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About Org Patrol

Post by admin » Sun Jan 01, 2006 12:42 pm

Examples of what to report in Org Patrol:
  • how many cars in the parking lot (are they really theirs, or are the spaces sub let?)
  • lights in the windows
  • people coming and going
  • any activity outside
  • special events
  • scans of brochures they give out
  • people leaving or joining the org
  • notes in the window
  • changes in windows display
  • recruitment ads in the window
  • opening hours
  • time it takes to answer the phone
  • someone standing in the door
  • tents in the parking lot for upcoming events
  • changes in attendance
  • extravagant renovations
  • sudden abandonment of renovations
  • slow decline
  • changing name from "Scientology" to something less infamous
  • full abandonment
  • change in age group (like older Gold staff moving to San Francisco)
  • change in techniques (column tech, Volunteer Minister schemes, Human Rights leaflets)
  • Sea Org taking over
  • pictures of their buildings and surveillance cameras
  • etc
Ideally it will, over time, give us some historic of their activity and if there are any changes we should notice. Always add time and date for the observation.[/size]
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