Was L. Ron Hubbard Sexually Molested as a Child?

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J. Swift
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Was L. Ron Hubbard Sexually Molested as a Child?

Post by J. Swift » Fri Feb 17, 2006 5:44 am

ref: http://www.scientology.org/en_US/l-ron- ... index.html

At the official Scientology website, LRH's latest biography is offered. We are told:
At the end of 1923, young Ron traveled to Washington, D.C. via the Panama Canal, meeting Commander Joseph C. Thompson of the U.S. Navy Medical Corps. Commander Thompson was the first officer sent by the U.S. Navy to study under Sigmund Freud, and took it upon himself to pass on the essentials of Freudian theory to his young friend. Through his friendship,? Ron noted, "I attended many lectures given at naval hospitals and generally became conversant with psychoanalysis as it had been exported from Austria by Freud.
Scientology tells us that a US Naval Officer took L. Ron Hubbard to lectures on Freudian psychotherapy in 1923 when Ron was only twelve years old. Freudian psychotherapy deals heavily with human sexuality and sexual repression. Why was an adult male taking a twelve year old boy to lectures that dealt with human sexuality and Freud's graphic descriptions of sexual repression and sexual acts? This would today be viewed as a singularly unhealthy and unnatural relationship between a man and a boy. It suggests that Commander Thompson could have been a pedophile who was grooming young L. Ron Hubbard for sexual molestation. If Hubbard was sexually molested by Commander Thompson it might explain Hubbard's adult behavior. As one author says:
Many untreated survivors of severe childhood abuse appear to spend considerable time and energy balancing trauma-related distress and intrusion with avoidance mechanisms such as dissociation, externalization, or substance abuse
Was Dianetics and Scientology, in some way, LRH's attempt to heal himself of having been molested? Dianetics and Scientology are all about "energy flows" or, "energy balancing of trauma-related distress and intrusion." LRH did exhibit, "avoidance mechanisms such as dissociation, externalization, or substance abuse." Scientology is all about dissociating from "wog" reality so perhaps Ron needed to create an alternate reality where he was all powerful and could never be abused again. Hubbard also externalized all of his threats: The FBI, aliens, English Bankers, etc. -- Ron may have well externalized all of his pain into SP's. And what if Fair Game is an expression of Ron's need to destroy people he had unconsciously externalized so that they represented the man who molested him?

Could a phenomena Ron called "snapping terminals" have caused Ron to dress as a US Navy Commander in his later adult life because he was molested by a US Navy Commander?

Is this a possibility?


This is all very disturbing. L. Ron Hubbard wanted people to believe that he had become, "conversant with psychoanalysis as it had been exported from Austria by Freud? at age twelve through his "friendship" with an adult male authority figure. But maybe there was more to this? Was Ron covering up for his abuser as many children do when threatened with violence by their abuser?

Let me ask you this if you are a parent: Would you allow your twelve year old son to attend lectures about human sexuality that discussed explicit repressed sexual content with an adult male?

What are we to make of this matter? On the one hand, Scientology is out to destroy psychiatry, and yet as others have pointed out, L. Ron Hubbard clings tenaciously to Sigmund Freud - the greatest psychiatrist of all time -- in order to establish his authority as an expert in the human mind. On the other hand, the way in which Hubbard establishes his expertise in Freudian psychoanalysis is either very disturbing or it is a lie. Did L. Ron Hubbard learn about psychosis tragically and firsthand as a victim of Commander Thompson?


Is this section of Hubbard's biography just another lie in the endless series of lies told by L. Ron Hubbard? Are we to believe that a twelve year old boy in 1923 could grasp Freudian psychoanalysis? Are we to accept that an adult male exposed the twelve year old L. Ron Hubbard to the sexually-laden content of Freud innocently?

This whole story is suspicious and disturbing on so many levels and yet Scientology presents it all as if it were remarkable. What is remarkable is how disturbing this episode is if it is true.

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Post by Ladybird » Fri Feb 17, 2006 5:58 am

From Hubbards "Admissions and Affirmations":
"I have a very bad masturbatory history. I was taught when I was 11 and,
despite guilt, fear of insanity, etc. etc. I persisted. At a physical
examination at a Y when I was about 13, the examiner and the people with him
called me out of the line because my testicles hung low and cautioned me
about what would happen if I kept on masturbating. This "discovery" was a
bad shock to me.

I had to be so silent about it that now when a bedspring squeaks I lose all
libido. I eventually found out I would not be insane, or injure myself but
the scars remain. - L. Ron Hubbard
I wonder who "taught" him, maybe that was not all he was taught?

This is from "A Handbook For Preclears" and gives a pretty sad veiw of sex. Apparently Hubbard equates old memories of sex with pain:
"The facsimiles of an individual can become considerably scrambled by
Practically all the ape family and Man masturbate. Masturbation is a
prohibition result. It
couldn't drive anyone crazy. But it can make the individual pull old sex
facsimiles into present
time for self-stimulation and opens the door for him to desire facsimiles to
be in present time.
After awhile he will be pulling pain facsimiles into present time." - LRH
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J. Swift
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Post by J. Swift » Fri Feb 17, 2006 6:05 am

"I have a very bad masturbatory history. I was taught when I was 11...
Oh my God! That is just very, very disturbing when we compare it against LRH's "friendship" with Commander Thompson.


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Post by butwehave11 » Fri Feb 17, 2006 6:27 am

J. Swift you really have outdone yourself, this is fascinating. And it would explain a hell of a lot, the paranoia, delusions, meglomania, and the preoccupation with vengeance on SP's. You have outdone yourselves, fellas!
I fart in your general direction!

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Post by Ladybird » Fri Feb 17, 2006 8:28 am

Here are some LRH quotes about sex and "perverts", taken from a post by Ida Camburn:

The teachings of the Church of Scientology are based upon the writings
of its founder, L. Ron Hubbard (1911-1986). He was a very prolific
author, having written over 200 books - largely in science fiction and
fantasy. One of his most famous books was published in 1950-MAY,
"Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health." 1 It has never gone
out of print since. It has sold over 17 million copies worldwide. Book
2, Chapter 5, Page 120 says, in part:

"The sexual pervert (and by this term Dianetics, to be brief, includes
any and all forms of deviation in dynamic two such as homosexuality,
lesbianism, sexual sadism, etc., and all down the catalog of Ellis and
) is actually quite ill physically." - LRH

The term "dynamic two" within Dianetics normally refers to the human
urge to procreate. Ellis and Krafft-Ebing were two early researchers
into human sexuality.

One year later, in 1951, Hubbard published "Science of Survival:
Prediction of Human Behavior." 2 One source has quoted excerpts from
it. 3 Hubbard crated a "tone scale" which classifies individuals and
human behavior. The scale runs from -3 to +4. He apparently rated gay
and lesbian behavior at a 1.1. Book One, Chapter 18, Page 116 says:

"At 1.1 on the tone scale, we enter the area of the most vicious
reversal of the second dynamic. Here we have promiscuity, perversion,
sadism and irregular practices." - LRH

This presumably includes homosexuality. In Book One, Chapter 27, Page

163, he writes:

"From 1.3 down to 0.6 we have the general area of the subversive, who
promises a people freedom and equality and gives them a slaughter of
their best minds and cultural institutions, to the end of a
totalitarian dominance." - LRH

In Page 89-90, he writes:

"Such people should be taken from the society as rapidly as possible
and uniformly institutionalized; for here is the level of the contagion
of immorality, and the destruction of ethics...No social order which
desires to survive dates overlook its stratum 1.1's. No social order
will survive which does not remove these people from its midst." - LRH

From "The Affirmations..."

[/quote]"Testosterone makes you sexy. It makes things beautiful and arouses
you. But this is will. You can be aroused at will.

Naked bodies and sexy allusion stimulate you wonderfully.

You have forgotten the case histories of Havelock Ellis. They
did not surfeit you. You have forgotten them.

You do not masturbate. Masturbation cannot harm you in any way but you
would rather have women."[/quote]


"Havelock Ellis (1859-1939)
English essayist, psychologist, a pioneer in establishing a modern, scientific approach to the study of sex. Ellis's magnum opus was Studies in the Psychology of Sex (7 vols., 1897-1928). Until 1935 his work was legally available only to the medical profession.

In his work Ellis had presented some 80 cases of homosexual males, concluding that homosexual behavior was not a disease or a crime."

Dr. Ellis was also a member of the Fabian Society...LRH often referred to the Sea Org as "Fabian". Ellis also experimented with hallucinogens (which Hubbard would not allow in the Sea Org), and spent a lot of time at Sea as a boy...he also was critical of Freud's opinions on sex...(later Hubbard would reject all psychs, except for Freud). It would make sense for Hubbard to make a point of Ellis if he were in fact introduced to his teachings as a young boy by a pedophile....

I don't have time to look into this more right now, but I think you could be on to something big J. Swift!

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Markus G.
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Post by Markus G. » Fri Feb 17, 2006 7:46 pm

butwehave11 wrote:J. Swift you really have outdone yourself, this is fascinating. And it would explain a hell of a lot, the paranoia, delusions, meglomania, and the preoccupation with vengeance on SP's. You have outdone yourselves, fellas!

Wouldn't it explain Thompson's nickname as well?



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Post by lermanet_com » Fri Feb 17, 2006 8:01 pm

A snake... That is the american indian representation of the penis
of the "Twisted one"... the representation of evil. And it is on Alestair Crowley's Red-haired fool card.

and yeah, J Swift, you have demonstrated uncanny insight here, once again the best place to hide something is right in front of you..thank you

and thanks markus for popping this one up to the top topic line.. i mightah missed it, otherwise.

Arnie Lerma

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J. Swift
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Post by J. Swift » Fri Feb 17, 2006 8:56 pm

butwehave11, this is an interesting theory that could have great explanatory power in terms of Hubbard's behavior as a teenager, young man, and all through his life. Hubbard had a great need for a fantasy world where he, or his characters, were heroic and battled a single evil man. The subtext of revenge, of destruction, and of killing a single evil man is a dominant theme in Hubbard's fiction and non-fiction.

Hubbard had Xenu destroy everyone in Incident III. Could Incident III represent the repressed and violent loss of Hubbard's innocence to a molestor? Read psychologically, the OT Levels could be a psychotic, coded parable Hubbard wrote about his having been molested multiple times and what he did in his imagination to take revenge against his molestor: He killed him over and over in his mind. He saw his molestor in the faces of all humanity as a young boy and so, as an adult, he had to have Xenu destroy populations. To this point, anyone who doesn't realize that Hubbard is Xenu does not understand Scientology in its occult form.

LRH's notion of clusters resonates with the feeling of victims of multiple molestations: They can never get rid of the feeling of the rapes that are "stuck" to them. If Hubbard suffered multiple molestations, he could have "clusters" of powerful negative emotion stuck to him. Look at his own definitions:
Cluster: A cluster is a group of body thetans (BTs) crushed or held together by some mutual bad experience. (HCOB 5.2.70, Iss. II.) The mutual incident is a heavy engram which happened to all the thetans in the cluster and is the exact point in time and space where they “became one�.

Mutual incident: A severe engram which happened to a number of thetans, the picture (which they have in common), keeps them stuck together in that incident. It has a precise date down to the second and fractions of a second and a precise location in space.

Cumulative cluster: A cumulative cluster is made up of other earlier clusters (see HCOB 29.10.69R for illustration). It is a cluster to which other BTs and clusters have been added by later mutual incidents, all stuck together.
Hubbard could have transformed his multiple molestations by Commander Thompson into a spiritual-literary motif of body thetans and clusters of body thetans.


Another aspect of this theory is that Hubbard later was "restimulated" when he allegedly had to submit to gay sex with Jack Parsons as part of his occult iniation into OTO. In this case, Hubbard would have experienced, via drugs and hypnosis used in the initiation, a sense of demons. Hubbard alludes to some sort of very bad occult encounter with Parsons in his Admissions:
(d) Any distaste I may have for Jack Parsons originated in a psychic experiment. Such distaste is foolish. He is my friend and
As Hubbard restated all spiritual phenomena he ever encountered into his own terms, he could have restated the trauma of a sexual-demonic initation given by Parsons in terms of BT's and clusters.

Parsons was a strong male authority figure when LRH first met him in 1945. If LRH had to endure ritual sexual debasement at the hands of Parsons in order to get into the sphere of the then very infamous Aliester Crowley, this would explain why LRH later took revenge on Parsons by swindling him of $20,000 in a deal on buying and selling boats as well as taking Parson's girlfriend.

In his Admissions, Hubbard makes strange and coded remarks:
You worked to darken your own children. This failure, with them, was only apparent. The evident lack of effectiveness was "ordered." The same psychology works perfectly on everyone else. You use it with great confidence.
Who would work to darken their own children except a man who had himself been darkened?
I need not subscribe to any moral code of sex anywhere
Is Hubbard here looking for a way to cleanse himself, to say that what happened to him was of no consequence because he wanted to be dead to any feeling? Inasmuch as Scientology is about taking a person and systematically making them dead to their feelings, was Hubbard reproducing in others the techniques he had used to deaden himself to the horror of the sexual abuse he may have experienced at the hands of Commander Thompson?
That things sexual thrill me. That I am now returned to the same
feelings I had at 16 about sex where excitement is concerned. That
naked women and pornography excite me greatly. That Sara excites me
greatly and gives me much pleasure.
Why does Hubbard have to convince himself that sexual things thrill him? Is it because he was scarred? And what was the sexual excitement of age 16? With what was it associated? Did Hubbard experience the Stockholm Syndrome and identify with his abuser? Would this account for him spending much of his adult life dressed in a US Navy uniform? This matter of the Navy uniform is strange because it seems to serve as a fetish for Hubbard. He failed miserably in his Naval career as he admitted and yet the uniform remains in his life.


One wonders if Hubbard was a victim who in turn victimized people in other ways. One always wonders why Hubbard was so obsessed with the sex lives of others and made long and detailed sexual confessions a requirment of joining staff and SO. Did LRH need to make sure that other people had been as dirtied by sex as he had been?

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Post by Ladybird » Fri Feb 17, 2006 10:33 pm

I found a few more peices of information that might fit this theory:

Commander Joseph "Snake" Cheesman Thompson, born 1874 was apparently not a psychoanalyst, but a biologist who wrote books on garter snakes and other reptiles...not all data confirmed yet, but here is a start:
A slight coincidence: William Sims Bainbridge, who wrote
sociological articles about Scientology, is a descendent of
Commander "Snake" Thompson.
William Sims
Bainbridge has new information on Commander "Snake" Thompson,
described as a student of Freud by L. Ron Hubbard. Here is
Bainbridge's statement on "Snake Thompson," quoted with permission:

"Snake Thompson was the best friend of my great uncle, Con
(Consuelo Seoane). Together, around 1911, they spent nearly two years
as American spies inside the Japanese Empire, charting possible
invasion routes and counting all the Japanese fortifications and naval
guns. It was an official but top secret joint Army-Navy spy
expedition, with Con representing the Army, and Snake, the Navy. They
pretended to be South African naturalists studying Japanese reptiles
and amphibians, and Con was constantly worried that Snake had a camera
hidden in his creel, which would get them shot if the Japanese checked
too closely. Thompson habitually wore a green scarf fastened with a
gold pin in the shape of a snake."

Bio from: http://www.imminst.org/book1/
William Sims Bainbridge, Ph.D. Deputy Director for the Division of Information and Intelligent Systems at the National Science Foundation, Dr. Bainbridge has written fourteen books and numerous book chapters and articles concerning science, sociology and advancing technology.

Progress Toward Cyberimmortality "Advances in information technology are essential for most of the imaginable means for achieving immortality, and fundamental to many. Before nanoscale robots are sent into a person's body to repair the damage from aging, computers will have to analyze what is needed and design the nanobots..."

From W.Barwell:

1. LRH is a known liar and poor source of information.
2. The tale is prima facie unlikely in the extreme.
3. There is good evidence, LRH's diary, to doubt his claim as
this diary shows LRH did not spent the summer studying with Snake.
4. LRH's story Snake was a personal student of Freud is false
as shown by utter lack of Thompson's name in any of Freud's
records which are volumous and well known. A student would
surely show up here and Thompson simply does not.
5. There is very good evidence to show Thompson was a working
zoologist and none to show he was a working psychoanalyst
despite your specific claims this is true.

From another Barwell post: In 1984, Thompson's own (step) daughter provided
> the Church with a charcoal sketch of her father. She pointed
> out that his name is written the way his friends in the
> Orient used to spell it. It is "Joe Tom Sun," with snakes
> drawn into the tops of the capital letters.

http://groups.google.com/group/alt.reli ... oe+Tom+Sun

Interestingly, the symbol of a snake is associated with homosexuality...and the occult. Also, "Snake Thompson" was in Japan at the time of the "Homosexual Awakening" there that opened a new era of gay freedom, especially beween men and boys (1912). The wearing of a neck scarf was another popular way of conveying that one was a homosexual at that time. While researching this, I also found that the triangle and the word "Apollo" have very significant homosexual and occult meanings.

This is all speculation at this point...but it would explain alot about Hubbard.
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J. Swift
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Post by J. Swift » Sat Feb 18, 2006 12:08 am

Ladybird, I was surprised, as would many Westerners be, to learn that a pedophile tradition existed in the Japanse samuri tradition similar to the ancient Greek tradition:
Koshiro Mifune, the popular actor famed for his characterizations of quick-witted, taciturn samurai, never uttered a word about it. Akira Kurosawa, the well-known movie director, kept inscrutably mum. Not one of the many hundreds of samurai movies made in the past century even as much as hinted at it nanshoku, the love of the samurai*. From its pivotal position in the education, code of honor, and erotic life of the samurai class, the love of youths has sunk below the level of the untouchable to the level of the unmentionable, truly the love that dare not speak its name. But the indelible fact remains that one of the fundamental aspects of samurai life was the emotional and sexual bond cultivated between an older warrior and a younger apprentice, a love for which the Japanese have many names, as many perhaps as the Eskimo have for snow.

The samurai often called it bi-do, the beautiful way, and guarded the tradition jealously. Ijiri Chusuke, in 1482 argued:

"In our empire of Japan this way flourished from the time of the great master Kobo. In the abbeys of Kyoto and Kamakura, and in the world of the nobles and the warriors, lovers would swear perfect and eternal love relying on no more than their mutual good will. Whether their partners were noble or common, rich or poor, was absolutely of no importance. In all these case they were greatly moved by the spirit of this way. This way must be truly respected, and it must never be permitted to disappear."

Known also as wakashudo, the way of the youth, it was a practice engaged in by all members of the samurai class, from lowliest warrior to highest lord. Indeed it has been said that it would never have been asked of a daimyo, lord, why he took boys as lovers, but why he didn't. This last is not a question that would have troubled, for example, the three great shoguns who unified Japan, Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, or Tokugawa Ieyasu, nor for that matter Miyamoto Musashi, the author of The Book of Five Rings.

In its key aspects, wakashudo (often abbreviated to shudo and synonymous with nanshoku, the current term for male love, written with the glyphs for male and color was an eerily accurate analog of the institution of pederasty which flourished two thousand years earlier in classical Greece. Like pederasty it was a relationship between an adult man and an adolescent male. Like it, it ended or transformed into platonic friendship as the youth came of age. Like pederasty, it was a pedagogic relationship fired by the energy of mutual erotic attraction. And in like fashion, it was not exclusive of the love of women. Samurai married, though usually later in life, just as the Greek warriors did. Museum: Wakashu and lover holding hands

The Japanese as well as the Greeks equated the love between a man and a beardless youth with all that was best in human nature, seeing it at times as the path to such ideals, and at other times as the goal itself. Simonides, in a famous drinking song from the fifth century BCE declares:

Hear the four best things a man can ask of life:
Health unmarred lifelong, beauty of form and act,
Honest gain of wealth, and while one is still a boy,
To come to brightest bloom among heroic lovers.

Those words were to be echoed two thousand years later, on a more Confucian if less exuberant note, by an anonymous writer in 1653, the author of Inu Tsurezure, A Dog Idle Hours?:

It is natural for a samurai to make every effort to excel with pen and sword. Beyond that, what is important to us is not ever to forget, even to our last moment, the spirit of shudo. If we should forget it, it will not be possible for us to maintain the decencies, nor gentleness of speech, nor the refinements of polite behavior....
ref: http://www.androphile.org/preview/Cultu ... /japan.htm

In light of this, perhaps Commander Thompson groomed Ron based upon the Samurai and Greek traditions by teaching him that pedophilia was a high warrior form of love.

Ron's father appeared to be indifferent to his son, for he allowed Ron to spend considerable amounts of time alone with Snake Thompson. A cold, distant father and a boy who wants the approval and love of a father figure is the perfect condition of which a pedophile would take advantage.

If young LRH did believe that homosexuality was a noble right of warrior passage then his later homoerotic activities with Jack Parsons as a way into Aliester Crowley's sphere of magickal influence would have seemed normal to Ron given the way in which Commander Thompson may have groomed him for molestation under the guise of warrior initiation.

Continuing on with LRH's bio at Scientology.com we read of sixteen year old Ron:
In 1927, at the age of sixteen, Ron took the first of his several voyages across the Pacific to Asia. There, both on his own and in the company of an officer attached to the British legation, he took advantage of this unique opportunity to study Far Eastern culture. Among others he befriended and learned from was a thoroughly insightful Beijing magician who represented the last of the line of Chinese magicians from the court of Kublai Khan.

Although primarily renowned as an entertainer, Old Mayo was also well versed in China's ancient wisdom that had been handed down from generation to generation. Ron passed many evenings in the company of such wise men, eagerly absorbing their words.
ref:http://www.scientology.org/en_US/l-ron- ... pg005.html

The irony of "Old Mayo" aside, we have Ron spending, "many evenings in the company of such wise men, eagerly absorbing their words." We have Ron and Old Mayo spending time together alone. Why is a sixteen year old boy spending his evenings with older men in China? Is he continuing on in the path Commander Thompson set him on: Man-boy sex as a ritual way of acceptance into other cultures?

Where are Hubbard's parents in all this?


Ron's bio at scientology.org has a six year old Ron spending time alone with a Blackfoot Indian medicine man:
It was also through these early years that Ron first encountered another culture, that of the Blackfoot Indians, then still living in isolated settlements on the outskirts of Helena. His particular friend was an elderly medicine man, commonly known as Old Tom.

Establishing a unique friendship with the normally taciturn Indian, Ron was soon initiated into the various secrets of the tribe, their legends, customs and methods of survival in a harsh environment. At the age of six, he became a blood brother of the Blackfeet, an honor bestowed on few white men.
ref: http://www.scientology.org/en_US/l-ron- ... pg003.html

Now we have Ron, as very young boy, "Establishing a unique friendship with the normally taciturn Indian," older man.

The Scientology bio of Ron shows a young boy basically unsupervised, even abandoned, by his parents. Thus, young Ron spends time alone with adult males, one of whom spent time in Japan during a homosexual renaissance and could have become accustomed with the pedophile Samuri culture of Japan. Perhaps it was worse: Was Commander Thompson in the East as a pedophile sex tourist?

This is all very disturbing and yet Scientology presents it all as if it were completely innocent for a young boy/teenager to spend time alone with older men.

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Post by chipgallo » Sat Feb 18, 2006 12:17 am

Interesting speculation and it could explain why Hubbard was such a blowhard, grandstanding liar and so on. Thanks for the thoughtful discussion.


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Post by funkmr » Sat Feb 18, 2006 12:36 am

How come so many people are surprised as towards the preeminence of bisexuality in Japan? While people think that the customs, history and culture of the east are wholly different from that of the west, this is a flawed analogy. Eastern culture went through a similar shaping process as the western culture. Japanese history comes complete with a violent siezure of land from a native people, a three caste society (noble, military and peasant), fatalistic beliefs in regard to death (they used to move the capital every 30 years to get away from all the spirits floating about), feuding between religion and state and so forth. The history of medieval Japan is shockingly like that of the medieval history of Europe. They had very similar social and military structures and very similar economic and political issues. The idea that the Japanese elite warriors had homosexual relations with their young proteges should be of little surprise.

I would like to add to Swift's point to say that such relationships were also often found in the clergy at that time. Most often, the monks and priests had the decency to pursue others closer to their own age, but homosexuality was prevalent in their religious elite as well. In religion, abstinence from women was to be expected so most of them were fully homosexual, unlike the bisexual samurai. This has little to do with scientology, but I found it an apt history lesson for the board. I also see it as opening the discussion to the questionable antics of "thetaalien", but felt like posting this all the same. My 2 cents.

R.I.P. Lisa, we will never forget you or stop speaking up for you.

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Post by Thelma » Sat Feb 18, 2006 1:27 am


And there was that bit LRH wrote about Jesus being a lover of young boys (sorry I don't have a link or a quote, I'm just a lurker!).

I think you guys may be on to something here :shock:

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Post by Ladybird » Sat Feb 18, 2006 2:34 am

'For those of you whose Christian toes I may have
stepped on, let me take the opportunity to disabuse you
of some lovely myths. For instance, the historic Jesus
was not nearly the sainted figure he has been made out
to be. In addition to being a lover of young boys and
he was given to uncontrollable bursts of temper
and hatred that belied the general message of love,
understanding and other typical Marcab PR. You have
only to look at the history his teachings have inspired
to see where it all inevitably leads. It is historic
fact and yet man still clings to the ideal, so deep and
insidious is the biological implanting.' LRH in "OT VIII, Student Briefing

Good point Thelma! And we all know what Hubbard said about missed witholds and criminals:







Caps in the original.

PS: Welcome to the board!

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Post by Ladybird » Sat Feb 18, 2006 3:42 am

"Psychiatrists contend that if repeatedly invoked in childhood, dissociation prevents memories from being integrated into consciousness and can lead to an altered sense of self. Many normal children play with imaginary companions; abused children can use such creative resources to a pathological extent, in extreme cases falling prey to multiple personality disorder (MPD). Adults may continue to use dissociation as a coping mechanism. Once dissociation or PTSD develops, the majority of psychological symptoms and the hormonal profile are very resistant to treatment."

Reference: Scientific American, N.Y., (273: 4) 10/95, page 14.


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