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Post by mate » Fri Jul 28, 2006 10:05 am


.... Dave’s worry about the new meters was also that the public would somehow find out about the new meters before they had sold out the old meters and they would end up with millions of dollars in dead stocks. Well now is the big chance to create some dead stock! Tell as many Scientologists you can about the new meter so they can save their pennies for the new ones. ....
What a dilemma for Miscavige! A load of cash OR direct access to on-line O/W collecting! Greed OR or paranoia!

I wouldn't wish this on anyone, and I don't think his Expanded Grade 1 is going to help him.

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Post by Kookaburra » Fri Jul 28, 2006 1:38 pm

J. Swift wrote:

5. A Mark VIII connected to Flag via the internet would allow Flag to upload and examine a Scientologist's entire hard drive. This meter would allow Flag to see what any Scientologist has been looking at on the internet. I would not be surprised if the sales contract for the Ultra Mark VIII incorporated surveillance provisions whereby all Scientologists must agree to allow their computers to be digitally interrogated by Flag over the internet.

6. Essentially, an E-Meter connected to Flag via the internet is the ultimate realization of KSW and ethics, for it allows for real time sec checks and a constant monitoring of all computers owned by all Scientologists worldwide. I bet that the surveillance capabilities are the real reason for this new E-Meter. The improved sensitivity would be a simple matter of using more advanced semiconductor devices than the present 1980's era device.

7. E-Meters connected to Flag via the internet would Flag and DM to compile a massive database on all Scientologists.
My suspicious mind tells me that Swift is right on the money here. That explains the hiring of the hackers that someone reported a few weeks ago.

But Miss Cabbage is a bit too underhanded and arrogant to ask permission to interrogate your computer, he'll just order everyone to log on for their e-meter check, then use the up-load technology that Microsoft developed to suck up all the info in your computer. If it is done as a covert action he might catch a few unsuspecting subjects not using their net nannies.

I don't think I am giving DM too much credit. His whole life is about surveillance, control, and paranoia. We all know how the internet and electronics allow for massive surveillance.
Exactly! It's a strictly J Edgar Hoover type action, IMO.

blown for good said
Dave’s worry about the new meters was also that the public would somehow find out about the new meters before they had sold out the old meters and they would end up with millions of dollars in dead stocks. Well now is the big chance to create some dead stock! Tell as many Scientologists you can about the new meter so they can save their pennies for the new ones. Knowing about them before the release really lets the air out of Dave’s balloon as well.
Does anyone have an AO or ASHO T & P list? :twisted:

J Swift said
DM will see and know all as he sits in his booster chair in the DM wing of the Super Power Building.
This is a hilarious MIP. Maybe someone who is better at graphics than me can get it onto the computer screen. :lol:

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Post by J. Swift » Fri Jul 28, 2006 3:31 pm

mate wrote:
J. Swift wrote:E-Meters connected to Flag via the internet would Flag and DM to compile a massive database on all Scientologists. The database could measure 1,000's of surveillance and data points. This new Mark VIII could create an absolutely ironclad method to generate, measure, and report stats. This new meter is DM's wet dream for no Scientologists can escape him: All categories of Scientologists can be monitored and made to account for stats. From the lowliest pc to the bloodied Mike Rinder, DM will see and know all as he sits in his booster chair in the DM wing of the Super Power Building.
On the other side of the coin, what a great opportunity for hackers! Unlimited access to Miscavige's computer with all his secrets!! Now this is something wet dreams are made of!

Regards, your mate.
Murphy is an SP and Murphy's Law will apply here. Some script kiddies could hack in and read transripts of the latest sec checks DM had done on Marty Rathbun to see if he has been rehabilitated.

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Post by chuckbeatty » Fri Jul 28, 2006 8:44 pm

A person who is familiar intimately with the old Senior C/S Int Office sub unit called LRH's Tech Research and Compilations Branch (which includes piloting) from the 80's and early 90s commented:

" I saw a whole thing on the Internet about how the Book of Case
Remedies was altered in the 90s. Well, this one I have personal
experience with. After Phoebe [Phoebe Mauer who was in RTRC for years in the 80s, and earlier well known in the Sea Org and Scn] died I was going through some of her stuff in the containers [walkin metal storage bins the type that are hauled by semi trailors] that were behind the 200s [buildings now destroyed but downhill and west of the Del Sol building]. Stashed in a bankers box was a copy of the book. It was an old one and in real good shape, so I took it to put in the library in RTRC. When I looked in it I could see that the whole thing had been gone through with ball point pen and it was obviously LRHs handwriting. I went through every copy of the book that I could find on the base and couldn't find one that had these revisions. Anyway to make a long story short - THAT is what came out when the book was re-released in the 90s. It had been revised by LRH, not altered.

"Don't get me wrong, I am not in anyway defending DM. I just don't
think he would dare make any blatant alterations to LRH writings."

This is a firsthand opinion of someone who's been there.

When Dan Koon and Gary Miller and Russ Williams come forward and give details, or when Ken Rose again surfaces or Fred Albach, or even Ernie Ryan, all of these people could give detailed firsthand experiences of HOW EXACTLY LRH writings are compiled into their final printed versions, and give people the behind the scenes truth about what stays IN and what gets tossed OUT, and WHY, when LRH's works are re-compiled.

This is an important subject, and I hope these men who are all OUT of the Sea Org, and others, like Jeff Walker, like David Mayo, add whatever comments they can and wish to the discussion of how L. Ron Hubbard's output makes it to final printed form.

I recall when I was in RTRC briefly, and I did NO major contributions at all, I merely was learning, and didn't last but 6 months mainly doing admin helper help to the compilers who were in RTRC from Sept 88 till Feb 89 when I got busted out of RTRC, but I learned the checklist that the compilers used to compile an LRH work, although I never accomplished a successful compilation myself.

I truly hope some of the individuals who have done large numbers of compilations come forward and allow themselves be interviewed and share more details on how it is exactly done.
Chuck Beatty 412-260-1170
Pittsburgh, USA,
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Post by programmer_guy » Sat Jul 29, 2006 5:44 am

I'd like to read that checklist.

Would you post a few of the checklist items that you remember?

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Post by Dr. Juan Gabriel » Sun Jul 30, 2006 9:38 pm

No one in particular needs to know this, but Int Base, Flag, and the Orgs have done a great deal of business with many of the firms found in this directory:

David Miscavige knows when he needs to hire outside experts. LRH taught him this when DM worked on Ron's film unit which was, in part, a cover op for the establishment of OSA massive video and audio surveillance of all Scientology faciliities. Scientology facilities from the 1980's to PT had reasons to have extensive dealings with vendors such as this highly specialized firm:

Sabre Integrated Security Systems
Security Systems Integrator

575 Eighth Avenue, Sixth Floor
New York, NY 10018

Video Surveillance (CCTV)
A properly specified, installed and maintained CCTV system will be effective in terms of both deterrence and detection.

Video Surveillance can:

* Replace or reduce manned guarding requirements
* Supplement existing guarding personnel to improve their efficiency
* Provide surveillance of remote unattended sites
* Provide visual confirmation of intrusion and unauthorized activity
* Aid in production control

Whether your requirement is for deterrence or detection, Sabre will work with you to clearly define the objectives of the surveillance system and implement an integrated system to meet those objectives.

Whilst anyone can suggest the number of cameras you might need, at Sabre we use our training, expertise and experience to add value to your system by carefully selecting equipment for each camera location. The selection process considers the area of interest and available light to determine the definition and the coverage you need

ref: ... llance.htm

This Scientology spends heavily on surveillance. The new e-meter would reflect the surveillance aspect, for it could kill two birds with one stone: it would be hooked to a scientologists' personal computer as J. Swift suggested. This would allow a scientologist to get Flag auditing at home while on the phone with a Flag auditor who was reading the scientologist's needle movements via the internet. Here is the technique: there is an A/D convertor onboard the new e-meter. It reads the dial's analog output, converts it to a digital signal, and then it feeds the data to the LCD readouts on the meter as well as to an I/O device, which is to say the modem of a scientologist's computer.

This would allow telemetric surveillance behind 128-bit encryption contained in the modem software needed to operate the meter via the internet. The selling point is "extreme sensivity - more than ever!" The hidden feature is surveillance of 25,000+ hard drives for this new e-meter could become mandatory for all Scientologists after 2009/2010 -- assuming Scientology does not collapse and the US Justice Dept and the law enforcement agencies in other countries do not become alarmed by this massive violation of privacy by a private group.

The other caveat has been pointed out by BFG: this new e-meter may be technically obsolete by the time it is introduced. DM should have scrapped the Mark VII's and got the Ultra VIII's on lines as quickly as possible. By wanting to sell the old meters first, he has been caught in a technological dilemma of his own making.

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Security Surveillance at the Int Base…

Post by blownforgood » Mon Jul 31, 2006 9:13 am

Talk about security cameras at the Int Base. Well, here you go.

There are cameras at all vehicle gates.

There are cameras that shoot the cars that go by on the highway, these cameras are super hi-def cameras that can read the license plates as they drive by. These cameras also have lights mounted on them so that when a car honks or is suspicious, they can turn the light on and as they car drives through the frame of the camera, they can capture the plate info. Then then have the plates run and find out who the person is.

There are cameras all over the base as well.

There are 2 cameras in every single Auditing room as wel as microphone. All sessions are recordered and played back. There is a feed from all auditing rooms that can be tapped into in Dave's Miscavige's RTC builing so he can watch any session of any Int Base staff member at any time.

There are cameras throughout the entire property.

There are cameras mounted all along the street next to the property where the Executive staff live. There are two housing communities next to the Int Base property and the Security force can watch any one house at any time with these cameras. As most of the most stressed staff live in these houses, each one is liable to blow any minute. On most days there will be at least one Int Base security vehicle that just drives up and down the streets and if any other car that is not supposed to be there, is monitored driving around it will be approached immediately. This could a lucky Int Base staffer get away car! If anyone lives around here, come on out and do a test. Drive onto Sublet Drive and just park, within 2 minutes you will be approached by an Int Base staff member and questioned. As soon as this happens, your vehicle will have at least 2-3 cameras tranined on it and they will record your every move.

There are cameras in the manufacturing building known as Building #36.

There are cameras mounted at the water tower on the top of the hill.

There are cameras mounted on the roof of the new Castle Studio that has a camera powerful enough to video cars on Sanderson Street more than a mile away! You could zoom in to a license plate at the Mobil gas station on Sanderson and Ramona Expressway.

Most of all of the cameras listed above are remote controlled from the main booth and the main Security control room. I would say that they are over 100 cameras through the Int Base. The theory behind this is that any location that can be used to video the property should itself be able to be videoed.

All of the surveillance footage is stored and back-up so that any and all footage can be immediately sent to PI’s, and private investigation firms.

When the Keith Hensons of the world show up at the Gold Base, the Security force become the busiest ever. When he did one of his last “walk arounds� on the Int Base, Highway 79, he really caused a stir.

A few people actually got burned on that one. Mike Sutter was the Dir Internal Security RTC. He had just arrived back from a few years on the RPF .

(Background Story Explanation) Mark Yager and Bitty Miscavige were both under watch. Mark had admitted to wanting to kill Dave Miscavige and Bitty had just been fucking one of the key execs at FSO (Don Jason). Mike Sutter was in RTC and assigned to watch these two while they were getting their handlings at the Int Base.

Well Bitty used her special mind bending skills and caused Mark Yager to go psychotic. So for good measure, Bitty & her husband Ronnie Miscavige were whisked off into Virginia never to be heard of again. They are now doing great and since leaving the Int Base have done extremely well for themselves.

Mark Yager and Mike Sutter were assigned to the RPF. Mark because Dave hated him anyway and they had been childhood rivals for decades. Dave had Marty Rathburn read all of Mark Yager’s Sec Check KR’s to the entire Int Base at a Briefing and anyone who had been Mark Yager’s friend was also RPF’d for good measure. Mike Sutter was RPF’d, because he allowed Bitty to make Mark Yager even more crazy than he was already.

(Back to Main Story) Four years later - Mike Sutter has just arrived at the Int Base and is now in charge of Security in RTC.

Enter Keith Henson. Somehow Mike and the Gold Security crew knew Keith was coming before he did. I think they had plants in Keith’s circle.

So Mike Sutter orders that NO ONE IS TO BE OUTSIDE WHILE KEITH IS ON THE HIGHWAY. This means no one. PERIOD. So, a few outside PI’s are hired and they are supposed to deal with Keith when he arrives. (Don’t let any Int Base staff be completely screwed up mentally by Keith Spewing Xenu stories, but the PI’s will be fine.)

So this goes on for days, Keith shows up and no one can go anywhere because they might see a sign that says Xenu. 99% of the Int Base staff have never even heard the word Xenu much less have any clue what it means or any of the story. So if you were on the other side of the Int Base getting a pen from supplies and Keith showed up – you had to stay there in Supplies for the rest of the day until he left.

If you were eating and he showed up, you had to stay in the dining room for the rest of the day. It was crazy. While Keith was “visiting� not one thing got done. You could nto even look out a window, open a door. The security force told people that the SP's on the highway would be taking pictures, and that if any Int Base staff were photographed, they would be RPF'd instantly. This kept pretty much everybody inside with no problem. Sitting around doing nothing is a far better fate than the RPF.

Well, Dave Miscavige showed back up and heard about all of this and could not believe that this had been happening. He ordered Mike Sutter to be kicked out of RTC and posted in CMO INT.

He ordered that Mike Rinder sort this out and if he didn’t he would be RPF’d. Mike Rinder just had the crew moved around in buses and otherwise the PI’s would be all around Keith to cover any Xenu signs that might be showing. The crew were shuttled around the property in the huge passenger buses and no one could go anywhere unless inside the buses. Staying inside was still in force but Dave was told that no one was stopped from being on post. What Dave is told and what actually happens are rarely the same thing. Dave Miscavige is lied to 95% of the time by anyone below him. He hears what people think he wants to hear. The truth is rarely in that category.

(Mike Sutter story continued) weeks later - Mike Sutter is now in CMO INT. Mike Sutter and Tom DeVoct screw up on some project. Dave Miscavige orders both of them to work in the Gold Manufacturing Division doing menial tasks. After a few days of doing this, Mike Sutter decides to take some “initiative� and go back up to CMO Int and get some real work done. Tom DeVoct says that he is going to stay in Gold Manufacturing and just keep doing nothing and laying low. Dave finds out the Mike Sutter disobeyed his order and went back to CMO Int. Mike Sutter is then posted in Gold Manufacturing on the lowest post in the entire division (CD sleeve stuffer) and Tom is ordered back up to CMO Int to return to post.

So the moral of the story is that Mike Sutter knows how to piss off Dave really good.
Good going Mike!

Until next time…


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Post by Kookaburra » Mon Jul 31, 2006 10:14 am

Blownforgood, that is hilarious!

I get it - you are hanging around collecting 'truth is stranger than fiction' for a book. If you're not you should consider it: it would be a best seller.

Any news on the 1-30 days mystery? :D

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Re: Security Surveillance at the Int Base…

Post by lulu_belle » Mon Jul 31, 2006 8:37 pm

blownforgood wrote:There are cameras that shoot the cars that go by on the highway, these cameras are super hi-def cameras that can read the license plates as they drive by. These cameras also have lights mounted on them so that when a car honks or is suspicious, they can turn the light on and as they car drives through the frame of the camera, they can capture the plate info. Then then have the plates run and find out who the person is.
I guess this is a stupid question but: where do they get the information to get the plates run? Is this accessible to people who aren't cops?

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Post by SchwimmelPuckel » Mon Jul 31, 2006 8:54 pm

Sheriff Baca might be of help there...
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Post by RealityWillTell » Mon Jul 31, 2006 8:58 pm

What an extremely looney level of paranoia! Blownforgood you always have the most amazing info!

It wouldn't surprise me if they have colon cams built into all of the toilets. Of course they won't like what they are likely to see:

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Post by clamdigrr » Mon Jul 31, 2006 9:20 pm

That is beyond paranoid and more than creepy.

Thanks BFG. Take care.

P.S. - As chilling as the thought of all of the Scientology electronic eyes is...I keep wondering how they will manage to turn it into a footbullet, because what don't they turn into one.
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Post by Sara » Mon Jul 31, 2006 10:06 pm

I knew Mike Sutter when he was at CMO PAC in Los Angeles, he seemed like a fairly nice person. That was over twenty years ago. I feel sorry for him, he's been in this cult for so long. Doesn't he have any relatives who could help him get out?

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Post by J. Swift » Mon Jul 31, 2006 11:36 pm

Imagine the pandemonium that ensues at Int Base when an SP starts taking photos:
"Emergency! IC, I say we have an emergency! I got an SP at A5D3 on the grid!" I yell into my walkie talkie to the Security IC for IB.

"Roger that," ICIB replies back as he runs into the Command Center where I am seated from a few doors down.

Trying to penetrate Int Base is impossible and SP's are easy to spot this time of day. I start up the imrec software just to make sure it is not Keith Henson. Oh man, I hope it is because he is so busted if he left Canada. We have the faces of all SP's in our imrec software. We are always ready to handle any of 'em.

There: a man in dark jacket leans over the hood of his car and is photographing Int Base with a telephoto lens. "Got him. 50 yards east of the west gate, just beneath monitor 5487. Seems to be a suspicious and may be armed, watch out," I say to ICIB. Nobody but a complete idiot would try to penetrate Int Base with a camera without realizing that we have cameras everywhere. Most likely this SP is fresh, stupid, flying high on drugs, or is a stooge sent here by the psychs to do a probe of Int Base security to check our response time. This could be a probing raid, a surveillance in depth, in preparation for the upcoming "Psych Raid" that COB RTC has been warning us about and for which we have drilled endlessly for years.

I toggle the joystick and zoom in on the SP's license plate. It is CA XXXXXXX. I print the screen and hand it to Max who is already dialing 911 to inform Hemet PD of a possible terrorist threat in progress. Max gives Hemet PD the plate number. This is good. Hopefully Hemet PD will scramble SWAT to protect the most valuable people in the most valuable group in this galaxy. The ICIB orders Base Security to ready the film and video cameras and to stand by at their bikes and golf carts until Hemet PD arrives. The bicycle riders give their bike helmets that extra tug just to make sure their helmets are on and they are ready for some fast bicycle action against the SP. The drivers rev the engines in their electric golf carts. They are ready to spring into action and throw a net of Scientology force fields around Int Base. Everyone is already zapping the SP with theta beams and rays and, quite frankly, I am surprised he has not died already with that much theta power being poured on him. He might be a Marcab and this may mean that the mass Marcab landing -- the Second Coming LRH called it -- is upon us. Crap! We have not cleared the planet yet or hit our goal of 10,000 people on Solo NOTS! We might not have enough thetan power and intention to repel and armed Marcab invasion!!!

ICIB punches the red button on his walkie talkie and Int Base goes into red alert and a total lockdown. All secure areas are locked down and all Red Box data is positioned at the high-speed crosscut shredders. All electronic locks are locked from the master console. No one except Security can open any door or even move at this point. The three designated "Eagles" start moving at high speed to the Eagle's Nest where there are two air pellet rifles at the ready. There are two shooters and one spotter. This is that serious: Photographing Int Base is a high crime in the Scientology religion because no one is supposed to know we exist. I don't even know Int Base exists. I am told that I am working at Golden Era Studios and that's all I can say.

ICIB calls COB RTC's assistant and informs her that Int Base is Code Red with an SP is taking photos. He gives her the plate verbally and then texts her with it. COB RTC gets on the phone with ICIB and asks him to describe the situation and to send him a photo of the perp. ICIB gives me the instruction to me and I hit "send" and a hi-def photo of the perp is sent to COB RTC's Palm. COB RTC happens to be in his office over near ASI getting fitted for a tiny ninja suit that he will wear at an upcoming event. We all know that COB RTC is very angry at us for pulling in an SP Code Red event during this special fitting by the Hollywood designer who did all of the Power Rangers outfits. I can feel his anger radiating all the way out here in Hemet.

I gotta tell you that I got keyed in immediately when COB RTC got on the phone to ICIB because it is my butt on the line now. I suddenly go into restim on the time when Johnny Morton attacked me and took my car from me when I was 19. I feel the pain of the assault, well, actually it was a nasty slap to the face, and of Johnny taking my car, well, it was really his car that I had borrowed and had crashed into a wall with because LRH had said that crashing cars into walls was only bad because there was a social agreement that crashing cars into walls. But still, I am in restim, my eyes are glazing over, and all of my TR's are out.

I am on the verge of evacuating my bowels in terror when the ICIB spots me in almost full blown restim. He suddenly slams his clipboard against my forehad. That "theta slap" sends me three feet behind my head and allows me to operate my post while exterior with full perceptions. ICIB quickly scribbles out a $3,000 bill for "Running an Emergency Exterorization" and paper-clips it to my shirt so that it will be there waiting for me when I got back into my body. ICIB then opens my mouth and pours in several chewable CalMag tablets from the First Aid kit. He moves my jaw up and down so that my body would chew them. I swallow them while exterior. ICIB scribbles out another $1,500 bill for "Emergency Medical Handling" and also paper-clips that to my shirt. Nowhere else would I have been shown so much affinity and care. It was a perfect 100% ICIB Emergency handling and I made a mental note in my Analytical Mind that I would write an Success Story when this crisis had passed.

While all of this was happening, our imrec software has been scanning our database of SP's and threats. The imrec software got a hit and this face came up:


It was North Korean dictator Kim Jung II. He was the SP taking photos of Int Base. I could see his face, and behind him the approaching police cars. Nice - no escape physically for him from our security. A vicious dictator had been caught thanks to Scientology.

The police arrested Kim Jung II for being in the US illegally. When they searched his rental car they found a trunk full of FZ books and e-meters. Kim Jung II told police that it was "all squirreled FZ garbage" and that he had drove himself to Int Base to try to buy the "real thing" from Scientology. Kim Jung II also had $500,000,000 in cash in suitcases in his trunk to buy however much Scientology he could from COB RTC. The North Korean dictator said that he wanted to buy, "Authentic Scientology Technology just like Tom Cruise uses in his movies," because he wanted to be "Super Powerful" like Tom Cruise. Kim Jung II then repeatedly cut the air with a "theta knife" hand gesture he had obviously learned from the FZ squirrels and said that he wanted to own "Genuine Scientology OT Powers" because he knew he could use it to defeat the West.

Fortunately, LRH never allowed Communists to be Scientologists because the tech would be too powerful in their hands. LRH only wanted Scientology in free countries and free peoples from whom he could steal, er, steel them against the shocks of life and turn them into homonovises.

It was quite a day on post for me. And I was only RPF'd for one year for going into restim during a code red. When I was in RPF I learned to stuff DVD's into envelopes and thereby gained yet another valuable life skill in Scientology. Thanks Ron. You're the best!
(Note: I wrote this inspired by text I found at:

Sometimes the "wannabe cops" in private security -- just like Scientology has -- crack me up. Still, just like BFG has told us, Int Base goes nuts when one guy shows up with a camera. The same thing happened at Flag with proflex. This makes me think that all the Marcabs need to do to take over Scientology is to show up with a few hundred cameras. This will cause the the Scientologists to lay down their meters and surrender en masse.

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Post by Torsten Vanadium » Wed Aug 02, 2006 3:47 am

English is my third language. I never had a second language. My first language is dead.

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