Was L. Ron Hubbard Sexually Molested as a Child?

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Was Hubbard "changed" as a child?

+++++++Sacred Cult Scripture+++++++++++++++++

The cases of tomorrow are the cases of children today.
Whole civilizations have changed because somebody
changed the children.

L. Ron Hubbard: "Techniken für Kinder


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++++++++++++Sacred Cult Scripture++++++++++

"Hence the pervert containing hundreds and hundreds of
vicious engrams has little choice between being dead or
being a pervert. But with an effective science to handle
this problem, a society that would continue to endure
perversion and all its sad and sordid effects doesn't
deserve to survive."

- L. Ron Hubbard Dianetics, (Page 138)


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Hubbard's Mushroom, these Hubbard quotes you are posting are revealing and in their implications. To this point, Hubbard's Battlefield Earth science fiction series swims in homoeroticism, most of which centered around teenage boys. Hubbard's sexual imagination emerges in all of its vibrancy in Battlefield Earth. Every sexual act that Hubbard punished on the Scientologyt side of the ledger he reveled in and celebrated in Battlefield Earth. It seems to me that Battlefield Earth was Hubbard's sexual outlet in which he ran around naked, wild, and sexual in his characters.

Curiosity made a post on Hubbard's homoeroticism in 2006. I repost it here. I have cleaned up the formatting artifacts that are seen on pre-2007 OCMB posts. This was a long post, so I am reposting it in two parts. Curiosity, thank you again for taking the time to do this work on Battlefield Earth and Hubbard.


This is a continuation of the thread started by J. Swift titled “Was Hubbard Sexually Molested as a Child? Swift’s hypothesis is fascinating because it has long been clear to some of us that Hubbard was a self-repressing gay or bisexual with serious sexual issues that he never resolved, and this strongly affected some of his social engineering theories and policies that he created for Scientology.

Signs of Hubbard’s strongly-repressed homosexuality/bisexuality include his outrageous generalities about gay people in the books Dianetics and Science of Survival (which are common to closeted gays/bisexuals who feel that they need to prove to themselves and to others that they are straight), and his life-long preoccupation with adult-adolescent gay sex that he sporadically mentioned in his Scientology writings, and then made abundantly clear in his 10-volume Mission Earth story written near the end of his life.

When I posted these observations on J. Swift’s thread, I was asked for quotes, so here they are, pulled at random as I skimmed along. I know that I have missed some episodes. Mission Earth contains both homosexual and heterosexual soft-core porn, but even many of the heterosexual events focus on the sexual qualities of the men, especially their physical desirability and penis size. Hubbard was especially preoccupied with pretty men and boys, and males who were well-endowed.

Let me say that I have no problem with Hubbard having been gay or bisexual, and I have nothing against soft-core gay porn. In fact, I enjoyed Mission Earth as a Saturday afternoon-matinee type of story. It is basically a swashbuckling space opera story in the style of 1950’s pulp fiction with satire about corruption, politics, and sex. (I also seem to be one of the few people in the world who actually enjoyed Travolta’s movie Battlefield Earth on the same basis. I went to see it on a Saturday afternoon when it came out.)

What I do not like, and the only reason I am posting here, is that Hubbard was such destructive hypocrite about it by not changing his anti-gay statements in Dianetics and Science of Survival before he died in 1986. As a result, he left behind what is essentially hate literature with its advocacy of social quarantines and eradication of civil rights for gay people. The irony is not only Hubbard’sown obvious homosexuality, but that he also claims to have been Cecil Rhodes in a past life, and Rhodes is regarded by a number of historians to have been a gay man, as well as the overseer of the soldiers who created the world’s first modern-style concentration camps during the Boer Wars. Anyway, here are the quotes. Items in [brackets] are my own comments and insertions. All quotes are taken from the first hardcover edition of the Mission Earth 10-volume series.

To start out with, the main character is a scheming psychologically-conflicted male spy named Soltan Gris who tells the story from a first-person perspective. The actual hero of the story is Jettero Heller who has qualities Hubbard liked to envision in himself: Heller belonged to a group of combat engineers who were known as “the daredevils of the [space] Fleet.” (v. 1, p. 10).

Hubbard lets us know that Heller was, “tall, very good-looking fellow, extremely well built.” (v. 1, p. 23).

Jettero’s living quarters had been decorated by other people in an “exquisite” (v. 1, p. 77) manner with rugs that were collectors’ items, and “the whole place harmonized together with beautiful taste.” (v. 1, p. 77).

Jettero is described this way by Soltan Gris: “He was very good-looking, even in sleep, which is unusual. He was a very masculine fellow but he was pretty, too.” Later Gris says of Heller, “Yes, he was quite a figure. He looked like some big woods God! Come to think of it, he resembles that statue in the Voltar. Hey! I thought, what the Devils is the matter with me, I’m no man-lover!” (p. 154-155).

Later a young doctor says to a naked Jettero who is lying on an examination table, “you are certainly extremely well built. And equipped [meaning penis size].’ Adds Gris, “And it was true, unfortunately, what he said of Heller. He was a very muscular, well-proportioned athlete and he was very well equipped.” (v. 1, p. 492). Although Heller is portrayed as 100% hetero and has a female love interest (the Countess Krak), at one point he is brought into an expensive New York whorehouse, and the following conversation takes place:

“Now, this place is full of good-looking women,” said Vantagio, “and a good-looking kid with muscles like yours will have them swarming at you!”

“Do you have boys here?” said Heller.

“Cripes no!” exploded Vantagio.(v. 2, p. 245).

The story never explains why Heller asks about the whorehouse having boys, unless I missed a reference earlier. During this same episode, the story reveals that Heller may have only been a teenager, or was “underage,” at least according to the perception of the people in the whorehouse, so the prostitutes are told not to touch Heller:

“Now listen,” said Vantagio, raising his voice to be heard, “he’sunderage as you can plainly see. He’sjail bait!” (v. 2, p. 246).

Heller is also referred to on the same page by some characters as a “young boy” and “far too young for their [i.e., the prostitutes’] general taste.” (v.2, p. 246). We therefore have Hubbard ascribing admirable sexual qualities to a probable 16 or 17 year-old, or at least someone who looked to be that age to others.

[As an aside, let me point out that David Miscavige was cute as a teenager if you look at the picture of him by Hubbard during a filming. If I recall correctly, Miscavige once said that he had been picked by surprise to be part of Hubbard’s crew at Gold when he was that age. (His parents were Scientologists and would no doubt have been thrilled at the honor of their son being chosen to be so close to their Commodore). Miscavige’s ”pretty” looks and smaller-than-normal stature would have made him look even younger than he was, and the kind of youth that would be attractive to a man with that kind of interest. This is not to say that anything sexual necessarily happened between Hubbard and Miscavige, but it might indicate that Hubbard enjoyed having a “pretty” youth like that around. Also, as I recall, Hubbard wrote or said somewhere that he had developed memory-burying techniques better than any possessed by psychiatrists or those who did pain-drug-hypnosis. What I am about to say is sheer speculation and there is no proof that I know of, but is it possible that Hubbard might have sexually abused young male Sea Org members and used techniques to bury their memories of it? After reading Mission Earth, I have to wonder.]

Anyway, back to Mission Earth:

One frequently recurring character is “Too-Too” who is introduced this way: “Endow [a male character] had a weakness: pretty boys.” hese two boys were nicknamed ‘Too-Too’and ‘Oh Dear.’ Their real names are Twolah and Odur! They fell in love, one with an elderly male professor of cellology, the other with the dean of males!They were eminently fitted for my purpose: they were very pretty. I would shortly wipe the amusement from their girlish faces.” (v.1, p. 274)

The two boys are given a mission by the conniving Gris: “you will pretty yourselves up and display yourselves so that each one of you, by turns, becomes his beloved.” V. 1, p. 275. Gris blackmails them into their roles, which is what Gris says Earth psychology is all about—blackmail and extortion. He then goes on, “there are exact states and phases in all boys and males. It says so right in the Earth textbooks. First they are oral passive, then they are oral erotic, then they are anal passive after which they become anal erotic. This is followed by what is called ‘latency’and finally genitalia is arrived at. So these two boys were fixated in the development stage of anal erotic.” V.1, p. 276.

The boys are not happy about their mission, QUOTE:
“Blubbering. More blowing. Finally Too-Too said, ‘But I hear he [Endow] is too big! [meaning penis size]”
“Yes, I know, you poor thing. Here is some grease.” v. 1, p. 332.

When the two boys return from one of their missions, one of them makes it clear that Lord Endow probably had sex with him: “‘The minute he saw me, he said, ‘Oh, how darling!’Then he said, “your trousers seem a little tight. Come into my bathroom so I can.’” (v.3, p. 177) Later Gris says of the boy, “He looked smug, the way homos will. I hate homos. You can’t trust them.” (v. 3, p. 178) The joke is that Gris is unknowingly in love with a male transvestite as will be discussed below.

Another minor character is introduced who is also used as an unwitting tool of Gris. He is a big hulking man who was disciplined for molesting “small Turkish boys” at least a half a dozen times. (v. 3. P. 185). Gris wants to film him sodomizing Too-Too for blackmail purposes:

“There was a sudden screech from Too-Too!

“A curse came from the big bird, an order to lie still.

“I curled my lip in disgust as Too-Too began to moan.

“Then there was an explosive curse from the big bird.

“Too-Too screeched in ecstasy.”

“Then I hard a scramble and a loud kiss!

“I opened the door.

“Too-Too was standing there with his arms around the big brute.”
(v. 3, p. 186-187)

After it is over, Gris remarks how the brute kept pawing Too-Too, “who wasn’t complaining.” (v. 3, p. 187) Too-Too continued to drool even after the man left. (v. 3, p. 187).
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Part II: Curiosity's post on Hubbard's homoeroticism in Battlefield Earth.
Volume 3 introduces a transvestite character, Utanc. “She” is a Turkish dancing girl that Soltan Gris has purchased as a sort of slave girl/singer/dancer/companion. The running joke in the story is that Soltan thinks that this really is a woman, but the reader figures out that it is a man whose true sexual interest is in two little boys that are her servants and with whom she likes to share baths. Hubbard devotes 35 consecutive pages to Gris and Utanc (v. 3, pp. 34-69). Gris is wildly smitten with her and her beauty: “the nakedness in between [her jacket and pantaloons] was alive!” (v. 3, p. 41). “Her stomach muscles bunched and writhed and her hips began to grind! O, my Gods! It was enough to drive a man MAD!” (v.3, p. 41). Utanc performs a sensuous dance, and Gris declares, “I had never before in my life been so aroused.” (v. 3, p. 42). Finally, after Utanc convinces Gris to buy her some expensive gifts, she services him sexually. Understand that this is a gay sex scene between two men, one of whom is a transvestite:

“‘No, no, she whispered. “There is no need for me to udnress. I am too shy. This is your night and your pleasure’

“She kissed me on the mouth!

“I felt like I would faint with pleasure!”
“Her tongue pried my lips apart and sought the inmost raches of my mouth.

“She sucked my willing tongue out and her lips drew upon it and her teeth lightly held it.
“I was going into a daze of pleasure.” (v.3, p. 57)

Utanc kisses other parts of Gris’body, and finally reaches his genitals: “‘Darling, darling,” she was whsipering. And then, ‘The mouth is everything.’

“She kissed down my thighs.

“Suddenly all the blackness around me was a vortex, pulling me in as though I were being swirled right down, helpless with sensuous pleasure.
“I floated suspended in joy amongst the stars.
“While lightning seemed to flash across the whole universe.” (v. 3, p. 58)

That was not the end of it. She got Gris to climax a second time: “And her mouth once more began its journey down my body to culmination in sublime ecstasy. It seemed to me that never before in my life had I ever had sex! Nothing, absolutely nothing in Heavens or on Earth had felt that good before!” (v. 3, p. 59)

Despite this, Utanc continues to enjoy her privacy with the boys, and Gris listens in through a bug in her room. Utanc sings to the boys about them washing her, kissing and hugging her, and “Then we will go in the bedroom, And I’ll teach you more lovely games.” (v. 3, p. 253). Once in the bedroom she sings another song of their little feet on her stomach, and then words that apparently describe what Utanc would do to the boys, which sounds like deep sexual penetration followed by climax.”

“Get it in, get it in, deep, deep, deep.
Up you go, up you go, bloom, bloom, bloom.
Now you come, now you come, boom, boom, BOOM!” (v.3, p. 254)

Gris then wonders, “What in blazes was going on in there? I could hear some little squeals. Laughter? Delight? They surely weren’t squeals of pain! Too cheerful. More like ecstasy? Delight. It was delight.” (v. 3, p. 254).

In a later episode, she sings to the boys, “You may be small, But oh, you’re good. I would eat you, If I could. Why should hunger, Be in fashion, When you’re there, To slake my passion?” (v. 4, p. 282-283).

This is followed by rustling of bed sheets and squeals of delight.
The interesting aspect to all of this man-boy sex in Hubbard’s book is that all of the boys and teenagers who are sexually involved with the men are portrayed as strongly desiring such. This is made evident when Utanc’s true identity as a man is finally revealed to Gris, who vomits at the discovery. Utanc is really Colonel Boris Gaylov of the KGB. (v.8, p. 103) Gris finally understands, “It seemed that Gaylov had made the two little boys into catamites [boys used for sexual purposes], and each night and sometimes in the day had practiced many sexual perversions with them to satisfy his lust. It seemed that what the little boys were upset about was that they weren’t getting it anymore, now that Utanc had disappeared! The two small boys said that unless their mothers let them go find Utanc they were going to run away and find other men to sleep with, and if they were prevented from doing that they were going to kill themselves the very first chance they got!” (v. 8, p. 137).

The Too-Too character was also promiscuous with men. Lesbian sex scene/orgy v. 6, p. 26-36. It seems that Gris often winds up having sex with gays, male and female. Another interesting character in the story is Teenie: a promiscuous teenage girl who is taught sex by lesbians, and who eventually starts her own escort service with teenage males. Teenie is also promiscuous and wants sex with adults. (See v. 6, 285-287).

She keeps trying to seduce Gris, including by spreading her knees apart with no underwear underneath. She had “too-big lips.” (v. 6, p. 317). She told Gris about a school psychologist who “had a lot of very mentally sick boys in the school. They were classified as oversexed. And he used to line them up in his office and go down on them [i.e., perform oral intercourse] to cool them off. And every day or two he’d get an overload of cases and he’d send and get me excused from class so I could come in and help. He’d stand and watch. There were so many of those boys sometimes that I could hardly get my breath from one before another had to be done. It was a fast clinical line, let me tell you. And some of those boys were fifteen and sixteen and pretty foamy. You just couldn’t help swallowing!” (v. 6, p. 321)

Teenie is a significant character throughout volume 7, and she befriends a young man named Madison who only desires sex with this mother. Although Gris rebuffs Teenie’s sexual advances, she manages to get him in positions in which he appears to be sexually attacking her. These are secretly photographed, and the photos are used to blackmail him into participating in a campaign aimed at “de-homosexualizing homos.” (v. 7, p. 56-57).

One blackmailer tells him, “And you will do your part or go to a Federal pen and be raped daily by the male inmates.” (v. 7, p. 57).

Teenie makes another reference to “going down on boys.” (v. 7, p. 60).
Gris interviews the evil psychologist/psychiatrist who participated in these acts. He tells Gris, “Why would I want a little girl to go down on me when I have my hands absolutely full of young boys that have to be converted to homos? Why would you use girls to do that when you’ve go so many boys to do it?” (v. 7, p. 67)

A musical group is called the “Hoochi-Hoochi Boys,” which is a sexualized term. (v.7, p. 279)

Even though Hubbard revels in gay and kinky sex in the book, he has his positive characters say how disgusting it all is. “This perverted planet!” cried the Countess Krak. “It’s just as if they never heard of normal sex!” (v. 8, p. 138).

This makes me as a reader wonder what kind of sex Hubbard had been exposed to and had engaged in during his lifetime, since the types of sexual escapades he enjoys detailing in his book are not within the experience of most people. Hubbard had a history of being part the occult OTO with its homosexual rituals, and J. Swift has presented an interest hypothesis about Hubbard’s youth in the company of “Snake” Thompson, etc. There may have been good reason why Hubbard would so vigorously cover up his homosexuality/bisexuality even after societal attitudes had liberalized. He had perhaps engaged in many homosexual acts that would be highly disreputable, even in the minds of many gay people. Also, victims of sexual abuse are often very ashamed of the experiences even if they were not at fault.

In Mission Earth, Gris is confronted with the dilemma of proving that his is not gay when the Countess Krak threatens him with prosecution for homosexuality under the laws of the galactic Confederacy: “How the Hells did you prove that you were not a homo? It was almost impossible to prove that you were not anything. The only evidence you could collect was that you were things.” (v. 8, p. 138).

This may have been the formula that Hubbard used to cover his homosexual interests, i.e., he engaged in a hyper-heterosexuality, and maybe also some Scientology celebrities rumored to be gay. Hubbard’s formula is, “prove” that you are heterosexual, don’t try to disprove that you are gay.

Volume 9 has more of Too-Too. This time Teenie and other characters are on a galactic ship. Teenie is making money by selling Too-Too’ssexual services to the crew. The Madison character sees:
“There, face-down on the bed, was a pretty-looking boy. He had makeup on his face. A beatific smile was on his lips. A crew member was standing there, getting back into his clothes. The man leered at Captain Bolz and, buckling his belt, swaggered out."

“‘[To Teenie] But what are you doing with that boy?’

"Oh, him? He’sjust about the most nympho catamite you ever did see. And when he’shopped up on marijuana he can take it all day and all night, too! He’sa sponge! Kind of cute, too. You want a piece?’” (v.9, p. 42)

Teenie also explains how she taught Too-Too “a few little tricks he could do and when he got back here he pleased Lord Endow no end. The goofy old (bleepard) went absolutely delirious over Too-Too.” (v. 9, p. 67).

Teenie becomes elevated to the title Queen Teenie, and there is a long ceremonial scene involving a youth gay orgy starting v. 9, p.74 and going to page 91. “small groups of boys had been coming in the vast front door! In the main they were handsome or pretty, and a few wore powder and paint!T hey appeared to range in age from eight to fifteen, but one couldn’t really tell with these long-lived people. There must be two hundred of them here by now.” (v.9, p75-76).

There was marijuana smoking. Teenie tells these young male students of hers that she has a graphic illustration of the naked male body, and once again, there is a reference to oversized genitals: “Now, I must admit that the artist has made the (bleep) too large for my taste.’She turned to them and smiled a too-big smile. There was pleased laughter at her joke.’’ But somehow getting around that point more laughter.” (v. 9, p. 79).

Teenie then calls for a volunteer to engage in a demonstration. Instantly fifty hands went flailing toward her.” [Again, Hubbard’s continuing theme, common to boy-lovers, that the boys are eager for sex.] Teenie made her choice: “A boy who appeared to be ab out fifteen slide eagerly under the red ropes. He was quite pretty, with a clear white skin.” (v.9, p. 80) Two boys then stripped him naked. Teenie touched the boy near his spin and got an “instant response” which is clearly an erection because when she then touches a spot on the lower outside right thigh, “THE RESPONSE DEFLATED!” (v.9, p. 80, capitalization in the original).

She touched the boy a couple of more times, getting another “response” which “GREW BIGGER AND STAYED!” (v. 9, p. 80, capitalization in the original). She then “touched a spot at the lower center of the boy’spubic hair. His eyes rolled up, his chin thrust forward, he gave an ecstatic groan. HE (BLEEPULATED!)” (v. 9, p. 81, capitalization in the original). The audience gasped and groaned, then wildly applauded. She touched him again, got another “response” and another “(bleepulation.)”

The boy has a third erection, but this time he simply drops to his knees and vows grateful allegiance to Teenie. All of the boys then smoke marijuana. Some performers perform a song that Hubbard provides the lyrics to, among them, “Oh, a soldier’slife is the life for me! For it is the men that I enjoy! The best there is, I find, is boys! The enemy I do not mind! Can go on in my behind! All passionate and hard as rocks! Eager to slide in my buttocks! And let me (bleep) and (bleep) in thee!” (v.9, p. 84).

The scene does not end there. Teenie chose another volunteer. This time it is a very handsome boy who looked to be about sixteen who came in “striding with a lordly, springing gait. His clothing shimmered in all colors of the rainbow.” (v.9, p.87). Too-Too is also chosen to participate, and Teenie starts lecturing them about the important role of the sphincter muscle and how the boys can learn to make it go “round and round.” (v. 9, p. 89). She then has Too-Too demonstrate this skill by having the 16-year-old held firm by other boys so that could not move at all, his erection inside Too-Too, and Too-Too performing the technique on him. The 16-year-old’s face was “wreathed in ecstasy.” (v. 9, p. 90). The teenager finally let out a scream of ecstasy. (v. 9, p. 90). The other boys have become so aroused by all of this, that they “fell upon one another like wolves in heat. The music and marijuana and the tableaux, the pulsing colored lights, had driven them made with lust that no longer could be restrained.” (v. 9, p. 91).

The theme of large penis size is also brought out in a story thread in which Gris gets his genitals enlarged, and there are one or two scenes with women in which the women “ooh and ahh” over it, again putting the attention on the man. In v. 9, p 256, a female character says, “I was a bodyguard for the richest whorehouse madam on all Mistin. I’m telling you, there was five hundred guys, half-naked, handsome as Gods, standing there in front of that palace just begging to (bleep). And they were the heaviest hung birds I ever seen.”

Hubbard makes it sound as though gay pederasty is a foundation of Freudian theory, and this might make us wonder what “Snake” Thompson or someone else had taught Hubbard as a youth about Freud, perhaps to get into the young Hubbard’s pants as hypothesized by J. Swift? In v.10, p 292-3, a demented doctor says to a male character, “You will NEVER find any remission of symptoms unless you ride roughshod over your repression and find yourself a nice young man and practice, unremittingly, fellatio.” I stared at him. “I am giving you pure Freud. Your insanity can be cured only by a life of dedication to making love only to young boys and men, orally, of course.”

At the end of Mission Earth, Hubbard seems to become a moral preacher about all of this by speaking through his characters. Not only do all of the gay characters and catamites get killed off, but one character repeats similar thoughts to those of Countess Krak: “Oh, sex and sex and sex! The place to get the REAL information is EARTH! It is a paradise of wallowing, rampant sex perversion! Wonderful!” (v.10, p. 312). Again, as a reader, I have to wonder: Is this all just satire? (Yes, maybe.) Is Hubbard unusually prudish since most people do not engage in the kind of sexual scenarios? Or did Hubbard have a very rough sexual history, perhaps not all of his choosing when he was a youth, and this resulted in his attitudes that he could never change?

Whatever the answer may be, his moralism is repeated in v.10, p. 314 in a poem composed by Hubbard “ODE TO EARTH”:

"And who, pray tell, would show aversion
To lovely butt and mouth perversion?
Sex that converts girls to (bleepches).
Did I say sex? Oh, you excel!
Sex is the thing you do so well!
Never has such concentration
Been leveled at self-gratification!"

Anyway, those are the requested quotes that I found during a quick skim-through. To see how they are integrated into the story, people should, of course, read the books themselves. And again, it is not that I object to this literature or that Hubbard wrote it. I am only objecting to that fact that he appears to never face up to his own feelings and possible history in a mature way.

As a result, he created an organization that is dangerous because if it achieves the political power it was programmed by Hubbard to achieve, it would take away the civil rights of a large number of people only because of their personalities, put them into “permanent” quarantine, including the group of people that he clearly belonged to, namely, gays and bisexuals. Comparisons to Hitler are admittedly tiresome, but it is so apt in this situation, because Hitler was also a closet gay who advocated “quarantine” of “social undesirables” including other gays.

Hitler copied what “Hubbard” had done in Hubbard’s alleged past life as Cecil Rhodes: they both built concentration camp systems. Scientologists need to grow up. We can still have compassionate understanding for Hubbard and for the events in his life that may have caused him to manifest the attitudes that he did, but that is not the same as going along with his agenda
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+++++++++++Sacred Cult Scripture++++++++++++++

So if you ever mention to me again a question about
something over in left field I'll have you spanked.

—L. Ron Hubbard
Lecture 27 September 1968:
Standard Tech Defined


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+++++++++++Sacred Cult Scripture+++++++++++++

It is noteworthy that the 1.1 to 0.5 area of the tone scale finds
the muscles, particularly the sexual muscles, without tonus.
The nymphomaniac and the satyr are extremely slackmuscled,
and the tonus around 0.5 is almost non-existent."

- L. Ron Hubbard, Science of Survival

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Why would Hubbard need self hypnosis to be turned on
to women?


You do not masturbate. Masturbation cannot harm you in any
way but you would rather have women. Your penis and erotic
centers are very sensitive to women. You are not afraid that
someone will catch you masturbating. No one knows or ever
will know. Such discovery would be harmless. You do not
masturbate. Only women thrill you and very deeply."

- L. Ron Hubbard, The Admissions


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Suggestive passage...
Vacuums drink up a preclears havingness?

++++++++++++Sacred Cult Scripture++++++++++++++

VACUUMS. A vacuum is a super-cold object which, if brought
into contact with bank, drinks bank. Objects at 25°F or less
have high electrical capacitance, low resistance. This was
psychiatry before Earth. Shocks, ether, can act similarly. This
is how one mechanically forgets the past. He depends on
pictures, loses pictures to a vacuum incident. Vacuums drink up
the preclear’s havingness. They are just incidents and they are

- L Ron Hubbard, P.A.B. No. 106 15 February 1957


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I wonder if pervert hypnotism happened to Hubbard?

+++++++++++Sacred Cult Scripture+++++++++++++

Enter the field of the human mind with Dianetics and one starts
to get behind the scenes of the great sacred American home.
One gets behind the myth of mother, dear mother. One also
finds out that hypnotism is very common in this society. I
never realized it was that common before. I have taken
enough pervert hypnotism out of banks now to discover that
about half a percent of all cases run have had pervert
hypnotism in the bank—a very large percentage. “You will
forget all about this now, you will forget all about this and
no one will believe you if you ever tell them, and you couldn’t
believe it yourself if you thought you would remember it, and
besides if you did tell anybody and if it was discovered, then
your father and mother would throw you out.” I found this in
three banks of people when they were about 13 or 14.

— L. Ron Hubbard
Lecture 10 June 1950: Dianetics: First Lecture of Saturday Course


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Post by newclear » Sun Jan 10, 2010 6:32 am

According to Robert Vaughn Young, Hubbard had doodled many pictures of penises and vulvas in the margins of the original manuscript of Mission Earth.

Battlefield Earth was a completely different book than Mission Earth. Please call Mission Earth, Mission Earth. And go eat rat, Earth creature. I'm going to have me a saucepan of kerbango.
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Post by J. Swift » Sun Jan 10, 2010 7:14 am

Hubbard dismissed the human body as unnecessary and yet he had a strange fixation with the genitals and anus. As Alert wrote:
Whether you can confront it or not, hubbard's writings and ramblings are littered with vast indications that he was a sick and twisted/perverted human being.

I mean, how can you reconcile exteriorization by distance drilling (R2-24), involving tolerating a thetans genitals to your rectum?
This is straight out of Scientology scripture. How is this religious?


L. Ron Hubbard in Scientology scripture:
There are certain things which make people ill and that is when they get into certain zones and areas or positions which approximate the R6 position such as a body lying in the rain with a rat below the crotch. Guaranteed to give people colds and so forth. So they had colds from rain, yet, they take baths and get wet and don't get colds. When they get cold, it restimulates frozen alcohol and glycol, as a mix. And therefore they get into a dramatization, so that sickness is very closely tied in with R6. "

Ref: R3: ARC break process. HCOB 22 September 65
Seriously, who lies in the rain with a rat below their crotch? And look at Hubbard's screwball logic: A person lying in the rain with said rat below their crotch is guaranteed to get a cold. However, getting wet in the shower will not give the same person a cold. WTF? People pay $360,000 for this?


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Post by Hubbard's Mushroom » Mon Jan 11, 2010 5:11 am

I wonder who was the rat below Hubbard's crotch?

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Post by J. Swift » Mon Jan 11, 2010 7:54 am



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Post by Hubbard's Mushroom » Tue Jan 12, 2010 3:34 pm

Hubbard knows lots about young boys being raped by psychs..

++++++++++Sacred Cult Scripture++++++++++++++++

One interesting case was a young boy who had been under
psychoanalysis for about a year and two things had taken
place, not necessarily related. The analyst, an old lady, liked
young boys. This made a nasty situation and put a complete
block on the second dynamic because he was told to forget it all.


So, in this particular case, the boy was drugged with sodium amytal
and raped several times. He was in pretty bad condition.

— L. Ron Hubbard
Lecture 21 August 1950: Taking Inventory - SOP Step One

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Post by StormBringer » Tue Jan 12, 2010 4:15 pm

He did call Tomas "snake" after all.


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