A thankful Never-In that understands.

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A thankful Never-In that understands.

Post by AnnieO » Thu Jul 23, 2015 2:57 pm


I've never been in Scientology, never known a Scientologist (that I am aware of), and my only knowledge of the cult growing up were the TV commercials for Dianetics. I remember asking my father why we didn't buy the book, and while I don't remember his exacts words, I do remember that his reply was very negative.

I've become interested in Scientology over the last few years, and my interest increased with the movie "Going Clear". Since then I have spent more time reading about it, and spent more time reading stories from ex-members. I've even been to a couple of Scientology websites.

I've noticed that some ex-members are too hard on themselves for getting involved in Scientology in the first place. After reading so many stories, I can see a period in my life where this could have happened to me..feeling lost after graduating high school, not sure where I was going, looking for a purpose in life, etc.. I'm just thankful that I didn't run across a recruiter (body router?) during that period of my life.

It seems to me that Scientology pulls you in a little at a time. You often don't know what you've gotten yourself into until you're too indoctrinated to just walk away when you see something you don't agree with. And they're not some commune-type cult, they're right in the middle of Los Angeles, own many buildings, and have some famous actors telling people how wonderful Scientology is.

So please ignore those who say that only idiots get involved with a cult, or that it could never happen to them. Maybe it couldn't, but you don't really know until you've been exposed to something like Scientology when you're vulnerable to it. Or extremely curious, and don't realize that your curiosity is making you vulnerable. JMO

I'm thankful for the internet and Going Clear. It made me realize that I needed to talk to my adult children about Scientology, to make sure they don't ever get caught up in anything like it. They already knew more than I did at their age, but I feel better after our discussions.

And thank you all for posting your stories, and for all of the information out there. You're not only helping current and ex-members, you are also educating those who might have ended up in your shoes.

Mysterious & Tricky
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Re: A thankful Never-In that understands.

Post by Mysterious & Tricky » Tue Apr 25, 2017 5:46 pm

Well said Annie O, these people deserve compassion.
They can't possable have know what they were getting into.
Life can be hard and people are looking for help so they do some personal development courses. They go there in good faith.
Then they are blead dry financially and physically, isolalted and bullied.
We all need help and community.
Scientology actively preys on these human needs and misrepresents itself.
Perhaps a class action law suit could bring it down.

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