Shawn Lonsdale Found dead

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Post by Sponge » Sun Jun 22, 2008 9:35 pm

John Sweeney (BBC) on Shawn Lonsdale:

and ....

Shawn Lonsdale R.I.P. - Cultwatch:
This one of many of Shawn's video clips from 2006, intended for a never aired follow-up to his original Cultwatch programme broadcast on Public Access Pinellas television ( ... 0550229650 ).

After intense harrasment and abuse from the cult of scientology, Shawn took a back-seat in openly exercising his right to freedom of speech in order to try and get is ruined life back together. He popped up again briefly in 2007 to feature in the BBC Panorama documentary "Scientology & Me". It was that interview which sparked the famous John Sweeney and Tommy Davis shouting match which made millions more people aware of the abusive cult.

So, enjoy this video clip of another idiotic, mean, vindictive scientologist trying and failing to make Shawn go away.

Well, they got what they wanted now.

If one falls, another ten will take their place.

News links......
Updated summary of news links on Operation Clambake:
viewtopic.php?t=25659 ... olog.shtml ... t-suicide/ ... water-hom/ ... n-home.php ... learwater/
Previous SPTimes article on Shawn on September 2006.. ... urge.shtml

Gumby, fellow film maker, critic and activist, posted this tribute to Shawn on YouTube..

30year old scientologist found dead in Clearwater on 15th (before Shawn was found dead?). ... 25133.html

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Post by Thelma » Sun Jun 22, 2008 9:41 pm

Thank you Sponge

I appreciate what you do for Shawn and for those of us who miss him.


Post by Kilia » Sun Jun 22, 2008 10:21 pm

Sponge, there was a place here on the net where Shawn had kept all his videos. Do you remember where it was?

I lost that URL when my main hardrive went down along with my bookmarks.

If I remember correctly, he posted them not under "proflex", but another pseudonom he used. Wish I could remember it. Damn!

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Post by Thelma » Sun Jun 22, 2008 10:54 pm

Do you mean his website? If so, that is gone.

Another name he posted under was Grivin


Post by Kilia » Mon Jun 23, 2008 12:29 am

Thelma wrote:Do you mean his website? If so, that is gone.

Another name he posted under was Grivin
No, not his was a place that hosts YT and Vimeo, but it wasn't those was another hosting place.

"Girvin"..yes that's it, thanks, Thelma!

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Post by Sponge » Mon Jun 23, 2008 2:57 am

Kilia wrote:
Thelma wrote:Do you mean his website? If so, that is gone.

Another name he posted under was Grivin
No, not his was a place that hosts YT and Vimeo, but it wasn't those was another hosting place.

"Girvin"..yes that's it, thanks, Thelma!
He had an account on DailyMotion but it is no more (or I can't find it).
Thankfully, all of his videos have been archived on Youtube and/or Google Video (just search for his name in quotes and you shouldn't have too much trouble finding them).


Post by Kilia » Mon Jun 23, 2008 3:50 am

Sponge wrote:
Kilia wrote:
Thelma wrote:Do you mean his website? If so, that is gone.

Another name he posted under was Grivin
No, not his was a place that hosts YT and Vimeo, but it wasn't those was another hosting place.

"Girvin"..yes that's it, thanks, Thelma!
He had an account on DailyMotion but it is no more (or I can't find it).
Thankfully, all of his videos have been archived on Youtube and/or Google Video (just search for his name in quotes and you shouldn't have too much trouble finding them).
Thanks, Sponge...what name shall I enter for a search:
Shawn Lonsdale

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Post by Sponge » Mon Jun 23, 2008 4:02 am

Kilia wrote:
Sponge wrote:
Kilia wrote:
Thelma wrote:Do you mean his website? If so, that is gone.

Another name he posted under was Grivin
No, not his was a place that hosts YT and Vimeo, but it wasn't those was another hosting place.

"Girvin"..yes that's it, thanks, Thelma!
He had an account on DailyMotion but it is no more (or I can't find it).
Thankfully, all of his videos have been archived on Youtube and/or Google Video (just search for his name in quotes and you shouldn't have too much trouble finding them).
Thanks, Sponge...what name shall I enter for a search:
Shawn Lonsdale
Just search "shawn lonsdale" on youtube. There's a few channels on there with some of Shawns videos. If you have time then feel free to post links to the each of the videos here.

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Post by PTS » Mon Jun 23, 2008 4:04 am

Start with this.
Shawn was so much ahead of his time.
IF ONLY!!! ... cult+watch

I will try to fill in later
All my Best,

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Post by PTS » Mon Jun 23, 2008 4:11 am

DAY 1... proflex
Back at the corner around 4pm and set up the cam and sign....enough time to catch the chow train going back and forth. The first thing was the guy who gave me the event invite for THIS saturday came up to me with a security guard...he was really pissed seeing as he had really assumed i was a IAS lifetime member...well he was fuming and was yelling that i was not invited now and it was soooo bad that i would try to pass myself off as a member wearing that shirt. When he was done ranting the guard tapped his shoulder and he stopped and they retreated across the street..just like a pupet!
Next was the big bad 300 million member from a few posts back who thought nothing of trying to flap me by revealing secrets no one else would have when i was taking photos in front of the org....he was across the street and spotted me...head down he partially hid behind the street post but i saw him and went into EXPOSE mode by yelling to him "got any more personal secrets to try to handle me with"...he was a scared thetan i tell ya. prep for chow,security had 4 officers stationed on each hiding on the steps of the bank building(dining hall)to keep from crossing to my across the street as to keep them from crossing to my opposite side(hiding behind a power at the dining hall alley(reg.) by the front door to the org. building to give them the instruction to stay on course to chow and avoid me. 2 upstairs peeping constantly out the windows (maybe filming). All set now they let the regulars out to cross...and they halt at the no cross sign. All eyes are focused on my the sign.
Picture having the undivided attention of groups of scienos 25-45(all levels) crosing every 10 min or so back and forth for a 2 hour period.
Show starts...i whip out my comp. copy of OT-8 hold it up high and step forth into the unknown....
"OT-8" "For Free here in my hot little hand"...come and get it! "Wanna hear it read? -By the time you read this i will no longer be occupying the body and identity that you have known as ron...on and on."Why does your security hide while a sp exposes you to the top level?"This went on and on crowd to crowd about 250 actually saw the front page and heard a passage read.....and were told also what it was they were absorbing...and how it would come that they would be held to clearing all this out...everyone who crossed or stood on the street were exposed to the highest level the cult has...all the execs.,all the sea orgers not bussed in. Starbucks had all the rich ot kids hanging too...they all heard it all
told what it was too. I ended up freaking everyone out ......on and on... "A 35 year member declared and disconnected from his whife and kids paid for this...and donated 3 million to the IAS for your unfinished refunds now is pissed and released it all on the internet for for you too...all levels..all processes...i can't audit you but i can give you the level for in my sp hands! All levels free on the internet... Here's a sentence from the first page.."So it really is a race agenst time and one that we happen to be losing at the moment, as the implant drama inexorably plays itself out in spite of the breakneck pace iv'e managed to keep up these last thirty-five years."....
Why does your biggest project sit unfinished for 3 years,no interior,no processes to deliver,no autiors to deliver the nonexistant processes, 3 hurricanes blew in and out of that big hole...common sense tells you that comprimises a buildings integrity....have a real career have a house not a motel room,have a family not another auditing session,fall in love...not for a scam.
On and on....eyes bugged out....stares and dropped jaws on all! Funny but i figured they would avoid the whole "exposure" but instead they really absorbed it and some even got some of my punch lines about having to audit this all out on their own dime..Mary Story was singled out and exposed to it all as well.....i went for broke. The ones who knew the scam were visibly pissed and stood out from the rest almost like they were somehow seperated. The cops drove by frequently and waved in acknowledgment. The whole OT kids crowd at starbucks sat for it all over and over.
Do i smell BELIEF....clueless faces,wondering and digesting this all,could it be true?..i saw first hand...mass doubt for their own org all over their faces! No yelling or misdirection of attention....all eyes and focus on me and the message.
A few past buds stopped by...kudos to Nefarious and tech and the hot chicks in the posse. The 2 christian mission dudes who are helping on the street. All the cars and trucks who honked..little old ladies who thumbed up...the const. crew...Starbucks gal...and the city office girls.
Many missed of course..sorry. I got a parking ticket fault.
I made many connections though including one with a to broadcast all over the world (religous) as well as some video editors and producers that might help get my program done easily and cheaply.

Ending this i wandered over to the last hiding sec. guy and surprised him on video..."could you pass this message to OSA for me" ...he nodded actually..."This can go on and ends with them turning my and every clw. resident's file into the St. Pete Times and the Clw.P.D.....can you remember that?...nod...Goodnight, and sorry for having you on your feet for so long. If you ever get out give me a call i could get you a good job.
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Post by PTS » Mon Jun 23, 2008 4:15 am

DAY 2...proflex
Everyone 2 on the streets. First up i was hit with a teenager of about 13 who heckled me the prev. day. He wanted a copy of OT-8...he is a rich kid with scieno parents and kept calling me a liar and such....well he would not take the copy when offered even after asking. He became enraged for some reason and proceded to yell that i was a "dirty fag" and was trying to "f... him up the a.." at the top of his lungs in the middle of the street! WOW...WHAT THE HELL? 13 or so pulling this crap running in and out of the org. too bad i have none of it on tape. Much more support today...the same crowds and security as anonymous photographer now was hiding at starbucks shooting me...i saw him and he tried to hide. I confronted him and said he has no reason to hide i'm on a street corner for goodness sake's why hide to take my away..i care not it's your free right. He looked embarassed among his rich scieno friends at the starbucks patio. I went back to my spot in front of the old "mooko futon store",it has been empty for 3 years now,it's under construction and the crew were very helpful the first day...scieno owned! Well, the owner verbally assaulted me as he pulled up to the curb with his young teen daughter in the car and cussed me for being on his well as complained to the police for me being there the day before...that seemed to work real well hahaha I pointed out how nice that was to be using such a hate and profanity filled rant with his daughter in attendance....the most ethicle group on the planet.....what? All scienos were exposed again to the top level and now Warren and Marty or on the menu....Ben Shaw was asked about him but ignored me as well as Mary Story...the "waiter dude was stuck listening to me say what a celeb. he was on the net. No autograph though...."Where's the money for completion of your unfinished building?"....."Why arent you driving a merc. benz, or a jag,or a the investors do?.."Why do you have to work for them while living in a motel with up two 2 others."..."Why don't you have a family and a career and a nice house like those you support by working for the org?"...Why don't you get invited to all the "special" events instead of washing their dishes and setting everything up..then cleaning up?" "Why can't you afford a freewinds vacation"..."Have you ever moved an ashtray...have you ever seen anyone else move an ashtray...ever seen a demo of OT can an SP be here on the street in your own world hdqtrs. with the highest level in his hands for free and you have to work and pay for it because i won't appreciate it and you by paying will?", "I cannot audit you or give you a gold OT braclet...but i can give you the levels for free or you can find them for yourself if you had a net nanny free internet connection!" "all the taped lectures,books,TR routines,OT-1 thru 8,SuperPower,sunshine,the L's,all the auditing books and instructions,free on the internet....why can't you see them are you a child or an adult?"....over and over again crowd after crowd...the ashtray rant got some good said no,never...and the rest stared at him with a disgusted look. Marty and Warren got good attention too. The "hole" is gaining in attention as well as the auditor's or lack of them! I can see many actually questioning these things to themselvs....I had the opportunity to do a bit on the elderly..."Maam, do you have a retirement or death benefits...what happens when you become too old to be of use to the org. will you be offloaded?", "Will you ever live to see the other side of the bridge?","When was the last time you held you grandkids assumng you have any?"....also "If there were true OT's or clears i would not be here"..."Why can't OT's use their powers to make me go away?","Why does your own security cower and hide while a SP exposes you to the highest level",..."Spend your time building a real career doing something you love, buy a home, start a family, fall in truly happy being free" ....i was out till 8:30.
P.S. I met a fellow that served on a mock jury paid for by the of 12 or so attempts to try to determine the probable outcome of the Lisa M. trial...very interesting. He says they continually came up with a figure of about 12-16 million in Lisa's family's favor!
Also a guy who was contacted by the narconon camp to be paid 52k a year if he would use his credentials as a drug and alch. addiction specialist to get them a valid florida liscense...he stalled and then when he inquired after a week was told they already hired a MD instead...
No outward harassment yet except a guy calling himself "joe boxer" is sending harassing e-mails to because he claims one of us put a sticker on his new paint job on his mercedes and now it's ruined and he is gonna get us! He will be a future story on that soon as we find out his real name...he has my number but won't call...etc.,etc. I only hand em out i don't stick-em dude....dumbass is refering to a tatic that was used a while back in a similar case involving a major corp. where the plaintiff was told to go jump in a lake!
.....Can anyone 3?
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Post by PTS » Mon Jun 23, 2008 4:19 am

DAY 3...proflex
10am to 8pm....a very,long,hot,day.I went right to buisness and pulled
the Warren and Marty bit....then hit em with the reading of OT-8..then
hubbards letter to the vet. admin. asking for the
reading of the sec.check sheet for kids then adults....then the mary
sue's death report 2002...Then back again...over 300 sea org. and
public...mary story,ben shaw,several upper level investors heard it all
3 times over! They actually had to stand waiting for the cross light
and listen...4 min. Then the real fun began..i set up on a sidewalk
corner in front of a vacant storefront which is under's gutted! Well the const. crew guy who is a scieno is
very enturbulated at me being there so he asked me to move several
times for b.s. reasons to a far spot down the street..yea...NOT! He got
the owner (a lady) to come down and she cussed me out on the sidewalk
while i was in a very civil conversation with no other than RICHARD
HIRST...from the lisa days and cchr...who also was sent to my door by
the church a while back posing as my neighbor to find out what my deal
was in prep. for meeting at the ft.Harrison with my former boss who was
called down there to discuss what my deal was for having a XENU.NET
sign on my car. Anyhow she called the cops down..3 showed up and
immediatly i had to defend myself agens't false accusations of blocking
her potential leasees..and preventing buisness from the street being
interested in her property..leaning on her property..yelling at her
customers..etc.The place is walls yet,no windows on half of
it,no ceiling...nothing! That dosen't seem to matter to the police who
continued to pratically yell at me to not argue and be agressive while
they instructed and questioned me...i dident even talk how can that be
agressive? is listening to a police officer agressive? Well they were
pissed at me anyhow i guess so, good thing i check in with them before
i go out..for what that is worth! I was allowed to stay though and
stuck it out for 5 more hrs. Alot of people honked and stopped and said
they saw the websites and loved it all...hahaha. At all times i am
covered with 4 to 6 security officers...i had a scieno from the OSA
office flip me off from their window...the One Stop Shop guy on XENU-TV
called the police again (Markoplis ?).who was almost declared for
having free internet acess at a cafe he briefly owned (35k to get back
in good graces and close up the shop too)..with his buddie who runs the
Rabbit Hole next door they were in comm with the scieno security and
pulled out a camera to hide and take shots,so i challenged them to come
out and not hide,i don't mind i'm not hiding i'm here every day out in
the open, that is what the truth affords me...FREEDOM! I even posed for
them, full faced with sign (several poses). He looked shocked and
flipped me off...a good one for the show...(a respected buisness owner
giving me the finger) as i say thank you, and the mayor and city
council thanks you as well...and the viewing public! The cops came and
went as usual 45 min for this meeting with them and half of it they had
to hide because i was filming it...? The scieno OT'S kids made a
showing and cussed me....taunted and harrased me,a bunch of 12 and 13
year olds doing this while the scieno security guys watch and chuckle
until i start filming and all stops...well well now! The big thought
today was "where is your lexus,mercedes benz,volvo,range
rover,hummer...the investors have them...where is your retirement
acct.,health insurance,home,family,career...the investors all have them
while you wash their dishes,clear their tables,shuffle their papers and
wipe their asses. Where are your own clothes,kids,homes,husb.or wives?
What happens when you get too old or sick or disabled to be of use to
the org.?..are you offloaded? Why do you have to live in a motel or
small apt. with up to 3 other people while they live in mansions all
off your back and hard many Freewinds Vacations have any of
you! the naval uniform have you ever even been on a
ship? Why can you find a mark 7 e-meter on e-bay for $300.00 dollars
and you pay up to $2500.00 or more? Why aren't you invited to the
special parties at the Ft.Harrison that you pay for...where are all the
auditors for the super power rundowns or even the processes themselves?
I read exerpts from all the levels and they all heard it all with full
attention....Marty and how he personaly went with DM to the IRS office
to get the tax exempt status and now is a non-person is all over their
lips now i know,and how he is being systematically erased from all
their websites and documents as well as missing for 264 days?..and how
warren is shoveling shit in Hemet...hahaha a captive audience is
priceless!!! One big tip on a actuall murder 2 years ago by the cult"s
security force, i am awaiting the name for investigation....Now for the
MONEY SHOT...the security keeps the members on a tight path back and
forth across the street and away from my corner but it's really hard to
catch him actually correcting someone till today! A 30's female went to
cross to my side and he sharply whistled at her and stepped out to grab
her by the arm, she turned and held her arms out as if expressing "what
did i do wrong", the crowd all turned and caught it too and she was
sent back to the crowd to go in the opposite direction and appeared
embarassed like a scolded child...i shouted out "Why did you keep that
poor adult in this free country from crossing the
street".."is this russia or a free society..she is not a child,she has
the right to go wherever whenever she wants..cult or not!..."thank you
for giving me the best shot yet..3 days i have waited for that shot"
everyone was freaked and in agreement judging from head nods and
expressions...the security guy knew he fucked up with me getting it all
and was visibly flapped big time. I went over to him to thank him and
say you know that shot is going to be seen by millions on the internet
as well as the mayor, city officials, states atty. will get a copy and
it will be on cable tv as well, you know what that means right? I was
sooo happy and he actually looked into my eyes in a type of appeal not
to show it, he looked real sad and unsure of what to do? I told him if
he ever get's out to look me up i owe him one for hitting this whole
thing right out of the park for me and making my whole show with one
move. He actually looked as if he wanted to leave right then and
there...amazing! I have been opposite this guy for close to 2 years now
and i always talk with him rather respectfully but he never gives in to
emotion...a rock, till now.....hehehehe I always end each day with a
message to OSA sent verbally through the sec.guards...they turn over my
folder and also every other clw. citizens folders to the clw. p.d. and
st.pete. times or this won't end...
for a continual protest in my future?...guiness?
This will heat up fast now...a sympathetic insider who messengers for
OSA says i'm cooked and to watch out they are planning big things and
he/she cannot contact me anymore,i guess there is really no chance of
anyone having my back in this...thanks anyhow i guess i'm destined to
go down with the ship and tape it?
One person far away i have to know who you are!
Keep MYCLEARWATER.COM i think you can view the police
reports logged in on a daily basis...see me?
Will post tommorow's results...stay tuned


Post by Kilia » Mon Jun 23, 2008 4:28 am

Shawn Lonsdale's Cult Watch 01

Apparently the YT user "Legion543" has a number of Shawn's videos.

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Post by PTS » Mon Jun 23, 2008 4:29 am

DAY 4...proflex
Hot and weary this day i did start.....
A quick check in with the p.d....and all ok so off to get some coffee and the paper. 10:30...and i'm on my way to the corner, i set up and notice the construction site dude (scieno) was setting up their own cam..inside to view me and my actions...i'm getting too verbal i guess.
Too bad he cannot film without a notice saying they are filming...i filled them in and they went and checked it out and returned with a notice to post on the window. Aren't you gonna thank me? i posed and held up the first few pages of OT 8 they filmed it and as i told them this would cause them a major flap,DUH!...the marty and warren "missing" poster too and my sign.
It was a long one and hot too...way more thumbs up and honks than ever,as well as returnees saying what a informative site was!
A gal stopped to say she wanted distance from it all...she had just done some classes and was unsure of so much...afraid to be seen and all. Look for her to be posting on "my story" i hope!
To date 300 some odd xenu and scienotimes cards have been handed to curious stoppers by..thanks to the garbage find a while back. How ironic that a WISE co's garbage find would yield a ton of blank address cards that would later be used to spread the word...hahaha
The cops were keeping an eye from a distance...and many peeks from behind the curtains at the dining hall building too from curious scienos?...."is he still out there?"
The usual set up with security, and more regulars on the downtown streets are coming up asking why the security are stopping some members from crossing the street...some are re-routed all the way around the block now..and others bussed in from only a few hundred yards away....gas cheap?...bus re-routs and scedules confusing many i can see. Funny how being enturbulated, is and can be a real pain in the ass.
Many more lone pre-teen sea org. running around alone...jeez that kid is around 8 in the getup with sea-org parents in sight!
I stopped in for a cup of ice at starbucks and on my way out i held the door for one of the young rich OT kids always hanging around and she avoided me like i had scabies or something...and mentioned under her breath "EEEW fuckin pervert"! I lauged it off....and in less than 20 min later a SUV slowed and stopped at my spot....i turned and started to move toward it thinking another question was being asked....nope... a mom i assume and her pre-teen daughter were inside and motioned for me, then the daughters window went down and she SPIT at chuckled and they sped off before i could even get the cam up and shooting....a scieno insignia on the back!
What is it with the weirdo cussing and such with kids in the car?...Several good conversations with a 37 year auditor! He would speak with me but was seriously confused about everything going on....ot-8..the sp build?-nothing wrong....marty and warren?-blew or a lie....Lisa?-natural causes....DM's 2k per pair shoes?-he deserves to be comfortable....xenu,xemu?-never heard of it...donations misdirected to lawsuits?-donat. are up to the recip. to use as they wish.....disconnection?-never heard it happen....fair game?-lies....we had a good round about,he thought i was a frmr. member and got sketchy when i pulled out docs and was confronted with the Super Power stuff from 78,hehehe What about the Hole?..What hole-WHAAAT? I pointed and he still would not even aknowledge you need glasses i said then he relented and said you mean the stairwell?..thats a stairwell the stairs are small so you can't see them from here...i informed him of my some 80 odd closeups of that "stairwell" and he changed the in town sience 76....he had to go and hurried off so i asked if wanted a copy of 8 to take home to determin if it's the real deal...NO! He was poorly dressed and unevenly shaved...missed a few key spots...eye trouble? Nice enough but if this is what the top is than give me the opposite!!
Got the group of about 13 little preteen sea-orgers too then all while they were ordered inside NOW! What a site...too good! And the guard speaking too me in desperation...almost an arguement..."Why are you so hostile?...Why are you so mad at us?...I reminded him this was going to aire and his verbally outgoing manner was a big no no because it sounds so bad on tape he looked like "whoops?" 2nd fuck up...this guy is cracking!
Execs looking as if they are doing something "big" to get me...staring with cell phones...then hiding when filmed! The higher level in security is starting to come down to the street on a regular basis now and a lot of fresh faces are being seen...many from the bunker videos,with no appearance of promotion i might add!
A long explaination of my views on the "people" in the cult was expressed to and in earshot of security so i hope they do understand my slant.
It is sinking in i can see it on so many small waves or acknowledgements that are meant in a "on the downlow" way....(a special sign in the works?)
You guys here can run with that one!
Well the "TR's' of this is sinking in on me emotions are seperating and i feel a melancholly lul and a nervous elation most times.
As i was leaving i passed the guys doing the garbage and they were kinda fake laughing at me...i chuckled at the scene!
Here me, with a camera and anti-cult sign and you guy's knee deep in dining hall trash...and your laughing at me?...i do think they noticed though!
Oh...i had a opportunity to bump into the "waiter guy" and ask for his autograph on the actuall insert itself...i explained i did not mean to hasle him and did genuinely want it, he nicely declined but did say he gets that a lot and it was him...."thank you anyway sir"
DAY 5...stay tuned!
P.S. Thaks to all of you for your interest and assistance also i come home and long to see some good "CLAMANIA" here..sooo whoop it up guys!
This is gonna be the story about what they show me!

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Post by PTS » Mon Jun 23, 2008 4:33 am

DAY 5....proflex
Good day today! First up i set up around 10:30 and hit em with the missing Marty gets a lot of attention today as the flyer i am holding headlines it largly. Cars and pedestrians are really interested and of course see the sign and put two and two together....uh oh another missing cultie! A good run around with the private scieno buisness owners on cleveland street...they cannot leave me alone, i guess freedom is not really in the official creed!
Anyhow a official connection can now be told of the way they all use "cult" security to intimidate an uwanted entity. And here i thought downtown was for all of us? Several times one of the guys tries to intimidate with a lens but gets an invite and the front page of OT-8...Missing Poster...and sign, great press hahaha i bet he has to turn over the film before he views the damaging content and when i pointed that fact out he stopped real quick after a questioning look to security. A part here is a secret the image is a very big footbullet and a news agency has the shot heard round the world. Shhhhh
You will see it do not worry...just not now as bigger things dictate it's holding!
Cops again...yes, i guess they are on the "i am provoking them bit" they erroniously snaked the story to reflect that i am preventing them from buisness coming in their door...I guess the fact that i am on the opposite side of a torn in half road is too close....duh! The regular bit is said and i remain in place.
I leave my equip. at the Christan Theartre where i also find out Mr. One Stop Shop's mom has been trying to get the lord's help in getting her son away from the Cult he is trapped in...hehehe too's pressure too, he must be a personal wreck! No buisness, a constant SP in sight, and now mom on his case hahhaha.
I run to get my car as i have just enough change to get my car out of the parking home,a nap,and back with some funds for a drink...AHHHH!
CELEB. SIGHTING! Yes.....the very famous JENNA ELFMAN stops at starbucks and passes by my sign "CULT WATCH"...I realize who she is and attempt to get her shot but she hurries down the walk and won't respond to my pleas for a pic or a copy of OT-8....HAHAHAH (no i did not do the rape babies bit either)
Everyone has their best ready for tommorows big party and secret revelation......HERE IT IS....
They will be revealing that the tech has gone through a complete reorginization due to an unworkability previously not found...please purchase new books and materials at the front desk....WHAT?...
Yes....and i plan demonstrate my psycic abilities by fortelling the info to the masses so they can put two and two together! How could this SP have known that?....this is such shit, can i have that copy of OT-8 now!
All were surprised yet again at my presence and heard all about Mary Sue dying in 2002 of cancer and also Quention commiting sucide in L.V. and where is her memorial party?...did you even know that one of the founding members was dead and why hasen't the church told you? i saw a few inappropiate smirks and giggles i set in with "you stand and giggle at this news while wearing the uniform of the orginization she help'd respectful is that!"..."you have to hear this from a supposed SP"..."Have fun tommorow night at the big party but remember there are a lot of others who won't be attending because they are disconnected or missing or dead..their money paid for it too you know!"...guilt was viewed on many faces! Starbucks now has a copy of OT-8 too now behind the counter and all the wireless acess there too so all will be spread in a few days and seeing as it's a big hangout for all members but the workers are regular youngins it's due to cause discussion.....sooo the weirdness will be exposed in their own hangout hahahaha
Big shit from this is going down and visitors to my place are followed and documented by an unknown....Plus Ben Shaws has been gone for a few and word is he got called back for a big ass chewing on the recent news bit
here....a big flap!
Coachman park is the spot for thousands of our regulars for the forth fireworks so it will be one to remember....everyone gets a gift in celebration of freedom!
I am here and day 5 is in the bag....i always did love sixpacks when i was a drinker soooo...
Did anyone look up a continous scieno protest record yet....i know i am only one but shit guys this is getting easier and it's sinking in fast....oh the possabilities.....
Much more contact than ever today and now all the county offices,city offices,paramedics,fireman,police,and even the homeless are checking the internet from all these guys is amazing. Everyone on the inside of our local govt. is sympathetic to the cause!
Well i'm burnt and drowsy so off to wonderland go i......
Thank's for reading and tune in for more tommorow..i love the supportive posts guy's!.....NUF!

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