The Truth Rundown on RPF

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The Truth Rundown on RPF

Post by Hubbard's Mushroom » Thu Oct 07, 2004 4:06 pm

From: Class V
Subject: Thought Reform on the RPF:The Truth Rundown
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Date: 2004-10-07 00:23:20 PST
"To the RPF Insider...please tell us about your experience with
the Truth Rundown. Most ARS readers don't know what it is, so
here is an explanation of this thought reform technique that is
found only on the RPF (in Scientology). It resembles brainwashing
methods used in political reeducation camps.

Ms. Earlier Similar

The Truth Rundown

After an RPFer gets a general case cleanup, the main first auditing
action he receives is the Truth Rundown.

The Truth Rundown consists of Rollback (described below) and then sec
checking. It is an overall procedure to deal with the Black
Propaganda that a staff member has spread about a well-intentioned
group or individual.

Examples of typical Black Propaganda that a Sea Org member might have
said and which he will have to deal with on the Truth Rundown are as
follows. A person has about 50 to 100 of these lines, and similar
lines are grouped into one overall line, so as not to be unnecessarily

1) The CMO don't know what the hell they are doing. They are a
bunch of amateurs.

2) Joe [good exec in fact] is an evil son of a bitch

3) Jane (an auditor) is a fucking squirrel! [When in truth she was
auditor of the year.]

4) LRH does not know what he is talking about when it comes to how
to polish a car.

5) LRH was always cross ordering himself.

6) Joe [Good junior overall] to crash his stats just
to get me [his senior] in trouble with my seniors.

7) The RTC Representatives are out to get me; they are like
vultures [when the RTC Reps haven't acted in any way
like this].

A Black Propaganda line, called a Black PR line, has to contain a
falsehood about a well-intentioned person. Black PR is false
vilification of a well-intentioned person or group, and the Black PR
is an attempt to lower the status of the person or group that the pc
is spreading the Black PR on. The Black PR is a justification of the
person's serious overt against that person or group.

When the person handles this serious overt, and expresses remorse and
does a reversal of their viewpoint and retracts the Black Propaganda
statement, then they have gotten the correct result of doing the Truth
Rundown for that one Black PR statement. Each Black PR line is taken
to this same result.

The Rollback procedure step of the Truth Rundown comes first and
determines, line by line, did the pc get the idea from someone else,
or did the pc think it up themselves. If the lines came from someone
else, then the person they came from is noted down and the information
is passed out of the RPF to the proper staff so those other persons
can later be investigated to find out where they got the ideas, and so
on, until the person who actually first came up with the idea is

But for RPFers, they just do the Rollback step all in one session,
going through each line, quickly determining where the line came from,
either the pc, or someone else. While on the RPF in the years
[name deleted] was there, people usually had from 20-100 such Black PR
lines to handle on their Truth Rundowns.

The next step of the Truth Rundown is to deal with each line, line by
line, with sec checking, to isolate first the serious overt (and this
leads into a chain of other overts) that the person committed just
prior to him uttering or writing the Black PR line.

Through sec checking the serious overt and then usually a chain of
earlier overts are run out, then a "false purpose" underlying the
earliest overt is located, and itself run out, then an earlier similar
false purpose, until that is handled too. All of this for handling
that one Black Propaganda line.

The person is expected to achieve a reversal of his Black PR
viewpoint, which is called a viewpoint shift.

After much time one the Truth Rundown, a person achieves usually a
dramatic reversal of their viewpoint about the person or group they
uttered or wrote the Black Propaganda on.

This is a very dramatic procedure in obtaining a major shift in the
viewpoint of Sea Org members.

This is such an intensely regulated procedure, ordinary persons who
have not had at least sec checking, or who are not familiar with
auditing, cannot grasp all the agreements that a person put on the
Truth Rundown is already agreeing to by the time they get to this
auditing action.

In general in Scientology, the pc agrees NOT to wildly complain, in
public. It is a no-no in Scientology. It is simply off policy to
natter or complain. One is ordered by policy to save their complaints
and natter for session, which is when the trained auditor will do the
right thing and ask the person for their overts and run them out,
which is expected to turn off the natter and criticism.

So on the RPF all the Black Propaganda is ONLY discussed by the pc
inside of session. RPFers are NOT sharing their Black Propaganda
outside of session, they don't go joking around with it. It is only
discussed inside of session. It is considered an overt itself to
spread Black Propaganda about other well-intentioned Sea Org members
or Sea Org groups. There is a group agreed-upon code of self-muzzled
non-discussion of any natter or criticism and especially any Black PR.

So in the Truth Rundown, to get through it, the person has to recant
all their uttered or written Black Propaganda, and have complete
viewpoint shifts on all of their Black Propaganda points of view, in
order to complete this step of the RPF auditing program. They must do
this before they can procede to the next step of the RPF auditing

The issues regarding the Truth Rundown and Rollback are all labeled
"confidential". Only the RPFers are widely running Rollback and the
Truth Rundown on each other. You won't find it at your local org."
-Class V

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Post by olska » Thu Oct 07, 2004 4:36 pm

A Black Propaganda line, called a Black PR line, has to contain a falsehood about a well-intentioned person. Black PR is false vilification of a well-intentioned person or group,...

And this begins and becomes possible only with the assumption that L.Ron Hubbard was a "well-intentioned" person.

Thanks for finding and posting this, HM. It explains a lot.

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Post by mikedewolf » Thu Oct 07, 2004 9:13 pm

When I read this I can help but thinking about the conversations between Richard Burton and John Hurt in the film 1984.

If you locate the basic assumptions a person bases their views on and persuade them to change these assumptions, that you can transform the individual. This is really brainwashing.

Of course, many people have trouble giving up things these've seen to be true, after all "what's true for you is true for you." While they can't erase actual memories of the evils they've seen, they also still beleive that Scientology is the ONLY way out of the "Trap," so they stay in RPF for years, attempting to make the tech "work."

It only works once they cognite that Scientology isn't the way out of the Trap, it is the Trap itself.
Mike de Wolf
"A science that depends on Authority alone is a breath in the wind of truth and is therefore no science at all." - L. Ron Hubbard

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Post by Hubbard's Mushroom » Thu Oct 07, 2004 9:45 pm

Not many truth rundown completions listed on Kristi W.'s site:

Scientology completions Advance 147-
Nikki Magnie

Advance 144-
Lis Thierstein

Auditor UK 303-
John Entwistle
Dave Johnson
Ed Long

Advance 138-
Lissa Walker

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Post by sea_ogre » Fri Oct 08, 2004 2:24 am

I don't think they can rundown enough truths.

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