Copenhagen August 05

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Copenhagen August 05

Post by Pippi_le_peu » Mon Aug 22, 2005 2:43 pm

I was in Copenhagen recently and just wanted to report on sundry clam sightings.

There were "Dianetics - E-meter" restimulation tables in both RÃ¥dhusplats and at the Rundtorn. To their great credit, the Scientologists are now advertizing their E-meter trial rides as "Free stress tests" - which is a fair, though crude, approximation of what the E-meter meters. There was not much public attention to them, so. at least when I walked up, they had undercover Scientologists milling around pretending to be interested wogs. Unfortunately, these undercover types don't blend in very well. Sad.

A poster in the Vestebrogade Dianetics implantation center announces "Scientology - the 5th (or was it 7th?) most searched word on the Internet". When all you have is lemons ...

The building across from the courthouse which Scientology occupied several (2 ?) years ago is still unoccupied though a paper sign promises that it is under renovation. It was under renovation a year and a half ago too.

They apparently are making OT's wander around with little engraved plastic name tags with the OT logo on it. Tacky!

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Post by catarina » Sun Aug 28, 2005 1:15 am

Thanks for the report, Pippi. Non-business as usual, eh?


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