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Gold Base staff list - Hemet California

Post by lermanet_com » Thu Nov 10, 2005 2:41 pm

Scientology's "Gold Base" Headquarters
Location: 19625 Highway 79, Gilman Hot Springs, CA 92583

Alexander, Julia
Al-Jibouri, Scheherazade H
Allcock, Annie Taskev
Allcock, Erica Marie
Armstrong, Thomas C.
Atwood, Vivien Cecelia
Azevedo, Cheryl Lynn
Baker, Lynnea Marie
Benndorf, Corinne Fax
Black, Brenda Eileen
Blake, Cynthia Ann
Blecha, Kathleen Terese
Blecha, Peter Montgomery
Bourke, Thomas Gerard
Brousseau, Mary Clarisse
Brown, Mike R
Brown, Rosemary
Brumer, Charles Philip
Buglewrez, Pat Lawrence
Butler, Matt James
Caetano, Kevin
Campleman, Kenneth James
Cancilla, Lori Carol
Cancilla, Nicholas Mark
Champagne, Jennifer Lee
Chaney, Vikki Dene
Cifarelli, Nicholas V.
Cifarelli, Nicole A.
Cifarelli, Patricia Ann
Cifarelli, Tony Vincent
Clark, Jo Anne Lynn
Clark, Kerry R
Clifford, Amelia
Clifford, Ronald Fredric
Conley, Amy Lynn
Cook, Carrie Ann
Cook, Ronald Paul
Cook, Steven Dale
Cruzen, Cynthia Marie
Cruzen, Richard Gilman
Dowswell, Elizabeth A
Drake, Robert Sherwood
Dunagin, Daniel Alan
Dunagin, Lia Herdani
Eastment, John George
Eastment, Margaret E.
Eisenman, Megan
Ellis, Julia Stewart
Engen, Kiplan Rolf
Eriksen, Andrea Kay
Ferris, Beverly Ann
Ferris, Robert Forrest
Feschbach-Charbonneau, K.
Fisher, Natalie
Ford, Stefanie Diane
Ford, Thomas G.
Foster, Barbara Lynn
Fraser, Catherine Nairn
Fullmer, Carol Lynn
Gahwiler, Shannon Christy
Geisler, Erick Jerome
Gilbert, Jesse
Gilbert, Linda Elaine
Gilbert Richard Sasse
Gilchrist, Michael Anthony
Gillion, Deborah Gail
Goodison, James Arthur
Goodwin, Kathleen Diane
Gouessan, Luanda Maria
Grannis, Edward Turner
Grannis, Monica
Greilich, Linda Nichols
Greilich, Russ Lyle
Griffin, Jerome Bostwick
Griffin, Karen Jean
Gross, Naomi H.
Habscheld, Marjorie Shaw
Hall, James Anthony
Hall, Stephen Wallace
Hall, Sue Anne
Hanlon, Christine Lee
Harris, Mary Frances
Hartley, Charlyne Ruth
Hasslberger, Deva Flora
Hawkins, Jefferson Bolles
Headley, Marc Morgan
Hemphill, Gladys Anne
Herrera, Humberto
Hill, Sharon Gay
Hollon, Paul Christian
Home, Rebecca Herndon
Home, Richard Bradley
Home, Robert Lee
Horwich, Stephanie Diane
Huber, Lisa Dawn
Hughes, Deborah Dianne
Hughes, Gregory Kenneth
Hughes, Greg Kenneth Jr.
Hunter, Gary Lloyd
Hunter, Patricia Ann
Ingber, Mark Allen
Jacobs, Laurence Neil
Jansen, Belinda Dawn
Johnson, James Allen
Kannisto, Yvonne Rina
Kaprielian, Anna Elizabeth
Karbroski, Theresa Jean
Kline, Lelanya Arisha
Knapmeyer, Jason Matthew
Knight, Coburn Haile
Konneus, Diane Irene
Koon, Donald C.
Koon, Susan Jane
Kotric, Zara S.
Kunen, Constance May
Kunen, Neil Thomas
Laner, Margaret Jane
Lantz, Roberta Carol
Laplaine, Susan M.
Larsen, Timothy Alan
Larsson, Jean Louise
Leach, Carl Edgar Jr.
Leach, Kim
Lemmer, Charles Joseph
Lenarcic-Butler, Jennifer
Lew, Janet Kay
Lewis, Alan
Lewis, Sandra Renee
Lochner, Claire Jeanne
Lucas, James Mathew
Lucas, Jane
Lundeen, Ella Tamara
Lundeen, Michelle Yvonne
Maifeld, Sadie Ana
Maio, Chris
Manasse, Beverly J.
Martinez, Stepheny Spring
McElveen, Serena Renee
McKay, Tori Lynn
McMurray, Tom
McShane, Carli Ann
McShane, Marcella A.
McShane, Sean Raymond
McShane, Taryn Kelly
McShane, Warren Lee
Meadors, James R.
Medina, Aldona Mary
Miller, Jason Edward
Miscavige, Becky Bea
Miscavige, David
Miscavige, Michele Diane
Miscavige, Ronald Thomas
Mithoff, Raymond H.
Moniz, Paula Kanani
Moritz, Joy Jeanette
Morrison, Shawn Walker
Morton, Becky Ann
Morton, Clark E II
Mousell, Bonnie M.
Muller, Ralphine C.
Mullins, Christine Sylvia
Mullins, Jeffrey Winn
Musselman, Francine Marie
Newton, Barbara Lynne
Norton, Alison Foster
Norton, Janet Elaine
O'Hare, Kevin James
O'Hare, Leah Beth
Olander, Christopher M.
Oldfield, Megan
Palewsky, Sadie Anna
Paquette, Thomas Edmund
Paransky, Judith
Parselle, Corinna
Paulson, Wendy J.
Pearson, Vicki
Ploetz, Bruce Roland
Porter, Lane
Potter, James Simon
Pratt, Ronald Williams
Press, Gary Leland
Press, Paula Ruth
Price, Paula Kanani
Price, Seth Chester
Priester, Urd
Priv, Misha
Profittlich, Marissa Lynn
Radstrom, Jesse Ivor
Ramer, Alison Foster
Rathbun, Aaron Calvert Jr.
Reid, Martin Edward
Reuveni, Adam Elliott
Reuveni, Erin Michelle
Reynolds, Wendell A.
Rieser, Ray S.
Rinder McShane, Taryn K.
Rinder, Catherine Albertina
Rinder, Taryn Kelly
Roper, Jennifer Megan
Russo, Kim
Ryan, Diana Hubbard
Ryerson, C. Camille
Salinas, Guillermo Refugio
Sargeant, Trevor Reed
Schermerhorn, Faith E.
Schian, Jack Anthony
Schless, Julie Rose
Schless, Peter Harrison
Schroer, Paul Arthur
Seltzer, Barbara Dawn
Seybold, Kenny R.
Shackleton, Megan Brooke
Sherlock, Philip W.
Shishido, Bonb Akira
Shishido, Carol Dillon
Sierra, Mary Magdeline
Silcock, Stephanie Emma
Simmons, Krystal Gayle
Simmons, Tiffany M.
Sommerville, Ronald Dean
Spector, Darrell Edward
Spencer, Nathan Lawrence
Sproule, Caroline Elizabeth
Spurlock, Carol Nash
Spurlock, Lyman Doyle jr.
Stave, Alan Bradford
Stein, Barry
Suarez, Paco
Suarez, Timoteo Villa
Sukkestad, Linda Joyce
Sukkestad, Roberta V II
Sutter, Michael Russell
Swartz, Fredric Samuel
Thomas, Nicole
Tidman, Ann Marie
Tompkins, Angela Suzette
Tompkins, Barbara Ann
Tompkins, Sterling William
Turner, Byron Leon
Une, Terrance Toshio
Wagoner, Robert Bruce
Waldmann, Robert Beny
Walker, Cebron
Walker, Sue G.
Webb, Jocelyn Ann
Webb, Thomas Arthur
Weber, Ann Marie
Webster, Janela Pharr
West, David Carlyle
West, Karen Margaret
Whitcher, Karl Arthur
Wiese, Gary Stephen
Wiese, Susann J
Wikoff, Tammy Celeste
Wilhere, Darius Stevens
Wilhere, Gregory Thomas
Wilkens, Jane Janney
Williams, Diane Marie
Williams, Herbert D.
Williams, Mary Ramona
Williams, Stewart Preston
Wilson, Christine Ann
Wold, Christina Hans
Wolfe, Laura
Wolfe, Milton D.
Woodard, Jessica Grace
Wooderson, Sandy-Lee
Yager, Marc A.
Yager, Michelle Lynette
Yamaguchi, Todd
Young, Georgianna Lane
Young, Steven Lowell

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Post by Ladybird » Thu Nov 10, 2005 6:35 pm

Wow! :compress: INT seems to be shrinking...there are only about 300 names here! At first I thought maybe some of the staff who live off base were not listed here, but no, I recognize several names of those who did live off base. Plus, no matter where you live at ANY base all your mail has to go through HCO so you have to use the main address.

I see alot of 2nd generation names of kids who grew up in the Sea Org.

I see some missing names, too. I am going to take a good look at this list and report back on it.

Thanks Arnie and whoever compiled this list.

And just in time for Thursday before 2!!!! No libs at INT this weekend!


PS: You can't imagine what a HUGE secret the location of the INT Base is inside the cult. No one is supposed to know where this "TOP SECRET" installation is located. It was a huge shock to me that the whole world knows exactly where it is, and there are even pictures on the Internet!
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Post by zenofeller » Thu Nov 10, 2005 6:39 pm

how come theres about 2 women for every man in that list ?
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Post by tom_ » Thu Nov 10, 2005 6:47 pm

Thomas Paqette? Is he related to Ava?

For years, I use to get his junk mail from FLAG and SHLA Name too close to Thomas Padgett I quess. :)

When I was in California 3 weeks ago, gotta chance to drive through Hemet and see Gold Base for the first time. It was not as impressive as I thought it might be. All the names below seem like a lotta people for this place. They must cram them in like sardines in dinky cubicles.
Tom C on $cn :)

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Post by Ladybird » Thu Nov 10, 2005 7:00 pm

Zenofeller asked: "how come theres about 2 women for every man in that list ?"

There are alot of forced divorces and forced separations in scientology, and especially at INT.

What we need is an updated RPF and SP list to compare with the single names on this INT base list.

I am working on matching up some of the couples I know were broken up from this INT list. There are several.

Pitbull, Here is your big chance! There are lots of lonely women out there in Hemet!


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Post by zenofeller » Thu Nov 10, 2005 7:14 pm

i wonder if it could be argued in court scientology is breaking the marriage statutes, specifically bigamy.
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Post by pitbull » Thu Nov 10, 2005 7:40 pm

How does breaking up marriages equate to more women?

Aren't most marriages one man, one woman?

Seems there is sometihng else in play. Maybe Miscavige just likes to have women aournd, but It's likely something else...

I found, that in Scientology, often, not always, but often, it was the women who were the most viscious. Then, women are more likely to not have a serious career than men. Sorry gals, but this is still likly true today. So women, who had a husband to support them before, has no career to give up.

In the end, the numbers is not important. Miscavige has done a bang-up job of weeding out the weak ones. There mission has been to have a crack team of die-hard followers who will follow him to the ends of the earth and beyond!

Could you imagine what you would accomplish with an inner core of 300 and then an outer core of thousands? These guys are serious. They have a huge war chest and are not screwing around.

Play with them at your own risk.
There's an old saying: when the going gets tough - pit bulls call a Scientologist."
-David Miscavige- 8 October, 1993

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Post by zenofeller » Thu Nov 10, 2005 8:05 pm

i'm playing, and i'm not impressed. 300 idiots and a few thousand muppets can at most strangle themselves in their own breeches (doing a bang up job at that, by the way)

the argument would be that statistically, you don't end up with 70% women in a group for no reason, and since the group we are considering is a closed cult, we are not likely to find out the reason without an inquiry. which notion might be upheld in court.

turn the scientology's church status against itself, i say.
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Post by Ladybird » Thu Nov 10, 2005 8:43 pm

Pitbull: "I found, that in Scientology, often, not always, but often, it was the women who were the most viscious."

Gee, a Pitbull scared of "viscious" women?

I do think you have a point about DM liking women around him, though.

If you were an asthmatic dwarf with control issues, would you want a bunch of normal sized men to boss around, or a bunch of short women? Hmmm...I wonder if the RPF has the opposite numbers...2:1 men to women?

I see several women on this list who were forced to divorce their husbands when the men were RPFed or declared SP. I so far see one man...Marc Ingber, who's wife is no longer on the list. Where in the world is Liz Ingber?


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What about .....?

Post by antidote » Thu Nov 10, 2005 9:05 pm

Thanks Arnie for posting this list. Very eye catching and informative.

This makes me wonder if some specific couples actually managed to stick together under the DM regime. I noticed that the following couples are missing from the list. These just came to mind at a first scan through, and I'm sure we wonder what happened to all the other 500 that are missing.

Allcock, Annie
Allcock, Wick

Norton, Ron
Norton, Jan

Lindstein, Mariette
Lindstein, Billy

Annie was the key person organizing and running all the magazine production. As you know the magazines Source, Advance, Celebrity, Freewinds etc are all done at GOLD Marketing Department and are printed in the same place. Since Manu Spencer left - who is left to do any of the massive work these professional girls did?

Wick Allcock was on "Int Clearance lines" in HGB for years and years, and obviously he never made it back up to Int. He and Annie go back to the old days of Apollo and have stuck together forever. What happened to Annie & Wick and where are they now?

Everyone knows Ron Norton, if you were ever active as a staff or public. He ran the FSO for years, went to GOLD and ran the production as, I think the D/CO or Chief Officer. Must have gotten busted as he was seen eating breakfast with the RPF in PAC around 2003. Never started the RPF, and had his wife Jan with him. They were obviously doing some kind of ethics program to get reposted. Jan was a Class XII at Flag, and the last we have heard is that they are running the testing center in Hollywood!! Is this for real? That is a serious demotion for both of them. This is usually what happens to couples that stick together and don't agree to the game of being split up "to save the planet".

Billy Lindstein has been up and down the org board for years. Ran the entire org production on the planet from HGB as the CO FCB (Flag Command Buruax), by the way Ron Norton did the same post before he went to Int. Billy got busted and much later ended up as the CO CLO EUS in New York. His wife Mariette was at RTC level and worked in AVC (Authorization and Verification Correction), where she was approving traffic to go out and what to print in all the magazines and what pictures to pick etc etc. She eventually got busted and ended up at GOLD. Last seen in the RPF PAC in 2003, and I think she blew and was never "recovered". I've read on some threads that Billy is not anymore the CO CLO EUS, and rumour has it that he also blew.

Did they stick together and went back to Sweden where they came from? If so, my hat is off to them for escaping DM's bobwire and hopefully they will help us to reveal all the criminal activities at Int, that they eventually had to confront and realize - AND didn't put up with any longer!

There are more names that could be brought up as "missing" on this list and "what happened to them". Would be great however is someone could fill in the blanks and the questions above.

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Post by J. Swift » Fri Nov 11, 2005 2:31 am

The red star near the center of this map marks the location of Gold Base:


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Post by pitbull » Fri Nov 11, 2005 2:48 am

Are you planning an aerial attak J. Swft?
There's an old saying: when the going gets tough - pit bulls call a Scientologist."
-David Miscavige- 8 October, 1993

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Post by no_8c_now » Fri Nov 11, 2005 3:25 am

As of 2003/4 Wick Allcock was part of the Mad Hatter Studio team. This is the studio off of Los Feliz that was owned by Chick Corea. Scn bought and renovated it. Very hush hush job at the time. They ended up recruiting about 10 people or so to staff it.

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Post by J. Swift » Fri Nov 11, 2005 4:34 am

Pitbull, the map is provided only as a reference to show the location of Gold Base relative to the surrounding environs. The address of Gold is a matter of public record and Mr. Miscavige even allows the public out to Gold on tours. Unlike Scientology towards its critics, I have consistently advocated non-violence towards all Scientologists. Pitbull, that you have mentioned the violence of an aerial attack on Gold makes me wonder what your are intentions are towards Gold. I think that perhaps you need to be investigated by the authorities as no one said anything suggesting violence except you. I am very highly offended that you would even dare to propose such a question to me in some sleazy attempt to smear my reputation. You are a Degraded Being. I think that Mr. Heldal-Lund needs to expel you from this message board for your wreckless post. In a post-911 era, we cannot permit such remarks and must repudiate both you and your remarks instantly.

I hope that any Scientologists reading this promptly file a KR on the poster known as Pitbull and make RTC aware of his frightening post.
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Post by Hubbard's Mushroom » Fri Nov 11, 2005 4:38 am

Look's like Umike's Morongo Valley hideout is nearby.

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