Pavlodar, Kazakhstan: Narconon on trial. *Update: GUILTY*

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Pavlodar, Kazakhstan: Narconon on trial. *Update: GUILTY*

Post by Sponge » Tue Oct 27, 2009 5:02 am

mnql1, posting on WWP forum, wrote:Translation of the Russian transcript of a video report (in Russian) on the trial of the director of Narconon in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan

The photograph below shows the defendant, Evgeniya Tarkhanova, and her attorney (the defendant’s mother), Tatiana Tarkhanov.


"Narconon" on trial
Journalist: Evgeniya Bodrova
October 26, 2009

A trial is underway in Pavlodar concerning the “Narconon” rehabilitation center for drug and alcohol addiction. Its director, Evgeniya Tarkhanova, is accused of illegal practice of medicine and tax evasion. For her attorney, Tatiana Tarkhanova, the stakes are dramatic – she is defending her daughter. The first court session began with a surprising statement by the attorney: Evgeniya Tarkhanova is not guilty because the founder and director of the center is someone else, a man who is not presently in Kazakhstan. Tatiana Tarkhanova argued that Evgeniya cannot be charged because she was simply a salaried employee - she was hired to act as assistant director of "Narconon".

The center’s activity attracted the attention of financial police last fall. The center was found to have prohibited substances that were used to treat drug addicts. A forensic chemical examination revealed that patients were given large doses of dietary supplements which could, according to experts, have a negative impact on human health. One month of treatment cost about 2,000 dollars. Documents show that the sums received are reported as voluntary contributions. The “Narconon” rehabilitation center has been operating in Kazakhstan since 2000 and has close ties to the teachings of Scientology. In several Western countries, "Dianetics" is prohibited and considered a destructive sect. If the defense fails to prove that Evgeniya Tarkhanova should not stand trial for "Narconon", the defendant faces up to 5 years imprisonment and confiscation of property.

ref: ... stan-55161
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Post by Sponge » Thu Nov 26, 2009 3:28 am

GUILTY ... ost1080215
mnql1, posting on WWP, wrote:Translation of an article in Russian on, the website of the Kazakhstan Today news agency.

*The fine is 900 MCI (Monthly Calculated Indexes), 1 MCI = 1,273 tenge, $1 US = 148.75 tenge.
The translation:
Head of Scientologist “Narconon” center sentenced in Pavlodar

Pavlodar. November 25. Kazakhstan Today – The widely-noted trial of the “Narconon” center, which is connected with the religious Scientology organization, ended today in Pavlodar, reports the Kazakhstan Today news agency.

Pavlodar City Court Number 2 issued a guilty verdict against the 25-year-old director of the "Narconon" center and sentenced her to a heavy fine of 7,700 dollars*. The court stated that the convicted defendant has the right to legally appeal the decision within 15 days.

As previously reported, the defendant was charged under Article 190 of the Kazakhstan Criminal Code (illegal business activity). According to the charges, the Narconon rehabilitation and educational center where she worked was engaged in the illegal practice of medicine and provided services to persons suffering from drug or alcohol addiction.

The trial was the result of operations carried out on November 20, 2008 by the Department of Economic Crimes and Corruption. The financial police found that the “Narconon” center had archives containing almost a thousand files labeled “confidential” concerning persons who received services.

In addition, during the search, police seized “accounting documents, 134 packages containing various kinds of medicinal preparations that did not specify the country of origin, a large number of Scientology-oriented books, a program describing the 'Purification' course, a program for the application of medicinal preparations, advertising and promotional materials."

In all, police seized more than 60 boxes of documents, religious literature, and medicinal preparations not registered in Kazakhstan. The financial police reported that "Narconon" patients were misled and that the money received by the organization's leadership was labeled as voluntary donations.

"The forensic chemical analyses of the substances seized during searches concluded that all the substances under investigation, with few exceptions, were medicinal preparations (vitamins, dietary supplements, food products) that are not registered in the state registry of medicines of the Republic of Kazakhstan and that their use in the territory of Kazakhstan is prohibited. The therapeutic doses of active substances in certain vitamins and dietary supplements greatly exceeded the permissible limits," said the financial police.

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Post by joolie » Thu Nov 26, 2009 3:57 am

wow another one!

Hey .. this means that Scn will be really tied up fighting all this which means they won’t have the resources to harass.

With no harassment to keep people scared defectors with inside knowledge may start coming out.... this could really snowball!

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Post by Wieber » Thu Nov 26, 2009 6:26 am

In a way it's sad.

The young woman is taking the fall for scientology's leaders - people higher up the food chain who have benefited from her activity and have not been punished in any way.
“Think wrongly if you please, but in all cases think for yourself.”
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Post by lostinspace » Thu Nov 26, 2009 7:09 am

As to money issues for CO$, here is likely one of their solutions.

Book sales again ... eak-57319/

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Post by antiscn » Thu Nov 26, 2009 11:17 am

Wieber wrote:In a way it's sad.

The young woman is taking the fall for scientology's leaders - people higher up the food chain who have benefited from her activity and have not been punished in any way.
I agree.these people are pawns in the game.They may have had good intentions but they were misguided.If more of these stories come out,it may discourage other Scientologists from getting involved in Narconon,etc..but then again,it seems like a lot of them are pretty sheltered from the real world.
As for the leaders..well thye haven't been punished YET.DM must be aware that his turn is coming!

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Post by Sponge » Thu Feb 04, 2010 11:40 pm

Update from mnlq1 on WWP: ... ost1147979 ... 1153509359
Court Orders Scientology “Narconon” Building in Pavlodar Returned to City Government

February 4, 2010 5:45 P.M.

In Pavlodar, a court decision has ordered that the Scientology “Narconon” building be returned to the city government, reports the Kazakhstan Today agency, based on information published in the regional socio-political weekly Nasha Zhizn [“Our Life"].

According to Nasha Zhizn, the court's decision was made in mid-January. The newspaper says that, during the investigation of the criminal case brought by the financial police against the "Narconon" center more than a year ago, it became clear that “the two-storey building which the organization was based was in fact donated ... by the city government [akimat] of Pavlodar.“

In the past, this administrative building was on the balance sheet of the Gorvodocanal PLC, [“City Water Channel” Public Limited Company], which was created by the city government.

"On March 23, 2000, the building was donated for private ownership to an organization whose name local authorities have stubbornly refused to divulge, and, through it, to ‘Narconon.’” In December 2009, the Finance Department of Pavlodar filed a lawsuit in court demanding that the transfer of the building be recognized as illegal. On January 15, 2010, the court granted the claim and decided to "acknowledge the building as belonging to the communal property of the city," writes Nasha Zhizn, noting that "The court's decision has not yet taken effect. Perhaps, ‘Narconon’ will take the initiative and leave the building."

Nasha Zhizn reminds readers that "’Narconon’ is a subdivision of the Church of Scientology, which was founded by Ron Hubbard and is a totalitarian sect banned in 55 countries worldwide. In Kazakhstan during the mid 1990s, Scientologists managed to penetrate centers of power. In Pavlodar, they gave lectures on ‘Dianetics’ to city officials and found support among them."

"Narconon hid its methods from prying eyes by saying that its activity is to provide not treatment, but rehabilitation of drug addicts, and to conduct interviews with them. Occasionally, information leaked out in the press about detoxification programs in which drug addicts stewed in a sauna and were given horse doses of vitamins, plus some yet-undetermined substances," the newspaper writes.

Last year, as previously reported, after complaints by former patients of "Narconon" to law enforcement, the financial police became interested in this mysterious organization and discovered gross irregularities in the work of this "educational" center.

"First of all, the medical activities of the Pavlodar ‘Narconon’ center turned out to be illegal. The organization did not have a license for this. In addition, treatment was provided to addicts by persons with no medical training, and substances illegally imported into Kazakhstan were stored there. Secondly, it was found that ‘Narconon’ illegally engaged in business activities. For services rendered, they took from their clients huge sums of 100,000 to 300,000 tenge, collecting in this manner 5,746,000 tenge. The employees of the organization called these ‘charitable contributions’", says the article.

Nasha Zhizn recalls also that “Scientology literature and files on a thousand patients were found in the ‘Narconon’ office. In the questionnaires, drug addicts had to answer rather odd questions about their sexual experiences and about attitudes toward intelligence organizations. In the criminal world, the usual purpose of such files is to blackmail victims in the future."

"In October last year, 25-year-old Evgeniya Tarkhanova, assistant to the director of the ‘Narconon’ foundation was put on trial. Why was all the responsibility dumped on this girl, while the director stayed on the sidelines? This remains unclear. She had to answer for the illegal business activity of the organization. The Pavlodar Criminal Court fined Tarkhanova $900 MCI, which is equivalent to 1,166,000 tenge", reports the newspaper.

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