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Post by TPark » Fri Jun 23, 2006 10:29 pm

What I can say is that the ability to hack and read almost anything is available. Easily.

IMO the optimum response is " So what".

Those communications one might wish to keep secret, use an address
no one knows.

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Post by bird » Sat Jun 24, 2006 12:53 am

joecaneen wrote
And speaking of private eyes, plants, spies and that sort of thing: Did you know that a few of your members have actually been on garrison missions, some for years, just to keep track of all you guys?
Yeah right.


Spy games...

Grow up guys!
You're just lame.

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Post by olska » Sat Jun 24, 2006 1:29 am

:questionmarksmiley: Gee, I wonder if those guys on the garrison mission found out who I really am ... :huh:

because, ya see, I was just getting ready to work through that enemy condition formula:


... and maybe instead of struggling over that, I could just ask them! :drunken:

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Still waiting for "Joe"...

Post by antidote » Mon Jul 03, 2006 6:58 pm

So, Joe - can you answer some simple questions on this thread? I'm still waiting. The topic is going all over the place but you can not answer yes or no, which simply means that it is not you!

I'm sure are you in OSA's claws and leash! Life is no fun being a puppet on a string and watched by Gestapo maniacs!

In due time you WILL be able to confront and see the REAL truth ....

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Post by programmer_guy » Tue Jul 04, 2006 5:13 am

It seems to me that the JOE that some ex-SO knew is not the JOE that is posting here. A fake?

What ever happened to personal integrity in the Church of Scientology?

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Post by Hubbard's Mushroom » Tue Jul 04, 2006 5:42 am

Heeeey Joe,

Where you going with that gun in your hand?

Keith Henson
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Re: all kidding aside

Post by Keith Henson » Wed Jul 05, 2006 7:38 pm

joecaneen wrote:One of you brought up a question I thought I might answer. And another one who complained about hard work gave a clue to the answer, so let's put it all together. Of course it was exaggerated like everything else here, but the question of why there are so many X-SO or X-Scientologists bears explanation to --who was it, Mr. Bad? Gladiator? Entheta, Ladybird?...Are those your legal names now?

Anyway, not to worry, none of this applies to any of your peculliarly named people.
Hi Joe, I post under my real name. That made me a refugee for a while and now I hang out where it would be hard for scientology goons to kidnap me.

(snip digression)
But I digress.
X-Scientologists. We would have to presume that they came into Scientology with some purpose to better conditions for the world at large, since that's what Scientology states openly as its purpose in its creed.
It's wrong to make this presumption. The real reason is the same as people who get into all kinds of cults and cult like organizations, all the way from Jim Jones' operation to PETA or Greenpeace.

Which brings me to, I think, Ladybird's point about how hard the work was. I know this will be hard to believe, but there are actually more people that love to work than those who hate to work.
That may be true. We are mostly the descendants of the people who busted their hump working. Every tried to run down and kill large game with a rock?
It didn't matter what job I had--whether it was mowing lawns or making movies. I loved to work and created the hell out of whatever job I had.
Right. And you were rewarded for it in the same coin our ancestors were before money, before farming even.
You can have fun doing just about anything because anything can be made better than it already is. Oh sure, sometimes you go through a little hell--this is Earth, isn't it? But most of the time you can have the time of your life--if you really want to work in the first place, that is. Yea I know, hard to believe. Just more propaganda. Imagine that, working to improve your group or company or society and actually looking forward to it and enjoying it. (oh, and it does require the necessity of actually competently acquiring the skills to do the job--obviously. Hardly bears mentioning.)
That's how people rationalize what they do. It is a good idea to mislead those around you and even yourself about your real (gene based) motives. The real reason people bust a gut is to gain status, and the (genetic) reason people work so hard for status is that the people who did became our ancestors. Put the other way, those who didn't work for status in the tribe didn't get nearly as much nooky.
Now one of you seemed to be an expert on my case. Hope it wasn't my twin. (actually I think I know who you are--I recognize the shrill desperation in your "voice". Didn't know you were out there. Sorry to hear). Anyway combining her evaluation with the other guy who ridiculed Clear and OT, I presume your point is that Scientology doesn't work--or at least that auditing doesn't work.
Your not going to hear that from me. Auditing in particular *does* work. It just doesn't do what you think it does. What it really does is give you the same buzz I used to get from lecturing and the same reward people got from going to a shrink who would intently listen to them. Attention, such as you get from auditing and TRs, is the reason our remote ancestors got out there and killed large dangerous animals. It's wired into the genes as a primary human motivation. Nothing wrong with that, it what drives everything from the local bowling league to Nobel prize winners, but it can be exploited and is by scientology and other cults and cult-like things such as Amway.
Well, here's a little secret: I too, at the tender age of 18 with few skills and no known goals, joined for a "free ride" and with pretentious purposes. Trouble is, despite this and whatever personal problems I had as an ordinary hapless and uninspired human being with no awareness of the rest of life, auditing and Scientology did work. And I did discover the rest of life and the need to lend a hand. And I acquired many skills and did many things well. And yea, I'd get into trouble now and then. Big deal. Sometimes the crush of one's mis-deeds can be pretty heavy. But that doesn't mean you can't get back up again. It doesn't mean it has to spoil your spirit. It's nothing compared with what looms on your very horizons right now in this world.
That's actually true, though it comes from a very different direction, something nobody was aware of until about 15 years ago. Still, the people who work on trying to figure out some way that something of humanity might get through "the singularity" are doing it for the usual reason and rationalizing it just like people in scientology did.
So that's the other category. The guys who really wanted a free ride and only "worked" (producing inferior products or worse over too long a period of time)--just to "stay out of trouble". You think that kind of motivation will get you by--even in your "real world"? Well, it isn't, is it? That's why you spend your time here.
Same reason you were sucked into scientology. Same reason people work any beyond the minimum to keep fed. Same reason you and I are posting here. The attention of others which raises our status. It's the reason, uncomfortable as it might be, that Chuck will shrug off what people like you say about him. That's because he gets a great deal of well deserved positive attention from many folks like me.

do you PLAN to use your skill and finances to do anything to help stave off the inevitable and imminent wave of disasters at a minimum? I do. You'll probably even hear about it eventually.
If you want something much more real than LRH's space opera, try "singularity" in Google and follow a few links. You might note that over ten generations of microprocessors have been created with earlier computers because 30 years ago the complexity went beyond what a human mind can cope with.
Till then...have at it if you must.

Do come back and continue this if you can.

Keith Henson

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Post by quaoar » Thu Jul 06, 2006 4:55 pm

Keith! How are you doing? I cannot personally imagine anyone going through so very much at the hands of the kult and still being able to post with a positive attitude. Good for you!

Anyway, I think I know your location, a place that I have much experience with, desolate, yet beautiful also.

If you want to, PM me and we can do a dance of authentications. You and I might have crossed paths at the UA during one of my visits there. I might have some means to assist.


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Post by BTs2Free » Tue Aug 22, 2006 8:24 am

Hey Joe, I know you pretty well too. You were in the Int Landlord's Office for a while, Cine and later Grounds. Actually, the areas you were in always just seemed to float by well, except for Cine of course. You hardly ever had to be around COB. In fact, you probably purposely avoided being around Dave because you knew how crazy the dude can get. I understand, but unfortunately, some of us didn't have a choice. You got to park yourself over to the sidelines for a while in Estates. Walking around with Waldo and Spike and possibly even complaining about all of the problems on the base with Spike. Nattering about Davey on the hill, etc... Spikes rantings about getting rid of all the dead wood, and non-producers. "We had highest ever lawn percetage mowed this week! We fuckin rock and you all suck you Hill 10 makers!" How's my Spike impression Joe? Anyways man, for someone like yourself to finally leave the base and say that you didn't notice any of the really fucked up crap happening there is insane? Are you blind? Or were you just in your own world out there on the property?
Hammering out of existence incorrect technology would include $cientology itself!

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