Converting out of Scientology

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Converting out of Scientology

Post by CastingDirector » Wed Jun 11, 2014 5:50 pm

Hi everyone-

My name is Stephanie Lewis and I'm a casting director in NYC. I wanted to write because I'm currently casting a new docu-series which highlights the stories of women as they begin the process of converting religions. I wondered if anyone on this site might be a good fit. The series isn't exclusively about leaving Scientology. We are open to a variety of religions for this opportunity. Please feel free to contact me if you or anyone you know might be a good fit, or if you'd like some more information.

Thanks so much.

NOW CASTING: Women Considering Changing Religions

Are you a woman currently considering converting from one religion to another?
Do you have a really good reason or variety of reasons for wanting to change religions? Are you concerned about how your decision would affect your relationship with your parents, siblings, and extended family?

If so, then an exciting new documentary television series on a major cable network is currently looking for you! The show would follow the lives of women who are considering converting religions for various reasons.

If you are – or you know – a dynamic woman with plenty of personality who is currently thinking about converting religions, we want to talk to you!
To submit or nominate someone, please email us the full name(s) and contact info, a short bio on what you’re thinking about doing and why, and how your decision would affect your friends and family and several photos to:

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Re: Converting out of Scientology

Post by Don Carlo » Thu Jun 12, 2014 1:43 pm

Welcome, castingdirector. If you were raised Scientologist near Clearwater or Southern California, and your parents could afford it, CoS likely pressured them to send you to a Scientology-linked school. Your circle of friends mingle more through Scientology courses and events. They speak in Scientology jargon and "understand" you. Suspicion and contempt for the outside world is rife. Universities are generally discouraged; instead young people are pushed into Scientologist-run companies, or Scientology staff positions, or to start their own business. Romance and marriage with other Scientologists is especially encouraged. A second or third generation Scientologist who stops attending courses and events is pursued and pressured by CoS, but not attacked unless they openly say they have quit. Even if criticism is minimal, the act of publicly quitting can cause CoS to force family, friends, customers, and business allies to disconnect. Open criticism can bring "fair game" harassment against the escapee.

So, castingdirector, a Scientologist about to quit could provide a lot of drama, but CoS family, friends, business partners and church staff will likely refuse to be filmed reacting to the news. They would sue over secret cameras. Good luck.

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Converting out of Scientology

Post by DavidKat » Fri Jun 23, 2017 1:30 pm

were you ever told, or more or less overtly led to believe that you somehow had "chosen" to come to a Scientology family?

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