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Insults not allowed 2

Post by tamasin-sp » Mon Feb 25, 2013 3:33 am

Karin Pouw wrote:
Don Carlo wrote:tamasin, Again, this thread is for Gold Base abuses, not 1950's abuses. Many here would read with interest a thread of your tribulations, especially with names, dates, places and your own reactions.

Gold base abuses are the same as 1950 abuses, 1960 abuses, 1970 abuses, 1980 abuses, 1990 abuses, 2000 abuses and today in 2013, they are still the same abuses being perpetuated,It follows the same time track that LRH set forth every step of the way.LRH may be dead but the same shit is being perpetuated via Miscavige, every last bit of it. And you don't like that I interrupt Karen#1 's thread. I do so because someone out there and I believe it comes from Karen, or her step daughters has LIED, like ALL good scientologists do. Someone has lead Lawrence Wright to believe that Annie Broeker was one of the original Messengers and I am NOT sorry but that in itself is a LIE. It is a LIE. You want to piss somebody off, LIE to them. Am I pissed off, you are damned right I am.But that's OK isn't it because that is Scientology Working, isn't it.

Feed the press with bullshit, an LRH datum, and they fall for it.

I haven't finished all of John Sweeney's book yet, but I have a feeling I am going to be upset, because he gives credence to Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun, the THUGS of Scientology.

I find I cannot read the remainder of Lawrence Wright's book because that one LIE has me reeling, livid.

You want to know why (Cruelty redacted by mod)And I don't like what I am saying but it is the truth.
Look at our brokenness.
We know that in all Creation
Only the human family
Has strayed from the sacred way.

Teach us love,compassion,honour
That we may heal the earth
And heal each other.(part of an Ojibway prayer)

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Re: Discussion of Abuses at Int Base, Riverside

Post by gray_geek » Mon Feb 25, 2013 3:51 am

tamasin-sp wrote: Cruelty redacted by mod.
Right on the money, Tamasin-sp !! And she (Karen) knows the real truth. Do not worry.

Don Carlo
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Re: Discussion of Abuses at Int Base, Riverside

Post by Don Carlo » Tue Feb 26, 2013 4:01 am

It would be helpful, then, to describe Annie's movements on the shop as you saw them. Include times when she and LRH were on a different ship than you, to be fair.


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