Is David Miscavige mentally ill?

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Is David Miscavige mentally ill?

Post by drahcir » Tue Sep 05, 2017 3:57 am

Hi all, newbie here but longtime critic of scientology. I have been reading Leah Remini's book, and re-reading Lawrence Wright's book and Jenna Miscavige Hill's book, and all are terrific and written by courageous people.

A common theme in the books seems to suggest that David Miscavige is or might be mentally ill, and because of Scientology doctrine, has not been treated by professionals trained to deal with mental illness. I was wondering if anyone here knew or knows him, and thinks that he is a sick man who needs help.

Is this a case of a man running a multi billion dollar organization who has become more and more mentally unstable over the years, and is in a position to refuse all help and attack those who try to help. The whole situation sounds very sad.

Don Carlo
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Re: Is David Miscavige mentally ill?

Post by Don Carlo » Fri Sep 08, 2017 11:50 pm

Some say mental illness is when the person is suffering from it and can't make things happen. Otherwise, it's just being an asshole. Plus, he may just be turning into a mean old drunk.

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Re: Is David Miscavige mentally ill?

Post by Scientology » Tue Sep 12, 2017 6:09 pm

According to the latest gossip Miscavige's early career was as a serviceman running under the tables in Indonesian glory hole bars, as the anonymous little holistic runner. But I will stand up and defend David here ...
We Stand Tall

There is nothing that really proves that he worked in the famous Indonesian glory holes bars for their elite Basket teams, and that his problem to breath in comes from the early works in there. The story might even emanate from him since he loves to support his underdog profile as a sucking victim. And after all there is no scientific proofs that mouth & nose dipping with sperm can cause asthma.

How Tall are We Standing? NOW
Flo Barnett is outside of the framework founding shell-code echo the code in G

Even if there was a known fact that Miscavige does not appreciate a basket dribbling hand clapping his head like ... and saying Jackpot handyman or I am spider-man
This is just very low low, gossip, there is no proof of that David Miscavige did work in these bars running under the tables in Javanese bars to start his career, but on the other side there is no proof that David Miscavige did not start his professional craftsmanship career running under the bar tables in the java peninsula, either. But even if it was written clearly in David Miscavige’s auditing files I would not put it up on a hate sight with pictures of how it flowers.
But the tunnel-sight of logic's in this perspective and a church that tries to murder and destroy critics are not sane. Make Up and striptease of reality
The nature of the CR APP is however special with all this covert hostilities & pure evilness towards the critics combined with a crybaby attitude, as the ordinary straight attitudes of pure bandwagon nonchalance to society overall, and doing whatever if it does not cause bad feedback enough. This combined with the clear sign of scientific racism, have at least been known to create mentally ill and mentally illness.

This little girl just to take example, she's grown up now, she is a lady. David Miscavige would most probably know all that his organization have done to here, so why isn't he showing us all what they did, and beg as well as pray for her forgiveness while she's still alive? That's a change of a lifetime. Parents killed in Auschwitz, and even she was on a death train but survived. Here at what today is JFK Airport unknowing about that her free speech will make Scientology try to destroy and kill her. Stray current corroding the fundaments so cold and carefully. Undermining.

Calling a name, writing a label would not make it.

A person near mentally ill would feel a great benefit from having a protection, and this is basically written in the cog of cognition as the tunnel-sight. the dentist injects some adrenaline into the gums and the blood turns in, the bleeding stops. Operation continues. Certainty comes as clear-sight & walks like function. The basic core of the tunnel-sight into the underlay to the cognitive systems. Ident identity and the weighting weighted of the from the surface of the frontal matter.

The relaxing thing of the tunnel-sight and the comfort of always being strong near the walls comes. And I guess that David Miscavige can appear as the most spiritual and healthy man with all the intense glowing sphinx there is from carefully studying some frames in the art of nature, but does it smell?

Fairy tell does it smell - Eye juicy smell in the
the ol factory, say does it smell?
now the cog is under the cognition in the wheels of function.

Let’s presume a battery saving flow-order as shell-code in an iPhone
Knowing the fundaments is a good thing.
Everything becomes black and white on the screen colors is not processed. but in the endpoint colors might be presented as the extrapolated arts of the tunnel-sight heavenly colors on rigged stages. See a functional tree or C3 supplied by mesial TLEr in the letter.
Anyone who comes after a man that could make a DOMINATOR matrix in tunnel-sight, from his shortcomings speaks, from the similar point, adding time gives tunnel-sight. Handling the same objective, bending the light to the tunnel.

Inherited from the first born in the system
It could be read as IT from the firstborn in the macro-system as the resulting stream of density in the parents to the first born. If H was the firstborn fundamental in the system then what made H can transform the overall by its density vibrating in time, the electron stream and proton motive force would matter to matter like waves of emotive in planetary systems. Anything else is an illusion. But the illusion is reducing the costs of feeling that we know and can hold the opposition forces in space and get a grip. Thumb in the finger. -And everyone wants to be cheap, deep is the costliest there is. How else can you feel rich? Having a break in the abstraction of thinking could generate whatever

Delta psi in the spectra Amygdala as a CO2 density detector driving driver by buffer in sour and electron driver, waving crossroads and the Colorant of the emotive that bending the light in spectra of the emotive. The list of the unknown could be longer. The interchanges in life, one breath wide and a heartbeat deep.

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Re: Is David Miscavige mentally ill?

Post by Demented Founder » Wed Sep 13, 2017 1:35 pm

I had an OT friend when I was involved with the cult. She would see spirits (thetans) everywhere, she even spoke to Hitler's spirit, who was hiding in bushes right in front of her house. The other OT person with a strong Christian background saw demons standing next to his bed. Maybe, these people were mentally unstable before they joined the cult, but the chance of that is small considering the fact that they had been working for companies for many years. Miscavige is a super-OT, so to speak, so I think he's crazy as a bedbug.
"Cuando el pene de Xenu es adentro de mi culo, estoy inmenso feliz. Eso es manera de que Saentologia funciona. Voy a chingar todos mis aprentizes"
L. Ron Hubbard, Mi Vida Secreta.

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