RIP Smurf, Garry Scarff, our buddy

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Don Carlo
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RIP Smurf, Garry Scarff, our buddy

Post by Don Carlo » Tue Oct 31, 2017 4:47 pm

Tony O wrote a fair and friendly obit* for Smurf, also known as Happy Smurf. For many years here Garry was an interesting, gossipy contributor, though I did listen when others warned he was not always truthful. He was helpful to me personally - when I was creating the Scientology Celebrity Spiderweb, I would private message him with a "who are the parents of..." and he would always know. He would also know or find new facts on many threads about a Scientologist, especially one from Los Angeles. He didn't fight me when I redacted phrases where he went too far, like home addresses or excess info about a child. He was like a bloodhound you couldn't quite control, but who would find the bad guy.

Some other posters would argue with Smurf, and I would stay out of it. I never met the LA Scientologist people and I never knew who had the right story. Smurf was cranky at times but earnest and keen to help most of the time. I would private message people who had a grudge against Smurf and say, yes, he did some bad things when he was in Scientology but "now he is 'Useful Smurf' on this message board and I am watching him carefully.

Smurf was treated horribly by some 4chan types on two other, now extinct or faded message boards. They tried coming here and I wouldn't let them fling the "f_g" word around. They sputtered that it wasn't meant in a bigoted way, and flounced off this site for good. Then on one of those sites one poster openly threatened Smurf with anal rape, using the f_g word. I wrote here that it was partly due to their casual use of the f_g slur - it was a green light to a few to get really bigoted. Those sites (surprise) also had posters (not all men) who used the c-word for women, so I stopped even reading those sites. I'm not going to read the still-existing site to see if the behavior has improved, so maybe it's streak of bigotry has gone away. So, I'm not going to name the message board.

* ... esearcher/

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Re: RIP Smurf, Garry Scarff, our buddy

Post by Wieber » Tue Oct 31, 2017 11:26 pm

This makes me sad, as it should.

Rest easy, Garry.
“Think wrongly if you please, but in all cases think for yourself.”
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