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 Post subject: 'Elronistic Fundamentalism' (general)
PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2000 11:51 am 
For all interested readers of Operation Clambake and its WWW-Forum, it should be obvious that Scientology, and other Elronistic (T) systems like OTO, are in fundamental conflict with elemental ethical and political principles of a free democratic world.

-Or are there anybody from Scientology or OTO here, who can justify the "Don't ever argue, destroy those who are critical" principle? -And its ethical and political concequences?

Some people are very interested in this subject, but no Scientology-members are ever allowed, or willing, to discus this principle.

1) Do you believe in democracy?
2) Or is Elrons Laws above everything else?

For me it appears impossible, that a 'destroy or silence all critics' system can believe in democracy. -Or are there any Elronists, who have an explanation on this?

-And how is the attitude on Human Rights in Elronism? -Hubbards scriptures appear to be quite derogative against many basic human rights principles, and we know that it is the same in it's backbone system OTO. This is very obvious for anybody who knows just a little bit about its Master & Slave philosophy. -Which you can find a lot of information and documentation for on Internet very easily. (Unfortunately!)

1) Is it us critics who do not understand your way of thinking, then please start a communication.
2) -Or is it, as many must feel because of the unvillingness from the Elronists to discus the subject, just an indication that the worst expectations are true: Elronists do not believe in democracy nor Human Rights.

-But is just another 'the strongest rights' group. Which believe in nothing else than Elrons Laws?

I'm very interested, please start some serious communication Elronists!

-Otherwise everybody must think that attacking and destroying opponents is everything you want to do. -And that you are exactely some fanatical fundamentalists, which is fundamentally against the civilized world.

Do you belive in communication, or is the rumours that you belive journalists and critics in general are 'beings of low value', because they are interfering in 'others buisness'. -And that it is the job of the PR-agents, who are 'higher beings working in a structured and organised way', simply to attack them, without even bothering to read their material?

Hope NOT!


Ps. Do you have anything to say, or are there just 'something wrong with all critical questions'? -As many people are feeling that your attitude is....

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