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Post by Karin Pouw » Mon Feb 25, 2013 4:31 am

Pussy Riot wrote:
Don Carlo wrote:tamasin, Again, this thread is for Gold Base abuses, not 1950's abuses. Many here would read with interest a thread of your tribulations, especially with names, dates, places and your own reactions.
Karen#1 wrote:As a general Rule in the Culture within Staff, the Sea Org and Public, negative energy, negative conduct is called "Entheta."
Karen#1 wrote:Belgium to charge Church of Scientology with fraud and extortion.
Karen#1 wrote:Jenna does this very down-to-earth interview on Huffington Post.
This thread is obviously about pretty much anything and everything. Abuses at Int Base are just one of the topics covered. Belgium isn't located at Int Base, last time I checked.

It isn't credible to say that tamasin-sp can't post here because her posts are off-topic. There isn't any discernible on-topic to be off of.

If you're going to stop tamasin-sp from posting on this thread you should at least be honest with yourself and her about the reason or reasons.
Your thoughts are similar to mine when I replied to Don Carlo with the WTF logo.

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Re: Some of Scientology's work is good, prime example CCHR

Post by psychsurvivor » Sun Jan 26, 2014 6:20 am

Don Carlo,

I am tired of your straw men, so I though I'd move to address the issue of Scientology being a business. It turns out that there is a mini scandal going on with the chairman of the DSM-5 task force right now, David Kupfer. The way the different editions of the DSM have been created since 1980 has been very similar. A "task force" (a bunch of guys and gals if you will) is assigned by the APA with the creation of committees that will define what is a "mental illness". Chairing this task force is usually a guy who is the edition's strongman. What that strongman says, has a lot of weight. The chairman of the previous edition is Allan Frances, a fierce critic of the current edition, DSM-5. Think a defection of Allen Frances as if Tom Cruise were to defect Scientology tomorrow.

Well, now you have this ... dsm-5-apa/ . Basically, the chairman of the DSM-5 had been trying to introduce adaptive computer testing as the preferred tool to reach "psychiatric diagnoses". He was unsuccessful because the technology was immature (meaning that the tests did not produce the same results as the long paper questionnaires that quacks are familiar with not that they proved validity) so it was delegated at the last minute to an appendix of the DSM, which is where ideas that are not ready for prime time go.

The "mini scandal" is that while he was pushing hard for the adoption of this testing mechanism in all the diagnoses of DSM-5, Kupfer had kept secret that he had founded a company with his wife and another pal that owned the intellectual property of the very computer tools he had tried to push forward as the new "gold standard" for psychiatric diagnosis. To add insult to injury, the "computer adaptive test" had been developed with money from the tax payer. This "conflict of interest" was only made public late last year, 6 months after the adoption of DSM-5. While this looks like a Scientology scam, it is an APA scam.

The reason I call this a "mini scandal" is because I think it is a red herring. Apparently, for the people who brought the scandal to light, that psychiatry kills tens of thousands of people every year by drugging people to treat invented diseases is not problematic. But boy, this is!

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What genuine "scary" situation looks like

Post by psychsurvivor » Fri Feb 21, 2014 10:06 pm

Hi guys,

The topic I opened about some CCHR being good was closed. Now, consider that Kevin Hall was about the only support that Justina Pelletier's family got before the issue exploded at the national level, ... cal-issues

"Father speaks out on losing custody of daughter over medical issues"

While people in these forums worry about the "imaginary powers" of Scientology, they seem to be 100% fine with the power that a rogue governmental agency, like Massachusetts' DCF, has to kidnap children using invented "psychiatric diseases".

Megyn Kelly gets 2 million + watchers every night. Roger Ailes sees her as a potential replacement for Bill O'Reilly when the latter decides to retire. Do you think that she would have backed the parents unless there was something fishy here, like, a psychiatric nut job at Boston Children's Hospital using one of psychiatry's invented diseases to accuse the parents of medical abuse to kidnap the child?

Before the parents got the help they needed to fight the psychiatric department at BCH, CCHR's Kevin Hall was there helping .

So this is a prime example where CCHR did help a family that was the victim of psychiatric power out of control. There are many nationwide that go unnoticed.


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