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 Post subject: Has-beens, wanna-be's + a few stars voicing LRH pulp novels
PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 4:58 am 

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Interesting list of LRH voice-over actors for Golden Age Theater. I'll be checking on these to see if they're all CoS members; comments are welcome. The site has bios + photos, but they are copyrighted. It is legal to copy a list of names, so here goes. Comments are my own, or from links listed.
Alex Klein - can't find any link to CoS - smart guy if he recently graduated from UC Berkeley, and he is likely born about 1990. Name too common for easy search. Stay out of Scientology, Alex !
Alyssa Suede - "Alyssa Suede Campbell" has Scientology completions from the years 1996-2011, so she is an active Scientologist, and her parents were married in or before before 1996. Alyssa was on the Freewinds in 2005, 2006, and 2007, so she took pampered courses while Valeska Paris slaved below decks. See ... ewinds.php
Alyssa is a step-daughter to David Campbell and step-sister to Beck. Proof: Mother Raven Kane's name at birth was Pauline Frechette, and says:
California Birth Index, 1905-1995
Name: Alyssa Suede Weller
Birth Date: 15 Apr 1985
Gender: Female
Mother's Maiden Name: Frechette
Birth County: Los Angeles

Alyssa, age 13 in 1999, is called David Campbell's stepdaughter: His Strings Really Zing: Punk-pop-classicist composer-arranger David Campbell is more than Beck's father. , LA Times, Jan 16, 1999. ... t/ca-64076 . This 1985 or 1986 birth matches the birth record above.
Despite being David's step-daughter, she is widely reported to be David's daughter by Raven Kane, and she doesn't correct these stories. Her mother Pauline Frechette (stage name Raven Kane) has no record that I can find of marriage to a man named Weller. Since Alyssa was born in Los Angeles in 1985, I looked for a 1980's marriage record for Pauline Frechette and __ Weller. No luck. Alyssa used the name Alyssa Weller Campbell in her first Scientology course in 1996 and as a stage name in Tonya and Nancy: The Inside Story, ... r-Campbell . After 1996 she abandoned the Weller middle name.
Alyssa Suede attended Delphi, Oregon, since her bio mentions acting in plays there.
Alyssa can figure skate and is a singer.

Anna Easteden - has Scientology completions. Born in Finland, model. Husband is Robert McKinley.
Finnish newspaper stories show she is over 30. ... omp_AE.jpg
Ben Rosenfeld - can't find any link to CoS.
He would like to thank Bob (RF) Daley for this opportunity
. R.F. Daley has CoS links.
Bo Hopkins - can't find any link to CoS. No birth date on IMDB.
Bob Caso in CoS, see ... -caso.html . Middle aged, no birth date on IMDB.
Bob Walter - can't find link to CoS. Sound expert, middle aged.
Bodhi Elfman - CoS. Husband to Jenna Elfman.
Carlos Reig-Plaza - has Scientology page. born 1965 in Spain, says IMDB/
Cathy Schenkelberg - has Scientology completions, age looks 30-40.
Chris Emerson - has Scientology completions, born 1981. Movie-announcer-voice demo at
Christina Huntington - can't find link to CoS
David Aranovich in film Struck; called a Scientologist. Born 1954, ... 716--.html
David Campbell - arranger/conductor/violinist. CoS, see Celebrity Centre piece at . Full name David Richard Campbell, born 1948 in Toronto.
Birthdate 7 Feb 1948 from US Public Records (same address as Pauline Frechette (Campbell)
David Marciano - can't find link to CoS
David ODonnell - CoS
Derek Moss - has Scientology completions. Ronn Moss (father to famed Elisabth Moss, has a link to "my son Derek Moss" where he is has an immature hateful rant, at . This guy looks like the guy pictured on the Golden Age list of talent, at
Elisabeth Moss - CoS, famous for Mad Men show.
Emelie OHara - can't find CoS link
Gino Montesinos - has Scientology completions. Born 1977. Teaching acting class at Celeb Centre.
Glenda Morgan Brown - can't find CoS link. Middle aged.
Jack Armstrong - has Scientology completions. Born 1958.
Jeffery Patterson - can't find CoS link
Jennifer Aspen - CoS. well known actress. Born 1973.
Jenny Sommerfeld - can't find CoS link, except was a presenter at 25th Writers of the Future in 2010. Was dating John Francis Daley, says ... 310AA41dJT . Graduate from Univ. of Southern Calif. and stay out of Scientology, Jenny!
Jesse Kove - born 1990, says IMDB page for father Martin Kove who is in CoS
Jim Meskimen - CoS top voice-over actor and likely recruiter. Born 1959.
Jimmy Weldon - in his eighties - not an upcoming star
Joey Naber - can't find CoS link
John Francis Daley - father is Scientologist R. F. Daley. articles say J.F. is or was in CoS. Age 26 born 20 July 1985, says wikipeida. Was in Freaks and Geeks, now inBones. Has a lot of potential. Hope he's not a Scientologist.
John Mariano - has Scientology completions. aged around 50.
Jorjeana Marie - Jorjeana Marie Genchur has Scientology completions, and says she was born 1975 in N. Carolina.
Josh Robert Thompson active recently in CoS; "Geoff" on Late late show. Born 1975.
Judy Norton - CoS. born 1958
Kaleo Griffith - can't find CoS link
Karen Black - CoS, born 1939
Lee Burns - has CoS completions. Born 1972
Lee de Broux - can't find CoS link. Born 1941.
Lee Purcell - CoS. Born 1947.
Martin Kove - CoS. Born 1946.
Melinda Peterson - can't find CoS link. Born 1971, wife to Phil Proctor,
Michael Gough - can't find CoS link. Born 1956,
Michael Yurchak - doing a number of Hubbard novels, but can't find CoS link. Born 1971.
Nancy Cartwright - CoS, voice of Bart Simpson, born 1957.
Noelle North - CoS, born 1967.
Peter Scalia - can't find CoS link. In Midnight Cowboy, 1969, so not young.
Phil Proctor - doing a number of Hubbard books, not sure. Born 1940.
Pierce Driessen - Born around 2000; There is a family Michael, Nancy & Pierce Driessen donating to IAS in 2007 at ... -2210.html
Piotr Walczuk - can't find CoS link, can't find date of birth.
R.F. Daley - has Scientology completions. Born 1955. Father of John Francis Daley.
Raven Kane - has Scientology completions as Raven Kane Campbell or Raven Campbell from 1988-2009. As Pauline Frechette Berk, had Scientology course in 1979. Wife of David Campbell, mother of Alyssa Suede Weller Campbell, step-mother of Beck. Born Pauline Frechette, . Birthdate 5 Oct, 1948, says U.S. Public Record for Pauline K. Frechette (Campbell). There was a divorce between Pauline F. Berk and Alfred Berk in 1981 in California, which would be after Pauline took a course as Pauline Berk. Apparently this first marriage had no children. Since Pauline was already in California in the early 1980's, and was with David Campbell in the late 1980's, if Pauline had married Alyssa's father it should have appeared on Calif. marriage and/or divorce records.
Richard Reich - has Scientology completions. In his 50's.
Robert F Lyons - has Scientology completions. Born 1939.
Robert Towers - can't find CoS link. Born 1952.
Robert Wu - probably not a Scientologist. Doesn't look like the inarticulate "maintenance engineer" with Scientology webpage. Acted as a guard in 1997, so born before 1980.
Semi Musoke - can't find CoS link. Looks like he's in his twenties.
Shaun Duke - can't find CoS link. Born 1953.
Skip Harris - can't find CoS link. Born 1952.
Suliana Gonzalez - in Hollywood Christmas Parade, not sure. Graduated high school around 1995, so was born about 1977.
Tadao Tomomatsu - can't find CoS link. Born 1969.
Tait Ruppert - CoS. Acted in 1982, so must be over 40.
Tamra Meskimen - Wife of Jim Meskimen. Has Scientology completions 1989-2011, including under the name Tamra Shockley Meskimen.
Taylor Meskimen - daughter of Jim and Tamra Meskimen. Has Scientology completions.
Travis Oates - can't find CoS link. Born 1974.
Trevor Davis - has CoS completions 1997-2003. Quoted gushing about Celebrity Centre while a junior at USC in 2005, so may be about born about 1984, aged about 28. ... ily+Trojan
Victoria Summer - has CoS completions. Born 1981.

Additional under-30 Scientologist, found on Michael Doven's list of clients with many of the above artists, is Paris Helena Duff, daughter of Michael and Denise (Burker) Duff. Her parents are now known as two of the three Squirrel Busters that harassed Marty Rathbun. says she was born 3 Nov. 1994 in L.A. She has an Imdb page as Paris Duff, plus Scientology completions. She has participated in Scientology events.

To those who claim I am being intrusive to them, listen up. You recently promoted the works of a genuinely evil man by voicing his crap novels, and you have attracted attention. You think it's your little secret that you do Scientology, well, CoS likes to brag about its course-taking stats, and especially about its Hollywood artists, so your name is readily available from Scientology-published magazines with one little search: "Your name" + Scientology. The remedy: Quit CoS now, and take your family along with you.
Photos and brief bios for all listed, except Paris Duff, at

 Post subject: Re: Has-beens, wanna-be's + a few stars voicing LRH pulp nov
PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 10:20 pm 
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I recognize some of the names.. most are not Scilons.. but are working actors making a few measly bucks to perform at the theatre. Lee Purcell has been a Scilon for ages. I know her son, Dylan.

 Post subject: I protested a performance
PostPosted: Tue Apr 03, 2012 3:15 am 
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I protested one of those voice over performances. The turnout for the event was, shall we say, minimal! And that was several years ago.

Some old man in a beret came out and freaked out over me. I don't think that was Milton Katsoulas as he may have been dead by then.

 Post subject: Re: Has-beens, wanna-be's + a few stars voicing LRH pulp nov
PostPosted: Wed Apr 04, 2012 6:41 am 

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I've updated the above list after some research. Anyone who knows more about them, please comment. Thanks.

 Post subject: Re: Has-beens, wanna-be's + a few stars voicing LRH pulp nov
PostPosted: Wed Apr 04, 2012 1:38 pm 
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"Bodhi Elfman - CoS"

Bodhi is Jenna Elfman's husband.

“This OT shit is driving me insane. On a positive side, I laugh a lot these days because I’m at a funny farm.”
L. Ron Hubbard

L. Ron Hubbard era un maestro de masturbacion fisica y mental.

 Post subject: Re: Has-beens, wanna-be's + a few stars voicing LRH pulp nov
PostPosted: Wed Apr 04, 2012 4:56 pm 

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Thanks, DLRH. I'm most interested in the young ones, and how they got into CoS - were they born into it? if not, who is recruitng them - Meskimen? What message would reach them? A group of young Scientologists were in Taron Llexton's film Struck, but he hasn't made films in years, so voicing Hubbard writings may give them fleeting hope of a big career while some devout member like Meskimen keeps an eye on them. Promise of Hollywood success or even rubbing elbows with the few young CoS stars, is a powerful attractant. Then, spilling their secrets to a CoS auditor gets them worried about what happens when they quit. They may think "I need work on my resume, so I'll stay in CoS" and "nobody will notice my Scientology courses," but we're noticing. Quit now, young people, before marriage and children with Scientologists trap you further.

 Post subject: Re: Has-beens, wanna-be's + a few stars voicing LRH pulp nov
PostPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2012 11:18 pm 

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I have updated my list above to show that Alyssa Campbell is a step-daughter, not a daughter, of David Campbell, and many other dates and factoids. Comments are welcome.

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