What happened to Volney Mathison?

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What happened to Volney Mathison?

Post by joolie » Tue Sep 19, 2006 3:59 pm

Funny how no one except Elron gets credit, Ok Volney gets a credit for "taking up Hubbards idea" but was it his idea the e-meter?

Where did Volney go to?

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Post by 'Alert' » Tue Sep 19, 2006 4:46 pm

As far as Hubbard and scientology are concerned, Volney invented the e-meter for Dianetics applications and basically had nothing to do with Volney experimenting with lie detectors/ GSR meters well before hubbard even cottoned onto the idea of developing a vessel for his implanting his own contagion of insanity into adherents.
The following is from the second taped lecture on the Philadelphia Doctorate Course about Volney and the e-meter.
This instrument you see here, if you didn't know, is a demonstration
model E-meter. This is actually called an A-meter. Volney built this so that
I could give demonstrations, so he could give demonstrations. It s a
projection model machine. He makes these, I believe, for sale, for teaching
and so forth. And.. It has, I notice here, the new scale on the back of it.
And this machine is right up to date.

Now, uh.. if you want to know quite a bit about E-meters. The machine
there is a very fancy and strange variety of Wheatstone Bridge. Volney
breadboarded this thing up rather rapidly and spontaneously. He did it for
Dianetics, and.. ah.. tells you something about that in the.. his literature
that he puts out with the machine. And he puts out as well a book I wrote on

This machine, actually measures, according to the theory on which
we're operating, the density of a preclear. Now when we say density, we mean
electronic density. You'll know much more about that. They're just vaguely
getting into it in the field of nuclear physics. The density of energy.
The Inventor of the E-meter denounced Hubbard as a Faker and Hypnotist!
"If anyone talks about a "road to Freedom" he is talking about a linear line. This, then, must have boundaries. If there are boundaries there is no freedom." - Dianetics 55

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Post by TPark » Tue Sep 19, 2006 8:06 pm

Wow! Me and Alert almost in waving hands distance of agreement.
Below my post to my FZ forum.

> > One of his advantages was the gift to him of the
> > "emeter". He had the ideas that spiritual beings
> > would interact with matter with electrical energy,
> so
> > he had a guy make a meter to measure it.

Its interesting that one of the first people to use
a meter this was Karl Jung. He also seemed to pioneer
the idea of the prepared list. Volney Mathison
developed the e-meter from the traditional lie

Quote from:-

http://www.trans4mi nd.com/transform ation/gsr. htm

"Although these facts have been known for over a
hundred years and the first paper to be presented on
the subject of the psycho-galvanometer was written by
Tarchanoff in 1890,"

The website for our internet Org.
http://www.freewebs .com/techoutside thecofs/

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Post by Don Carlo » Mon Sep 25, 2006 3:03 am

It was Mathison's idea, by way of his study of Carl Jung's theories, to create a special lie-detector for examining unconscious and subconscious reactions rather than conscious ones. This notion, however pseudoscientific, was directly appropriated by fellow Science Fiction author L. Ron Hubbard, who enlisted Mathison to build similar devices for use in his still-developing concepts of Dianetics and Scientology. The devices were called Mathison E-meters, short for "electro-psychometer" or sometimes "electroencephaloneuromentimograph".

Mathison and Hubbard's business relationship ended in the mid-1950s, when Hubbard, who already had coerced Mathison into giving him exclusive rights to the device, now urged Mathison to transfer complete ownership of the patent. He refused. Hubbard discontinued use of the E-meter and issued a statement that read in part:

As we long ago suspected, the intervention of a mechnical gadget between the auditor and the preclear had a tendency to depersonalize the session.

Four years later, in 1958, the E-Meter returned, but it was now called the Hubbard E-Meter, with only slight modifications to the design having been made by Don Breeding and Joe Wallis. E-meters once again became an essential part of Scientology's Auditing process, and no further mention was made of the four-year period in which Hubbard had disavowed it.

It has been noted by historians and critics that Mathison's concept of "Personalized Recording Methodology", which he believed would render psychology and psychiatry unnecessary, also seems to have been a considerable influence on Hubbard's own philosophy.

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Re: What happened to Volney Mathison?

Post by Scientology » Tue Jul 18, 2017 11:32 pm

A man with a norse heritage born in denmark seems to have inspired the lice a lot besides carl jung, or was it so?
-Tone scale
-Foreign inplants
-Past life
-The Super EGO, the Super human, the superman, the titans the tetans, had many digestives pre-clearing phases of resonance

Volney Mathison

Carl Jung might have inspired to the early Psychometer and Engrams and the engramatic modifications, Jung & Semon.

Mental = NOT Meant all!

And here might some very important fact also apply about why the E-meter not shall be used by mentally ill persons.
1 Since they basically might appear to be clear already and gives the needle response as a psychopath
2 since the mentally ill is the most hard group to convince of to a blown up baloney theory that do not work. Mentally ill might actually have a long history by them-self inventing new local theories that works for them and keep them alive in times of outmost hardship. Hence is the avoidance of the mentally ill in the science of mental health finally some logic.
https://scientologylronhubbard.files.wo ... beree1.png

Psychopathy and electrodermal responses to nonsignal stimulation
"Electrodermal activity was monitored while 64 prison inmates were presented with a random series of fast and slow rise-time tones ranging in intensity from 80 to 120dB. The inmates were divided into groups on the basis of global ratings of psychopathy and scores on the Socialization (So) scale. The group considered to be most psychopathic (high ratings of psychopathy and low So scores) gave smaller skin conductance responses than did the other groups, but only to the 120dB tones. These findings are consistent with the hypothesis that psychopaths are electrodermally hyporesponsive to intense nonsignal stimuli. High ratings of psychopathy were associated with slow recovery of the skin conductance response, but only with the 120dB fast rise-time tones, and only in the left hand."
Scientology Early Celebrity Charles Manson
"The positive side of psychopathy: Emotional detachment in psychopathy and rational decision-making in the ultimatum game"
Does not say killing the monster film makers pregnant girlfriend and take out the unborn like a look of the future or polanski foster. no, thats true but what does it bring to your reality beyond the baby of this filmmakers projection, delighting in the dark room.

Hubbard himself often has very nice needle moves to start with i guess, then it was just up to the rest of the world to realize it, and become like him to utterly satisfy him, what else is so clear? What else could ever be so clear my wonderful wise dear. Fucking the first companions girlfriend and runaway with the money, it worked with Jack Parson why not continue that way, lift the way of the normal underlay and you have a bridge. Charles Manson had 150 hours of auditing

Hubbard know something about something and used it by a continuous relabel it into it - black becomes white and he project this in shadows of the light. Starting with himself as always. The Rationality of being is the psychopaths natural description of what is in central of control. What Marty Rathbun and other has described is the art of war in terror against part in society that carries critics to the ultimate parts of the third side of the coin, column in the tunnel to the needle point.

Then do you see the lines after lines come and go, the matrix's of it all as the rasterized lines of the double edged pyramids taking the colors away like a brilliant loop of Polaroid shades - the colors now comes from the things we ca extrapolate. ooh all this smokescreens. But Marty sits and confesses this and that but did he ever told the story to those who's interest it was to protect society? Or was it no kick in that, avoiding the own gravity of what has been ... Marty what do you say?

Having confessed from Neptun deep nets - the holder of that has a big part of the gravity of being - just as history direct future by the meme in meme of gravity in memory. Submerged in overall direct his periscope up every now and then. A pole in the bridge. His mother suicides on the golden gate bridge & the holy church studying his Åland ancestry and publicize

Volney Mathison met the lice and might have been sucking dry and involved in pretentious lies that then backfired as planed. Just as Marty now can see pictures of the Bridge, the golden gate - with his mothers death certificate to the right, and here he is left. Digging so deep to bring up hell.
And so has even the Hubbard's son witnessed, of cause also caused into the ordinarily law waltz by the dead agenting in several ways, so nothing clear cames out of the shit now when he got his. Marty Rathbun pays no time for the crime but cries out and color the picture so everything becomes normal - Hubbard shit brown, from his Starmark* great sense in social romantics from the opposite side

What happens, well i guess Hubbard this-association the one he uses so heavily that they just went away form him just disassociation from being near, not everyone as fast as Jack Parson, or his son. To clear the fuckers out of the way and lift them from their underlay. Spontaneous self terminations does not seems to uncommon.

Lacking just the end points as the IR and the UVC, those he granted himself the heat and the great wave wing - but there is a very speedy flow into the very delicate tunnel sight. The military organization dressed as religion is very interested in the right clothing. URL & Uniform.

The hysteric micromanagment of diss in the world as it is, is clearly visualized by many of the persons who worked near L Ron Hubbard or David Miscavige.

association and diss association as nothing

Clear, Clean through the bone - CaCa do? i saw with MAYONAISE!

I think that's what happened to Volney Mathisen by the very pattern. The pattern off diss making it's hard to tell what it's really is and yes, some really go nuts, and thereby also in pattern tells what its really is. Plenty of nuts have a lot of omega and other fat things on the heightened ways (bridge on the pillar needle)

Stories about that LRon Hubbard was used for sexual purposes in early Scout years might not be true (the secret pleasure doom - Always ready) (donation the seeds of lingo & fruition the the analytical senselessness) so you can never really know, you know. And now you know that. The bridge does not tongue it in and hence is the Hubbard **starmark** not the end of IN-TEST-IN. Diss is the holy shit & in the rectum of borders to it, directing the borders init. Digest my gestures abberee. Stories like that in the seeds of lingo just feeds

Take the statistics of communications in by the very cell to cell by the number, rubbing the yellow pages onto the walls - i bet you can hear the bladder. I have a flash light, i can bring the light. Flashing anime dick tracy. Juicy Fruit spearmint on the wall paper. Diss is the baloney bubble, to the tunnel, who blows and smells the freshly exhaled? Would they ever tell ... or spelling cruelty in thing you never can say. That's our secret, that's our way, heightened in magical pillars, as the street in a bridge by the way. Roar Road.

what else - he just gives and gives - as the juicy fruit

The Disconnection is same here & There - there is only one objective

http://www.themortonreport.com/celebrit ... bi-sexual/

Hail Hitler Homo Zap's, the lover race - and that's just what auditing super thetan turbo gave me in 14 weeks with my bare two hands. Nailing the end you. The gravity of Assembler make us all talk about the starmark of the tunnel so long after, the light in the shadow by the angular momentum.
Long Shadow man.
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Re: What happened to Volney Mathison?

Post by Demented Founder » Wed Jul 19, 2017 1:16 pm

^^ The previous post makes no sense, it looks to me like a ravings of a lunatic. On the other hand, the poster might tried to demonstrate how the mentally ill people think, so I applaud him for the attempt.
"Cuando el pene de Xenu es adentro de mi culo, estoy inmenso feliz. Eso es manera de que Saentologia funciona. Voy a chingar todos mis aprentizes"
L. Ron Hubbard, Mi Vida Secreta.

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Re: What happened to Volney Mathison?

Post by Scientology » Wed Jul 19, 2017 8:03 pm

The sense is in the diss - the continued diss of anything against the tunnel-sight
-What Paulette Cooper maybe would have said under the worst attack might not have make sense to anything other than the picture of the broken meaning or as the broken interface. The Diss brings the meanings apart. But part by part painting the art ..

Does Scientology make Sense?
Well in the introduction to the tunnel sight it must, otherwise there would be no one inside the tunnel

In the heart of Scientology is L. Ron Hubbard’s paralyzing use of contradiction and in cognitive semantics that is galloping straight trough
-On the surface that is true
-the fundaments of lifting the fruits of the Cacadu is in the opposition, so get a grip of the projected shadow of the needle
Third side of the coin - point in time welcome to the tunnel sight point in the needles to say projection net dot com post.
Pattern seems to be diss untill diss further

What happened to Volney Mathison then
Well i guess he returned to what he started with 21 years old as a radio operator on vessels. And left everything with Scientology and Hubbard far behind after the attacks on him when he just wanted his royalty.

Scientology and the origins of Xenu
Jack Parson Pattern LafayetteRonnaldHubbard steal what he want and runs away with Jack parsons girlfriend and money from a co funded company... as the pattern of speaking tongue with a spin in the giberish swindle.

Assuming that there might be a double diss in the text/image above concerning the fundaments of Xenu. Maybe L Ron Hubbard stole the Xenu story run away with the secret from AMORC. That Could be true if the Xenu story was a secret story stolen from AMORC or Rosicrucian. I guess that the strange text in the -aberree by different authors is not just gibberish but could have send a hint to Volney as a strong diss, maybe hinting that he was the leaking source (if he was in AMORC) of Xenu a secret that everyone who was told it extensively had promise to not reveal. I have absolutely no stronger incitement that this will fit a pattern. Pattern can be more visible to start with. My guess is that Hubbard here was in the true intention of pressuring a weak point and sincere intending disgust (this dissing diss) rather than to pay the royalty for the E-meter. And nice and openly express his disgust intent knowing that they both share some secrets and he is very talent in use them in his interplay about the tunnel sight. Different words same thing. The combo Rosicrucian + Volney Mathison +royalty might have a Xenu in common.

Scientology Books
The Aberree by Volney Mathison and L Ron Hubbard
Ordo Templi Orientis was the motherorganization to AMORC AMORC
Ordo Templi Orientis OTO

If the Neptun net is the heavy in consciousness then it have a new guardian angle weighting it after the confessions to the needle, needless to saym heavy G as Gravity. In The biophysics of the psychosocial map to reality, the most personal thing we all share in the common interplay unwritten untold sharing of every day. Yes that's crazy. should i erase it straight away?

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