Graham Berry in Court with Scientology's Moxon

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Graham Berry in Court with Scientology's Moxon

Post by lermanet_com » Thu Apr 06, 2006 3:16 pm

April 4, 2006 was one of those rare early spring days in Los Angeles,
when April sun showers have been replaced by major downpours, flash
floods and traffic chaos. The city was already in a funk from the night
before; when the Florida Gators snatched victory from the UCLA Bruins
in the NCAA finals, 65-63. Add to that a heavy spring storm, drivers
who are helpless and hopeless when there is even a drop of moisture,
and it was a day when sensible folk who could, just stayed home. I
would have stayed home too, if the Church of Scientology had not
required otherwise.

Using now demonstrable blackmail, bribery, perjury and other
corruption, Church of Scientology in-house lawyer Kendrick L. Moxon had
obtained a $28,000 sanctions order against me, from U.S District Court
Judge Christina A. Snyder (who has been 'randomly assigned' all of
the recent Scientology-related cases), for daring to allege that Moxon
had engaged in a pattern of criminal activity; now clearly true after
the subsequent damning Cipriano, Hurtado and Apodeca testimony.
Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard had a background in satanic rituals
and once described himself as "the Devil." Truly, Rick Moxon is
"the Devil's Advocate." See, Hollywood, Satanism, Scientology and

In fact, Moxon was named as an un-indicted co-conspirator in the
"stipulation of evidence" in U.S. v. Hubbard which resulted from
the largest ever known criminal infiltration and burglary of the United
States government. ... en411.html
The Church of Scientology committed it as part of its' still
on-going "Operation Snow White." Moxon was named for providing
false documents and statements to the F.B.I. Moxon then became a
California and Virginia lawyer and engaged in even greater and
continuing criminal and unethical behavior. For example, he used Robert
Cipriano, Michael Hurtado, Anthony Apodeca and others in a scheme of
blackmail, bribery, corruption and perjury to successfully take away my
career, home, car, retirement prospects, friends and former life. See
the Vexatious Litigant Hearing Transcript: ... .20.99.pdf
It has been said that Moxon also sought to drive me into living in the
street and to suicide. He failed at that, but he has caused me on-going
mild depression and social isolation. And that succeeded in making me
available as an expert resource to the many media outlets commencing
their research for a story on the Church of Scientology; the
"Thriving Cult of Blackmail, Crime and Fraud," as the May 6, 1991
issue of Time Magazine wrote.

The litigation head of Scientology's Office of Special Affairs, Neil
Levin, had been writing to others accusing me of "covertly causing
trouble for Scientology." Amazing. Who needs to do it covertly? Tom
Cruise, Katie Holmes, 'South Park' and James Packer (the cult's
new Australian money man) are causing the world's most "dangerous
cult" and "psycho-terror organization" enough trouble without my
needing to engage in "covert" media activity.
On Katie Holmes, and "A Dianetic Birth," see: ... yl02b.html

Despite that, Moxon had spent the past three weeks showering me with
multiple copies of an "Order to Appear for Examination" as a
judgment debtor in Pattinson v. Church of Scientology; debtor's exam
or Church espionage and data mining "cycle of action"? It was the
Church's founder who wrote: "The purpose of the law suit is to
harass and discourage rather than to win. The law can be used very
easily to harass, and enough harassment on somebody who is simply on
the thin edge anyway...would generally be sufficient to cause his
professional decease. If possible, of course, ruin utterly." I am
Exhibit A for that particular copyrighted and tax exempt religious
practice. Scientology cult lawyer Samuel Rosen, Esq., had argued in
obtaining the Pattinson sanctions against me: "Berry has to be
stopped, with whatever it takes." But later cult attorney Eric
Lieberman, Esq. would complain to U.S. District Court Judge Christina
A=2E Snyder: "Berry, like Lazarus, has risen from the dead."
However, on this wet Los Angeles afternoon I would have preferred being
'dead to the world' before a television movie and a radiant heater
than to be driving down the Santa Monica Freeway to the United States
District Courthouse in Downtown Los Angeles.

It was 2 PM when I checked in with the clerk in the courtroom of U.S.
Magistrate Stephen Hill. Is he the cult's new judge in their pocket I
wondered? "I'm here to be examined by the criminal cult of
Scientology," I said to the clerk. She smiled sweetly and requested
my business card. I saw Moxon and his Scientology Office of Special
Affairs "handler" sitting with the others waiting for the
Magistrate Judge to take the bench. "A very wet day for Body Thetans
and Clusters," I called across to Moxon and his "handler." They
slid lower into their seats and muttered to each other.

Almost immediately the Court was in session. Eventually, Moxon and I
approached the lectern and announced our appearances. I was sworn in to
tell the truth and we were provided with the Attorney's Room for the
Examination/deposition to be taken. The court reporter was from
Atkinson-Baker, the nation's largest court reporting firm that is
owned by two Scientologists and which belongs to the World Institute of
Scientology Enterprises. As such, this national court-reporting firm
pays over 10% of its gross income in royalty licensing fees
"up-lines" and eventually in to the centralized accounts of the
Church of Scientology International. So much for an independent court
reporter! Atkinson-Baker v. Kolts, 7 F. 3d 1452 (1993, 9th Cir)

The court reporter said she wished to go to the bathroom. I said I
would go as well. Moxon snarled. "Don't follow her Berry. Yours is
the men's room." Of course, I went to the men's room where I
took the opportunity to douse myself in Lagerfeld after shave. I knew
that gift would be useful one day! Later Moxon would enquire,
"What's with the cologne?" "I thought that Mr. Hubbard would
appreciate it," I dead-panned. First mission accomplished. L. Ron
Hubbard, in paranoia like Howard Hughes', wrote a Scientology
religious scripture prohibiting any scientologist from using fragrances
or colognes. Even the soap and tissue at a Scientology facility has to
be fragrance free!

I returned to the "examination room." We're going to keep the
door open" said Moxon. Clearly, the smell of Karl Lagerfeld's
cologne was offending him. A 'normal' person would have appreciated
it, especially in the absence of fragrant deodorant being worn by these
three scientologists who I had to endure.

So, I proceeded to remove my navy blue blazer before sitting down
opposite Moxon. Everyone's eyes popped out like ET's. Underneath my
now removed jacket was a black T shirt emblazoned: $CIENTOLOGY
KILLS," in white lettering and dripping blood-red across the front of
the T Shirt.

On the back of the T shirt , in white lettering, an educational "fair
use" summary of the Church of Scientology's most sacred trade
secret which Tom Cruise would have paid over $300,00 to learn
(according to one affidavit having a psychotic break in the process, or
"PTS Type III" condition in the cult's own language). The back of
the T shirt read as follows:

"The head of the Galactic Confederation (76 planets around larger
stars visible from here) (founded 95,000,000 years ago, very space
opera) solved overpopulation (250 billion or so per planet - 178
billion on average) by mass implanting. He caused people to be brought
to Teegeeack (Earth) and put an H Bomb on the principal volcanoes
(Incident 2) and then the Pacific area ones were taken in boxes to
Hawaii and the Atlantic area ones to Las Palmas and there
"packaged." His name was Xenu. He used renegades. Various
misleading data by means of circuits etc. was placed in the implants.
When through with his crime Loyal Officers (to the people) captured him
after 6 years of battle and put him in an electronic mountain trap
where he still is. "They" are gone. The place (Confed.) has since
been a desert. As it was written by L. Ron Hubbard, The core belief
of Scientology, quoted within Fair Use."

For the next one and quarter hours Moxon and his OSA 'handler' had
to look directly at my T shirt (and God bless those who made and gave
it to me). Moxon did not mention it once. However, had he done so I was
ready with the names of the hundreds who have died through the cult's
'processing.' And then there are the suicides, alleged murders and

Indeed, Moxon's own 21 year old daughter died because of the Church
of Scientology's negligence, or worse. Only a brain-washed 'Ron
droid' like Moxon would have just taken the death of his daughter as
he did. Wisely Moxon did not go there.

Moxon went on the record, reminded me that I was under oath and
proceeded to interrogate me. I interjected. "Who else is in here?"
I asked looking at Moxon's 'handler.' "Lynn Shape" said
Moxon. "Is she from your office or The Religious Technology
Center?" Moxon did not answer me. However, I knew that Lynn Shape was
one of the senior Sea Organization officers reporting directing to
Captain David Miscavige, the Chairman of the Board of Religious
Technology Center, the "ecclesiastical head" of the Church of
Scientology, and about whom it was suggested in 'the Tabayoyan
Affidavit' to have had an illicit relationship with Tom Cruise. It is
also said that church head, Miscavige, recently told his most senior
executive officers that they should be ashamed of themselves because
Tom Cruise was a far better scientologist than any of them! So much for
Scientology's much touted Hubbard Management Technology!

On September 1, 1965, L. Ron Hubbard wrote that "A [Church of
Scientology] staff member can get away with murder." And so the
examination continued, with Moxon reading through a list of 28
categories of documents that Magistrate Judge Stephen Hill had signed
off on Scientology demanding of me. My father's will, my mother's
will, my sister's will, any wills naming me as a beneficiary, any
interests I had in "any will," any life insurance I may be entitled
to "on behalf of another," the "will and testament of any third
party and which bequeaths any assets to you." These documents were
clearly improperly called for. More-over, as I repeatedly testified, my
mother left me no money in her will and I had no knowledge of what was
in my father's, sisters or any third party wills. Who was the
executor and trustee of my father's will? What is my sister's
address in New Zealand? I shuddered to think what sickness and scheming
was behind these morbid and outrageous demands and questions. "Judge
Whyte has turned copyright law on its head" wrote a Wall Street
Journal editorial on a decision Judge Whyte rendered for Scientology,
becoming the Church's favorite judge to run to for intervention and
relief, even when before other judges. "This is a church like none we
have ever seen before" wrote a St. Petersburg Times editorial. See,
An Introduction to Scientology's Corruption of the U. S. Legal

Moxon was just as outrageous when dealing with my tax returns. He
repeatedly misrepresented their contents and the figures and I
consistently corrected him. Little surprise that Moxon is such an
expert practitioner of "extrinsic fraud upon the court." He wanted
to know whether my house-mate, Jane, had helped me pay the $3,450.00 I
had paid the Church last month in connection with the Church's
monstrous reporting to the F.A.A. to have helicopter pilot Jeavon's
commercial license suspended for flying a German Television crew over a
Scientology 'Rehabilitation Project Force' facility, compared by
many to a concentration camp, near Palm Springs California. That money was half of my
earnings for the first quarter of this year and Moxon thinks I have
funds to spare. Do I have stocks, bonds, IRAs, pension funds, etc? All
information that his law partner, Helena Kobrin, had "examined" me
upon at least five times in the past. "Do I have health insurance?"
"No, I cannot afford it, thanks to you."

Moxon then got to the real purpose of today's outing in the rain.
"What monies have you been paid for your expertise by any authors or
media writing about scientology?" I smiled and thought, Moxon has
admitted that the cult considers me an expert. "Nothing, I share my
expertise with authors and media writers out of the goodness of my
heart." Moxon was not convinced. "You mean you haven't been paid
by Andrew Morton?" "I just told you, I share my knowledge out of
the goodness of my heart." Then he moved on to OT materials. After
all, I was the person responsible for freeing Xenu by filing all of the
OT and Upper Levels in U.S. District Court as part of "The Fishman
Declaration." Despite a Scientology blockade of the Los Angeles
District Court files, the materials escaped onto the pages of the
Washington Post, and then into the public domain of the Internet .
Moxon enquired, "Do you have any new OT materials?" I smiled,
"That's irrelevant to this proceeding. But who needs them? They are
all over the Internet." Moxon was not satisfied. "Are you going to
publish any OT or Upper Level materials?" I laughed astounded.
"Surely you jest," I replied. "If I published any OT materials
you'd have me hauled into court on copyright violations so fast."
With that Moxon seemed satisfied and moved on.

"All documents reflecting my right to access any safety deposit
box?" There was only one and all it holds are documents bearing
Moxon's own handwriting and signature, checks signed by him and other
documents evidencing over $100,000 in unethical and criminal payments
to Robert Cipriano for his personal business and living expenses;
blackmail and bribery for Cipriano's perjury which he later recanted
and gave a devastating deposition to Moxon in the Hurtado case. "This
is evidence being safely protected before it goes to the FBI and
Department of Justice in the next few weeks." Amazingly, Judge
Alexander H. Williams, III had ruled it all irrelevant. Moxon suggested
he would have Magistrate Judge Hill order the safely stored original
damning documents turned over to him. "Then you would be obstructing
justice again. I will have to brief the court on all of the bribery,
blackmail, perjury and corruption, and frauds upon the courts that you
engaged in before Judge Alexander H. Williams, III and Judge Christiana
A=2E Snyder in order to obtain the orders against me you now have. They
are evidence of ethical and criminal misconduct." Moxon responded,
"You would just love to do that, and the judge would hate it." See
generally, Soliz v. Williams (1999) 74 Cal.App. 4th 577. ... 4/577.html

Of course, there is also the evidence I have of the Church of
Scientology Office of Special Affairs and in-house lawyer Elliot
Abelson (a former Gambino family lawyer) engaging in the wire-tapping
of my own telephone. Hasn't the Church heard of Anthony Pellicano? Of
course. And they are worried; very worried.

Moxon wanted to know what other clients I might have, or jobs I may
have applied for. I told him none. How can I? You and your
organization, through and
are constantly publishing statements that I am an unemployed attorney
and vexatious litigant with psychiatric problems. Every time I write
you a letter I see a posting, "Berry, word clear this" and a link
to Joel Phillip's website. "I cannot even
volunteer to do charitable work because of what your investigator
Eugene Ingram has done to me and my reputation at your behest."

Moxon wanted to know what Internet web names I own. ",
.net and .org; and .org; Xenu.Info." Why do
you have the Scientology names?" demanded Moxon. "Because when I
finish my books on the cult and what, through two judges, Scientology
has done to me, I will be promoting my writings there." Moxon asked,
"Have you had any conversations with publishers yet?" "No," I
responded, "and I will not be having any until I am ready to publish.
I know what you would do if I did." Moxon asked me if I would sell
him the scientology websites for $100. "No," I said. "Why not?
You've just testified that they have no monetary value," responded
Moxon. "I just told you what I am going to do with them. However, you
can have them if you release me from the Pattinson and Barton sanctions
orders." Moxon was astonished. "But you say they have no monetary
value." "That's correct," I responded, "but you might be
saving the church from a public relations disaster."

Moxon then said he would immediately go before Magistrate Judge Stephen
Hill and get him to order me to turn over the names that afternoon.
"Great," I said, "I have the letter to Attorney General Ashcroft
which explains how we come to be here today, the correspondence
regarding what you did in the Jeavon's case, and the Internet
postings that show what you are still doing to me." I pulled them
from my bag and started organizing the documents for presentation to
Magistrate Judge Stephen Hill. For some reason, I thought, the cult
thinks they also have Judge Hill in their pocket. "Well, I'll just
take my best shot at educating the judge as to what is really going on
here." Moxon then decided he had to make a telephone call before he
went before Judge Hill. I organized my documents some more, telling the
much harried looking Lynn Shape what I was going to do. Moxon quickly
returned from his telephone call to the cult headquarters where he also
has his real offices. "We've decided not to do that," said Moxon.

Undeterred, the Devil's Advocate wanted to know about an item of
personal property I was owed money on and was going to sue for in Small
Claims Court. "Why haven't you sued already?" mocked Moxon.
Because your vexatious litigant order requires me to get a pre-filing
order from the presiding judge. "I am preparing it and explaining all
of the attorney misconduct and criminality that was the basis of the
vexatious litigant order," issued by Judge Alexander H. Williams, III
whose fianc=E9e at the time worked for the Church of Scientology
International along with the petitioning lawyers appearing before him:
Moxon, Kobrin, Abelson and Drescher. Moxon looked horrified. Don Wager,
Esq. will be even more horrified when that filing is made!

Moxon then decided that he didn't have anymore questions but he
wanted to go outside and check his notes. He did. He probably also
called back to the Office of Special Affairs for further questions and
instructions. When he returned he asked if I had brought any other
documents. I pulled out the 133 page letter to Attorney General
Ashcroft. "This should be made part of the transcript. Please mark it
as the next exhibit," I said to the court-reporter. Moxon snapped
back. "You can't do that. You know that. This is my deposition. If
I let you, you'd 'mark' the chair I am sitting on." With a
broad smile I replied, "I just might, if I were a dog," And with
that Mr. Moxon abruptly ended the judgment debtor's examination.
"You can now return to whatever you do when you are not answering
questions here," Moxon said sarcastically. I thought yes, being the
first port of call for most reporters and writers when starting a story
on Scientology or its members. "This is what I want to do a story on.
What documents do I need? Who do I talk to? How do I contact them?"
Freedom of the press, from Scientology harassment and intimidation, is
near and dear to my heart. The faster the information gets out the
better for our society. As one of our great justices wrote, "sunlight
is the best disinfectant." ... plaint.htm

As Rick Moxon was packing up I asked him, "where's Marty
Rathbun?" He ignored me and turned away. When he turned back I said
again, "Rick, where's Marty Rathbun?" Again Moxon ignored me and
turned away. That must be a very sore and sensitive subject I thought.
They can reduce the former second-in-command of Scientology to
"non-existence" and eliminate all references of his existence from
their records and publications but he still remains a member of the IRS
Tax Compliance Committee!

As we left the room and walked towards the elevators, Lynn Shape said
to Moxon, "People wear fragrances because they do not shower. It
hides their smell." Overhearing this I responded, "Lynn, I took a
shower an hour before I came to this proceeding." And at that point
the two of them stepped back from the elevator and left me to ride down

Outside the United States District Court house, which has been the
scene of so much Church of Scientology perjury and obstruction of
justice in Los Angeles, it was raining even more heavily. The United
States Attorney's Office, which has commented that 'the Church of
Scientology is too big a criminal target for it to take on' was
grinding on and ignoring so many victims of so many crimes. At the same
time, in Washington D.C., a certain Justin Berry had just finished
testifying to Congress about the lack of an adequate response by the
United States Attorney's Office when faced with massive evidence of
wide-spread child sexual abuse. Our congressional representatives
listened with horror written all over their faces. "We must get to
the bottom of all this," they chorused. I hope that they do. They
must. Because a small army of victims of cult litigation abuse are soon
to be next in line for their hearing time. Tom Cruise's charm, Katie
Holmes baby, James Packer's money and all the lawyers Moxon can
muster will not save the Church of Scientology from the consequences of
using the International Association of Scientologist's IRS section
501 (c) (3) tax exempt monies to finance the commission of such
widespread major crime by lawyers and private investigators such as
Kendrick Moxon, Helena Kobrin, Samuel D. Rosen, Elliot Abelson and
Eugene Ingram. This is a very serious and pervasive law enforcement
problem that must be solved by strong prosecutions before serious,
independent and untainted judges.

Indeed, it is Tom Cruise's millions of tax exempt dollars, channeled
through the tax-exempt International Association of Scientologists,
which finances the criminal enterprises and "psycho-terror"
activities of the Church Office of Special Affairs and its platoons of
lawyers and private investigators. Hundreds of lives, mine included,
destroyed by the wealth of an actor whose financial support for the
cult can be compared to Charles Lindbergh's support for Nazi Germany.

It was still raining when I reached my home in West Los Angeles. The
first thing I did was to take another shower. Not only to erase the
stench of too much Lagerfeld, but to wash off the "body thetans and
clusters", the remnants of 95 million year old space alien victims of
Xenu, which justifies all of the crime that the Scientology
"religious mafia" commits and the courts ignore, in the name of
"religious freedom." As the cascading water rinsed off the nasty
spittle of the Devil's Advocate, I reflected upon a statement that
Moxon had scornfully made that afternoon: "Berry, you're so
ethical." "Yes," I had replied. "I try to be."

=B7 The War against Terror: A European lesson for the United States"
=B7 "Scientology; The Dark Side" ... -berry.htm
=B7 "Double Crossed" ... en171.html
=B7 Some of the court filings: ... &op=3Dand=
=B7 South Park: Tom Cruise and Scientology: ... 0and%20tom%=

Graham E. Berry
Los Angeles, CA
(310) 745-3771
Do you THINK scientology works?
Then read [url=]THIS PAGE[/url] here on XENU.NET

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Post by ambassador_yak » Fri Apr 07, 2006 5:09 am


I hope this incident doesn't stop you from working agaiinst the cult. I still consider your work the best I've seen, but I also know you aren't getting federal aid to help you. Because the FBI is dead, the Supreme Court has dementia, and the rest of our government is working for Mexico you're going to need miracles of Biblical proportions to keep it up. I'm glad to see you always come out on the winning side.
Our revels now are ended. these our actors, as I foretold you, were all spirits and are melted into air, into thin air . . . We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.-Shakespeare

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Post by J. Swift » Fri Apr 07, 2006 5:38 am

Graham Berry is magnificent and brilliant as a person and as an attorney.

Rick Moxon is an idiot and a liability whom David Miscavige should fire and declare an SP.

Why you ask?

Because Rick Moxon counseled DM to embark on an ultimately useless campaign of litigation that cost Scientology hundreds of million of dollars and accomplished nothing except to ruin its reputation.

Karin Spaink has the OT materials legally webbed. Moxon lost.

Lisa McPherson's estate was paid. Moxon lost.

Larry Wollersheim was paid. Moxon lost.

When will DM's peabrain cog on the fact that Moxon loses all of the big cases and can only handle small harassment cases?

The reason that DM is so univerally despised as a mini-Stalin is because of Rick Moxon's ill-advised campaign of litigious adventurism that squandered Scientology's treasury and demonized David Miscavige so far as the public is concerned.

DM just doesn't get it: The damage to Scientology has been done. Using the court system to harass a bankrupt Graham Berry will do nothing except to add yet more evidence to the fact that Scientology is a petty and vindictive cult that needs to be dismantled by the forces of global culture. Bitchslapped I say!

Some people think that Rick Moxon will be wearing handcuffs soon. If and when he and his odious colleagues do the perp walk for the cameras, billions of people will look on and cheer. That will be a great day for the world.


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Post by SchwimmelPuckel » Fri Apr 07, 2006 11:48 am

With the cults track record of frivolous lawsuits it is an affront to both logic and common decency that they are even taken seriously in a courtcase.

The unseemely circus with PI's and 'investigations' is well documented. Done by a cult-owned intelligence bureau and it stinks to the heavens! - Not lagerfeld mind you!

Illegal harrasment of witnesses or indeed anybody connected with a case. Drowing a judge's dog is documented. To shrow a monkeywrench into legal proceedings is in the cults scripture and it has been done again and again. Dragging cases out for decades and swamping everybody in mountains of ridiculess nonsense.

The demands from the cult attorneys for Graham Berry to answer for any and all of his activities is typical. It is even amusing to think that the cult itself fears such an 'investigation'. They are so afraid of such an ivestigation that the GO/OSA has little slips of paper stabled to any written communication. In the event of a police raid, these little paperslips can then quickly be torn off so that nobody can see what was sent to whom. Staff are 'trained' in secure telephone communications. Talking in little riddles and codewords. Always using a public phonebooth and not one near any $cientology facility.

With this kind of 'security' in place, you'd think that they are well aware themselves that they are criminals.. It's worse than you think! - Staff at the GO/OSA think that the police and any authorities are criminals.. Aberrated and insane criminals even. - This is well documented. From courtcases and from the cults own 'scripture'. You think that 'Operation Snowwhite' has stopped? - Well, they call it something else I'm sure. Maybe the courtcase teached them to be more cautious.

So why is this not 'contempt for the court'?

Fair Gaming tactics used against former members and critics. We only hear about those 'operations' that they fuck up... It may be the tip of the iceberg. Many people 'shuddered into silence', ruined, driven insane or even killed.

So why would any judge even listen to these people?

Maybe if he was 'bought' by them! - Note that the 'court reporter' in Graham Berrys case above comes from a $cientology owned firm. For all practical purposes this firm is an OSA operation.

Currently Keith Henson is living as a fugitive (still?) because the cult managed to use the legal system in both US and Canada to do their 'wet work' for them. How could that happen, if not for ample payments to judges and lawyers? It is such an obvious misapplication of justice.

The cults purpose with it all is also documented. To harras and intimidate into silence. To destroy and ruin utterly... This is documented in the cults own scripture, and indeed in Armie Lermas courtcase by Jugde Brinkema. As stated in Arnies sig line.

So when do the Legal System wise up? - $cientology is in contempt of the courts, the police, the intire justice system and indeed of all of us!
[i]Ask not what [url=][color=blue]Scientology[/color][/url] can do for you, ask what the F*arck! is going on.[/i]

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