Scientology Asbest Patricia Sutherland what do you figure

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Scientology Asbest Patricia Sutherland what do you figure

Post by Scientology » Sat Nov 11, 2017 1:46 am

Dear Mrs Patricia Sutherland
Thank your for yours and Right-flash extensive complains to Google incorporated delivered to Lumen database for consideration of DCMA actions.
We are however not at all Spanish speaking books or distributors of Romantic literature or cooking books
Any similarities are just accidental. this picture is just how members here try to protect the Scientology leader David Miscavige
There is nothing that really proves that he worked in the famous Indonesian glory holes bars - running under bar desc from hole to hole. and that his problem to breathing comes from the early works in there. And after all there is no scientific proofs that deep throat can cause asthma.

Your complaint mention an url on Operation Clambake on with the topic of Scientology Asbestosis ship old Bohéme now passengership Freewind where another individual named Patricia Sutherland are mentioned to have been passenger. We have discussed Scientology books and started a Scientology photo account on Flickr however with some addition of anonymous protesters. Nothing new really, mostly old stuff you can find here Scientology pick pockets

Scientology widgets international and news feed from primarily Scientology blogs can be found at Scientology Netvibes best Patricia Sutherland. mini widgets with scientology news and related are available Scientology there are even a widget that directly delivers this written word in the world - Scientology what is scientologist

(photo redacted so people don't get fired if they are caught viewing it at work)

Hyperbole Over-generalizations in Censorship urging complaints might become an art form one day
Accidents are not coincidental! And on that you can count, it is probably probable. I am a robot and this reply is completely automatic - do not over generalize
the origins of the word

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Re: Scientology Asbest Patricia Sutherland what do you figure

Post by Don Carlo » Sat Nov 11, 2017 4:25 pm

No genitalia porn, "Scientology". I redacted that photo. Message board readers could get fired if they view porn at work, even unintentionally. Or, someone in a custody battle innocently reading anti-Scientology content here, could lose custody of their children if they are caught looking at genitalia porn.

We could talk in private messaging, but the admin has dismantled it since it got badly hacked.

I will ban you if it happens again. I check the site daily.

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