Scientology spreading Criminality again

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Scientology spreading Criminality again

Post by Scientology » Mon Sep 11, 2017 11:43 pm

2017 March 29
Scientology: FSB and special forces searching suburbs of ScientologistsThe Federal Security Service (FSB) said officers “conducted simultaneous searches” at 14 addresses in Moscow and St Petersburg as part of an apparent investigation into alleged illegal business dealings by the Church of Scientology in Russia’s second city.

“Objects and documents were found and seized that proved the version of the investigators about the marketing functions for goods and services of the Church of Scientology of Saint Petersburg in violation of the law,” a statement carried by Russian news agencies said.
Last November a Russian court banned the activities of the Moscow branch of the Church of Scientology after authorities argued in part that since it had registered its name as a US trademark, it cannot call itself a religious organization.

Scientologists declined to comment on the ongoing searches in the suburbs

Probably the best actions when special forces and milutary commando, helps the military organization with it's battle plans and battle tactics long before they have sent out its myriads of divisions of what goes in the batter fields, The Democratic crusader CCHR, narCONon to spread the propaganda demagogy and further corrosion of society by the Scientology criminality. The man woman and child's of Russia can be saved from the scandal of scientology.
Pretending to be the good players with superpowers thatch giving you fruit - but only the darkness comes and many goes Bananaz

2016 April 26
Scientologist arrested in Russia for 'stealing $2m and giving it to Church'
Russia has tried to ban the Scientology Church before on the grounds of it being a commercial organization ... 01871.html

Russia Arrests Scientologist for Stealing $2 Million and Giving to Church
A woman is accused of defrauding apartment buyers, taking their deposits, and giving much of it to the church in Moscow.Authorities in Russia say a woman stole money given to her for dream homes and donated it to the Church of Scientology.

Ekaterina Zaborskikh allegedly stole 130 million rubles ($2 million) between 2012 and 2014 by selling Russians them apartments that were never built by her construction company, an indictment in St. Petersburg alleged last week, as reported by Komsomolskaya Pravda. Part of that money was funnelled to her church, prosecutors say.

Posters advertising the developments promised clients “affordable castles” in green neighborhoods by Zaborskikh’s construction company, Olimp, according to the paper. Instead, the would-be buildings are still holes in the ground. Websites advertising the Olimp projects now warn potential buyers that they will no longer be built, as the company has ceased its operations. (The company’s website is down.)

Russian security service conducts raids on Church of Scientology
Federal Security Service raid over a dozen locations in Moscow and St Petersburg as part of investigation into alleged illegal business dealings

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