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Re: Snake Thompson

Post by peter » Mon Apr 04, 2011 1:35 pm

Beyond the Ranges by Consuelo Seoane online ... 5016754676
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Re: Snake Thompson

Post by Gnu » Mon Apr 04, 2011 3:16 pm

This PR page the cult put out for L Ron's 100th birthday has video snippets that I assume were shown to people at the various birthday events.

One of the videos was scientology's "interpretation" of Hubbard and Snake Thompson's relationship: ... a67696b2b7

(about 2:48)
Also, if an ad appears, there is a little "x" in the upper right of the video. Just hit that.
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Re: Snake Thompson

Post by caroline » Tue Apr 05, 2011 4:27 pm

Gnu wrote:This PR page the cult put out for L Ron's 100th birthday has video snippets that I assume were shown to people at the various birthday events.

One of the videos was scientology's "interpretation" of Hubbard and Snake Thompson's relationship: ... a67696b2b7

(about 2:48)
Also, if an ad appears, there is a little "x" in the upper right of the video. Just hit that.
Thanks, Gnu!

Scientology edited a 1958 lecture for this video presentation. What they edited out is probably as revealing as what they left in. Gargantuan outpoints (Ref. Data Series 18 Summary of Outpoints): "added inapplicable" scriptural Sourceness, and "dropped out" Buddha.

I'm sure the audio file is out there somewhere. Here's what I have for the transcript. I'll emphasize what's not on the video at ... a67696b2b7.
L. Ron Hubbard wrote:I’d like to tell you today, here at this first lecture, I’d like to tell you something of the story of Dianetics and Scientology. Some things I’ve never confided to anyone before.

Would you like to hear that?

Audience: Yes.

Well, the start of this story is probably a long, long time ago. And those who don’t believe in past lives will not be offended, because we won’t go that far back. We’ll just take this lifetime.

The story actually starts back when I was about twelve years old and [Video starts here:] I met one of the great men of Freudian analysis – a Commander Thompson. He was a very great man, an explorer. And it’s very fit that we mention his name here in this particular hall, because after all, all the great explorers of Great Britain more or less are haloed here.

And this man was responsible for a great many discoveries out through the world, but he was also interested in the human mind, and his name, as I said, was Thompson. He was a commander in the United States Navy and his enemies all called him Crazy Thompson and his friends called him Snake Thompson.

He was a very careless man. He used to go to sleep reading a book and when he woke up, why, he got up and never bothered to press and change his uniform, you know.

And he was usually in very bad odor with the Navy Department. He was rather looked down on. But he was a personal friend of Sigmund Freud’s. He had no boys of his own, and when he saw me – a defenseless character – and there was nothing to do on a big transport on a very long cruise, he started to work me over.

What impressed me: He had a cat by the name of Psycho. This cat had a crooked tail, which is enough to impress any young man. And the cat would do tricks. And the first thing he did to me was teach me how to train cats. But it takes so long, and it requires such tremendous patience that to this day I have never trained a cat. You have to wait, evidently, for the cat to do something, then you applaud it. But waiting for a cat to do something whose name is Psycho ….

Anyway; at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC, where they have all the books on everything, he started shoving my nose into an education in the field of the mind. Now, that’s a very unusual thing to do, to take a twelve-year-old boy and start doing something with the mind. But he really got me interested in the subject – up to the point where I was pretty sure that Freud didn’t know what he was talking about.

But actually Commander Thompson had a very open mind on this, and he used to tell me, “Well, if it’s not true for you, it’s not true.” And I found out that he got this from a fellow named Gautama Siddhartha. Now, you really don’t know Gautama Siddhartha as a man (but that’s all he was) because better than two-thirds of the world population now considers him, a god. But the first thing that Gautama Siddhartha ever said about his own work was that he was just a man. This he tried to make very plain. And the other lesson, back there about 600 B.C., that he taught everyone is that if it isn’t true for you, it isn’t true. It was probably the first time that statement was ever made in this rather didactic universe. I find it’s a very good statement. It agreed with my own personal philosophy very well, because if there’s anybody in the world that’s calculated to believe what he wants to believe and to reject what he doesn’t want to believe, it is I. [Video ends here.]

But on this very impressionable background I found, at least, that somebody had a hope that something could be done in the field of the human mind. And I think that was Freud’s great contribution – that something could be done about the mind, Now, that doesn’t mean – that doesn’t mean, of course, absolutely and accurately that something will be done about the mind. It just means that there’s a hope that something could be done, and I believe Freud really deserves a great niche in history just for that all by itself. Regardless of what he thought could be done with the mind or how he thought it could be done, he was really the first man that ever stood up and said there was hope for it without whips, clubs, straitjackets and the rest of the paraphernalia by which certain strata of this universe attempt to (quote) cure (unquote) insanity.

Hubbard, L. R. (1958, 18 October). Story of Dianetics and Scientology. London Clearing Congress, (LCC-01). Lecture conducted from London.
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Post by Scientology » Fri Aug 25, 2017 3:10 pm

J. Swift wrote:
Thu May 08, 2008 6:31 am
Peter, thank you for your research and work. What you have linked to appears to be accurate information. There is no controversy surrounding Burmese Cats and so the information that Commander Thompson was a US Navy doctor is confirmed by a neutral source. Thank you, Cat Breeders and Cat Fanciers. Your love of Cats has helped a way that you do not know. BTW, CATS also means "Citizens for an Alternative Tax," a group that includes many Scientologists:

Here are some inferences on LRH:

1. LRH's father was a US Navy Officer: Lt. Cmdr. Harry Ross. This would have made LRH eligible for medical and psychiatric treatment in US Navy hospitals as a dependent of an officer.

2. Commander Snake Thompson, so Scientology's shore story goes, taught the twelve year old LRH Freudian psychotherapy. In my theory, LRH was a psychiatric patient of Commander Dr. Thompson at a US Naval Hospital in Washington D.C.


3. Now comes a document into my possession which shows that LRH debarked the SS Caomo on August 29, 1932. The ship had left San Juan, Puerto Rico on August 25, 1932 and sailed to the Port of New York where LRH debarked. The passenger list of US Citizens shows LRH's home address in the US to be the US Naval Hospital in Washington D.C.


LRH was in the US Marines in this period and so would have qualified for government hospitalization and/or the psychiatric care of the time which could range from bed rest, therapy, medicine, to a full-fledged lobotomy. When Hubbard was honorably discharged from the US Marines, there was an explicit order in his discharge papers that he was to never again be allowed back into the Marines. Had LRH been involved in some salacious barracks hanky-panky, or was it worse? Why was he living in the US Naval Hospital? A note to people outside of America: The US Marines are considered to be part of the US Navy. Thus, LRH was in the Naval Hospital for whatever reason in 1932.

Question: Why was LRH living in a US Naval Hospital in 1932?

The following year, LRH once again sailed on the SS Caomo from San Juan, Puerto Rico on April 6, 1933. He listed his home address as P.O. Box 6, Beallsville, Maryland. Beallsville is very near Bethesda Naval Hospital.


Lron Hubbard might have been a boy with severe problems in several ways, pretending to be more important than he was. It could be the very reasons of a hospitalization and the fundamental reasons of Lrons father to ask another navy professional to help him with his problem son. The sensationalism in Lron have other sides to i guess. Very dark and somewhat boring. So heavy reasons somewhere else is invented, he finds gold nugget near his home and so on. Some early friends to Hubbard might have known a lot more.

Have been looking for the parents of Chessman Thompson but did not found anything.

The line in Pearl Andrews book about Universology from 1871 to miss E Thomson was interesting me, and of course any possible relation. But it seems that the "E Thomson" that the book was dedicated to was a wealthy lady that supported his and other projects in several way. Interested in the connection between chessman thomson and universology and Hubbard. Since philosophical languages is not the news of everyday that would probably have interested both thomson and hubbard if they saw some quality in it. Anyone have any idea about it?

Interesting discussions here, long time has passed so has the validity of some photos and links. Does anyone here have this material ready available?

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