Ideal Org in DC

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Ideal Org in DC

Post by purlygerl » Thu Nov 03, 2005 3:21 pm

They're raising funds to create an Ideal Org in Washington, D.C. Building pics are posted on the web site.

I'll do a drive-by one of these days to get the real address and see what's going on, if anything.

The Ideal Org Washington, DC

* The Founding Church of Scientology has found the ideal org property in the nation's capital. The new building at 16th and P Streets is strategically located just five blocks from the Fraser Mansion (current org building) and only six blocks from the White House.
* These two Embassy Row buildings place Scientology, Washington, DC within a mile of an ambassador of every country in the world.
* This ideal org property (below left), combined with the Fraser Mansion (below right), triples the amount of total org space and results in the Public Divisions' space increasing 5x, being fully capable of handling the flood of new public now arriving!


Post by Escaped » Thu Nov 03, 2005 4:38 pm

My idea of an "Ideal Org":



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Post by Ladybird » Fri Nov 04, 2005 5:03 am

The really, really sad thing here is that I recognize about 50% of these names from a couple of missions I did 10 to 30 years ago, and some from Flag or PAC or Free(asbestos) Winds. Have a look, and ask me about any of them. If I know I will tell you.


They need a new building 5 blocks from the old one? Are they bursting at the seams? Or is this just another way to get tax free donations for tax free prime real estate that can be sold tax free when the shit hits the fan and all the perps have to head for higher ground in Bulgravia???((or some banana republic with no extradition treaty). Sorry Davey, the mosquitos are bigger than you are down there, and they will be the only ones kissing your ass when the truth comes out and you are universally reviled by all who had the unfortunate experience of crossing your path.


$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ > Contribute

How To Contribute

Contributing to the Washington, DC Ideal Org is very easy.
Just do the following:
Select a target to attain.
Call Tom Clapp or Greg Layton.
Make your donation arrangements.
Alternate method:
Mail your donation using this printable donation form.
Levels Of Contribution

Each level below carries with it specific benefits and rewards. For details about monetary contribution amounts, benefits, rewards or other information, contact us by telephone or email.
Legion of Honor $1,000,000
Founding Member Meritorious $750,000
Founding Member with Honors $250,000
Humanitarian $100,000
Presidential $75,000
Ambassador $50,000
Benefactor $35,000
Senatorial $20,000
Congressional $10,000
Governor $5,000
Statesman $2,000
Contributor $1,000
Dupont Circle $500


The following New Civilization Builders are highly commended and thanked for their contributions.
Updated 7 August 2005
Legion of Honor
Your Name Here

Founding Member Meritorious
Your Name Here

Founding Member with Honors
Your Name Here

Clyde Andrews Kathy Wiltsey
Judy Cranford Pam Blehert
Dave Kline Dean Blehert
Your Name Here

Your Name Here

Rick Schmidt Your Name Here

Your Name Here

Peter Bedrin Garland Davis
Greg Layton Tim Sales
Jane Layton Neil Woods
Judy Delibera Bobbi Woods
Luis Colon Dan Stewart
Judy Colon Your Name Here

Jerry Gentile Jim Neubauer
Your Name Here

Eric Berg Mark Chalfant
Karen Berg Vicki Chalfant
Bill Witter Artin Barzgar
Norman Powell Desabeh Pakpour
Michael Wiser Mike Wear
Greg Winteregg John Marburger
Sandra Winteregg David Rogers
Tony Turrisi Your Name Here

Lois Gloor Mary Hanger
Karl Johnson Dave Norman
Solomon Majid Mary Jo Palmer
Greg Norman Walt Bianchi
Wayne Bullen Diane Bianchi
Mike Hancock Raymond Rochefort
Judy Hancock Irene Rochefort
Thierry De Chaunac Jan Magerowski
Leslie De Chaunac Mike Thamaras
Your Name Here

Tom Clapp Jeff Palmer
Liz Clapp Jon Mervine
Ron Ray Ina Pollins
Anna Reid Ed Lee
Jim Rice Art Harmon
Frank Rosati Steve Wander
Delaney Ware Greg Mitchell
Jim Taylor Steve Tyrell
Roz Taylor Sue Tyrell
Neil Winteregg Jim Williamson
Sue Young-Moore Christina Metz
Tammy Light Sue Tominack
Gunter Leonhardt Steve Paulette
Melinda Leonhardt Kathy Bierry
Gary Camp Eric Huntington
Cheryl Caputo Shannon Huntington
Leanne Stynchula William Powell
Judy Gilbert Maryam Seifi
Fred Bergstone Carolynn Shomo
Ron Baker Ted Lovejoy
Sally Baker Lauren Lovejoy
Roman Gruzdev Your Name Here

Dupont Circle
Fred Artherhults Tom Bielicki
Leslie Bielhart Donald Conley
Stan Dubin Frank Dupee
Katie Esposito James Gibb
Houston Hancock Azhar Haq
Ron Kappes Cynthia McIver
Michael Mulvaney Chas Oliver
Buddy Riley Brenda Thein
Lee Terbush Rick Harlow
Joanne Terbush Cheryl Harlow
Tom Woolfolk Brett Wallace
Flo Woolfolk Mary Jo Wallace
Tom Wells Your Name Here

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Post by oyster » Fri Nov 04, 2005 6:45 am

Is this like the SuperFraud, err, I mean Super Org they are always raising money for in Clearwater? If so, I think that picture is not far off. From what I gather, that is what the SuperDuper Org looks like now.

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Post by purlygerl » Thu Nov 17, 2005 3:29 pm

The DC ideal org website has been stripped of all pertinent info. Why? Hmm.....

" is closed for renovations."

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