was
calling many of the shots technically. Then in 1993
the March 13th event was in CW. After the event DM did
inspections at the FSO. The shit hit the fan in
several areas. Because the tech was found to be bad,
Ray was busted back to CMOI, as was MY. RTC was
reorganized. Many, many projects and missions were
sent to the FSO to handle it.

10) Ray had more or less fallen from grace, and
Hara and
Hansueli, who were still in RTC, had now become senior
to Ray, not just administratively but also
technically. Pauline Flood, who had been in Snr C/S
Int Office, was promoted to RTC in some tech capacity,
and even she was in some ways senior to Ray.

11) The '93 FSO fiasco was a typical example of
DM being "overworked" and "the only one who can handle
things." Reportedly at a meeting in the CMO Int
conference room with DM and many CMOI execs after DM
returned to the base from the FSO (where he had been
for several weeks or months), at the beginning of the
meeting he turned to Ray and said something like,
"Ray, I could knock you right through the wall." The
implication was that the "out-tech" that DM had found
at the FSO was appalling and Ray, as IG Tech, should
have handled it or not let it get that way.

[former Int Base staffer]

"Is leaving Scientology the new black?"

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 10, 2005 4:45 am 
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Great info, thanks for posting this..and thanks to the Int Base Staffer who sent it :)

I wonder just how many Int Base Staffers there are these days. Anyone have a clue?

And are we talking about "Gold" when you say, "Int Base Staffer" ....a few of the other areas referred to as "Int". (Mainly the HGB).

I know Gold has be super empty looking the last two times I've been out there.


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Burbank, CA
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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2005 5:58 am 
Tory when were you last out at Gold? What year? and I also wonder what role does Jentz play these days. Back in 1986 or 87 I saw a picture of him along with Ken Hoden who was identified as President of the LA Flock. You also see his name in a lot of the court cases. No one ever mentions these two except when they are connected to K Henson. Where have they gone?


 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2005 6:29 am 

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Ken Hoden was in the RPF with his wife Lisa in June/July of 04. He was sent to the PAC RPF with another 30 or more INT/GOLD staff who were all busted to PAC RPF in August of 2003.

Lisa's former husband Francisco Frau was fitness boarded from the PAC RPF in 2003.

I do know more...but I can't remember.

Sorry, that is all I can tell for now. I will ask around.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2005 7:11 am 
What is the difference between RPF and PAC RPF? What does fitness boarded mean? Do they send guys like Ray Mithoff and Jentz to the RPF?


 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2005 10:33 pm 

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There is an RPF at the Int Base in Hemet and there is one in PAC (in LA -- "Big Blue"). The PAC RPF is considered "junior" to the Int RPF. Fitness boarded means found unqualified or unfit for the Sea Org and booted (usually after much sec checking and mest work and dragging out).

Yes, sometimes guys like Mithoff and Jentz are sent to the RPF. Marc Yager was sent to the RPF at one point some years ago. He was actually declared an SP and allowed to stay and sent. He was, I think, IG Admin at the time when he was sent.

Where's Francisco Frau now? Anyone know?

Anyone know DM's tech training level? Case Level? Admin Training Level?

Ann Marie

Ann Marie Woodward
17 years in, 2 and a half years out!

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 13, 2005 2:12 am 
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Francisco Frau? Wholly owned and operated, its been a long time since I heard about Francisco ! I remember when he arrived at FOLO EU from Italy.

he came there along about the same time as Tory's old boss - Gavino Idda - hey Tory is he still married to Gloria?

"This ain't no upwardly mobile freeway,
This is the road - to hell"

Chris Rea

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Mon Jun 13, 2005 3:41 am 
If a member of the Sea Org takes time off for personal family reasons - how is that looked upon by "the bosses"? From what I have gathered in my lurking (correct me if I am wrong) i am assuming that when you go to the RPF you are assigned a twin and that twin goes where you go at all times. Do they ever assign a husband or wife to be a twin to their spouse (that is if they stay married). If someone geta a leave who watches them?

The experience I have had with my RPFer in the past six months is absolutely different that what has been described here on OC. I am not saying that the posters are not telling truths (I am sure they are), but I am wondering why my RPFer has been allowed certain privileges. I am so worried that my loved one will have to spend more time in the RPF than expected. I keep thinking that this person will be kept in RPF for a very long time. Who is the supervisor in the RPF?

Is the RPF at the Int Base tougher than PAC RPF (what did Ann Marie mean by "junior RPF"?


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PostPosted: Mon Jun 13, 2005 4:16 am 
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"Anyone know DM's tech training level? Case Level? Admin Training Level? "

I have been wondering this very same thing myself.

Does anyone here know the answer to this question?

codo ergo sum.

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 13, 2005 5:48 am 

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I wonder if the INT RPF still exists, I don't know but it seems odd that so many INT staff have been sent to the PAC RPF, also per recent posts the Hemet base looks unkempt, so there must not be as many RPFers there doing work like gardening, etc. Maybe it is more of a "DPF" (Decks Project Force) for short term punishment?

Recently, people who are fitness boarded or route out are given what is called a "Probational SP Declare". This is a new invention, and is basically an SP declare where you have to do A to E, PLUS a program of training, auditing, etc at your own expense, PLUS route back in to the Sea Org through the RPF.

The difference is that you can still attend events and are encouraged to work for scientologists, although you are not allowed to be an FSM. You are supposed to check in with CJC (Continental Justice Cheif) and keep them updated on your progress.

Also, You are not allowed to contact any "declared" SPs, so this prevents you from contacting family or friends you may have been forced to disconnect from earlier. It also prevents you from contacting any critics, or posting your story on line.

I think this is a ploy to keep tabs on people, and keep them connected. If they are working for scientologists, they will be less likely to go to the internet, or be disaffected, plus the scientologists around them will of course write KRs on any Bad Indicators (BIs) they observe, so they will still be under scientology control.

In reality, people are offloaded because they are too old or sick or PTS to be useful anymore, so it is very unlikely they will ever get back in even if they do the "probational" program.

Francisco Frau probably got one of these probational declares, and like many others, is probably still in the LA area trying to do his program. I don't know though.

Lisa Hodens father posted here a few months ago looking for information about her. I hope he found out what he wanted to know.

Often, executives from one org are sent to another orgs RPF so the staff and public won't recognize them, so it is not unusual for Flag execs to get sent to PAC, etc.

Also, after the Lisa McPherson publicity, alot of the sick or old or PTS staff or RPFers were sent from Flag to PAC.

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 13, 2005 4:38 pm 

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I do not know DMs case or training level, but I have my suspicions.

If he were OT VIII, FEBC, SHSBC, Class XII (like he SHOULD be in his position) I am sure we would all have heard about it.

I have not been able to find his name on any completion lists going back over 20 years. (Thanks Kristi!) I never heard about any of it while I was in.

So, what I suspect is that he KNOWS it is a scam, and has been in it for the money and power ever since his grabs for power starting back in the early 80's. The strange circumstances surrounding LRHs death and the new will signed supposedly the day he died and a week after he had a major stroke, and notarized by no other than David Miscavage himself, along with the strange disappearance of the "Loyal Officers" is further evidence that DM has other motives.

I suspect DMs idea of "clearing the planet" really means "clearing your bank account".

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 13, 2005 5:28 pm 

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Moonbeam, The RPF I/C (in charge) at PAC was Alex Meyer last I heard. (6 months or so ago).

It is very unusual for ANY Sea Org, let alone RPFer to get visits or leaves. I got ONE 3 day leave the whole time I was there. I got in big trouble for allowing my juniors to go on leaves, even though I did the routing form for them and held their posts and did not crash the precious stats while they were gone. One person I granted a leave to had not visited their family in over 20 years!

When someone gets cards and letters and care packages and visits, it does upset the other staff. It makes them feel jealous and reminds them of all they are missing. That is why it is discouraged, staff are supposed to be gung ho on production and the bridge. Caring about family is considered to be off purpose, and is called being "PTS to the middle class". It is considered "out-Ethics". Remember that in scientology out-ethics means anything other than 100% dedication to scientology.

People do get RPFed for having too much attention on their families. People get offloaded for having long term unresolved PTS situations, such as family who threaten to sue, or unresolved problems with their children who blew, for example a parent who refuses to disconnect from a child who was declared SP.

What scientology WANTS you to do is to back off. What I recommend you do is redouble your efforts to keep in touch. Yes, this will prevent your RPFer from getting off the RPF, until it becomes obvious they are not going to disconnect from you, at which point they will probably be fitness boarded and kicked out of the Sea Org.

Then the healing can begin.

Just be careful not to antagonize anybody and give them a reason to cut you off. Bear in mind that being on the RPF means the person has some doubts or disaffection. The purpose of the RPF is intense brainwashing with such processes as the Truth Rundown, False purpose rundown, Sec Checks, False Data Stripping, Rollbacks, etc, etc. The only way you can get off the RPF is by running these processes for as long as it takes until you get the approved "EP" (end phenomenon) of agreeing that scientology is the only thing that matters.

If after a certain amount of time, and it could be years, you are not making progress with this brainwashing, you will get offloaded.

Another year on the RPF is a whole lot better than graduating and going back on to a post, where your doubts and disagreements come up again and you have to start the RPF all over.

I recommend all concerned family members write, call, demand visits, just keep the pressure on. It will drive scientology crazy, and get your loved one free faster.

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 22, 2005 6:32 am 

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DM taking over the tech? Simple:

(to the tune in that HMS Pinaphore musical)
He licked Ron's @$$ so carefully,
That now he runs the LRH Navy!


 Post subject:
PostPosted: Fri Jun 24, 2005 11:48 pm 

Alex is still in charge of the RPF and he is the one giveing my RPFer what seems to be special previleges - I wish I could give details, but I can't because it would probably endanger the situation. But the difference in treatment is significant - I realize that my RPFer has probably been on the RPF longer that is let on.


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PostPosted: Fri Jul 01, 2005 6:33 am 

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I left the Int Base in 1998. To my knowledge, David Miscavige was on his OT VII. I don't think he had much admin or tech training other than solo. Nor is he a high school graduate!
FYI, back in the mid-90's, at many of the infamous "base briefings" (he would speak to/yell at) ASI, RTC, CMOI, CMO Gold, ESI, Gold--about how NO ONE ANYWHERE IN SCIENTOLOGY COULD AUDIT. Not at Flag, at Int, at CC INT, no where. He told us that when Jan Norton was the D of P at Flag years ago, she allowed 750 people to attest to OT VII who had not made it. They were all OPs, he said none of them knew how to audit, didn't know what they were doing on Solo Nots. He created the "Golden Age of Tech" as a PR strategy, to "perfect the tech", when in fact, it was his personal "PR" strategy to get everyone in scientology to re-do their training because they didn't know what they were doing. He knew that tech in Scientology was totally out of control. Much less the financial aspects of getting everyone to pay for all their training all over again. During that whole fiasco of the development of all the Golden Age of Tech drills
in the Senior C/S Int's office, Ray Mithoff was busted early on for not creating the drills and for his office taking so long to create them. He spent weeks (maybe months?) scrubbing toilets and floors with toothbrushes, and Miscavige made him sleep in a tent on the slope behind the upper villas on the Int base. There was no Snr C/S Int for so long--a year maybe--even though they faked in whenever there were Int events like at Flag, St. Hill, etc. Ray Mithoff was gotten off his toilet scrubbing and dressed up in his Class A uniform and stood in line like a mannequin along with the rest of the senior execs, as if everything was perfect and normal, the scientology world was not to know that he had been off post for so long...I remember one of the reasons he was taken off post was because he signed off on numerous Int RPFer PC folders without reading the worksheets. Also, there were numerous HCOBs that were altered by RTRC staff, HCOBs that got included in the 1991 OEC Volumes that came out that year. Russ Williams, an RTRC staff member who had gotten promoted to be SEI (Services Exec Int) confessed to alterning several HCOB's including the danger condition formula (expanded). He just added several steps into it on his own. The gross part was--they were all authorized within RTC I/A (Issue Authority, the gods of standard tech), "keepers of the tech." This may already be known but Sue and Dan Koon and Ray Mithoff wrote most of the NOTs rundowns, and Mithoff was constantly in trouble for not getting the rest of them done. - Unleashed

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