Andreas on NRK2 TV 3rd Nov 2011, about CoS & CCHR

Media coverage related to the Church of Scientology.

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Andreas on NRK2 TV 3rd Nov 2011, about CoS & CCHR

Post by Sponge » Thu Nov 03, 2011 5:25 pm

*Edit Update: also see earlier Dagbladet articles subsequently translated and posted further down this thread page

Andreas Heldal-Lund, webmaster of Operation Clambake http://WWW.XENU.NET
will be appearing on Norwegian Television NRK2 Aktuelt 20:15, tonight 3rd Nov 2011,
to talk about scientology and CCHR

Source: Operation Clambake Twitter!/oper_clambake/sta ... 8762374144

For those of you outside Norway, you should still be able to view this when it goes up on the page. You have about 4 hours to learn Norwegian.

Edit: Clip is now available here and the segment starts at 16m:04s into the video, with Andreas appearing in the latter half.

A translated highlight from an on WWP:
Hehehe, seems good old Hank got played there...

Paraphrasing Andreas: "CCHR is the same as CoS, they are both spawn of the same entity, and they use people like Husby without their knowledge. I am sure Husby means everything he says, but he does not see that he is being used."

Hank: "Mr Heldal-Lund is stupid, and i dont think we should listen to him just because he has a blog."

After showing a short clip of the über-american cheesy sales-pitchy "give us money and be happy" videos from TWTH, most norwegians are likely to judge Husby as a bit of a fool. He is now a prime target for any norwegian comedian looking for some new material. Nice.
Previous related OCMB media threads with mention of Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby's association with CCHR:

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Re: Andreas on NRK2 TV 3rd Nov 2011, 8:15pm, about CoS & CCH

Post by Sponge » Thu Nov 03, 2011 11:18 pm

^Added video clip link to OP & translated highlight quote.

Related artice:

Kristin Halvorsen langer ut mot «Idol»-Hanks sektpropaganda
– Det er bra at dette blir kjent, slik at ingen skal være i tvil.
TV2 2nd Novemeber 2011 ... 27058.html
Robot Translation: ... 27058.html

A translated summary provided by anon on WWP:
Education Minister critical of scientology "sect" propaganda pushed by former Turboneger frontman Hans Erik Dyvik Husby, aka Hank von Helvete:

"– Dette skal absolutt ikke inn i norsk skole. Det virker overfladisk og lite seriøst. Lærerne har et langt bedre materiale. Dette hører ikke hjemme som en del av et seriøst materiale, med mindre elevene skal læres opp i kritisk tankegang, sier Halvorsen."

"This material does absolutely not belong in Norwegian schools. It seems shallow and cannot be taken seriously. Teachers have far better materials to work with. This does not belong in and amongst serious teaching materials, unless the students are being educated about the importance of critical thinking, says Kristin Halvorsen (educational minister)"

Nice one Kristin, well done.
Andreas was also interviewed in an article for Dagbladet on saturday (don't know if it was related to this) but I can't seem to find it online.

ref: Andreas' personal Twitter....!/spirous/status/130328233374793728

@spirous Andreas Heldal-Lund

All should buy Dagbladet today since I'm mentioned. Interview was cut down, but still. :)

29 Oct via TweetDeck

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Re: Andreas on NRK2 TV 3rd Nov 2011, about CoS & CCHR

Post by bubbler » Sat Nov 05, 2011 4:44 am

Yay! for our leader!

"I won't
back down
I will stand
my ground"
- Tom Petty

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Re: Andreas on NRK2 TV 3rd Nov 2011, about CoS & CCHR

Post by Sponge » Wed Nov 09, 2011 6:35 am

Article by Andreas in Dagbladet online:

Sprer konspirasjonsteorier
Når fullstendig ufaglærte personer gir farlige råd til mennesker i svært vanskelige livssituasjoner, må vi reagere.
Andreas Heldal-Lund
Redaktør, ... /18932293/

My unqualified attempt at an english translation from the Norwegian source and MS/Google auto-translator mash-ups (feel free to correct)......
Scientology in schools: Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby and the Oslo Peace Program (OPP) sent letters to over 3,000 schools in Norway, together with the DVDs, "The Way to Happiness" and "The Truth About Drugs." The letter described "The Way to Happiness" as a moral code, as "solely based on common sense and that can be followed by anyone, regardless of race, color or creed." It is written by L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology. Photo: Nina Hansen

Spreading conspiracy theories
When completely unskilled people give dangerous advice to people in very difficult life situations, we must respond.
8th Nov 2011
Andreas Heldal-Lund

Former lead singer of Turboneger and now judge in TV2 Idol, Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby, uses his celebrity position in a directed campaign against psychiatry. This fight is built on wild conspiracy theories and is governed by the controversial Church of Scientology.

Husby's defense when confronted with this is as hopeless as the one that works to promote the Mafia's position and would justify it because he loves Italian food.

In this struggle Husby has himself chosen to promote the organization Citizen Commission of Human Rights. CCHR is run by the Church of Scientology and working to eradicate psychiatry. And if there is anything that scientology is a champion of, it's recruiting, nurturing and cultivating celebrities who may be their useful helpers.

In "Project Celebrity" the founder of Scientology writes, among other things, about how celebrities will be recruited and that those who achieve this will be given rewards (Los Angeles Times, 1990).

Husby is trying to distance himself from criticism by saying that the part of Scientology, which he so strongly promotes is something other than the "religious part of Scientology." Such a separation is constructed and there is much evidence available now that shows that not only is CCHR started by, funded by and closely linked to the Church of Scientology's ideology, it is also an integral part of the organization's inner machinery.

Geir Isene is the only Norwegian who has come all the way to the top of Scientology. Before he left and distanced himself from the organization Isene was involved in its internal work and interacted with top management in the United States. He explains it thus: "CCHR is necessary for the Church of Scientology for three reasons: The need for CCHR to legitimize and maintain a strong external enemy, it works great for collecting money outside the internal channels of the church, and it draws people from other anti-psychiatry environments to the Church of Scientology. "(2011)

I will let the doubt come to Husby and assume that his intentions are the best and that he really does not understand what he has got himself messed up in. While it is a human right to be allowed to make wrong choices in life, there is no right to promote fraud and quackery without being contradicted or face the consequences - even if one is not so much a celebrity, and do not even know what they sell.

L. Ron Hubbard, the man who created Scientology in the 1950s, developed a strong hatred for psychiatry when it rejected his allegedly revolutionary, but completely undocumented, "discoveries" about the human mind. The lack of recognition of professional environments, recent economic problems, combined with their own abuse of drugs, meant that Hubbard's perception of reality became increasingly eccentric - to put it mildly.

His writings are filled with the most fantastic claims, that the psychiatrists have "murdered millions and that a third of all who had taken psychoanalysis ended up taking his own life." (HCO Technical Bulletin 1956). Hubbard himself had no qualifications in the area, but still claimed that he "knew more about psychiatry than psychiatrists" and that he could "brainwash faster than the Russians" (HCO Technical Bulletin 1956).

He also wrote "The psychiatrist and his front groups operate straight out of the terrorists' textbook [...]» (" FreedomScientology ", 1969). Current President of CCHR International Jan Eastgate, who was arrested in Australia in May 2011, writes that psychiatry "is to blame for the war, madness and crime" (1995).

Church of Scientology attack on psychiatry does not contain any elements of constructive criticism or desire for reform. Church of Scientology is clear about his goal: psychiatry should be "wiped from the face of the earth" (internal secret type, for example, "Project Psychiatry", 1966). An important ingredient in order to build a controlled closed organization is to create a strong external enemy. Every time something goes wrong internally, you can turn the focus outward towards something even worse.

It is interesting to note that today there are many times more former Scientologists than there are current Scientologists - and more are presenting their stories than ever before. We know now the daughter of the head of CCHR in the United States, Kendra Wiseman, who tells of how the minors from the Church of Scientology are used for unpaid work up to 20 hours a day for CCHR, how the CCHR run religious coercion training in Scientology, and how those subjects are detained or involuntarily disconnected from their families. You can read the secret internal documents that the Church of Scientology conducts and uses CCHR in its intelligence operations and smear campaigns against critics.

Terrible tragedies such as that of Scientologist Elli Perkins is duly covered by the press. She replaced the medicine to her schizophrenic son with vitamin tablets because Scientology said that, with the result that her son killed her with 77 knife wounds. The stories are many and very tragic. In the 15 years I have researched this organization, I have received desperate calls from all over the world, including relatives and victims in Norway that respond to Husby's performance.

Many believe there may be reason to look with skepticism on the developments in the use of psychotropic medications. There is still a quantum leap from having a healthy skepticism and sober approach to this challenge to the Scientology church and CCHRs extreme methods and anti-psychiatry propaganda. Their aggressive messages can affect people who genuinely need medical help to stop listening to their physician or to stop with critical medications.

It is important to understand that the CCHR, now with Husby as the main spokesman in Norway, working for a total obliteration of psychiatry. As compensation they offer an irrational and totally undocumented process invented by a science fiction writer from the 1950s. It is enough to just shout a warning.

We are all delighted that Husby is now free of their drug abuse and that he has gotten his life in order. He must also like to give away the credit for this to whomever he wants, and in our free society, he has a natural right to express this. We need committed people who are passionate about their beliefs. But it also hear that you have to be accountable for their statements and actions.

In the wake of being blessed errand boy and front man for such a controversial organization, he risks an unpleasant encounter with reality when the day comes and he realises what he has got himself into. To close the ears and eyes and deny the obvious link will not hold as an excuse.

When completely unskilled people, who are misguided in the rehabilitation of their life, traveling around and spreading scare tactics and giving dangerous advice to people in very difficult situations, we must react. What Husby does with his life when he chose drugs and in the days when he chooses Scientology, will be his private affairs and responsibilities, but we can not silently stand to watch him pull others with them into any of them.

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Re: Andreas on NRK2 TV 3rd Nov 2011, about CoS & CCHR

Post by Sponge » Wed Nov 09, 2011 10:48 am

Backtracking a week or so, here are the Dagbladet articles that I couldn't bring up before, with a mostly robot translation in the quote box (which I'll try to tweak if I get time or if I get some help).

First-up is the main one that started it all off, from 29th October and eventually prompted the TV appearance on Nov 3rd....


Idol-Hank sprer scientologi-propaganda på Twitter
Ren sjarlatanvirksomhet, raser Olav Gunnar Ballo - som mistet datteren etter scientologi-test.
Trine Høklie Jonassen
29.10.2011 ... /18774186/
[Foto] BY CAR: Hans Erik Husby Dyvik (right) and his manager and bodyguard Trygve Haug outside Blakstad hospital in 2009, they felt increasingly committed abuses. CCHR is an organization with roots in Scientology movement, which is powerful against psychiatry. Some days spread Dyvik Husby CCHR his message on Twitter to over 3500 followers. Photo: Siv John Seglem / Dagbladet

Idol Hank spread scientology propaganda on Twitter
Pure charlatans, says Olav Gunnar Ballo - who lost her daughter after Scientology test.
Trine Høklie Jonassen
29th Oct 2011
Norwegian source: ... /18774186/

[Photo] DEFLECT OFTEN: Regular links Hans Erik Husby Dyvik to CCHR organization's Twitter messages. These are links to many minutes long propaganda videos, including claims that psychiatry is to blame for racism and draws parallels to the Ku Klux Klan and Hitler.

Every Friday is seen Hans Erik Dyvik Husby of just over 600,000 viewers in his job as TV Idol judge. With years of experience as a singer Hank von Helvete, he gives tips and hints for young singing talent in the broad family program on TV 2

He is open about his past drug problems, and help he has got to be clean at the controversial clinic Eslöv, which is based on Scientology principles. Dyvik Husby has also actively engaged in the fight against psychiatry, which is scientologibevegensens basic idea.

- Humbug and sjarlatanvirksomhet
The famous musician is also a frequent user of the social networking site Twitter, where over 3500 people follow his messages. Regular links him to the propaganda messages from the movement of Citizens Commission of Human Rights (CCHR), founded by the Church of Scientology.

Labor politician and doctor Olav Gunnar Ballo sees red.

- It is worrying that he will forward the kind of sham, that this sect does. I call it consistently for a sect, this is not a church. People have great NOK problems they have and so they are seduced by completely confused thoughts! It is incomprehensible that celebrities possible misuse of pure sjarlatanvirksomhet. They are a tool for hazardous activities, which can get very, very serious consequences, says Ballo told Dagbladet.

He lost his daughter Kaja, when she committed suicide in 2008 after completing a personality test signed Scientology movement.

[Photo] -SHAM: politician and physician Olav Gunnar Ballo lost even his daughter when she committed suicide after a scientologitest. He reacts badly on Idol judge's sect fling. Photo: Hans A. Vedlog/Dagbladet

- Disturbing
Constantly adding CCHR out links on Twitter to several minutes-long videos. Dyvik Husby links including videos which claim that the pharmaceutical industry has created a need for antidepressants, that psychiatry created racism and draws parallels to the Ku Klux Klan and Hitler.

Young people and children in some videos.

- Previously Dyvik Husby run with CCHR-car outside a psychiatric ward. As a doctor I consider this as disturbing. The last people in a vulnerable situation needs is turmoil. We can discuss this subject, but the way this is done, so ufaglig that it can be. Vulnerable individuals can be alluring. They may stop taking their medicines. In the extreme, some take their own lives. Much worse is it not, says Ballo.

- Confusion of roles
Trend Researcher Michelle Orme is no doubt that Dyvik Husby is the great authority to the young. She believes his strong personal opinions on the social media is unfortunate.

- Confusion of roles, is reprehensible. One thing is that he is open and honest in their enthusiasm for the faith, but to confuse the roles of being a living advertisement for Scientology may be conflict, says Orme.

She believes that TV 2 should be imposed on judges to certain restrictions in relation to the mixture of these personal beliefs and their public role.

- User celebrity status
Andreas Heldal-Lund, who runs the website highly critical of the Scientology organization, Operation Clambake, is critical of Dyvik Husby's visible commitment.

- We have previously seen his Turbo Jugend worldwide. He uses his celebrity position to promote his message, says Heldal-Lund.

Heldal-Lund thinks no one should prohibit one's direction, but wants to bring all extremes to light, so that they can be discussed. He goes to great lengths to argue that Dyvik Husby is used by scientology and tells about how they recruit people at their most weakest.

- Personality test is intended to draw out the negative things. It throws people into the sea, and so are Scientologists there to save them back and build them up in their faith, says Heldal-Lund and draws a parallel to how Dyvik Husby himself was aware of the movement when he was avruses

[Photo] STRONGLY critical: Scientology expert and critic Andreas Heldal-Lund. Photo: ERLING HÆGELAND/Dagbladet


[article sidebar items].......

Hans Erik Husby Dyvik answers: - Surreal

Idol Hank unable to understand Ballo criticism.

- I marvel that Ballo said this. CCHR has worked on this for 40 years, and includes lawyers and former pharmacists. I wonder what he means by sjarlatanvirksomhet, and if he can point out sham. This is just surreal to me, says Dyvik Husby told Dagbladet.

- You get criticized for confusion of roles, because you tweet about this while you are American Idol judge, what is your comment on that?

- I do not know what she is referring to, whether it's me as a public or private person. But in a democracy has been allowed to work with human rights, and you are allowed to say that psychiatry is the most destructive force in society, says Dyvik Husby.

- I am the judge of American Idol because of my work as an artist. That I will be attacked in this way after being drug free, sounds like warped blog chat. We're talking about simple hatred, says Dyvik Husby.

- As an artist and American Idol judge is a role model for many. Orme and Heldal-Lund says you can influence adolescents outside Idol. What do you think about it?

- As a private person, I hope that young people are embracing that abstinence and human rights is good. I hope that is seen as negative that children have rights, says Dyvik Husby


TV 2 answers: - No confusion of roles

Bjarne Laastad, press officer for the TV 2, says Idol Hanks Twitter messages are not problematic.

- We do not see this as a confusion of roles, because he does not talk about it in the program. What he had to think outside the broadcast, has nothing to do with Idol to do. Therefore, this is not something we relate to, says Laastad.

He said the channel does not control what the judges do outside of Idol, and that they therefore are not subject to restrictions.


Church of Scientology responds:

Church of Scientology in Norway has not answered repeated Dagbladet phones and emails.

Anette Refstrup, information officer for the Church of Scientology Fighters in Denmark, comments Heldal-Lund's statement that the Scientology movement recruits people at its weakest level:

- CCHR investigates and exposes abuses of human rights in psychiatry. CCHR was established to protect the vulnerable and weak, who do not have rights in psychiatry. The members are working everywhere to raise people's awareness of the widespread abuses. Therefore, it is no surprise that the CCHR is supported by men vertices from all walks of life, writes Refstrup in an email to Dagbladet.



• New Religious movement, founded in 1951.
• Was originally started as an alternative to psychotherapy by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard.
• Have faith in man as a spiritual being, and who has more lives.
• Have received much criticism, partly to be dishonest and a commercial organization.
• A number of celebrities are open about his Scientology beliefs.

. Hans Erik Husby Dyvik

• Born on 15 June 1972
• Norwegian artist, better known as Hank von Helvete. Former lead singer of Turbonegro.
• Lead singer of the band Doctor Midnight & The Mercy Cult.
• Married to model Gro Skau Stein. Together, the daughter of Contents Victoria.
• Is known for his controversial statements, including the Martha Louise.
• Is the current fall as a judge in reality television program "American Idol," which is sent every Friday night on TV 2
• Former drug addict.


[photo] JUDGE PANEL: Several of this year's TV Idol judges are regular users of social media. Every Friday they give tips and advice to young aspiring song based on own artist experiences. Here is Dyvik Husby behind the judge's table with Bertine Zetlitz, Basic Greve and Marion Raven. Photo: TV 2

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Re: Andreas on NRK2 TV 3rd Nov 2011, about CoS & CCHR

Post by Sponge » Wed Nov 09, 2011 12:02 pm

....Next up, following that one, there was the Dagbladet article from 2nd November...

Slik vil Idol-Hank frelse norske skolebarn
Kunnskapsminister Kristin Halvorsen reagerer etter at Idol-Hank har sendt Scientologi-filmer til over 3000 skoler.
Marie L. Kleve
02.11.2011 ... /18831381/

[Foto]- Untidy: Minister Kristin Halvorsen thinks it is untidy by Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby and Trygve Haug not to disclose the material they have sent to 3,000 schools based on Scientology principles. She says that the material they have sent out aboslutt not be in school. Photo: Jacques Hvistendahl / Dagbladet

How Idol-Hank will bring salvation to Norwegian schoolchildren
Minister Kristin Halvorsen reacts after Idol Hank sent Scientology films to over 3000 schools
Marie L. Kleve
Norwegian Source: ... /18831381/

[Photo] REACTIVITY: Environmental Teacher Karin Kristoffersen on Friends Rock Primary School in Kongsvinger, responds that Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby has sent propaganda videos with the opportunity to use it in teaching. Kristoffersen chose this away. Photo: Jonas Langebraaten

(Dagbladet): In April, Vennersberg Primary School in Kongsvinger received a letter from Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby and the Oslo Peace Program (UP), along with the DVDs, "The Way to Happiness" and "The Truth About Drugs." The letter described "The Way to Happiness" as a moral code, as "solely based on common sense and that can be followed by anyone, regardless of race, color or creed."

Further, it is written by L Ron Hubbard. It is the founder of scientology.

Quickly Vennersberg Primary School specifically refused the offer to use the material in class.

- There is no one bomb that Hans Erik Husby Dyvik belong Scientologist movement, so I soon realized that this was a link there. There is nothing in the Knowledge, which is our curriculum, that we should teach the way of thinking, so it was not an option, says environmental teacher Karin Kristoffersen told Dagbladet.

- Shocking
Dagbladet is aware that a ungsomskole the country and has received teaching package. Also, it chose to turn down. That because they felt that the OPP pretended to be someone else than they are.

- There are many who want to influence us in what we convey to our students. You have to have my tongue right in her mouth and know what you are doing, says Kristoffersen.

On Saturday Dagbladet wrote about how Dyvik Husby, that past is relevant as American Idol judge on TV 2, spreading propaganda from Scientology organization CCHR on Twitter.

Labor Party politician and doctor Olav Gunnar Ballo lost daughter Kaja, when she committed suicide after a personality test signed the Church of Scientology. He reacts strongly to Dyvik Husby trying to spread the message through the school.

- I think it is shocking. They sail obviously false flag, and use names that are legitimate. This is so serious that the government should stop it, says Ballo.

- Should the police
He says he has seen more of the Scientology movement, videos, and react to how they use children in the movies.

- This can be very harmful to children and young people. They use extreme methods that may cause harm mentally, now and in the long run. I wanted the police there said Ballo and continues:

- I regard this as brainwashing-matieriale. In Norway meets Scientology with naivety, because we do not know NOK. Both France and Germany there have been several lawsuits against the motion. We can not only meet this type of instruments with a shrug. The government and the minister must stop this, says Ballo.

Minister Kristin Halvorsen (SV) also react strongly to the material, which have been sent out on a large scale.

- We can trust that no teachers will use this. They have good discernment. It is untidy by the Oslo Peace Program that they do not state that they come from the Scientology movement. It is good that this came out, so that no one should doubt, Halvorsen says to Dagbladet.

She was not familiar with the mailers before Dagbladet reported her.

- This will certainly not enter the Norwegian school. It seems superficial and not very seriously. Teachers have a much better material. This does not belong as part of a serious material, unless the students will be trained in critical thinking, says Halvorsen.

- Is it acceptable that schools are free to accept?

- They are not free, they have a curriculum to deal with. This provides no answers to learning objectives. This is neither useful or usable in the Norwegian school, says Halvorsen.

- User Nobel name
The letter from OPP also states that they "want to help Oslo and the Norwegian society, and strengthen Norway's role as a peace nation IHH to Alfred Nobel's wishes." The letter is signed Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby and Tryg Haug, who respectively called a president and founder of the UP.

- They have not been contacted or been in contact with us. This has no connection with the Nobel Peace Prize, the Nobel Committee and Nobel Peace Center, said Linda Netland, information and communication manager at the Nobel Peace Center.

She points out direct fault of the letter, sent out to primary and secondary schools.

- Alfred Nobel said nothing in his will about Norway as a peace nation. He said that the Peace Prize should be awarded here. Alfred Nobel has a name that sounds good, as many would like to use. We can not deny them that, so get it up to teachers to decide whether this is relevant, says Netland


[article sidebar items]....

[large readable image of dox: smileforever/img12/3210/x978.jpg ]
[Photo] 3000 LETTERS AND DVD'S: This letter is sent out to over 3000 schools throughout Norway, along with the DVDs, "The Truth About Drugs" and "The Way to Happiness." The letter, sent from the Oslo Peace Program (OOP), has signed American Idol judge Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby and Trygve Haug (on the front row to the left of Husby), respectively, president and founder of the UP.


Dyvik Husby: - We want to help make Oslo a major Peace

Trygve Haug, Hans Erik Husby Dyvik manager, bodyguard and partner in the Oslo Peace Program, says that they have sent out over 3,000 letters and DVDs to schools across the country during 2011.


- The road to success was an invaluable tool for me in the process of being abstinent at Narconom (detoxification clinic, editor.), And in the process of becoming a happy family man and an active participant in society. I would like to share this wizard to a happier life with children and adolescents. In a nation ravaged by the cruel murder, assault rape, promote fear and large addictions I am, and Trygve interested in helping those we can, says Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby, through its partner Haug.

- He says that they have received good feedback on the material, and that something has been returned.

Kristin Halvorsen thinks it is confusing to not disclose in the letter that these are thoughts based on Scientology principles. What is your comment on that?

- I have no comment beyond that it is thoroughly informed about the author of the letter, and it is a non-religious dvd, says Haug.

Many believe that you are sailing under false flags, use the Nobel name, what is your comment on that?

- I will refer to the letter. Program (OPP) to Hans-Erik and I support Alfred Nobel's will. We want to help make Oslo a major Peace, says Haug.

Do you understand that people react to the material?

- Human rights, abstinence, religious and ethnic tolerance are some of Hans-Erik and I have worked with for many years. It is more important than ever, says Haug.

Ballo is critical that you addressed your children and youth with material he believes is harmful. What is your comment on that?

- This is sent out to principals, if the principal does not want this, they can reject it or send it in return, says Haug.


[Photo] HAVE SENT OUT FILMS: Artist and American Idol judge Hans Erik Dyvik-Husby has sent out over 3000 DVDs and letters to children and ungsomskoler. Below is the two dvd one he offers as teaching material. Photo: Anders Grønneberg

[Photo] "The Way to Happiness" This DVD, which is built on Scientology's thoughts, is sent to several schools. The sender is Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby and Trygve Haug.

"THE TRUTH ABOUT DRUGS" This DVD entitled "The Truth About Drugs", is sent to several schools. The sender is Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby and Trygve Haug.

[It continues underneath this but just with the same bulletpoint fact briefs on scientology and Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby, as in the 29th October article, which I won't bother copypasting again]

Finally, a comment/editorial article from 7th November....

(Once again, please excuse the mostly robot translation. I'll tweak it if i get time or if somone wants to PM me proper translations)

Hank von Hubbard
Hans Erik Dyvik Husby er blitt rusfri med scientologimetoder. Det fritar verken ham eller scientologikirken for kritikk.
Geir Ramnefjell
07.11.2011 ... /18920531/

[Photo] Scientology ADVERTISING: Hans Erik Husby Dyvik is currently profiled Idol judge, and a very valuable advertisement for Scientology movement. Photo: Nina Hansen / Dagbladet

Hank Von Hubbard
Hans Erik Husby Dyvik has been drug-free with Scientology methods. It exempts neither him or the Church of Scientology of criticism.
Geir Ramnefjell
07th Nov 2011
Norwegian source: ... /18920531/

A pet child has many names: Hank, Hans Erik, Hertis. Hans Erik Husby Dyvik since Turbonegro made his comeback in 2002 was a fun, funny and lovable pet in the Norwegian public. Front of substance abuse, articulate and with a rare power of attraction on stage, whether he has been a rock singer, Jesus (in Jesus Christ Superstar) and Cornelis Vreeswijk.

In 2009 he was sober at the Narconon center in Sweden, run by the Church of Scientology. A personal victory for him, and something that anyone with empathic sense will feel an absolute delight. Unfortunately, he used this as the basis for a kind of personal crusade against psychiatry, the Scientology movement's banner. Dagbladet has written about his disclosure of twitter messages from Scientology organization CCHR, and revealed he and partner Trygve Haugs inquiries to Norwegian primary and lower secondary schools with the offer of talks based on the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard - Scientology movement's highly controversial founder. In the last case was Minister Kristin Halvorsen at the track and asked Hank lie away. On twitter, and in an interview in VG, the Dyvik Husby clearly stated that he is sore over the criticism.

Scientologibegevelsen is a closed sect, which, according to critics exploit members psychologically and financially. Outwardly fronts themselves with their struggle against psychiatry. It is a potentially deadly game with human lives, based on the one-eyed view that all psychiatry is harmful. Psychiatry can not of course exempt from all criticism, but to claim that psychiatry is solely harmful falls under the category of conspiracy theories. Under the guise of professionalism and honest criticism tries organizations CCHR to undermine a scientifically based specialty in helping enormous number of people. Dyvik Husby does not need to go further than his former band mate Thomas Seltzer, who in an interview with Dagbladet told that antidepressants have helped him in connection with a drug rehab. Psychiatric patients are a vulnerable group of people, which many consider Scientology movement cynically exploits. The daughter of former MP Olav Gunnar Ballo went wrong. She took her own life after a very discouraging conclusion from a personality test developed by Scientology.

Dyvik Husby says himself that he is not a Scientologist, and that the only church he is a member of the Norwegian state church. It does not help, as long as he promotes Scientology's message. It is understandable that his own path out of addiction has given him confidence in his assistants, but while this is an extenuating circumstance, it also means that in this context is not to be trusted.
Here in Norway, the problem with Scientology inconspicuous, but in the U.S. are psychiatrists worried about the developments. That Dyvik Husby is about to become Norway's Tom Cruise is first and foremost, surprising and disappointing, but also dangerous.

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Re: Andreas on NRK2 TV 3rd Nov 2011, about CoS & CCHR

Post by Sponge » Thu Nov 10, 2011 8:18 pm

Andreas and Operation Clambake gets some praise in the Village Voice's mention of this Norwegian story in their weekly Thursday stats round-up (noted in the STATurday thread) ... _thu_1.php
.... this week's roundup starts in far-off Norway, where one of Scientology's all-time most formidable critics took on the sort of cultural icon it's hard to beat these days: that country's version of an American Idol judge.

During our recent big countdown, we made sure that Andreas Heldal-Lund had a place of honor. For fifteen years, the unassuming Norweigian engineer has maintained one of the most important sources of information critical to Scientology, his website "Operation Clambake."

During that time, Heldal-Lund took advantage of liberal Scandinavian ideas about freedom of expression to fend off repeated attempts by Scientology's attorneys to have the website pulled down. During the 1990s, when the church's attorneys were having much more success pulling down similar sites here in the U.S., Heldal-Lund's website was a sort of beacon of Internet freedom.

Now, however, he's facing a rather interesting Scientology onslaught right in his own backyard.

Norway's version of American Idol features a celebrity judge named Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby, a popular rock singer who says he got sober with the help of Scientology's Narconon program, and who now promotes Scientology's anti-psychiatry front group, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR).

"Idol-Hank," as the Norweigian press charmingly refers to him, has apparently been very effective getting his message out to Norway's young people, and when asked about CCHR, tells the press that it has nothing to do with Scientology as a religion.

This week, Heldal-Lund took to Norway's airwaves and its largest national newspaper, Dagbladet, to take on Husby directly. I snagged this translation from Clambake:

  • The former lead singer of Turboneger and now a judge on TV2 Idol, Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby uses his celebrity position in a campaign against psychiatry. This fight is built on wild conspiracy theories and is governed by the controversial Church of Scientology.

    Husby's defense when confronted with this makes as much sense as if he promoted the Mafia and justified it because he loves Italian food.


Thursday's Stats: Upstat or Downstat? This is a battle that will remain confined to one Scandinavian country, but any time it is pointed out this forcefully that front groups like Narconon and CCHR are recruitment tools for the church it's a serious downstat for Scientology. And one thing's for certain -- it was something to see Heldal-Lund battling on his home turf in such a big way!

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Re: Andreas on NRK2 TV 3rd Nov 2011, about CoS & CCHR

Post by I'mglib » Sun Nov 13, 2011 6:36 am

Andreas looked GREAT on tv, by the way. No idea what he was saying, but I TOTALLY believe him.
"A man may build himself a throne of bayonets, but he cannot sit on it." -William Ralph Inge

Watch the Los Angeles press conference here:

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